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Following the events of The Precursor Legacy, Jak and friends are ready to test the strange artifact from behind the large Precursor door. It opens a rift, and a large beast pops it's head out. Jak and company are catapulted directly at the rift and the beast alike. Keira and Samos are separated away from Jak and Daxter, and the duo end up in a strange futuristic city. Jak is captured by Krimzon Guards, but Daxter escapes, telling Jak he'll find him before he knows it.

Two years later...

For the past two years, Jak has been subject to Baron Praxis's Dark Eco experiments. Daxter comes to save Jak, and the two escape the Prison. But Jak is changed. The Dark Eco flows through his veins, allowing him to transform into a mindless beast. Get ready for a whole new experience. Power. Action. Romance. Betrayal. Ready? Think again. You WILL finally know Jak!


Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 with clean-up
Collectible Trophies: The Collector, The Collectivist, The Collectionator!
Missable Trophies: The Collectionator!
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now
Special Equipment Required: N/A
Online Pass Required: No

[top]Tips & Strategies


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NYFE Racing

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JET-Board Challenge

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Gun Courses

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Titan Suit

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List of Oracle's Dark Powers

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[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Getting Precursor Orbs unlocks Secrets, which shouldn't block trophies, as vettes_4-ever used Unlimited Dark Jak and Infinite Ammo and still earned trophies, and I was Invulnerable when I picked up my last orbs, so they shouldn't affect trophies.
  • 5 Orbs: Toggle Jak's Goatee
  • 15 Orbs: Mirror World
  • 30 Orbs: Big Head Mode
  • 45 Orbs: Small Head Mode
  • 55 Orbs: Scrapbook
  • 65 Orbs: Scene Player Act 1
  • 75 Orbs: Vulcan Fury Course
  • 95 Orbs: Scene Player Act 2
  • 105 Orbs: Peace Maker Gun Course
  • 125 Orbs: Scene Player Act 3
  • 135 Orbs: Reverse Races
  • 145 Orbs: Level Select
  • 155 Orbs: Unlimited Ammo
  • 165 Orbs: Unlimited Dark Jak
  • 175 Orbs: Invulnerability
  • 200 Orbs: Hero Mode
Here is a video detailing the glitch that makes orbs easy

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I personally like to jump above the orb and restart, as punching you must be really close.


  1. Beat the game, kill the Metal Heads, collect orbs: Almost all of the trophies in Jak II are story-related. Also use this time to slay all Metal Heads you come across, and collect all the orbs scattered about the world.
  2. If need be, finish up 510 Metal Head Gems: If you didn't get this through the story, go back to somewhere to farm Metal Head Gems.
  3. Gun Courses: Now that you have all Morph-Gun upgrades, go for the golds in all Gun Courses.
  4. Task Stations: Now use the stations littering the city to snatch up your next orbs.
  5. NYFE Races and Jet-Board Gold: Head back to the Stadium, and head into the small area on the upper right to find a mission board allowing you to play the Class races, or reset the Stadium to the Jet-Board course. Get all 72 race orbs, and the 9 for the JET-Board Gold rank.
  6. Wrap it up with orbs: Head to Onin's Hut to get the 3 orbs from there, and the rest from whatever else.


Done Done Done
For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion.

Poor Kid
Protect Kor and Kid

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
After escaping the Prison, after taking you're first few breaths of Haven air, you'll meet Kor, who is protecting a young boy. Krimzon Guards will soon drop in for you to fight. After the first few are down you turn into Dark Jak automatically. Carve up the remaining guards to save Kor and the Kid, netting you the trophy.

Dead and Gone
Retrieve Banner from Dead Town

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Torn needs you to prove your worth before he lets you join the Underground. That proof will be obtained by stealing a banner from the top of the Ruined Tower.
You'll face some easy enemies here, namely Goobers and Snorkle Tooths. You'll need to climb up to the tower with some walls and such, but the real meat here is the almost 2D tower segment. Some platforms will crumble beneath you, so be careful. Time your jumps and double-jumps right when crossing the poles and platforms. Reach the banner and the trophy, and a victory dance, are yours.

Blow up Ammo at Fortress

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Time for a real mission. The mission starts in the view of a security tank. Avoid the target, or you'll be shot. Make sure you know where it is you're jumping. When you come to the nearby corridor, avoid the other turrets' laser sights to avoid more gunfire. When you reach the room with the spinning platforms, smash the tubes in the center of each to disable a force field, giving you a brief breather. Up next isn't anything you can't handle, some moving platforms and Guards.

Then comes the ammo room. Another tank greets Jak and Daxter, but this one could be of use. Make it aim and shoot at the four tubes on the sides of the huge warhead in the room. When all four tubes are off, you've got ten seconds to get out of Dodge or get blown to a crispy cinder. Escape for the trophy.

Signature Moves
Protect Sig at Pumping Station

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
So you want to be a Wastelander, huh? First you have to show Sig you can handle a gun, by protecting him as he fries 5 Crab-Heads for new trophies at the Hip Hog Saloon.
Crab-Head 1: The beach you start has two groups of Metal Heads. Use your new Morph-Gun to help Sig take 'em out. Follow Sig up on the moving platforms, and watch him blow that water tank sky high.
Head across the new path, taking out the two nearby Juice Goons. Head along the path, shooting any enemies that come too close. When Sig spots the first target, position Jak just to Sig's right, facing north. From there you should be able to shoot the Snorkle Tooths back in the water as they jump up. Wait a bit and Sig will toast the first target.

Crab-Head 2: Continue on the path, don't let Sig get too far ahead. Head on down to the beach to deal with a pack of 5 Juice Goons and many Goobers. Sig will soon find the second target. The Snorkle Tooths will mainly jump out of the water onto the beach, but nothing you can't handle. A few kills here and there, and Sig shows this Crab-Head the Peace Maker's power.

Crab-Head 3: Head across the next bridge, lowering a bridge for Sig. Sig will then spot the third Metal Head. Snorkle Tooths will come from a few directions now. Stay near Sig and sweep the camera for any coming too close. After some kills another Crab-Head goes down.

Crab-Head 4: Follow Sig, jumping across the rocks and landing on the beach. Take out the enemies there, then prepare to guard Sig from many Snorkle Tooths from many directions, at the same time. Make killing a lesser priority, and just try to keep the beasts away from Sig. Don't forget about melee. Soon Sig will send another Metal Head tumbling.

Crab-Head 5: As you head to the next beach, you'll get ambushed by Metal Heads! And Sig's Peace Maker jams! Keep the monsters off of him, as he's now open to attack. A few minutes filled with tensity later, Sig's Peace Maker is back working. good too, as Crab-Head 5 is spotted. Keep the attack on attacking creatures strong, and soon all five Metal Heads are Cooked and canned.

Turrets Syndrome
Destroy Turrets in Sewers

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Krew promises a sweet upgrade for this job. When you reach each gun, jump around a bit to draw its fire, then blast it apart when you're close enough.
Turret 1: After the initial Snorkle Tooth assault and you turn on a light, in the connecting passage.
Turret 2: After the room of darkness illuminated by three Metal Head Gems, it's on through the passage. You'll have to go across a small bridge to reach it.
Turret 3: After the HUGE dark room of Metal Heads, climb up the ledges on the wall to reach a passage, then jump across the platforms to reach it.
Turret 4: Through the dark passage with Metal Heads, then jump across the long platforms. After Turret 4 is gone the trophy and Krew's upgrade are yours.

Stripped Down
Rescue Vin at Strip Mine

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Simple enough mission, load of Metal Heads. Watch your back here, as Metal Head Stingers will pop out of the ground to ambush you. Other than those the other Metal Heads you face are Grunts and Metal Jackets. The Blaster is a good weapon here, as its aiming ability can easily target and destroy the smaller Metal Stingers, and deal harshly with the Jackets. At the end there's a chain of moving platforms. Ride on across to save Vin and nab a trophy.

Over Easy
Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
The Drill Platform is full of Metal Head eggs for you to poach, but this won't be over-easy. The key is to shoot all the Metal Head Straffers that are coming before scrambling the eggs.
Batch 1: 58 Eggs
Batch 2: 44 Eggs
Batch 3: 49 Eggs
Once all the eggs are fried the trophy will pop.

Collect Money for Krew

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Krew needs you to grab some cash laying around by clients fast.
Bag 1: Directly across from the start zoomer, near the gun course. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 2: Near the entrance to the Port, next to a bridge. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 3: By the entrance to the Port from South Town. Mind the ramp when in Low Hover Zone. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 4: Round the bend near a column. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 5: Quite a bit away, around some twists and turns. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 6: Near the Slums entrance. Timer goes to 10 seconds when collected.
Bag 7: Turn around and head straight back. Timer goes to 20 seconds when collected.
Bag 8: Almost as close, just turn around a corner. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 9: Not far away, around a turn or two. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 10: About equally as far, around a few turns. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 11: Back near the main part of South Town, by a column. Timer goes to 30 seconds when collected.
Bag 12: Back near the entrance to the Port. Timer goes to 25 seconds when collected.
Bag 13: Right in front of the Gun Course. Timer goes to 25 seconds when collected.
Bag 14: Near the Hip Hog Saloon.
Gotta collect 'em all for the trophy and a necessary Scatter Gun upgrade.

Lost and Found
Find Pumping Station Patrol

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Firstly, the patrol you seek is by the part where you and Sig hopped across some platforms by huge spinning platforms. Use those platforms to reach an upper area where the patrol is, by the water valve.

Ambush of Crab-Heads and Juice Goons! Do your best to protect Ashelin, but she can do good herself. If you have Dark Jak, a Dark Bomb may give some breathing room, but if not, use the punch to Blaster combo to wipe out some enemies, and do some spraying with jump, , Blaster. Once you clear the ambush you get the trophy and a Yellow Security Pass.

Just the Artifacts Ma'am
Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
In order to learn some of Haven's secrets, you must find three artifacts up in the Mountain Temple.
Lens- This is the path dead left in front of the temple, guarded by a Centurion. You'll get bombarded by a Ram-Head soon enough, so take him out. Then climb up to jump across more platforms, move across a large moving platform the goes left and right, engage in some Metal Hopping madness. Pretty much just that for this. Grab the lens for some... burnt ottsel?!?
Gear- This is the path from the central temple, on the left. Shoot some platforms to reach the safe lower level. Psych! A Ram-Head charges out before you even touch ground! Kill it, the use the switch to bring out some platforms to reach the next level. Kill some Swipers on the path, then get ready for an avalanche. That's right! Tons of rocks spilling down from the mountain, cascading on top of the heroes! Weave your way on through the cavalcade, maybe stopping behind some jutting rocks for cover. The second part consists of jumping from ledge to ledge to get up top. Shoot out some platforms, and get the usual: Daxter destroys everything.
Shard- This is the path from the temple, on the right. There are some Swipers on the path, followed by two Metal Hoppers. Only two. Oh, and there's a large amount of Metal Hoppers behind those ones. This is either the time for a Dark Bomb, or lots of Scatter Gunning. You choose. After wards is a Centurion to deal with. Hint: it guards an orb. Then climb up the ledges for another left to right moving platform. Get across for a cube puzzle.
  • Cube 1: Punch it forward, left x3, forward
  • Cube 2: Forward, left, forward, left, forward
  • Cube 3: Forward, right x3, forward
  • Cube 4: Forward x2, right, forward x2
  • Cube 5: Forward x2, right, forward x2
Up top is a nasty Ram-Head. Finish him, then collect your prize.

More Power to You
Turn on 5 Power Switches

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
To activate the... B-zone power thing.. and the grid thing... lift juice.. whatever Vin just said, you'll need to destroy 5 turbo cannons located around the city. Destroy them with gunshots or ramming a zoomer into them, then physically step on the switch they have, or had, under them. It's a good idea to keep switching Zoomers as they get damaged.

Switch 1: Not far from the Power Station.
Switch 2: In the middle of South Town.
Switch 3: Near the entrance to the Slums.
Switch 4: Near the entrance to South Town.
Switch 5: Near the Water Slums.

Activate all 5 switches for instant lift juice and a trophy.

Skip the Stairs
Ride Elevator up to Palace

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Going up! Time for a gauntlet across a Palace chain to reach the Palace. Just don't look down...
Start by heading out of the elevator, and jumping through the two sets of electric fan blades. See the red floor ahead? Yeah, that's not good to touch. Head down the way on the left, being careful that the platform collapses, and jump to the next platform. Continue on until you reach a set of poles you should use to get across to the next area, where a Sentry Gun awaits. Take it out with a Blaster round and move on. The next section is five rotating spike section. Time your runs across them right, or be stabbed or flung off. Beyond is another turret to blow up.
Head down the right side of the cable. You'll need to jump past the spinning electric blade, while keeping in mind the platform in front of the bade is collapsible. Jump on over, and under the cable, nabbing the orb in the process. Jump to the adjacent pole and leap to the near platform. Up top is a lone spiky rotator, which shouldn't be a problem.
Next is a spinning wheel of constant gunfire. Be sure to Double Jump over each blast as it comes, while making up the cable. At the end, jump to the suspended platforms and reach the Palace roof for some interesting secrets. The trophy will pop after the cutscene.

Don't Let Him Get Away
Defeat Baron at Palace

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Whoops, looks like there's a rat in the walls. Sadly, that rat is Jak. The Baron's caught him, now it's time to square off. Hint: be sure to look for Blaster ammo in crates.
Stage 1: Pretty simple. The Baron will fire off many rounds at you, and will stop every time a third of his ammo bar is gone. Continue to shoot him with some Blaster rounds in the meantime until a third of his health set is gone.
Stage 2: Same as the first round, but this time the Baron fires missiles. They're pretty easy to avoid, just watch the targets they have on the ground, and continue to shoot the Baron until he has another third of his health set gone.
Stage 3: This time the Baron fires out fiery spinning vortexes. Move away to avoid them, and continue shooting the Octa-Mech. Sometimes the Baron will charge at you. Roll out of the way when that happens. Continue your assault until the Octa-Mech is down.

Scout's Honor
Catch Scouts in Haven Forest

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Time to impress the Shadow with your Metal Hunting skills! You need to find chase 5 scouts via JET-Board and tackle them to the ground.
  1. Drag-Head 1 is directly south of the entrance.
  2. In the center of the second area.
  3. Around the upper level.
  4. In the area above the wooden wall.
  5. On the west side of the area.

Destroy Equipment at Dig

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
You need to destroy all the supports in the area. You do that by grinding on poles that the supports connect to. There are six on the lower level, and the rest are on an upper level. Watch out for the grenading guards, and the Eco barrels that explode. When all 24 supports are disconnected the trophy will be yours.

Speeding Slowly
Win Class 3 Race at Stadium

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
In order to get to the Class 1 race, you need to start from the bottom with Class 3. The Class 3 race isn't generally hard, just review the Racing tips in the Tips and Strategies section for tips on racing.

Strip Mine, Not Yours
Blow up Strip Mine in Eco Wells

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
There goes Daxter making stuff harder again. You have 2 minutes to put 6 bombs in 6 wells. 2 minutes seems like enough, but it's really just enough. To put a bomb in, ride up the ramp at the base of the well(s) on the JET-Board.
  1. Ride up the mine cart support beam, then jump over to the platform, and it's not too far away.
  2. Around the Metal Head Egg Stalks, ride up the ramp and go through quite the obstacle course.
  3. On the very left of the Mine.
  4. Up at the very back of the area.
  5. In the center, on a plateau.
  6. On the left near the Warp Gate.
Make it to all 6 wells in time for some pretty 'splosions and a trophy.

Sunken Ship
Destroy Ship at Drill Platform

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Looks like it's time to 'splode a big ship in an on-rail shooter type thing!
You will be constantly assaulted by Hover Guards, but nothing too devastating. Use your Gunpod fire to take them down. Eventually, when you reach the first electric gate, you will need to kill 40 Hover Guards. Watch your Gunpod's health, in the outer ring of the two of the aiming target. Don't overheat the guns. When all 40 are defeated, the Gunpod continues to move down the track. Hop out when it has stopped, and send the nearby Roto-Blades a welcoming Scatter Gun shot.

The next Gunpod is ready to go, and so is the tanker. There are 11 guns that pop out of the ship, four on top, four under the wings, three pop out of windows. You have to shoot the guns to make them explode, hurting the tanker in the process. When eight guns are destroyed, hop out when the Gunpod stops and head to the next.

Second verse like the first, but there seems to be more Guards and the guns disappear faster. Aim steady, and when 12 guns are destroyed, the tanker goes down.

Clap Hands
Get Seal Piece at Dig

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
One seal piece down, another one to go! Take the Air-Train back to the Dig after talking to Onin.
When you get down the the next area of the Dig, you need to activate 5 switches.
  1. Switch 1 is in the immediate area, behind the two Swipers that lurk in the cave.
  2. Just outside Switch 1, guarded by the Slinger.
  3. Under the main path on the right of the entrance.
  4. Smack down the bridge parts of Orb 1 to get down there.
  5. In the room with Guard crates across from Orb 5.
Now head back up to the higher vantage point, and grind across with the JET-Board, and use the balloon to get across to the pillar area.
Kill the surrounding Stingers and Swipers, then use the column to climb up to the upper area. Use Rolling Turbo Jumps to quickly cross the sinking rocks in the lava. Then navigate across the two balloon trapezes to reach a walkway. Head on across, quickly moving across the log platform, and get on the wheel. Pull out the Vulcan Fury to defeat the Slinger ahead, then use the next wheel to get across.
Now here comes the fun part: dodging spiky boulders! Move when the first rock is gone, then navigate between them, then hop to the next platform to reach the Totem. It's a curse isn't it?

Doggin' the Hellcats
Destroy 5 Hellcat Cruisers

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
These "Hellcat" Cruisers look like the regular big Guard zoomer, but in a shiny gold.
The best way to take these on is to grab a two-seated zoomer, as they are often more sturdy, find a Hellcat, then pump it full of Vulcan Fury until it goes down. Please note you cannot die between Hellcats, as dying restarts the mission. Also if you start shooting one, finish up fast, as the Hellcats get scared and will run away at top-speeds. Destroy all five and make the city safer for the Underground.

No Man is a Canyon
Use Items in No Man's Canyon

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
After beating the Onin game and completing the Seal of Mar, head to the Mountain Temple, ride the elevator down, and open the door on the right. Grind across the rail on the JET-Board, then head through the open door. Go left and reach the canyon, discover Mar's Tomb, and earn a trophy.

Pass the Tests of Manhood

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
The child is too young, but that doesn't mean Jak is. There are two chambers to enter in the Tests of Manhood. Here are some tips for conquering the tests.
Key Beetle Puzzles

  • Mult-eye-tasking: When the beetles fall, start heading towards one, but focus attention on the other two as well.
  • No Weapons: You cannot use the Morph-Gun to solve these puzzles.
Electric Waters

  • JET-Board: The JET-Board can easily move fast over the waters, but you may have to dismount to reach some ledges.
  • He gets that from you: You can knock the Baby Legs out of your way with or , like Jak.
  • Jump for it!: Watch your jump distances. You can't stop, and the camera isn't on Daxter, or practice which jumps are how far.
  • Never gonna stop: Don't stop moving to stay less dead.
Musical Totems
  • Don't blink, you'll miss it: Every encounter with this challenge, the totems are in random places, so there isn't any solid solution.
  • Play it by ear: Listen closely to each chime, each is distinct in its own way.

Grin and Baron It
Defeat Baron in Mar's Tomb

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Talk about taking credit! The Baron just waltzes in and thinks he can just take the Precursor Stone. Show him the error of his ways.
The first stage starts out with the Baron throwing out electrified robots. Simply shoot them to get rid of them. The Spider-Mech will then shoot out large bombs. Punch them at the Mech to damage him. Repeat until one-third of his health set is gone.

Second stage: The Baron will still shoot out robots, but he'll also pop up to shoot lines of gunfire. When he does, hide behind the pillars around the arena. He'll then shoot out bombs again for you to punch right at him. Repeat until his health is only one-third left.

The third stage the Spider-Mech will be equipped the Precursor Stone. He will destroy some sections of the ground, then throw out a few bombs, followed by a line of gunfire to dodge by hiding behind the pillars. Punch the bombs at him 'til it's over.

We're All Friends Here
Rescue Friends at Fortress

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Looks like the Baron has captured some friends of Jak. Time for some hardcore liberation.
Back where the ammo dump started, but now the force field is down. Get ready for some intense fighting.
When the corridor starts, there will be some Elite Krimzon Guards and Hover Guards to meet you. The Elite Guards guard floor panels you need to slam down on to open the path through the next room. Break out the Vulcan Fury and send 'em packing. Here's the intense part. Loads of Krimzon Guards start pouring in from the doorway in the back of the corridor. This is a good place for a Dark Blast if you have Dark Jak handy. If not, just hang tight and spray 'em with the Vulcan and some Blaster, with some Scatter Gun to knock 'em off the edges. Push forward, and make it into the next room.
Be careful here. Carefully jump over each turret's laser sight to avoid getting dead. Or you could use the turrets as stepping stones to the next room, your choice. You then need to navigate a half-pipe lined with moving beams to reach a room on the other side. Wait for both target to aim at the walls, then quickly grind across via JET-Board. Then move fast through the machinery maze, the Krimzon Guards above have their sights on Jak.
Equip the Blaster or Vulcan Fury and go to town on the guards on the upper platform. Then just jump over the next laser sights to fenter a room with those robots the Baron just shot out at you. Use the Scatter Gun to clear them out on your way to the room where it all started and a trophy. Oh, and freed friends.

Bot Bot Boom Boom
Protect Hideout from Bomb Bots

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Ever realize how accurate the rumors and scouts for the Underground are? The latest is that Bomb Bots are en route to the Hideout.
No time to waste. Head to the first Bomb Bot in South Town, and quick! When you reach it, get under it and unleash Vulcan Fury power on it from below, as it can't target Jak there. When it starts beeping high-tail it out of there and to a safe distance while it explodes. Repeat the process for the next two and the Hideout will be safe. You can sleep a little easier tonight, but who can sleep in this city?

Speed Quicker
Win Class 2 Race at Stadium

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Time for Orange Lightning to shine! The Class 2 race is on! View the tips on racing in the Tips section if you need some help winning.

What's That Smell?
Escort Men Through Sewers

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Time for more mucking in the mud.
Firstly, stay close to the group. You don't want to wander off to have the group attacked by Hose-Heads. Secondly, cycle between the three guns you currently have. They'll all be useful in certain situations. Next, don't die, or you'll have to start all over again.
The real hard part of this escort mission is at the end, where hordes upon hordes of Hose-Heads come from the ceiling. Use Dark Jak mainly to smack them away as much as you can, but then cycle between Blaster Rapid-Fire combos and Vulcan Fury fire to fend off the remaining Metal Heads. Once the fight is over, follow the men to the statue and get the trophy.

Destroy Drill Platform Tower

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Back to the Drill Platform with your good buddy the Titan Suit!
Break the door behind the Warp Gate, then head into the lift. Carefully navigate through the hall of lasers, then bust down the door to the next area. Place the Suit on the lift across the walkway, then hop out with , heading back across the walkway and jumping across the two collapsible platforms, then Double Jump to the ledge. Take out the Grunts up there, then hit the lift switch to bring up the Titan Suit so you can bash in the next door.
Jump across the collapsible platforms, then wait for the fiery floor to turn off, then quickly walk across to jump over to the next platform. Repeat with the next area, then jump across the collapsible platform to the next one. It's alright if you get some damage. When on ground, hop out of the suit, use a Rolling Turbo Jump to get across, then take out the Grunts, followed by hitting the bridge switch. Leap across another gap to hit the second switch, then go back to the suit. The Suit can now cross.
Head on through the next corridor, avoid the lasers. The next fiery hall is a bit tricky. Start by crossing the first fire path, then jump on the collapsible platform on the left, then to the one in front of it. Hop over to the next fire platform, which should be off, and hop over to the lift.
Notice that counter yet? Here's where it goes into action. See those apparently breakable consoles? Go nuts and blow them all up. Maybe try saving the ones close to elevator for later. I'll explain soon enough.
Told ya it'd be soon. The whole place is gonna blow in 1:35. Time to get the heck out! Make a mad dash for the beginning of the level! Escape the blast and earn a trophy!

Speed Speedily
Win Class 1 Race in Stadium

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Race of your life, right? In this race, you'll also need to contend with Erol, the soon to be ex-"best racer in Haven City". He's the red arrow on the map of the course.
The big thing about this race is that shortcuts make a big difference. Start the race by letting everyone else move ahead, while you take the shortcut on the right. Carefully navigate the track, then use the shortcut near the end on the right. Only use Turbos at straighter sections or to avoid hitting a wall. Keep it up for 4 more laps and you're golden.

I Heart Heart
Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Time to take back that little "gift" you gave Krew earlier.
Head to the Air Train, then ride it to the Dig area. The Weapons Lab is highlighted by the mystic column of light. Head there, enter, then ride the lift down.
The first area is fraught with Krimzon Guard. Kill them all, then activate the switch on the left side of the area. Head through the newly deactivated force field. Around the corner is a conveyor belt going down. Shooting the switch on its right can change the direction the belt moves. Shoot it, and be whisked up to the next level. Jump onto the higher ledge, then take out the two Elite Guards across the area with the Vulcan Fury. Drop down to be assaulted by UB86 robots. Use the Blaster to fend them off and destroy them, then head across the new platforms Jump and Spin Kick the valve to get a path to the adjacent area.
Head up the lift with Blaster at the ready, as there's guards up there. Go over to the conveyor belt, and use a combo of Double Jumps and Rolling Turbo Jumps to get over the blades and across the belt. Use a Turbo Jump to reach the belt below. When you reach the bottom of the belt, shoot out the platforms ahead to drop them, then jump onto them. Jump up onto the ledge, then get to the next belt. Shoot out the platform ahead, then Double Jump and Spin Kick in, then toast the guards nearby and the ones to the right. Speaking of right, go that way for a conveyor belt with a shootable switch to ride up. Jump at the top, as so you don't fall. Do the same with the next belt.
The next belt is a cinch. Shoot out the metal platforms and go over the belt. The next belts are a bit tricky. Shoot the switch to change the belt to upwards, then shoot it as Jak lands to move the next up as well. That's the end of that conveyor belt madness.
The next area is going to be littered with UB86s. Stand your ground and destroy them all. Then shoot the switch to go to the next area.
Launch a Peace Maker round at the guards shooting across the bridge. Then kill as many guards as you can from your position. Head across the bridge and kick the valve, rotating the bridge. Keep doing so, killing any guards that come by, until you reach the end. There, smash the floor grate to reach the lower level.
For the next room, there are three UB86 dispensers. The best strategy is to carefully inch towards one until it goes off, kill those robots, then move on to another dispenser. That way you only need to deal with one dispenser at a time, rather than all three at once. Head through the elevator afterwards. While the mission is over, the boss battle has just begun. Continued below.

Who Knew Krew Blew?
Beat Krew in Weapons Lab

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
It's not over 'til the fat man says, "Ohhh well."
You know that upgrade Krew just gave you? That's helpful for killing fat slobs.
Krew will start out with "Krew Clones", little green versions of the obese one that will hurt Jak if touched. Use the Scatter Gun to clear them out.
When Krew drops in, use the Blaster, Vulcan Fury, and Peace Maker to teach him some manners. He'll fight back with a laser on his chair, nothing you can't handle. Try using the large pillars as cover. The second round, the Krew Clones are bigger and faster, but still not a big threat. Be sure to replenish your ammo from the convenient crates located at the rooftop. The third wave is very fast. Be sure not to be overtaken. Deal the finishing blows to Krew for the ding.

Finders Keepers
Find Sig in Underport

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
A playable underwater level? Why did no one else have this in 2003?
As soon as you hop into the Titan Suit, the room fills with water. Head through the door, see that column of light and bubbles? That's air to replenish you air meter on the right. Run out and it's over. Grab some air, then bust down the next door. Head around the mines to some more stairs, then contend with two Squid-Heads. Hop down the hole in the ground, and punch down the door. Go past the two mines, grab some air, and continue on.
The next room has a lot of mines and some Squid-Heads. My advice is to just head for the exit, weaving around the mines, straight for the air. Then continue around to the next room with four platforms.
Grab some air, then break the shackles of the four platforms, causing them to float up. Jump onto the lift and take a ride up.
Above ground, for the time. Jump across the platforms, the head down the hole, and break the door down. Head across the bridge carefully, don't be flung into the abyss though with you punching. Go across, then move through the next Squid-Heads. Jump on the lift, then jump on the next, then take a huge leap over to the other side across the abyss. Head through the door on the left. Looks like Sig could use some back-up. Why don't you give him some?

Heavy Distortion
Attack the Metal Head Nest

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Time to take the bull by the horns.
Take the Air Train to the Nest. Then move along the path, killing the Metal Mantises with the Scatter Gun. Kick the valve on the left, then jump over the wall using the now-raised platform. Weave through the maze of metal and Metal Head to reach Mar's Gun.
Now that they're woken up, time to fight some Metal Heads. Head down leftish of the gun, then basically charge through the next area(s) guns blazing. You'll encounter lots of Metal Mantises and Arach-Heads, as well as some lumbering Ele-Beasts. Weave your way through to reach the core, the moment of truth.

Pedal to the Metal
Destroy Metal Kor at Nest

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
Jak's journey has changed so much since the beginning. But now it's time to end it.

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Head Over Heels
Collect 50 Metal Head Skull Gems

See Head Master

Head Cheese
Collect 250 Metal Head Skull Gems

See Head Master

Head Master
Collect 510 Metal Head Skull Gems

Metal Head Skull Gems are the gems that pop out of a Metal Head's head when they die. During the story, don't go thinking you can kill a Metal Head, die, then keep killing it for 510. Uh uh. Each Metal Head is tied to one gem and one gem only during the story. Once you've collected that gem you can't un-collect it until you beat the game.
To get this, kill every Metal Head you see in your adventure. EVERY Metal Head. I'll list how many gems are in each level, so you have some guidelines to stay in check.
Act 1

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Act 2

Toggle Spoiler

Act 3

Toggle Spoiler

If you make good use of the Oracle for Dark Powers, you'll get this before you get Dark Giant.

If for any reason you happen to miss 510 Gems in your story playthrough, vettes_4-ever and I both can confirm Metal Head Gems are infinitely spawning from Metal Heads upon beating the game. You can head out to the Mountain Temple, head down the path on the right in the Temple Hub, and head to the cave area with the infinitely spawning Metal Hoppers, and go to town. It shouldn't take long to get 510.

The Collector
Collect 25 Precursor Orbs

See The Collectionator!

The Collectivist
Collect 125 Precursor Orbs

See The Collectionator!

The Collectionator!
Collect 286 Precursor Orbs

Collecting all 286 Precursor Orbs is no walk in the park. There's a number of them just laying around the environs, but there are some unlocked by completed challenges around the city and minigames.
  • Hidden Orbs: 94 total
  • Gun Courses: 36 total
  • JET-Board: 9 total
  • NYFE Races: 72 total
  • Task Stations: 72 total
  • Onin Game: 3 total
The reason this is missable is the Metal Head Nest, which can't be returned to. Make sure to grab the orbs before parting. There's also an orb in the sewers that is missable in Act 2 according to multiple sources.
To return to the Prison/Strip Mine, go back to the Fortress, and head through the area you went through to save your friends. You'll end up in the room where it all began when you reach the end. You can head through the Warp Gate in the room to go to the Strip Mine again.

Act 1


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Pumping Station (Torn; Find Pumping Station Valve)

Toggle Spoiler

Pumping Station (Krew; Protect Sig)

Toggle Spoiler

Strip Mine (Torn; Rescue Vin)

Toggle Spoiler

Drill Platform (Vin; Destroy Eggs)

Toggle Spoiler

Mountain Temple (Onin; Collect 3 Artifacts)

Toggle Spoiler

Palace Rooftop (Jak and Daxter; Ride the Elevator Up to the Palace)

Toggle Spoiler

Act 2

Haven Forest (The Shadow; Catch Scouts in Haven Forest)

Toggle Spoiler

Sewers (Krew; Drain the Sewers to Find the Statue) Missable

Toggle Spoiler

Strip Mine (Vin; Blow Up Eco Wells)

Toggle Spoiler

Dig (Onin; Find Seal Piece at Dig)

Toggle Spoiler

Mar's Tomb (Jak and Daxter; Pass the Tests of Manhood)

Toggle Spoiler

Act 3

Dead Town (Samos; Get Life Seed at Hut)

Toggle Spoiler

Strip Mine (Vin; Destroy Eggs in Strip Mine)

Toggle Spoiler

Weapons Lab (Jak and Daxter; Find the Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab)

Toggle Spoiler

Underport (Jak and Daxter; Find Sig in Underport)

Toggle Spoiler

Construction Site (Vin; Check Out the Construction Site)

Toggle Spoiler

Metal Head Nest (Jak and Daxter; Attack the Metal Head Nest) All Missable

Toggle Spoiler

Minigames and Stadium Orbs

Toggle Spoiler

Find the Orb Mission Locations

Toggle Spoiler

There's a glitch to easily get orbs without much effort. View the video in the Cheats, Glitches, Exploits section to take a look if you hate challenge.

Here's a link to maps for the Precursor Orbs (shoutout to xENDZEITx for them).


[top]Krimzon Guards/Baron's Forces

Krimzon Guards are the most common enemy in the game, patrolling the city and guarding the Baron's places. They use certain rifles equipped with Electric Shockers equipped. Get close enough for a few thousand volts. These enemies aren't hard to fight, just use one or two Morph-Gun shots to down them. Later, some will get jet-packs, which require either precise Blaster fire or Gunpod shots to take down.
Elite Krimzon Guards are of higher rank than the ever classic red variant. These soldiers wear yellow armor, and take more hits to kill than the red guards.
The Security Tank is equipped with dual-firing cannons and spiked wheels, this is one of the Baron's highest defenses. The only way to avoid it's attacks is RUN!
These Sentry Guns were installed by the Baron to keep intruders out of Haven's sewer system. They often have an audio cue for you to know when to move out of the way, and will fire double bursts of gunfire. Make sure to tuck and roll if need be, and jump around to avoid the shots.
Bomb Bots are packed with lots of explosives. They have lasers and targeting systems, but lucky for Jak, the targeting systems don't trace under the Bomb Bots, so lurk on under them and pump them full of Vulcan Fury.
UB86 Bots roll around as compact metal balls, then pop up as full robot form. You can't hurt them when they're in ball form, but shooting them as a ball keeps them away from you. When they pop out of ball form one hit will kill them. To deal with them, stand in one spot, shooting them with the Blaster to keep them at bay, and destroying them in robot form.

[top]Metal Heads

Metal Head Swipers are the first, cat-like Metal Heads you come across at the Pumping Station. They swipe to attack, but keep a steady range and attack fast and these shouldn't be a problem.
Juice Goons are man-sized Metal Heads wield electrified sticks, and will shock you if you get too close. The best way to take these guys on is to knock them off their feet with a Scatter Gun blast, then attacking them while they're down so they can't retaliate.

The Metal Heads' first line of defense: the Grunts. And they attack viciously and quickly. They will normally attack in groups, and aren't terribly difficult to defeat. Simply use some combos of Morph-Gun shots and physical attacks to knock them down.

These little rascals, called Metal Head Stingers, will come up from the ground unexpectedly and attack quickly. They're a bit annoying, as they have agility and a diminutive state, making them an adversary worth your time. However you can easily target and kill them with a well-aimed Blaster round.

These Metal Jackets think it's funny to fly around a lot, shooting Dark Eco at you. The projectiles are easy to dodge, but since the Jackets move a lot, you need to attack fast and accurately using the Blaster.

Masters in the no-touch rule, Roto-Blades are notorious for quick, close-range attacks. Either maintain your distance, or blast 'em down with the Scatter Gun.

These Metal Head Straffers fly around shooting Dark Eco at Jak and Daxter. While they can be hurt by Blaster fire, the Gunpod is the best maneuver against these.

Centurians hide behind big bulletproof shields, popping out every now and then to fire off a few rounds. When they do pop out, roll out of their line of fire, then retaliate with some Blaster fire while their shield is still down.

Crab-Heads, these quadripedal Metal Heads, use short-range Eco-blasters to attack, but are also slow. They fire fast though, so it's advised to either keep range or knock them off their feet and don't let them retaliate.

These Metal Head Hoppers are properly named: they hop around everywhere and hop at you as an attack. They only take one hit to kill, and wear very little armor, but they often attack in groups of five or more, and can easily swarm you.

Ram-Heads are large Metal Heads with purple-ish skin and green-ish armor that resemble rhinoceroses. They attack by charging, rearing up on their hind legs, and charging again. When they charge, roll out of the way, and get ready to shoot. As they rear up, shoot them with Morph-Gun fire at their underbelly. Repeat a few times to fell these mighty beasts.

Believe it or not, Metal Head Slingers use slings to accurately lob balls of Dark Eco at Jak and Daxter. Their accuracy allows them to chuck Dark Eco balls at the duo from afar with ease. The easiest way to deal with these guys is to break out the Vulcan Fury and pump them fulla lead from a distance before they spot you. The Vulcan fire keeps them off their feet, as so they can't retaliate.

These bipedal Metal Head Grunt Gunners wield the equivalent of an assault rifle, being able to shoot up to 12 balls of Dark Eco in rapid succession before having to reload. To deal with these, find some cover in the environment, wait for the Gunner to shoot all 12 shots, then catch it when it reloads with some gunfire.

Drag-Heads resemble dragons, with wings like a dragonfly's. While it flies, it also runs on all fours. It will avoid you, but chase them down with the JET-Board and Jak will tackle them to the ground.

Cloakers have the ability to render themselves near invisible. Not entirely though. They give off a yellow-ish tint when cloaked, and the glow of their Metal Head Gems are clearly visible. They take three solid shots to kill, and their cloaking devices will break after two shots.

Sewer-dwelling Metal Heads called Hose-Heads have thin, tubular heads that shoot continuous laser beams that sweep the room. Jump over their laser and shoot them with the Blaster to kill these.

Squid-Heads swim about the Underport. They'll latch onto the Titan Suit, electrocuting the suit. Punch them out before they reach you!

Shooting these large Metalpedes only gets them mad. The only way to face it is RUN!

Metal Mantises hop around a lot, seemingly making them a hard target. These Mantis-like creatures are easily dispatched with some Scatter Gun shots.

Arach-Heads, giant flying spiders, fire concentrated Dark Eco blasts at Jak and Daxter, and are found only in the Metal Head Nest. Best to pump them full of a few Vulcan Fury shots before they quickly fire off their shots.

No power can harm the Ele-Beast, an immense, lumbering beast, so don't waste any Dark Jak or ammo. These guys can emit electricity off their sides to harm prey. The only action is to get past them and move on.

[top]Miscellaneous Enemies

These little buggers, Goobers, roam outside city walls, namely places like Dead Town and the Pumping Station. They take one hit to die, and take away one health pip when they hit you. A simple punch or Morph-Gun shot should suffice. Be careful, as they are notorious for quick, fast attacks.

Snorkle Tooths are cat-like things that walk on all fours. When hit, they retaliate with a fierce tonuge-lash. Either move aside or finish them off to avoid being hit.

Small pigmentless beasts called Water Watchers dwell in the shallow waters of Mar's Tomb. They attack by popping out of the water, and you can attack back with a solid Scatter Gun shot.

Small yet deadly, the Baby Legs is a small spider that attacks viciously with lunges of venomous pincers. They can easily be killed with a solid shot though.

The large Widow Maker spider is hungry when hatched, and a tasty ottsel will hit the spot. With no ways to hurt it, the only way to avoid it is to RUN!

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