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Players: 1-2 Offline 1-4 Online
Online Trophies: 4 (4 )
Estimated Time to 100%: 30+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 (1 Playthrough for each of the 4 Story Arcs)
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies: None



J Stars Victory Versus
I win all the trophies

Get all of the trophys for this game to earn an awesome trophy

The beginning of the great adventure
I get a memorial jump degree in J Adventure

Faces the final battle
I to a final form memorial jump degree in J Adventure

Quest first clear!
I once clear the quest J Adventure

What we Quest who work
30 times clear the quest J Adventure

I I FOUND YOU treasure!
I will be one clear the treasure map in J Adventure

Treasure Hunter
I to 10 sheets clear the treasure map in J Adventure

The bad guys get rid of!
I will one win in dark phantom ship in J Adventure

Phantom killer
I for 30 wins in dark phantom ship in J Adventure

Test their skills!
I will one win to voice ship mystery adventure J

No enemy where you headed
or 30 wins in the voice of the ship mystery adventure J

Challenger fearless
I will one win in the battle tower of Karin J Adventure

Challenger the world's most powerful
I will Win 10 Karin tower battle of J Adventure

One shot and wham
I Kill monster in J Adventure

Sharp shooter
I Kill 10 monsters in J Adventure

Shooting King in the ocean
I defeat all kinds of monsters in J Adventure

Apprentice shipwrights
I equip one to strengthen parts of the memorial jump degree in J Adventure

Shipwright best
I equipped three strengthening parts of Memorial jump degree in J Adventure

Now serving
me to 30 the level of one character in J Adventure

Who rule the world
I want to clear the Part 1 J Adventure

King of Adventure J
I want to clear the whole book J Adventure

The road to the strong
I will one win at Victory Road

Way to victory
I for 20 wins at Victory Road

The road to glory
I want to win the Victory Road

1 win memorable
one I will win a free Battle

Battle Master
I for 20 wins a free Battle

Welcome to the online battle!
I will play once online Battle

Regular online battle
I will face 20 times online Battle

Title for the first time
I get one the title of online battle

Player icon for the first time
I get one icon player online Battle

The first step of the customization
I customize the J customize

Nice bonus!
I make a combination bonus of one line in the J customize

Genius of customization
I make a combination of all 6 bonus line by J customize

So you to set by plugging away!
I get the battle the J point

Products shop more!
I raise the level of one gauge of any effort, friendship, victory

Shopping for the first time
I use the J point

Celebrity hero
I use a total of 10000 J point

What wonder if out! ?
Get the J Stars card with coin

Card Get!
I get one piece of the J Stars card

Card Collector
I get 100 sheets of J Stars card

Super rare ghetto! !
I get a ★ ★ ★ ★ in J Stars card

Battlestar large gathering
I want to enable battle character of all

Stars gather support large
I want to enable support all characters

Please your favorite BGM
I edit the BGM in BGM edit

Appeal expert
I put out 50 times in total the appeal

Ultimate Fighter
I put out 50 times in total super special moves

Explosion God
to activate a total of 50 times the burst Victory

Bonds tied tightly
I put out 20 times in total cross-break

Demon of defense
I put out 20 times in total the just guard

Support Love!
I put out 100 times in total support character

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