Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes, Play. Create. Scare.
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + Free Roam
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Blood Junkie and Blood Bank
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • When you are low in health, press to search for electrical things, and press again to drain it of power to heal
  • Press to drain things to gain electricity (found at the top of the HUD)
  • Turn the difficulty to easy if you find you are having trouble
  • Once you find 5 Mary's Teachings, you get Enhanced Vampire Sense, use this to collect the rest of the teachings as well as the Canopic Jars
  • At 15 UGC Mission plays, you unlock a Full Vampire skin (not needed for a trophy)
  • Staking enemies earns you blood
  • Biting civilians earns you blood
  • Use vampire sense to locate Canopic Jars and Mary's Teachings


Step 1: Play the game normally
Just casually play the game, picking up Canopic Jars and Mary's Teachings on the way. Clear out the Vampire Packs and stake as many as you can. Also, bite civilians. Doing this should net you:
  • Dinner Theater
  • Give Them the Fanger
  • Raising The Stakes
  • Fangs for Playing

Step 2: Clean-up
Now, find 5 Mary's teachings, and use the Enhanced Vampire Sense to collect the rest of the teachings, and the Canopic Jars. Return to the catacombs and grind through to the end. Play the UGC missions. Lastly, find the hidden firstborns and the other trophies you need to unlock:
  • Play. Create. Scare.
  • Hindenburg Complex
  • Underground Tour
  • Bite Club
  • Flight Night
  • Blood Bank
  • Blood Junkie
  • Bleeder's Digest
  • Count Dra-Cole-a


Fangs For Playing
Defeat Bloody Mary.

The last mission is Control. You will have to start chasing Bloody Mary, and when she stops, hit her with the cross. This will then make the chase trigger again. Keep doing that a couple times. Just fly past the enemies with Shadow Swarm to make this easier. Once Zeke tells you he is ready, part 2 will begin.

Now you are in the Catacombs, and Zeke is arming bombs to pillars. All you have to do is survive the waves of civilian-vampires and hit Bloody Mary a few times. Bloody Mary will come out and land near the coffin. Shock the vampires while they are still in the water to kill them instantly. Just hit Bloody Mary and she will fly away. She does this a few times. Once Zeke finishes, Bloody Mary will pop out one last time, so hit her again. This triggers a cutscene. Just watch until the end of the credits and this trophy will pop.

Blood Junkie
Collect all Canopic Jars and max out your blood meter.

You will first be introduced to Canopic Jars in The Barbed Cross. They jars with skulls on the lids. Use your vampire sense to locate them, they will turn yellow and have a burning yellow glow above them. These are scattered throughout New Marais, much like the blast shards. There are 100 jars to find, but at least they aren't on three islands. These jars increase your maximum blood meter (found in the top left corner of the HUD).

Once you get the enhanced vampire sense (for finding 5 of Mary's teachings) the radar will point you in the right direction for each jar (similar to the Blast Shard Sense in inFAMOUS 2).

Toggle Spoiler

Bleeder's Digest
Discover all of Mary's Teachings.

Mary's teachings are introduced in The Barbed Cross. These are Festival of Blood's Dead Drops. Use your vampire sense to locate them, they are blue and have a blue burning glow above them. When you are close to one, your head will glow blue (like it does red with the hidden firstborns). You will see that the first few glyphs will have arrows, leading ultimately to one of Mary's Teachings. To mess with you, there are also arrows that lead to caged civilians. These aren't needed for the trophy. There are 10 in total. Once you get 5 you unlock the Enhanced Vampire Sense. The enhanced vampire sense marks Canopic Jars and Mary's teachings.

Count Dra-Cole-a
Unlock all powers.

Powers are unlock for staking vampires, and staking hidden firstborns which have there own path of powers. There are also UGC missions that give you upgraded powers. Staking 20 also unlocks Stakehouse . To stake a vampire, get it on the ground and hit them one more time with . You will get a pop-up message that informs you about how many more stakes you need to unlock a power. Also, the Enhanced Vampire Sense counts as a power.

  • Punch Blast - 20 vampire stakes ( + )
  • Shadow Stake - 40 vampire stakes ( and crash into an enemy)
  • Double Grenades - 60 vampire stakes ( + )
  • Tripwire Rockets - 80 vampire stakes ( + )
  • Magnum Bolt - 10 hidden firstborn stakes ( + )
  • Enhanced Vampire Sense - 5 Mary's teachings ( and fly or use to mark Canopic Jars and Mary's Teachings)
  • Sticky Rocket - 5 UGC missions ( + )
  • Cluster Grenade - 10 UGC Missions ( + )

Stake 20 hidden Firstborn vampires.

You are introduced to Firstborns and Hidden Firstborns in the second mission, The Barbed Cross. Hidden Firstborns are civilians that are actually Firstborns. When you are close, your head will have a red glow around it. To see who is a Firstborn and who isn't, look for a civilian that's body is all grey when you use your vampire sense . Then, press to stake them. Do this 20 times and this trophy is yours.

Note: Staking Hidden Firstborns unlock powers needed for Count Dra-Cole-a

Blood Bank
Collect half of the Canopic Jars.

See Blood Junkie for more details.

Once you have collected 50/100 Canopic Jars, this trophy will be yours.

Flight Night
Stay airborne for 250 meters while in Shadow Swarm.

You can do this once you have only a little sliver left to go to have a full blood tank (from picking up the Canopic Jars). When you only have 25 left (you will see the pop-up saying "X out of 25) you are going to want to find any spot, preferably on a building rooftop so you don't crash into walls. Press to get into the Shadow Swarm and keep going until the Blood Meter is empty. If you didn't hit any walls this trophy should be yours.

Bite Club
Bite 100 Civilians.

There are many, many civilians all around the streets of New Marais. To bite them, press and Cole will suck the blood out of the body. This also refills your Blood Meter (found in the top left corner of the HUD). You can earn this very easily within the early stages of the game, so if you don't feel like going around and grinding 100 bites, just wait until the end of the game and you shouldn't have too many left to go.

Underground Tour
Return to the underground while no mission is active and travel from one end of the catacombs to the other.

When you unlock the UGC missions near the beginning of the game, one of the first ones you will do is called Animals, where you have to find Hidden Vampires in the park. This place also has an entrance to the Catacombs. Finish it up and head back to the park (you can see a Cross on you map to find your way back). Enter the Catacombs and grind on the rails to the end. There will be vampire packs, but unless you need Give Them the Fanger you can just grind through them.

Raising The Stakes
Stake 100 Vampires.

Vampires are the main enemy in Festival of Blood. They are literally almost everywhere in New Marais. During Give Them The Fanger stake the vampires by pressing when they are on the ground (they will be an X if they are on the ground, which is what you need).

When you stake a vampire, you will be closer to unlocking your next power. Every 20 stakes unlock a new power (for Count Dra-Cole-a ).

Hindenburg Complex
Destroy a balloon.

Balloons can be found all over New Marais. They are usually high in the air, and have a demonic face. Get up close to one and shoot it a few times to pop it and earn this trophy. Here is a video by Drkcloud07:

Toggle Spoiler

Dinner Theater
Bite a member of a street parade.

This is obtainable within the first mission. When you are roaming the streets of New Marais, you will come across many street performers holding/twirling sticks that are burning, playing drums, and more. They are usually in groups. Bite one to earn this trophy.

Give Them The Fanger
Clear out 20 Vampire packs.

Vampire Packs are red images on your radar. They look like the mini-objectives in inFamous 2, where you could take down protesters, street performers, etc. When you clear out a pack, you will get a banner heads-up (again, much like in inFamous 2) where it will say "Vampire Pack Dominated!". Also, another pop-up will show, stating how many more you need to earn this trophy, i.e.: Vampire pack dominated (X out of 20 to earn this Trophy).

The packs are usually found in groups of 3-7, give or take a few. They will also sometimes be holding hostages. Bite them to progress with Bite Club . Lastly, stake the Vampires to unlock upgrades, progressing with Count Dra-Cole-a and Raising the Stakes

Play. Create. Scare.
Play 20 Festival of Blood UGC Missions

You will play 2 created by Sucker Punch near the beginning of the game. After these 2, you are told you need to be free from Bloody Mary to unlock all of the Pyre Night UGC missions and editor. So, beat the game and you will only need to play 18 more UGC missions, and once you complete them, you will unlock powers for Count Dra-Cole-a . To make this easier, search Fast under UGC>Search.

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