Players: 1-2 (Having two controllers makes the majority of these trophies very easy)
Online Trophies: 2 ( Out of the Cage, Show and Tell )
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order.

  • All button commands listed in this guide assume that you are facing right.
  • is Taunt
  • is Light+ Medium + Heavy attack
  • is L, or Light Attack
  • is M, or Medium Attack
  • is H, or Heavy Attack
  • is S, which is the Stand button. For characters without Stands, this will just do a special move, such as Hol Horse shooting his gun.
  • A means any button, and if you see them grouped together without a + sign separating them, then that means you will have to press both at once. I will use to represent AA in this guide.
  • You can view all of the characters special moves and Super Combos by pressing and going to Command List.


  • Start up Practice Mode and get a feel for the controls. Go ahead and get Strong and Attractive while you're there.
  • Do the Story Mode and get Standing the Test of Time
  • Go to Network and then to Ranked Match. Play or try to boost until you get Out of the Cage. Also go to Replays and upload one to earn Show and Tell.
  • Have a second controller or a boosting partner and attempt these trophies: Patty Cake, Patty Cake The World is Your Oyster and The Kid Gloves are Off
  • Go for Never Saw it Coming. This will take a few tries.
  • Clean up any trophies you have left


Standing the Test of Time
Complete Story Mode or Challenge Mode for any character on any difficulty without using continues.

This trophy may sound hard at first, but there is an incredibly cheap way to get it fast. All you'll need to do is select Story and change the settings. Difficulty lowest, Rounds 1, Damage 4, Time Limit on, and SC Gauge Max. Now you'll need to select Petshop on the character select screen. Petshop is easily the most broken character in the game. You will have no problems at all completing the story now, there are only 6 stages and you should be done within 15 minutes. Just alternate between spamming or . is your long range attack, and hits very hard, especially Ice Lance, which is + (At the same time).

Once you have finished, this trophy will unlock and you will be done with the only playthrough you need to do for this game.

Stardust Crusaders
Win a fight with 22 different characters.

All you have to do to earn this trophy is complete one single match with every single character. Just go to Versus Mode and change the settings to whatever you feel comfortable with, and then complete a fight with these characters:
  1. Jotaro
  2. Alessy
  3. Shadow Dio
  4. Kakyoin
  5. Chaca
  6. JoJo
  7. Avdol
  8. Dio
  9. New Kakyoin
  10. Polnareff
  11. Iced
  12. Hol Horse & Voing
  13. Joseph
  14. Pet Shop
  15. Robber Soul
  16. Iggi
  17. Mahrahia
  18. Kan
  19. D'Bo
  20. Hol Horse
  21. Midler
  22. Black Polnareff
This will take maybe 20 minutes to do, but it isn't hard at all.

Patty Cake, Patty Cake
Activate a Blazing Fists match.

A Blazing Fists match occurs when certain characters special moves clash at the same time. If the correct moves are performed, the screen will turn orange and a close up of the character portraits will appear. This trophy is incredibly hard to get in single player as you won't know what the computer will do and be able to counter it, so I recommend having a second player or a boosting partner. I don't know all of the characters and moves that can trigger a Blazing Fists match, but I do know that having both players play as Joseph and standing right next to each other while having your Stands activated and using the command Tactician's Trick + will activate the Blazing Fists match if performed at the same time. This will take a bit of coordination to do, but once you have done this you will have your trophy.

The World is Your Oyster
Counter a time-freeze.

There are 3 characters in the game who can utilize a Time Stop, and they are Jotaro, Dio, and Shadow Dio. This trophy requires you to counter a Time Stop with one of these characters. I chose Dio as his was the easiest for me to perform. The command for Dio's Time Stop is + + + + , and if done correctly, Dio will stop time. This trophy wants you to counter a Time Stop, not just use it. The only way to do this in Single Player is to fight Dio (Jotaro and Shadow Dio can possibly use it when you fight against them but I am not sure.) while using one of the 3 Time Stop characters and waiting for him to do a Time Stop. The other way is much much faster. You will need a second controller and a second player (You can also do this by yourself with two controllers.) Go into Versus and select Vs. Player. Just set Time Limit to off and SC Gauge to Max. Pick Dio vs Dio and pick up the second controller. Use the command for Time Stop and quickly pick up your first controller. Just enter the command for Time Stop again and your Dio will stop time. After your opponents Time Stop is countered, this trophy will unlock.

Never Saw it Coming
K.O. N'Dool via Perfect in bonus stage.

This is the hardest trophy in the game, and it will take you many tries. Something that will help you a lot is to have a second controller so you can press to challenge yourself if you get hit. This will take you more than a few tries. Good luck.

There are 6 characters who will be able to attempt this Bonus Level: Jotaro, Avdol, Joseph, Polnareff, and Iggi. It is on episode 4, except for Iggi, who has his on episode 3. This stage is all about memorization, and you should go through a few times just to know the layout and where each of the water Stands appear. The character I recommend using for this is Kakyoin, as his Emerald Splash can take out all but the big Hands out in one hit, and it is a long range attack. Once you get to the end, you will just have to attack him once and he'll go down and this very tough trophy will be yours.

Mad with Power
Down an opponent with a Super Combo.

Finishing an enemy off with a Super Combo is pretty simple, you can do it by going to Versus Mode and fighting a CPU opponent. Set it to the lowest difficulty if you'd like, and then select your best character. Press and go to Command List to check the commands for your characters Super Combos. I picked Polnareff for this trophy, as his Super Combo for Armor Takeoff + (Both buttons at the same time) was hard to forget. Remember to start the fight with MAX SC Gauge. As with most trophies, a second controller makes this a lot easier. Just pick Vs. Player in the Versus Menu and have the second controller sit perfectly still. You will have no resistance during the fight, making it a lot quicker to finish them off with a Super Combo. Once they have been knocked out, this trophy will unlock.

This is Where You Fall Down
Down an opponent without using a Super Combo or Tandem Attack.

This should be one of the first, if not the first trophy you will earn in this game. All you need to do is beat an opponent without using a Super Combo or Tandem Attack. Just keep punching them and they should go down very quick, and you will only have to win the first round for this trophy. If you have two controllers, you can just go to Versus and have them stand completely still for no challenge at all. Once they are knocked out, this trophy will unlock shortly.

Crash and Burn
Down an opponent while they are Stand Crashed.

Stand Crash is what happens when the blue meter below your health bar runs out. Being attacked while having your Stand activated will drain your Stand Meter, and once it has run out, you will be unable to use your Stand for a few seconds. You will most likely get this trophy naturally through the Story Mode, as your opponents will have their Stands out most of the time. The method I recommend doing if you can is finding a boosting partner or having a second controller. All you have to do is make sure they stay still and constantly keep their Stand out. I found that the best chance to defeat them while they're Stand Crashed is when they're at half health, you'll just have to keep attacking and their Stand meter will completely deplete JUST BEFORE they're about to die. Once they are Stand Crashed you will have to quickly defeat them as their meter recovers in just a few seconds.

The Kid Gloves are Off
Down an opponent while in child form.

The way to get this in single player is to go to Versus Mode and beating down Alessy to low health as a character of your choice and hoping he uses Shrink Wrap on you. This method is not very difficult, just potentially time consuming as it is random when he will use Shrink Wrap.

I instead recommend the Two Controllers/ Boosting Partner method. All you need to do is pick any character ( I used Jotaro) and the other person pick Alessy. You will have to knock him down to very low health, enough that one or two small punches would knock him out, then the one playing Alessy will need to use the Shrink Wrap special move. This is done with + . If done right, Jotaro will be turned into a little kid. Just run up to Alessy and punch him until he's knocked out. You only have to knock him out for one round for this trophy to unlock.

Strong and Attractive
Raise Mahrahia's magnetic power to maximum level.

Easy trophy you can get in one minute on Practice Mode. All you have to do is get close to your opponent and press 7 times. Once this is complete, the trophy will unlock.

Out of the Cage
Win one Ranked Match online.

You will unlock this trophy by winning a single Ranked Match online, which can be a lot tougher than it sounds if you don't have someone to boost it with. Getting it legit is a bit tough as it seems its mostly very dedicated people left playing this game online. Getting it the other way is a lot easier, just get someone with the game to boost it with you by letting you win. You can quit out of matches with the if you get the wrong person, so just keep on trying until you get a match with your partner.

Or you could just take the completely cheap method and play as Petshop online

Show and Tell
Upload replay data.

Very simple trophy to earn, all you have to do is finish a fight online and then go to Replays in the Multiplayer Menu. Once you're there head to My Replays, Battle Log and then choose one and press to upload it online. Trophy unlocked.

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