Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-20 hours, depending on skill.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + Clean-up
Collectible Trophies: I got Soul
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Play the tutorial first so you get a grip on the game and how to play.
  • Grinding is crucial for Jet Set Radio, it is how you get around and how you collect most Graffiti Souls. It's also a great way to gain points for Jet Rankings.
  • Dashing is also crucial, be it regular dashing or dash-jumping. The latter will get you to far places that you will not have been able to get to before.
  • Choose characters that suit your playing style, you may need one that has more health (power), or one with greater technique, etc. Experiment.


Step 1: Finish The Tutorial

The tutorial is available from the main-menu when you first start the game, and is a great way for you to learn how to play it. The later lessons can get a bit tough, but keep trying and eventually you'll master Jet Set Radio. This step unlocks Training wheels.

Step 2: Play The Game Casually

Unless you like torturing yourself (or are very good at Jet Set Radio) I would suggest skipping the Graffiti Souls and Jet Rankings for now, and just worry about finishing the game. Create some graffiti in each size and get to taggin' up the streets. Finishing this step will unlock:
  • We got us a crew
  • First coat applied
  • Second coat applied
  • Paint the town red
  • So creative

Step 3: Collect Each Graffiti Soul

This is the big one, the deciding step to whether you achieve this 100% or you don't. To earn all graffiti souls you must earn a Jet Ranking on each level, unlock each character, and collect them throughout each level. Also play each level, such as Jet Technique, Jet Graffiti, Story Levels and Jet Crush to finish Jet Set Radio and earn a new 100%. This step will unlock the remaining trophies.


We got us a crew
Unlock Gum and Tab

As soon as you start Jet Set Radio, Gum will tell you to do three challenges. Once you finish them, then Tab will do the same. Simply finish the six challenges to unlock both Gum and Tab as playable characters.

  • Challenge #1 - All you need to do is go forward, then turn right. When you get to it, jump on the car with .
  • Challenge #2 - Jump and grind on the rail with and make it to the end to finish.
  • Challenge #3 - Go forward and collect the two spray-paint bottles. Press to spray the cars with red arrows above them. Then grind on the rail and collect the next two bottles. Jump off and then jump on another rail in front of you, then spray the cars along the rail.

  • Challenge #1 - Jump and collect the bottles of spray-paint, then spray the wall at the end. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Challenge #2 - First you'll need to grab a car with , and ride it until you see several bottles of spray-paint to the left. Let go of the car, collect the bottles and ride back to where you started. You will see a red arrow, meaning you need to grind on the rail and spray the building.
  • Challenge #3 - Grind on the rail in front of you, and jump over the obstacles. Keep riding the rail up the stairs and continue down the stairs and jump onto the roof of a structure.

Training wheels
Complete Tutorial

The Tutorial is available right from the main-menu. Select it and you will be given "lessons" on how to play Jet Set Radio. There are 21 of them.
  • Lesson #1 - Just skate forward with .
  • Lesson #2 - Skate around the area without bumping into anything.
  • Lesson #3 - Go forward and push .
  • Lesson #4 - Perform a stop by pushing backwards.
  • Lesson #5 - Just press when you aren't near any arrows.
  • Lesson #6 - Jump by pressing
  • Lesson #7 - Go forward and hold , then jump with
  • Lesson #8 - Jump on top of any parked car.
  • Lesson #9 - Jump on a rail and grind.
  • Lesson #10 - Go forward, hold then jump on a rail.
  • Lesson #11 - Grind on a rail, then jump off.
  • Lesson #12 - Grind on a rail, and hold when jumping.
  • Lesson #13 - Go over to the side of the area where a van is. Grind on the rail next to it and jump over the obstacles. Keep grinding.
  • Lesson #14 - There's a billboard near stairs that is good for this. Grind on the stairs' handrails, then jump onto the platform. Jump again and hold to grind on the billboard.
  • Lesson #15 - Go past some traffic cones and to the left will be a staircase that leads to a sewer pipe. Keep going up and down to gain some momentum and jump.
  • Lesson #16 - This one is tough, grind the rails from Lesson #13, and when you are on the yellow rails, jump on the left rail after you turn, then jump back at the very end on the right and grind the billboard. If you haven't finished it yet you can also grind more green rails after the billboard.
  • Lesson #17 - Go over to the cars (not buses or van) and press to spray graffiti on it.
  • Lesson #18 - Go over to a bus or van and press , then follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Lesson #19 - See Lesson 16, but continue after the billboard along the green rails. Hold and jump onto even more green rails after.
  • Lesson #20 - Do a forward dash with then flick the other direction to turn around.
  • Lesson #21 - Do what you did in Lesson 16, but on the last rail, grind to the end and jump off the billboard to start a cycle. Keep doing the cycle until you have 50 tricks.

First coat applied
Complete Chapter 1

This trophy is story-related, and should unlock after Love Attack.

Second coat applied
Complete Chapter 2

This trophy is story-related, and should unlock after Rock 'n' Roll Grind.

Paint the town red
Complete Chapter 3

This trophy is story-related, and should unlock after Final Groove.

So creative
Create your own graffiti in all sizes

When you first have access to the garage (after finishing the challenges for Gum and Tab, you will be brought to a menu). Select Graffiti, then select Create New Graffiti. From there, you will see the three sizes, Small, Large and Xtra Large. You need to create a graffiti sign in each of those three sizes. They don't have to be artistic, just select one letter and skip the rest if you don't want to be bothered.

I got Soul
Collect all Graffiti Souls

Graffiti souls are scattered throughout each level, and are generally tough to get. You get them from either finding them in the levels or from unlocking the characters and progressing through the game, and also earning Jet Rankings on each level. It's much easier to get these in the Jet Technique levels so there aren't any enemies trying to kill you. Below is a guide of all souls that are to be collected, I've left out the ones obtained by other means. You can check which numbers you have by going to the Graffiti option in the menu and choosing the other option than Create your own.

Graffiti Souls

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Graffiti Soul Locations Video Guide

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The gangs all here
Unlock all characters

You'll start the game gaining members to your group, and as you progress through the game you'll be challenged by many more. You unlock the characters by either completing challenges, races, or Jet Rankings. It's up to you when to choose which playthrough to get all characters in, but Jet Rankings carry across all playthroughs.

Characters List

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King of the street
Complete all missions with any rating

Once you complete the game, you will unlock Jet Technique, Jet Graffiti and Jet Crush levels. You need to complete ALL of these levels including Story Mode to unlock this trophy. You don't need a Jet Ranking for this trophy, so you don't have to bother with them just yet.

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