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Last Over 3 Minutes
Last for 3 or more minutes in Inferno Pool endurance mode.

Single Player > Inferno Pool > A.I. Difficulty doesn't matter here, as you have no opponent > Continue > Set the Aiming Level to Novice, it will help you a lot. Baize, and Ball Set can be set to anything you like > Start.

The aim of Endurance Mode is to last as long as possible. Every few seconds a new ball will be added to the table, the game ends when there are 24 balls on the table. You can check how many balls there are currently on the table by looking at the bottom right of your screen. You should see No./24. The bar that almost fully surrounds that is your Inferno Bar. You should try to fill this up as quickly, and as many times as possible.

You can check all the tips for this one under the 5 Minute Endurance trophy further down. This trophy is not too hard, and you should get this without much trouble.

Jump Shot
Successfully pocket a ball after jumping over another ball.

At first this can seem tricky, but it's actually quite easy. To perform a jump shot, hold and push all the way up. Make sure you aim your shot before pushing the stick up, as it will be harder to aim after you do this. Now, to jump over a ball you'll need some power. You do this with . Rapidly pull down over and over to add more power. When your happy with the power, push the stick up to perform a jump shot. You have to be quick when doing this for it to work. Now, simply go into an 8-Ball game (so you can take your time) and score a jump shot.

Inferno Pool Ranked Victory
Win an online ranked match of Inferno Pool.

Online > Inferno Pool > Set the Match Type to Ranked > Quick Match

It will be hard to find an opponent online, so I'd recommend getting a friend to play against you. If you both search Quick Match at the same time, you should get into a game together. Start the game, and take it in turns to win.

For two trophies at once, read the description for Online Whitewash.

10+ Ball Streak
Pot 10 or more balls in succession.

Simply start a game of Inferno Pool (it can only be done on this mode), and take your time. You will not run out of time before you get a 10 ball streak, so don't worry about that. Go for the simple shots, and plan ahead, look for your next shot. You don't want to get yourself in an impossible scoring possision. If you have your Aiming Level set to Novice then you should have no problem with this trophy.

Ultimate Bank Shot
Score over 1000 from a single Bank Shot

To do a bank shot, you have to hit a ball and rebound it off the side of the table, and then into a pocket. This is easiest to do in an 8-Ball game, as no new balls will be added to the table and block the way. 9-Ball may sound easier, but it's not. In 9-Ball, you can only pot one ball at a time, so don't get these two mixed up.

Make sure you have the Aiming Level on Novice, set the game to Practise Mode, and then Start. Now, you'll need to break the balls up well with your first shot, so they're spread out well. To get 1000+ points, look for a longer shot, instead of an easy one. A Bank Shot the full length of the table should definately get you the trophy. There is no time limit here, so take your time, and you should get this trophy pretty quick.

Ultimate Combo Shot
Score over 1000 from a single Combo Shot

This trophy is all about the positioning of the balls. To do a Combo Shot, line up one ball so when you hit it, it will then hit another ball into a pocket. Make sure you hit the other ball in the right position to knock it into the pocket.

There's two easy ways to do this. Either in an 8-Ball game where there is no time limit, or in an Inferno Pool game.

In Inferno Pool, the table will gradually get more and more crowded with balls, giving you a good opportunity to hit a two or more ball combo. In 8-Ball, you can take your time and go for a combo shot from a distance which would definately get you over 1000 points. I personally think 8-Ball is easier, as you have more room to line up your shots, and no time limit, unlike Inferno Pool.

All Bases Covered
All players complete every skill shot in a 3 minute multiplayer Inferno Pool match.

Local Multiplayer > Inferno Pool > Set the time to 3 Minutes > Set the Aiming Level to Novice > Start.

Here is a list of the different skill shots you have to do:

Kick Shot: Rebound the white ball off the side of the table, into another ball.
Bank Shot: Hit a ball into the side of the table, rebounding it into a pocket.
Jump Shot: Hit the white ball over a ball, and into another.
Combo Shot: Hit one ball into another, potting the second ball.

You could do this with two controllers, but it would be extremely hard considering you'd have only 3 minutes to pot all four of these shots TWICE with both controllers. I'd get a friend to help you out with these. Both of you will have to score with all four of these skill shots to get the trophy. To find out how to do each shot in more detail, look under their trophies respectively.

Last Over 5 Minutes
Last for 5 or more minutes in Inferno Pool endurance mode.

This is, in my opinion the hardest trophy in the game. It's crutial to get off to a good start. If you don't, you may as well retry. Also, if you pot the white ball early on, retry. This costs you valuable time, and you will not have your Aiming Level for the first few seconds when the ball gets reset.

Try to get your Inferno Bar filled up as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to score trick shots. You can also fill the bar by going on a good ball streak, but you have to be very fast at potting the balls to reach five minutes. I recommend learning the trick shots, and try scoring some to boost your Inferno Bar. You can try both techniques, and see which one works best for you.

Once the Inferno bar is full, you will enter Inferno Mode. You will have to take advantage of this to get the trophy. Pot as many balls as possible before Inferno Mode runs out, 4 or 5 is a good ammount. When Inferno Mode ends, score some more trick shots to build the bar up again. Enter Inferno Mode once more, and repeat. This should be enough to reach 5 minutes. Remember, make good use of your Inferno Mode.

Group Effort
In a 3 minute multiplayer Inferno Pool match, each player must achieve a high skill shot rating of over 2000.

Local Multiplayer > Inferno Pool > Set time to 3 Minutes > Set Aiming Level to Novice > Start.

You can do this with two controllers. Start by playing as player one, and hit whichever skill shot you are best at. I would do a jump shot as you get a lot of points for them. Once you achieve a score higher than 2000 points. Pick up the second controller, and start playing as player two. Now hit another skill shot, and get over 2000 points. If you're having trouble with Jump Shot's, try going for a bank shot the full length of the table. It's not too hard to get over 2000 points from a skill shot. Keep in mind you have to do this in 3 minutes, so try to get the first 2000+ points quickly to leave you with enough time to score another 2000+ points with the second controller.

Ultimate Kick Shot
Score over 1000 from a single Kick Shot.

This is similar to a Bank Shot. The difference is on a Kick Shot, you only hit the white ball into the side of the table. When the white ball rebounds, then it has to hit a ball into a pocket to score a Kick Shot. To get over 1000 points, make sure there's some distance between the white ball and the ball you plan on potting. Also, make sure the ball you want to score with isn't too close to the pocket as this could lower your score. The further the white ball travels before hitting the ball you want to go in, and the distance that ball travels all give you a higher ammount of points. Do this in an 8-Ball game, so you can take as much time as you need.

Online Whitewash
Clear your table in an online 3 minute Inferno Pool ranked match.

Similar to Inferno Pool Ranked Victory, you'd be lucky to find an opponent online, so do this with a friend. Make sure that the game has a 3 minute time limit, or you will not recieve the trophy. Once the game has started, make sure your friend doesn't pot any balls. This will give you plenty of time to clear your table, as no new balls would be added. Once your table has been cleared, the trophy should unlock. You can get this along with Inferno Pool Ranked Victory in one game.

Legendary Skill Shot
Score over 5000 from a single Skill Shot.

This can be hard to get, but you can get this trophy totally by luck while playing the game normally. You're bound to hit at least one really lucky shot that will give you over 5000 points, so don't worry if you're having trouble with this as it's going to come along sooner or later.

My main tip would be to hit your shots from further away or have the balls travel a far distance on the table before they go in a pocket. This will give you a higher ammount of points. Obviously you'll have to be going for skill shots here. Here are some shots you could try out to increase your chances of getting this:

Set up your shot before you take it. Get one ball near a corner pocket, and then clear the rest of the table. Now, hit the white around the table hitting as many sides as possible, and try to get it so that it will go in the direction of the ball by the pocket. With a little bit of luck, it could knock it in. Make sure the ball near the pocket isn't literally right on the pocket otherwise this may not give you over 5000 points.

This one should definately get you 5000+ points if you can pull it off - Hit a Jump Shot over a ball, hitting the second ball into the side of the table, hoping it rebounds into a pocket (Jump Shot into a Bank Shot).

Try hitting the balls as hard as you can against multiple sides of the table and hoping it will drop into one of the pockets. This shot is hugely relying on luck, but this is how I got it. If you keep trying this, it's going to go into one of the pockets eventually.

Hit the white ball into one side of the table, rebounding it into the ball you want to pot. Hit it so that ball will then hit other side of the table, and then rebound in (Kick Shot into a Bank Shot).

There's not much else I can say about this trophy, other than just keep trying different skill shots, and combining them. If you keep trying, you will get this trophy.

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