[top]Spoiler Warning!

This guide contains spoilers for key plot points throughout, including the names and descriptions of trophies. Read on at your own risk if you have not yet finished the game.



Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: No

If you have any hints or tips you have for the guide please post here or message me and I'll try to keep the guide up to date.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Tips for killing Kessler:

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Loads of XP, Trophies and Stunt Master:

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[top]Should I Buy?

If you want to buy this for the trophies then the main bulk of them are relatively easy to obtain and only a few will give you any problems at all. These are Rockhound and Stunt Master. A lot of people have had massive problems with these and I admit I did too, but hopefully with my guide you wont have these problems. If you are looking for a game for an easy 40 trophies then this is a definite buy, especially at the prices you can get this game for. But if you're looking for a quick platinum then steer clear as this is not in any way quick. If you're looking for a good game then this is a definite buy if you love sandbox games, however if you don't want to be running round a huge map for hours trying to find little glowing blue things then get a different game because you will have to do that here!


inFamous Platinum Trophy
Collect all other inFamous trophies.

As with almost every other platinum in the world you have to get ALL of the other trophies to unlock this platinum.

Also if you enjoyed getting the platinum on this game or just liked it in general join the group here! inFamous group[/COLOR]

Good Finish
Beat the game as a Hero.

To obtain this trophy all you need to do is complete the game with your karma rating as hero. This is not particularly hard just complete all of the good side missions. At karma opportunity point, always choose the good option.

Evil Finish
Beat the game while Infamous.

Basically the same as the good finish trophy but you have to complete it with an infamous karma level (shocker, I know). Don't forget to do the evil missions!

Hard Finish
Finish story mode on Hard, without changing the difficulty setting.

To get this trophy you have to complete the game on hard mode. To select hard, pause the game and select options then change the difficulty accordingly. The hard mode on inFamous is actually quite easy in comparison to other games' hard modes. Take Uncharted 2 for example - Crushing mode is a lot harder than inFamous' hard mode and the only levels that gave me any bother were the last 6 missions, and this was only a minor annoyance.

Quote Originally Posted by bonobo4 View Post
What I did was I started the game, and as soon as you gain control set it to Hard, then delete that game and start again, it should be on Hard and just do the whole runthrough and you should get the trophy.
To set it to Hard difficulty you have to change AS SOON as the helicopter arrived as ZackFairy said!

Quote Originally Posted by ZackFairy View Post
You need to restart it, you must change the difficulty as soon as the heli arrives

Community Organizer
Take over all territory in the Neon District.

All you need to do is to take over all of the territories in the Neon District by completing the side missions. Side missions are marked by an exclamation mark in a circle; some of these may not appear straight away as you may need to either read an enemy's mind or kill one and collect a package. To show side missions on your map you will need to complete satellite uplink side missions.

Civic Leader
Take over all territory in the Warren.

This trophy is almost exactly the same as Community Organizer and the only difference is that the territory to be taken over is in the Warren instead. See Community Organizer for the way to unlock this trophy.

Urban Designer
Take over all territory in the Historic District.

This is another territory trophy and this time it's all the territory in the Historic District. All the key information is in the description for Community Organizer.

Just Scratched The Surface
Collect all Dead Drops in the Neon District.

You'll get this trophy for collecting all Dead Drops in the Neon District. Dead Drops are small satellite dishes that can be found on your mini map by pressing . After pushing a grey ring will appear on your map showing you where a Dead Drop is located, once you can see it run up to it and press - this will make the dish eject a tape recording for Cole to listen to. A mission early on in the game will show you how to access these Dead Drops.

Further Down The Rabbit Hole
Collect all Dead Drops in the Warren.

Another collectible trophy, woo! This is the same as Just Scratched the Surface except this is for collecting them in the Warren. See Just Scratched the Surface for details.

You're So Sly
Collect all Dead Drops in the Historic District.

As you probably have guessed, this is for collecting all Dead Drops in the Historic district and details are in Just Scratched the Surface.

Junior Geologist
Find 25% of the Shards.

You'll get this trophy for collecting 25% of the total blast shards. In the game there are 350, so you only need to find 88 to get this trophy. Blast shards are small blue glowing electrified pieces of metal from the explosion. To find them press and look for pale blue circles on the mini map, these may be on the side of buildings, etc. so keep an eye out for them. Collecting 25% is a small task and you'll most likely get this throughout the course of the game.

Member Of The Mineral Club
Find 50% of the Shards.

This is for collecting 50% of the blast shards. This is a little bit harder than 25% but you can still get this by just running around and it's 175 shards, so get collecting!

Find 100% of the Shards.

Arguably the hardest trophy in the game, and the one that will take a considerable amount of the platinum time. If you really don't want to use a map then this is going to take you about 100 hours, at least. But if you don't mind using a map then this is what I recommend. Save the map in the spoiler below into a new paint file, then start in the historic district working your way around the map and when you get to a place where there should be a blast shard, press . If a blue dot appears collect the blast shard and put a colored dot over the shard on the map in paint. If there isn't one there then put a dot over it too.

VERY IMPORTANT! Some blast shards are located higher up on a building, meaning they may not appear when you are at street level so check high buildings!

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Quote Originally Posted by ONUOsFan View Post
One thing I found also, when trying to find shards. If you want to be systematic about it (using a map or not) but want to be able to travel around the entire island without real fear of being shot at, there are some tricks. I think it may already have been mentioned, but in the Neon, you can do this right after the mission where you come back across the bridge and find the first shard, and before the power goes out. You can search the whole island and get all shards systematically without worrying about enemies.

On the other islands, I found that if you start a mission where you have a certain area to defend or attack, you can roam around the rest of the island without anyone bothering you. The best example is in the Historic District - the mission where you have to charge and defend the three external substations. If you start that mission but don't go to the substation, you can roam around the entire island without ever seeing an enemy.

Not sure if this would work for every mission because I haven't tried it, but it definitely seems to work for ones that are contained in a specific area.
Quote Originally Posted by Firmin View Post
Rockhound only counts the shards that are hidden throughout the city. Side mission shards just let you level up faster.

Frequent Flyer
Travel 5 kilometers using Static Thrusters.

This trophy is for traveling 5 kilometers with the static thrusters, which are used by pressing . You unlock these when you go underground to re-establish the circuits later on in the game. You will get this by the end of the game easily unless you play the whole game without moving from the street!

Travel 25 kilometers while riding the rails.

This is for traveling 25 kilometers whilst riding the rails. This is quite an annoying trophy, as 25 kilometers is a really long way. The best bet is just to keep going round on the train tracks for about 10 minutes to get this trophy. I'm afraid there are no quicker ways about it, so just grind it out!

Electric Hobo
Ride the train for 2 kilometers.

You'll get this trophy for riding on a train for 2 kilometers. The chances of you not getting this before the end of the game are low because there are a lot of train missions where you have to ride it and these amass to about 2 kilometers.

Evil To The Core
Purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power.

For this you have to purchase every negative karma upgrade for the powers. This is quite easy and doesn't take much time at all.

NOTE: You don't need to buy the upgrades for powers such as melee increase, so save your XP.

If you need to farm xp then this is one way to do it...

Quote Originally Posted by djhoch1226 View Post
The best place I found to farm XP on the main story path is when you have to protect the three power stations on Historic Island. When you get to the third and final power station you'll be in a back alley. It is a checkpoint and you will have unlimited electricity as long as you stand on the station. Use nothing but lightning storm (which you should have just gotten) and learn the pattern of the enemies. Keep killing them until the second turret truck shows up then let yourself get killed. If you get a couple good combos you will end up with a couple hundred XP each time. Do this 10 or 15 times and you'll probably have enough XP to buy anything you still need.
...and here's another way shown to me by ONUOsFan and originally created by BoneSickle

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True Hero
Purchase every positive Karma upgrade for each power.

Just buy every positive karma upgrade for all powers and you don't have to get the neutral upgrades.

Quote Originally Posted by ZackFairy View Post
You can't get the "True Hero" trophy if you have done an evil mission

Casey Jones
Take down 25 enemies while riding on a moving train.

This trophy is for killing 25 enemies whilst riding on a moving train. You will get a large amount of these on the train missions but if you don't just hop on top of a train a ride round shooting enemies.

Quote Originally Posted by olhomy323 View Post
When trying to aim on top of the train, your camera does get very shaky, but if you hang off the side of the train, the shakiness is reduced heavily, just my two cents.
Quote Originally Posted by TENZA_ZANGETSU- View Post
for Casey Jones you can just do the first train mission. when you are about finish it press start and abandon mission and start all over.

Road Kill
Take down 25 enemies while riding on the roof of a moving vehicle.

This you'll get for killing 25 enemies whilst on top of a moving vehicle. You will get this on the bus missions; just keep pressed and tap to use megawatt hammer and this can take out most of the enemies easily. Due to the unlimited electricity on the buses you can keep this up for ages.

Drop Everything
Thunder Drop for a total distance of at least 500 meters.

This is for thunder dropping for 500 meters. Just try to thunder drop at every opportunity, and try to drop from the highest buildings you find.

cballas1999 says:

You can get this trophy on Alden's tower in the Warren and you won't get it first time but do it a few times and you'll get it easily.

Drain 750 megawatts of power from Empire City.

This is for draining 750 megawatts of power from the city, and is quite a time consuming trophy as you won't get that much from playing the story mode. I recommend going underground and go to the parts where you have to re-establish the links; drain this as it has unlimited amounts of energy. So get some tape out and stick the button down and leave it because this is going to take a while.

Get Off My Cloud
Get 100 High Fall take downs.

To get this trophy you need to perform 100 high fall takedowns. This can be done by using shockwave on an enemy when they are on a high building. Just do it 100 times and the trophy is yours!

Quote Originally Posted by bonobo4 View Post
There's no really easy way of getting this. I found that just shockwaving every enemy off a building worked, eventually. This was the penultimate trophy I got, the last being Rockhound (then Platinum,) so it was hard for me. Also, it didn't always give me the High Fall. Afaik, it has to be a very high fall and a direct impact, so no ricochets off buildings, (it might be that the ricochet lowered his fall so it was too low for a High Fall, I don't know. )

Red Baron
Take down 100 enemies while they are airborne.

Just take down 100 enemies while they're airborne. You will most likely get this on your good run-through as an upgrade for shockwave makes enemies hang in the air for a few seconds.

Fish In A Barrel
Kill 50 enemies by using water.

Kill 50 enemies using water. The easiest place to do this is in the sewers - just shockwave them into the water and then zap the water. If you want to get this quicker just jump into the water after you kill all of them and then start again.

True Potential
Purchase every upgrade for a single power.

Purchase all upgrades for ANY power. You'll get this throughout the course of the game and if you don't then you really shouldn't be playing this game!

Oh, You've Done This Before
Take down 50 enemies by sticking them with a grenade.

Kill 50 enemies by sticking them with a grenade. Just hold , point the circle at them, and press and hopefully it'll hit. If you do this on your evil save then one of the upgrades for shock grenade allows the grenade to split into 7 separate grenades, thus increasing your chances of getting one stuck.

The Hunger
Bio Leech 100 enemies.

You'll get this for bio-leeching 100 enemies. You'll unlock this power at a later stage in the game and I recommend trying to get this as soon as you unlock the power as it does take quite a while.

NOTE: They have to be enemies. You can't get this by bio-leeching pedestrians too.

Doctor Cole
Heal 250 pedestrians.

There are a lot of dying pedestrians that need to be healed. Unless you're trying to get this trophy the chances of getting it are low. I recommend doing little bits here and there, but save the majority for the end of the game.

Goody Two Shoes
Reach full positive Karma.

All you need to do is obtain full good karma at any point in the game. Just complete all good missions and take all good karma choices and you'll have it in no time.

Truly Infamous
Reach full negative Karma.

For getting full evil karma at any point in the game, just do all evil side missions and all evil karma options.

Good Eats
Good guys feed the needy.

This is a karma option and the first in the game. To get this trophy choose the good option, which is to let the pedestrians take the food.

Evil Eats
Bad guys never share their food.

This is the opposite of Good Eats, just keep the food for yourself! Oh you feel evil now, I bet!

Good Riot
Good guys stand up and take the heat.

Another karma choice!! Just start the riot on your own, no idea how that's considered good though....

Evil Riot
Bad guys love starting riots.

Opposite of Good Riot. Just start the riot from the safety of a crowd and let them take the punishment for what you started!

Good Train
Good guys proactively facilitate transportation solutions.

Karma choices! WOO! This one you have no choice over, if you were good to this point you will get this trophy.

Evil Train
Bad guys make it clear who the boss is.

Yet another karma choice!! If you were evil up to this point you'll get this trophy.

Good Exposure
Good guys are heroes to others.

When given the option in the Warren, choose the blue poster and you'll get good karma.

Evil Exposure
Bad guys love to be seen.

When given the option, choose the evil looking poster and you'll get some bad karma.

Good Sphere
Good guys put a stop to the madness.

On mission 39 choose to destroy it once and for all. This means more good karma for you!

Evil Sphere
Bad guys always want more power.

For this just use the sphere again! Obviously the cooler option as the electricity you generate looks better, and your powers increase, however you will be stuck on bad karma forever.

Good Intentions
Good guys work for the greater good.

Yet another karma choice trophy! Unless you haven't gotten the idea yet, all you need to do is choose the good option when Kessler threatens to kill Trish. Do this by saving the 6 doctors and not Trish.

Evil Intentions
Bad guys can't say goodbye.

The opposite of Good Intentions. This you'll get for choosing to save Trish and not the 6 doctors.

Back With Trish
Reconciled with Trish.

There's a certain point in the game, just after moving a bus to the hospital, when you talk with Trish. If you have good karma level then this trophy is yours.

Confirmed Bachelor
Trish Hates You.

The same as Back With Trish, except with evil karma level.

Clean Up Your Act
Defeat Sasha.

The first boss fight is against a crazy woman called Sasha. For the trophy all you have to do is kill her. When in the fight try to stay out of the water/sludge as it slows you down. When she attacks she will make tentacles come out of the water that throw things at you, when they appear shoot them straight away because if you don't they get quite annoying. When she spawns huge reapers shoot them anywhere on them because any is a one hit kill, even on hard. When you have hit her enough she will bend over and a bubble will go over her, when this happens jump into the bubble and you will then have to move the analogue sticks into the small dot on her body. This will rip out a tap type thing, do this 3-4 times and you've got yourself a trophy!

Taking Out The Trash
Defeat Alden.

The second boss fight. This takes place on the bridge that connects The Warren and The Historic District. Not a particullarily hard fight just dodge his attacks at them shoot megawatt hammers at him until he dies, it shouldn't take too long hopefully. Also if you want a way to dodge the bullets he shoots drop off of the ledge behind you and let them fly over harmlessly.

Stunt Man
Complete any one stunt from the stunt list.

Just perform any one stunt from the list (see Stunt Master below). You wont need to try for this trophy because it's almost impossible to go through the game without doing a stunt.

Stunt Coordinator
Complete 10 of the stunts on the stunt list.

Just complete any 10 stunts on the list (see Stunt Master below). They don't have to be any specific ones, just any ten.

Stunt Master
Complete all of the stunts on the stunt list.

You will need to complete all stunts on the list below. There are 21 in total and 18-19 will give you no bother at all, however the other 2-3 will make you want to throw the PS3 from your window (or if you live on the ground floor, will make you want to put it in the sink and pour boiling water on it).

Stunt List!

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For an alternative guide to the one listed below look here

Quote Originally Posted by DJ12302 View Post
May I add, if you will, make a note that: If you complete all of the districts, you may not be able to finish all of the stunts because there are no reapers around, and it may take a long time to get all of the upgrades as well because you can only get max experience of 3 by healing or 10 experience from finding shards.
Quote Originally Posted by DarkFox View Post
Nice guide Loved it! You should've provided a video for the stunts guide, will make people understand that easier

Here is a link for a nice detailed stunts guide:
YouTube- Stunts of Infamous: Part 2


Special thanks to Bonobo4, Swordsman, Hitman1105 and ONUOsFan for the amazing tips they've given me for the guide

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