Players: 1 player
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 playthrough
Missable Trophies: Yes, Gallant investigator & Generous magistrate.

[top]Tips & Strategies

About this game: This is a computer game adapted to Ps3. As this game was initionaly for PC, you will find the joystick of your controller wont be as acurate, which will fustrate you. This game has many different types of puzzles, each that will give you a item for completing.

Just to note: Most of the game is I spy puzzles. Be ready to stare at your screen.

I spy- hint button will light up a item your missing for a split second, and is not skip able
Lock- similar to the game "rush hour". Easy
Chinese chess game- click on a single black piece (really easy), and skippable
tanagram- Using shapes, make the image, and skippable
zodiac- follow the hints given to place the items in the correct spot
go- optional puzzle to earn more hints. just place a piece in the right spot and win

Tips on this game:
First off, score doesnt matter for trophies, so if your clicking around wildly, taking a long time, or using hints and skips, it wont hurt your chances of enjoying the game (or obtaining the trophies). ALso note that difficulty doesnt affect trophies, so for a easier time, go on easy. This game is a computer game for Ps3, so keep in mind it may be fustrating when your joystick isnt as accurate as a mouse.

If you want to get through this game as quickly as possible, you can skip the dialog, skip most puzzles, and use hints on those puzzles you cannot skip. Even though you dont technically need to talk to everyone, or pick up every item, you should still be trying to obtain everything, incase you need it for the future.

Also, if your using up your hints and run out during a puzzle, after you complete that puzzle, you get 3 hints for the next puzzle. If you see a go player (a man with a table in front), he will give you 3 more hints if you win the game. Pretty much his puzzle is very simple, and you can have a maximum of 5 hints, so depending on how much you have, it is worth it.

In this guide, i wrote up a step by step guide, written how i played the game naturally. If you want to play the game without my guide, go ahead. I played this game for the first time and got all trophies, but also be thorough, as there are some trophies that are missable.

Lastly, if you are playing this game but cannot find a item, be inactive for a minute, and after a minute the game will point out possible options. This is random, so if it highlights puzzles you already did or people you already spoke to, move a bit and become inactive again.

[top]Types of puzzles and their exploits

I spy
Dont be scared of using your hints (pressing on the dragon on the right hand side). It wont affect your trophies, but remember it only shows for a split second, so pay attention or else you will have to waste another hint.

Click around like crazy. A wrong guess doesnt affect your chances for trophies, and will only affect the points you earn in a puzzle, although that doesnt really matter.

Look closely. Many times i couldnt see a certain item but when i used a hint, it was in plain sight. There are only a few cases that the item your looking for is really well hidden.

A high definition tv is helpful. If you happen to own one, it will make playing "I spy" less frustrating.

Chinese Chess game
Although this game looks complicated, it really is simple. You could press each black piece and once you press the correct piece, you have completed this puzzle. Although this is one of the puzzles you can skip, i dont think you really need to. In fact, if your following my Step By Step roadmap, i even tell you which piece is the answer.

If you have come across the game "Rush Hour" or played a computer puzzle game where you have cars that can only go forward and back, this puzzle is the exact same thing. Every piece can only go forward or back, and you just need to figure out which pieces need to move to get the yellow piece out of the gridlock. If you get stuck, try to work backwards.

Find the piece that is blocking the opening, then the next piece that is blocking that, till you figure out what needs to be moved to get your yellow piece out. They are not that complicated, so i am sure you can figure it out

Zodiac games
The game gives you hints and you need to put the missing pieces in the right place. These are not too complicated, although i skip over the hints they give and just place the items in randomly. I will include pictures of the answers for these types of puzzles in my Step By Step Roadmap, but if you know the chinese zodiac or the different astrological gem colors, you wont need help.

You are given multiple pieces and you need to organize them to make a picture. The game is simple enough, but if you do need help, i will have pictures in my Step By Step Roadmap. This puzzle is skippable, so if your in a rush, dont even bother.

Sliding puzzle
This is a complicated sliding puzzle, where you need to both rotate and position the pieces in the right place. If your in a rush, your able to skip these types of puzzles.

This is a very old game, dating back to ancient china. This optional puzzle comes in handy when you want to use hints to speed up the completion of other puzzles. The board will be set and your job is to place a single black piece in a spot. What you want to do is surround the white pieces. So your team of black pieces already on the board are surrounding the white except for one spot. Remember that if the middle is empty, thats probably where you need to place it. So if you surround the white but there is a empty space in the center, it wont count as a win

[top]Step By Step Roadmap

South Gate:
Talk to "Lunatic" to the left of the screen.
Inspect his wagon.
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Talk to "Guard Ho"
Use item "Shizhang's Letter"
Pick up "Piece of artifact 1". Located to the right of the walk way.

Toggle Spoiler

Pick up "bambo pole". Sticks located left of the door.
Head through the door to "Main street"

Main street:
Talk with "Guard Fu"
Head right through door to "Vestibule"

Talk to "Shizhang Lin", the lady to the left.
Pick up "Coal" on the table straight ahead
Complete Tanagram puzzle: Courtesan

Toggle Spoiler

Teleport to "Meeting room"

Meeting room:
Inspect the table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Go back to the Vestibule

To the left is a lock on the wall. It is before the left door.
Inspect this lock
Complete "Lock" puzzle
Head left to "study hall"

Study hall:
Talk to "Bo"
TROPHY POP: Psychology Expert
Inspect the table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Head back to Vestibule

Using the key you obtained from the Meeting room, us it on the door to the right
Head to the room to the right

Shen's house:
Talk to Shen
Inspect his table
Complete "I spy" puzzle

Head back to the "Main street"
Head into the building to the left

Feng's house:
Talk to "Feng"
Pick up "Red crytsals", the red stuff in the large bowl on his table.
Back to "Main street"

Main street:
Head forward inbetween the two buildings to advance to "Cross roads"

Pick up "Saltpeter", the yellow pile of dust infront of the large bush straight ahead
Talk to both "Kid" and "Guard Ho"
Inspect the large round thing on the wall next to the left door
Complete puzzle: Zodiac signs

Toggle Spoiler

Head into the left building

talk to "Mu Fai"
Inspect table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Pick up "Sulfer", a yellow substance to the left in a kettle. Its located under the left table
Back to Crossroads

Head up the left street to Market Place

Market place

Talk to all 3 people.
TROPHY POP: Interrogation Expert
Then head forward up the street to "north gate"

North Gate:
Talk to both "lumberjack" and "old monk"
Mix ingrediants in order: Bambo, coal, saltpeter, sulfer, red crystal
Give item "Red Firework" to old monk (This item is the result of your mixing)
TROPHY POP: Handcraft Expert
Head down the road to "Monastary"

Pick up item "Chinese strawberry". These are the red fruit located on the tree
Pick up item "The selection", as scroll located left of the door.
Inspect door
Complete puzzle "The heart"

Toggle Spoiler

Prayer room
Click on the box straight ahead.
Complete sliding puzzle (or skip)
Head through the left door

Dining room
inspect the table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Pick up "mouse"
Head through left door

Inspect shelf
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Head back to prayer room

Prayer room
Inspect the right door
Complete puzzle: 12 gemstones

Toggle Spoiler

Head through right door

Pick up "jar of alcohol" under table near left leg
Click on hole of the right shelf and use the item "mouse"
Head into new room
TROPHY POP: Secret Passages Expert

Secret cell
Click on the red cards located on the table
Complete memory game
TROPHY POP: Information Expert

Go all the way back to "Temple"
Speak to Mu Fai
Redo "I spy" puzzle
Pick up "Red spice bag". Located middle of the screen, under table next to leg
Go back 2 screens to Main street, then go into the right building

Talk to Yee
Head through the left door

Study hall
redo "i spy" puzzle
talk to bo
back out two screens and head to the left building

Feng's house
Talk to Mei and Jun
Inspect his table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
talk to Feng
TROPHY POP: Imperial Prosecutor
Back out one screen
From the Main street, go up one street to crossroads
Talk to guard Fu
Mix alcohal, strawberries, and spices (items you should already have)
Give the guard the item "jar with aphrodisiac"
TROPHY POP: Crafty Magistrate
Head down right road

Talk to Zhen, blind begger, and cripple.
pick up item "red ocher". Its a orange pile infront of the lady under a red lantern and behind the dead rat with flies.
Head into the left building

Great flowers home
Talk to Fei Yen
pick up item "zhezhi", a pink paper flower located on the shelf
Pick up item "piece of artifact 2". Located under left table left side leg
inspect the left table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
back up to slums, and head into the right building

Ling's home
inspect the box on the floor to the left
Complete (or skip) sliding puzzle
Inspect table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Back out twice, then head up the left street to market place

Market place
Talk to all three men.
Give the sculpter (right man) white silk gloves
Head into the left building

Herbalists shop
Talk to "Yao"
Give her the item "white stained silk gloves"
Pick up item "mortar", located on the ground directly left of the person
inspect her table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
back out to market place and go into the left building

General store
Talk to "Tu"
Give this person "Tin soldier"
pick up item "viniger", located directly in front of person, on counter
Inspect her table
Complete "I Spy" puzzle
Back out to market place

Back track to crossroads, then rush up the right street and into Lins house (right building)
Complete tanagram puzzle: The magistrate

Toggle Spoiler

Head into right building

Ling's house
Inspect dead body
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Pick up item "new coin", located on right table
pick up item "warm tea", located on right table
pick up item "book", located under right table
pick up item " white lead", located on left back table
on the back table is some red cards, inspect them
Complete "memory" puzzle (or skip it)
Back out to slums

Give lady to the right the zhezhi, the pink paper flower
Give the cripple the warm tea
TROPHY POP: Gallant Investigator
TROPHY POP: generous Magistrate

back up to crossroads
Give the kid a new coin, then rush up the left street 2 screens
At the north gate, talk to guard FU
Mix Ocher and vinegar
Mix lead and morter
Mix lipstick and foundation together to make make up box
Give make up box to guard.
WARNING: Save at this point. If you didnt already get the trophies Gallant investigator or Generous magistrate, drop what your doing and get them done. After searching the areas ahead, you will not be able to back track (items and people will move locations).
Head out to wild garden

Wild garden
Click on the door
Complete lock puzzle
Head into building

pick up item "Zhezhi with a date", located on chair infront of table
inspect table
complete "I spy" puzzle
click on the left door and use key
Head into room

Click on color picture, located on the wall
Complete chinese chess game. Mouse piece at lower right
Inspect table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
Mix small key with blue scroll case
Back out of the house
teleport to crossroads, for the funeral

Talk to Feng, Yee, and Shizhang lin.
Pick up item "paper swan" to the left of the cassket
TROPHY POP: Wise Investigator
inspect casket
complete "I spy" puzzle
Inspect the public crowd to the right
complete chinese chess game. Tiger piece to the lower left
Back track a screen and go into the left building
Head into the back room

Mei and Jun's House
Talk to the girls
inspect the paper to the left, on the stool
Inspect the table
Complete "I spy" puzzle
back out to Fengs house
back out to the main street
head into the left building, and up to the middle room

Meeting room
talk to shizhang lin
TROPHY POP: Enlightened Magistrate
inspect the table
Complete i spy puzzle
back out to vestibule and head right to shens house

Shen's house
Inspect the box at the bottom of the screen (near the middle of screen)
Complete sliding puzzle
inspect table
Complete i spy puzzle
Speak to shen
Mix key with red scroll
Back out to main street

head forward 2 screens, ending up in the market place
HEad into the left building

Herbalists shop
Inspect the red cards on the counter
complete memory puzzle
click on the hold in the wall, above a blue and white scroll. Use the new key to open
head into room

Secret classroom
TROPHY POP: Master Of Secrets
inspect lower left bowl of berries
complete puzzle
pick up item "purple ink", next to bowl of berries
Pick up item "blue flower" located center left of screen
inspect table
complete i spy puzzle
back out of room

Market place:
Head into the right door, and redo that i spy puzzle
Pick up item "vitriol" on counter
TROPHY POP: Poison Expert
Head back to the left door and redo that i spy puzzle
Mix mandrake and cursed ink
back up a screen to crossroads, and head down the right street to the slums
Head into the right building
redo the i spy puzzle in Lings house
Mix ginger and some berries

Back up till your at main street, and then go left, through fengs house to mei and juns house
Talk to them and then use the cure on them
Complete cure puzzle (mark everything that doesnt work, leaving 2 items which will work)
Shark tooth and red herbs
pick up item "salt crystals" on the right table (looks white)

Back out to main street and go into the right building
head into the right room, and use the potion on bo
complete cure puzzle
egg and purple herbs
TROPHY POP: Imperial Doctor

Back to main street, head forward to crossroads, then right. Head up past the blind man to the prison
Inspect the door of the prison
Complete tanagram: Propeller

Toggle Spoiler

Head in

Jail cell
Talk to "Guard Ho"
Inspect "Guard Ho"
Complete chinese chess game
Lion piece, left of white elephant
Head forward

Old cell
Inspect door
Complete lock puzzle
Head forward

Inspect pile of bones to left
complete i spy puzzle
use key on door
head forward

Scholars cell
Speak to lunatic
TROPHY POP: Master Of Truth (last trophy of the game)
Mix salt crystals and vitriol
Use item "acid" on lunatic
Back out all the way to main street

Head left to shens house
Inspect the table
Complete the i spy puzzle

Head back to the main street and forward, going up the left street, till your at the north gate
Talk to old monk
Complete slide puzzle
Give the old monk the scroll you just got
Head to monastary

use the key on the right door that is chained
head forward

Willow tree
Inspect the skull under the statue
Complete i spy puzzle
Pick up figurine of kong li, located lower left. Its red
Give all items to statue: Statue of kong li, tiger carving, zhezhin purple crane, and ring
Mix the two left over plants to make the cure

Head to shins house and cure him
Complete cure puzzle
Slug and purple herbs

Toggle Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler


Psychology expert
You interrogate with finesse and get valuable information.

This is the first trophy you will unlock.

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this for talking to the first five people (lunatic, guard, guard within walls, shizhang lin, and bo. Because your not required to talk to any of these people, it might be missable.

Interrogation expert
You interrogate systematically… Everyone gives you information!

This is a trophy you will get early on in the game.

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this one for talking to 12 people. There are more than 12 people in this game, but if you dont talk to enough people, this trophy could be missable.

Handicraft expert
An imperial judge can also be good with his hands!

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this trophy for crafing (or mixing) two items together. Because it is story related, i dont think this is missable.

Information expert
Collecting written evidence to reconstruct a story is certainly a good thing…

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this for collecting the different story scrolls. Although this seems like a story related trophy, it might be missable.

Secret passages expert
A small mouse has helped you to solve a great mystery…

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this trophy for picking up the mouse in the dinning room and using it on the shelf in the library (all in the same building, the monastery). As this is story related, it is not missable.

Imperial prosecutor
A judge must sometimes be harsh to bring out the truth.

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this for questioning Jun and Mai for the first time.

Crafty magistrate
A little bit of cunning can sometimes make it unnecessary to use force…

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, but I believe you get this trophy for mixing the items alcohal, strawberries, and spices (items you should already have) to make the item "jar with aphrodisiac". As this is needed for the story, it is unmissable.

Gallant investigator
Offering a flower… is a poem per se.

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this trophy for giving the lady in the slums (one located under the red lantern) the pink paper flower. To pick up this paper flower, you go into the flower shop to the left of the slums.

Generous magistrate
Is it not said that to be generous is to be great?

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I got this from (I believe) giving the cripple in the slums some warm tea and the kid in the crossroads a new coin. The warm tea is found in Ling's house after she is killed, and the new coin is from completing a I spy puzzle. Once you obtain that new coin, drop where ever you are to give the coin to the kid.

The reason is this trophy is missable, and although I got it the first time I played the game, i missed it the second time I played. After Ling dies, if you dont get this trophy before her funeral (in crossroads), you lose the chance to get it (as your items will be empty)

Wise investigator
Even during tragic moments, a systematic search is sometimes necessary…

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I believe you get this for inspecting Ling's casket in crossroads. You should also pick up a item to the left before dispatching the public crowd to the right.

Enlightened magistrate
The most hidden truths always come out in the open!

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I got this after talking to enough people to clarify the situation of the story. This is story related, so its not missable.

Master of secrets
You have discovered another hidden room… Now you must find out its secret!

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I got this after obtaining all 5 artifact pieces and using the key they make together to unlock a secret door.

Poison expert
Your mastery of the medical arts has helped you to immediately identify this poison!

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I got this after obtaining the book with poisons and cures to poisons. Story related, so not missable.

Imperial doctor
Your reputation as a healer will soon reach the imperial court…

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I got this after healing three people. You obtain the ingredients, mix the right combinations together, and after giving the cure to the specific people, completed the cure puzzle to complete the requirements.

This trophy is story related, so not missable.

Master of truth
Truth can be strange at times… Men's motives also…

Although the requirment of these trophies are unclear, I got this after figuring out the answer to the story mystery. Once you get to the willow tree area, this trophy will pop shortly afterward. You get this 2 missions short of the end of the game, so once you get this trophy, you can decide to finish the game or not. I dont believe this trophy to be missable.

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