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Players: 1 campaign, 1-4 locally, 2-8 online
Online Trophies: Yes (3) Saboteur , Traveler , Traveler , Advocate
Online Pass Required for Platinum: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 racing campaign & 50 single events
Collectible Trophies: Zero
Difficulty Trophies: Yes (3) Rookie Champ , Pro Champ , All-Star Champ
Missable Trophies: Zero

[top]Button Configuration

= Accelerator
Double Tap = Nitro
= Brake
= Reverse
= Ram
= Missiles
= Mines
To repair vehicle when going through pit area

[top]Tips and Strategies

Playing through career mode play with Kiss of Death or Silverspoon as they have the fastest acceleration throughout the game unless you unlock speed demon along the way.
Early on in the race collect as many votes as possible by running over the yellow and green buttons to earn your power ups to use during the race.

Be sure to have as much health as possible on the last lap as you go faster and have a better chance of surviving. Pitting on the 2nd to last lap is generally a good idea.

Make sure you have some weapons saved for the last lap so you can use them to get the best finish possible.

If you are far behind look for the regular shortcut to open up. These usually cut a lot of time off a lap and can get you right back into the race.

If you press one time your mine will come out and stay behind your vehicle if you do not drop the mine by pressing a second time it will protect you from enemy missiles but not all missiles as some enemies have multiple missiles as once.


Step 01: Complete the Time Trials on All-Star difficulty allowing you to learn the tracks before playing against any competition.

Step 02: Playthrough Career Mode at your preferred difficulty. All-Star is recommended so you will only have to play through once, however if you are in a hurry to unlock Jimmie Johnson. Play on rookie difficulty so you can get the multiplayer trophies out of the way.

Step 03: Grab a boosting partner or try and find an online match on your own and earn your Multiplayer trophies. This step will also include your local multiplayer trophy.

Step 04: If you did not complete your career on All-Star difficulty now would be the time to go back and do so.

Step 05: Go back and complete the other Random Trophy Requirements such as finding all 13 shortcuts, hit the A.I. bots with the got’cha buttons, complete 50 single events on regulation rules, win a duel without using any weapons, and being in last place to first place in the final lap.


Collect all Jimmie Johnson's AWAE trophies

This is only earned after completing the tasks needed for all bronze, silver, and gold trophies!

Complete a Career Mode event

Campaign Related and cannot be missed.

When you enter the main menu screen enter the career mode and you are forced to play their rookie cup as the others are locked until you win the duel win Jimmie Johnson. Play on whichever difficulty you feel comfortable playing in, however just as the tips suggest playing on All-Star is your best bet so you will not have to play through the cups multiple times.

You only need to finish the race to obtain this trophy and winning is not necessary.

Rookie Champ
Complete Career Mode by playing all events on Rookie difficulty or higher

Please refer to All-Star Champ for a more detailed description and also look above in the tips and strategies section for additional help.

Pro Champ
Complete Career Mode by playing all events on Pro difficulty or higher

Please refer to All-Star Champ for a more detailed description and also look above in the tips and strategies section for additional help.

All-Star Champ
Complete Career Mode by playing all events on All-Star difficulty

There are a total of five cups that you must win on All-Star difficulty to achieve this trophy. Those cups are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You DO NOT have to complete the three bonus cups.

There are a total of seven events for each cup and you must be first in points standing at the end of the first six events to enter the final event, which is a duel with Jimmie Johnson. You do not need to win each event just be first in the points standings after the first six events. You get 100 points for being first, 90 for second, 80 for third and so on. The least amount of points you can get is 20 for eighth place. If you are not first in points after the six events, replay your worst event to improve your points standing.

Each cup has several events in it that all differ from each other. The events and descriptions are as follows:

This is just your regular race, cross the finish line first on the last lap to win.

This is just like a regular race except half the field races one way, the other half races the other way. Be sure to watch out for oncoming cars because they will hit you head on. Be first to cross the finish line to win.

Time Attack:
Beat the predetermined lap time to win this event. For tips see Sprinter .

Each lap you will earn points based on your place after you cross the finish line. These points are all added up and whoever has the most points at the end of the event will win it. Be sure to pit often and stay ahead the whole race to earn as many points as possible.

The seventh event of each race is a duel with Jimmie Johnson. You must beat him in 2 out of 3 round to win the duel. What works best is save all your weapons until the last lap and try to keep your car in good shape as you will not be able to pit. Use all your weapons on the last lap, sometimes waiting until the last turn to strike is a great idea as it will send him flying into the wall and you can cruise past him to victory.

If you played through on a lower difficulty you can replay all the races on All-Star difficulty, but you MUST finish higher for the event to register as completed on All-Star difficulty. Because of this it is highly suggested to just start a new career as it will save you a lot of time.

Win your first Time Attack event, in Career Mode or Single Event (Regulation rules)

This will be earned as you are trying to earn the Sprinter which is step 01 in the roadmap! This can be done on any difficulty but if you're going for platinum you will need to beat all Time Attack events on each track on All-Star difficulty.

Win your first Endurance event, in Career Mode or Single Event (Regulation rules)

Throughout your career mode you will have 5 opportunities to place first in an endurance race. If you are following the recommendation of playing through career on All-Star it may be hard to place first as these are the hardest races to finish first place when playing on All-Star.

Make it easy on yourself and select single event from the main menu and do not change the rules as they need to stay at regulation but put the difficulty on rookie to make this cake walk. Pick a track you feel comfortable with and that you know well because you need to be in the top couple placements each lap to ensure you finish in first.

Endurance races add up the points you earned after each lap so even if you are in 8th place at the end of one lap you can still win this race. Below is a point structure you can go by so you can estimate your points if needed; this is setup buy placement at the end of each lap and points for that particular place. You will need to have the most points accumulated by the end of the race in order to earn his trophy.
  • 1st = 100 points
  • 2nd = 97points
  • 3rd = 94 points
  • 4th = 91 points
  • 5th = 88 points
  • 6th = 85 points
  • 7th = 82 points
  • 8th = 79 points

Destroy an opponent's car in a Duel, in Career Mode or Single Event

As the trophy description states this is possible by playing either career mode or a single event. Doing this on rookie difficulty will be your best bet as when you play on harder difficulties it’s much hard to destroy an opponent's vehicle. Use your missiles and mines wisely because you cannot go into the pit stops and have them refilled. After each lap of the duel you will get +1 of each the mine and missile so keep that in mind as well and the ram regenerates so be sure you are using that during the race and be aware of your own vehicle’s damage.

Destroy an opponent's car as the Chicken Bomb in a Multiplayer Survival event

To get into this race type from the main menu screen select multiplayer and choose any event, however it will be harder to get into a survival even so we recommend going to custom event and choosing survival from the get go. The rules, track, and difficulty all can be setup and way you like. At the beginning of the race you want to be the first one eliminated so you become the chicken bomb. After becoming the chicken bomb you will be the fastest vehicle on the track and just need to destroy an opposing player. The chicken bomb does have a self destruct button when the time comes.

Complete an online Multiplayer event

From the main menu screen select multiplayer and venture into any of the categories of multiplayer. This does not need to be ranked and you will need to complete the race for this to be earned. If you are having trouble finding opponents online please use the boosting thread in the forums.

If you do not know how to direct yourself around the interface here I will provide you with the thread. Jimmie Johnson Anything With An Engine Boosting Thread.

Complete a local Multiplayer event

Very simple trophy, from the main menu screen select multiplayer. At the top right on the screen it will have 4 slots open for local players you want this to have at least one other player or just a second controller as it will not get booted if it doesn't move. This can be done custom or regulation rules it does not matter as you need to just complete the event.

Build a new vehicle in the Garage

The only way to build a vehicle is to beat Jimmie Johnson in a duel race, which you will encounter during every cup except for the diamond cup. In order to duel Jimmie Johnson you will need to have accumulated enough points during the first 6 races of the cup as Jimmie is the 7th race. After defeating Jimmie you are taken to the garage where you are able to spend your tokens which you get from defeating Jimmie and the vehicles available to be built are those that look like a pile of scrap metal.

Complete 50 Events in Single Event mode (Regulation Rules)

To complete 50 single events with regulation rule select single even from the main menu screen and keep the rules set to regulation. It is up to you what event you would like to play, however the races are your quickest way to finish this step.

It would be grand of you to complete the time attack events for the Sprinter . Play all 13 tracks at least once hitting the bots with all the got’cha buttons and finding all the shortcuts (videos in the Renegade description). You will also have the opportunity to earn the Achiever during this step so just take a look at all the trophy descriptions and work on them at once time to make this platinum go by quicker.

After playing all 13 tracks if you want to play on the shortest track select Dirt Derby and remember you do not need to win these events.

Build all vehicles in the Garage

Vehicles can only be built after winning the duel race against Jimmie Johnson at the end of each cup finale (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum) which award you with a token. After you defeat Jimmie Johnson you are taken to a garage where you can spend the token earned. Each vehicle is represented by a pile of scrap metal and cost you 1 token to build. By the end of the fourth cup (Platinum) you will have earned 4 tokens from Jimmie Johnson and should have built all the vehicles along the way or saved them up to build at one time.

To back out from the building screen just press as it will keep you in the garage until you do. None of these cars are better than the one’s stated in the tips & tricks so it is not necessary to build them as soon as you get the token, but it is still recommended to utilize it once you obtain it.

Discover and successfully traverse an Expert Shortcut

Please refer below to Renegade for a detailed description and video display.

Discover and traverse all Expert Shortcuts successfully

There are 13 shortcuts within this game, one being on each track. To make this trophy much faster you can make a single event from the main menu screen and set the rules to custom and make it 1 lap race to make this go by so much faster. If you have yet to earn Rascal then you could do it while accomplishing that trophy as well. You also should consider doing this while aiming for the Enthusiast since you have to do 50 single events anyway, however those will have to be on regulation rules and not custom.

A video has been made of each track displaying the expert shortcuts and the got'cha buttons.

Part 1 of 2

Toggle Spoiler

Dirt Derby - 0:01 Viking Vengeance - 4:03
Moonshine Madness - 1:18 Putters Oasis - 5:18
Runway Rampage - 2:45
Part 2 of 2

Toggle Spoiler

Dino Safari - 0:01 Castle Crash - 5:12
Route 66 - 1:17 Dragon Dash - 6:10
Calamity City - 2:25 Hazard Highways - 7:22
Carnival Carnage - 3:55 Hillbilly Showdown - 9:37

Beat all Time Attack Events on All-Star difficulty in Single Event Mode (Regulation rules)

For this trophy you will have to beat each track’s time attack on All-Star difficulty. There are 13 tracks total. It is highly suggested you use Silverspoon for the Time Attacks. Alternatively if you have Speed Demon or Kiss of Death unlocked as they work well too.
Some general tips are:
  • Follow the path as closely as possible
  • Do not use nitro on turns or curves, only when there is a straightaway.
  • If you watch the arrow closely, you can see when it accelerates. This is when you should use your nitro.
  • Breaking is your friend, do not be afraid to use it on tight turns and curves.
  • Shortcuts cannot be used during the time attack events.
Note: These events will count towards the Enthusiast trophy.

Complete a 50 lap Endurance event

From the main menu scree select on single event and go down to the rule and make them custom thus allowing you to set the laps to 50. Make sure the event type is on endurance when selecting 50 laps or else you would have raced that event for nothing. It doesn't matter what the difficulty you set the bots on or how many bots you race against just as long as you have it on endurance and for 50 laps.

Achieve a 10x Ram Combo

This can be done in any event on any track. This is generally easiest in the beginning of a race when all the bots are bunched up. The ram item is accessible once you collect enough votes from the fans, which is the first fan point you go over (Yellow and Green circles) and is used by pressing . Try and remain in the middle of the pack so you can ram those in front of you by speeding up or slow down and ram them. You can keep count at the amount of rams you have successfully complete ad it will tell you at the top center of the screen.

Win a Single Event Race (Regulation rules), without using the Pitstop

Select Single Event from the main menu screen and put the event type onto race and set the track to Dirt Derby keeping the rules on regulation. From the beginning of the race let the bots take off first and just stay at the back of the pack so you don't have a need to go into the pits. Towards the end of the event race through the pack to take over first place and if for any reason your vehicle gets destroyed it will respawn with half damage so don't worry about being destroyed as long as you do not go down pit lane you will be just fine.

Win a Duel without using any weapons in Career mode or Single Event (Regulation Rules)

You could get this trophy in career mode but the duels in career mode are a lot harder without weapons than if you were to do one in single event. That being said all you have to do is win the duel without using weapons. That means no rams, missiles, or mines. You can use nitro. Make sure it is on rookie difficulty to make it easier. Try using your nitro as much as possible where it doesn't put you into a wall slowing you down and remember you do need to win in order to obtain this trophy.

Use every Gotcha to successfully strike at Bot opponents

Gotcha’s are red buttons that are found on every track that will set off a trap that damages and slows down other drivers ahead of you.To activate a Gotcha you will have to run over the button. If a Gotcha is used successfully the words ‘Gotcha Dealt’ will appear on the top of the screen. To find these buttons is generally pretty easy as they are red buttons right on the track. To see a video of Gotcha button locations see Renegade .

The best way to tackle the buttons is to park your car right on top of them, this will make the trap be continuously set off and as the cars go by they will most likely be struck by it. You will know if it was successful by the words ‘gotcha dealt’ popping up. All tracks have at least one gotcha, but a few have two. Those tracks are Route 66, Hazard Highway and Moonshine Madness.

Most buttons will be easily used just by sitting right on top of them and letting cars go by, however there are two buttons that can be a bit tricky. The button on Castle Crash is on the last turn and activates platforms that throw drivers off the track, however the bots do not take the turn wide enough normally so you will have to send a few missiles at the drivers to hopefully knock them onto the platforms. It might take a few tries but you will get it eventually. The second tricky button is on Hazard Highway. It is the only button you cannot sit right on because the path is too narrow and the other cars will push you off the ledge that the button is on. To use this button be in eighth place so you can hit the gotcha button without being pushed off the ledge.

Note: You will probably achieve most gotcha buttons during normal play so it might not be a bad idea to jot down which ones you have used successfully.

Earn all Badges in a Single Event Race (Regulation rules)

In all race events you will achieve badges for certain accomplishments and if another player (bot) takes of that title you will lose the badge and have to earn it back. There are 8 badges and they are represented by the following.

Glove is for the most rams during the event.

Mine is for most mine hits during the event.

Stop Watch is for fastest lap set during the event.

Crown is for coming in 1st place in the event.

Missile is for most missile hits during the event.

Red button is for most got’cha’s buttons dealt during the event.

Snail is for longest power slide during the event.

Wreath is for the most fan votes earned during the event.

Doing an endurance event on Dirt Derby regulation rules single event is a simple way to achieve this trophy as you have more than enough time to earn all these badges. Just be sure to win the race for coming in first and view the Endurer for a point structure description.

Comeback Kid!
Win a Single Event Race (Regulation rules) by climbing from last to first place in the final lap

This trophy needs to be done in a single event so from the main menu screen select single even and keep the rules at regulation but set the difficulty to rookie. Pick your best driver as we have recommended before in the tips Silverspoon or Kiss of Death as their acceleration is maxed out.

Choose the track Hillbilly Hoedown and just stay at the back of the pack making this easier so you don’t keep getting hit and having to go into the pits so much. Stay close as you can to the pack and they tend to stay bundled up and hit up the pits before the last lap and the shortcut should be open for you to take after the first turn. You should be using nitro as much as you can on this last lap and use your weapons to catch up or stay in the lead as you just need to place first which should be easily done after taking the shortcut.

Win an online Ranked event playing as Jimmie Johnson

You must complete career mode first by winning the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Cups before you unlock Jimmie Johnson.
Once you have unlocked Jimmie Johnson go to multiplayer mode from the main menu selection and enter a ranked event where you will need to win. You can veto (skip) race events by pressing until you find one you wish to play. A duel event is the best choice here as you only have to race against one other person and not worry about going from 1st to 8th place in a matter of seconds.

Here is the boosting thread - Jimmie Johnson Anything With An Engine Boosting Thread - If you get help from someone please return the favor and DON'T be “THAT GUY!”

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