Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 to 2 (second being "cleanup" if necessary)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: All missed trophies can be obtained by selecting the appropriate Scenario via the pause menu. See the "Roadmap" for the trophies.
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

As with the first two episodes, this game is pretty much straightforward with the button prompts, with a few "puzzles." It's best to be as awake as you can because missing a certain prompt in a QTE (Quick Time Event) can add more time to your completion.


Similar to the cinematic style of Heavy Rain, Jurassic Park: The Game uses certain button prompts that replicate on-screen action. The controller mapping is as follows:
, , , - interaction on objects/escaping death (repeated presses)
, - holding/grabbing (sometimes to interact)
Left Analog stick - move screen
Right Analog stick - directional movement (ex. dodging, climbing, jumping)
, , , - scene switch (or hold and select with directional)
- dialog menu

Be aware, many button prompts require very quick timing, and can result in death. Most of the time you just "fail" that part, and your rank goes down (has nothing to do with any trophy except Unshockable, ĦAndale! ĦArriba!, Green Lit, Raptor!, and Pipe Team).


  1. Those Poor People -s
  2. Unshockable -m
  3. Hatching A Plan -s
  4. The Art Of The Deal -m
  5. ĦAndale! ĦArriba! -m
  6. Don't Drop the Babies! -s
  7. Green Lit -m
  8. Raptor! -m
  9. Stopping the Stalkers -s
  10. Pipe Team -m
  11. The Way Out -s
  12. Jurassic Park: The Depths -s

-s = story related
-m = "missable"


Those Poor People!
Witness the helicopter crash.

Story related.
First trophy to unlock in the episode.

Hatching a Plan
Get Yoder to agree to help sell the embryos.

Story related.
The Art of the Deal can be obtained here (see specific trophy on how to obtain this).

Don't Drop the Babies!
Recover the canister.

Story related.
Green Lit can be obtained here (see specific trophy on how to obtain this).

Stopping the Stalkers
Survive the raptor attack in the tunnels.

Story related.
Pipe Team can be obtained here (see specific trophy on how to obtain this).

The Way Out
Open the power plant blast doors.

Story related.
Second to last trophy earned.

Pick up the antenna without being shocked.

In Scenario # 1 - To The Tunnels!

When you gain control of the characters, look down and hit , , then RAS down.

Hit , view the pole with , then to ask Dr. Sorkin about the power.

Hit , , , WAIT until is lit, then tap

**Fleeing the raptors has nothing to do with any trophy.

The Art of the Deal
Convince Yoder to help sell the canister with the minimum number of choices.

In Scenario #2 - They Open Doors

**In order to get to this part, you must play through the part where Oscar needs to sneak past the raptors. No certain medal needed.

Choose these options in this order...
It's mine...
Is chivalry dead?
Must I reveal my daughter?
I bet he's greedy.
Tell him a story. Sell it.

ĦAndale! ĦArriba!
Escape flawlessly from the T.rex by way of the Parasauralophus Pen.

In Scenario #5 - T-Rex Chase

Starts immediately after restarting (if had to) the scenario. This segment is fairly easy. The only part I had few trouble with was when Nima needed to hop over the fence. It goes by quick, so be prepared to hit . After that, spam to run to the door.*

Green Lit
Get to the canister without alerting the T.rex.

In Scenario #7 - Get the Canister!

In this QTE, all you have to do is hit and back and forth when the on-screen prompt lights up and "pulses." If you fail, you enter another QTE to "calm" yourself down.

Fight a velociraptor with no slipups.

In Scenario #8 - Name That Tune

This can be a bit of a pain, as you have to go through a bunch of dialog. Once the medal appears in the top right (just after Dr. Sorkin talks about Artie's radio show), the QTE begins.

The only hard part, really, is when the raptor knocks you into a few barrels. At that point, you have a second to hit . Other than that, it's all right analog actions.

Pipe Team
Make no mistakes during the raptor attack in the tunnels.

In Scenario #9 - Raptor Chase

Overall not too difficult. You do need very quick reactions when swinging the pipe (hold then RAS) and when starting the forklift (swing the RAS clockwise).

Jurassic Park: The Depths
Complete Jurassic Park: The Depths

Story related.
Simply finish the game. This will appear about 5 minutes after The Way Out.

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