Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 to 2 (second being "cleanup" if necessary)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Life Finds a Way (See trophy description for detail). All others can be obtained by selecting the appropriate Scenario via the pause menu. See specific trophy for details.
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

This game is pretty much straightforward with the button prompts, with a few "puzzles." It's best to be as awake as you can because missing a certain prompt in a QTE (Quick Time Event) can add more time to your completion.


Similar to the cinematic style of Heavy Rain, Jurassic Park: The Game uses certain button prompts that replicate on-screen action. The controller mapping is as follows:
, , , - interaction on objects/escaping death (repeated presses)
, - holding/grabbing (sometimes to interact)
Left Analog stick - move screen
Right Analog stick - directional movement (ex. dodging, climbing, jumping)
, , , - scene switch (or hold and select with directional)
- dialog menu

Be aware, many button prompts require very quick timing, and can result in death. Most of the time you just "fail" that part, and your rank goes down (has nothing to do with any trophy except I'm A Hacker).


  1. Welcome to Jurassic Park -s
  2. Looking Good -m
  3. Dodgson Will Be Pleased -s
  4. I'm a Hacker -m
  5. Leftovers -m
  6. The First Dinosaurs on Tour -s
  7. Protecting Their Young -s
  8. Perfecto Español -m
  9. World's Best Dad -m
  10. It Can't See Us If We Don't Move -s
  11. Life Finds a Way -m (only missable one to worry about)
  12. Jurassic Park: The Intruder -s

-s = story related
-m = "missable"

[top]Links to other guides in the series...

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Welcome to Jurassic Park
Escape the jungle.

Story related.
Finish the prologue. First trophy obtained, after you get "hit" by the car.

Dodgson Will Be Pleased
Infiltrate the park.

Story related.
Obtained after talking to the dock worker.
When Nima (you) is talking to the worker, select anything else other than what's listed last as you have a chance of dying unless you hit . One extra step to not take. Best to choose 'Plumber' > 'Flooding Danger' > 'For rats'

To get through the scene quickly...
• Scenario #3 - The Docks
1) View all prompts on Miles
2) Talk with , select any option
3) Either or right
4) Look right, hit
5) Select any option
6) Right then
7) Use above tip to finish scenario[/SPOILER]

The First Dinosaurs On Our Tour
Survive the two-crested lizard.

Story related.
*Leftovers can be obtained here (see trophy for detail)
Obtained after encountering/escaping the Dilophosauri (plural? lol).

To get through the scene quickly...
• Scenario #5 - Nedry's Clearing
After climbing rocks and examining all points on Jeep...
1) Hit up then for light, then down
2) down then hold
*obtain Leftovers here or you'll miss out
3) up to Jeep, look down and press
4) follow prompts to end scenario

Protecting Their Young
Get out from underfoot.

Story related.
Obtained after escaping the Triceratops and T-rex fight.

To get to this scene quickly...
• Scenario #8 - Gate Crashers
1) Look right, hit (gate)
2) down , for horn, then for lights
3) up then to move branch
4) right , look left and hit . Talk to Jess with - "Access codes"
5) look right, hit right analog stick down
6) left then . Follow prompts to complete scenario

It Can't See Us If We Don't Move
Survive the tyrant king.

Story related.
Second to last story trophy.

To get through the first T-Rex encounter "puzzle" quickly:
1) look left and push the right analog left (do process two times)
2) up directional to Gerry, look right and hold . Follow prompts to push crate over

I'm a Hacker
Show your jungle hacking chops.

This is obtained in Scenario #4 - Jungle Hack. Obtain the gold medal rank and the trophy is yours.

The pattern is always then . Wait until the on-screen prompt is bright and "pulsing."

Looking Good
See every unique location visible with the binoculars.

This can be obtained in Scenario #2 - Welcome to Jurassic Park.
The locations are as follows (from right to left)
[best to do this from the right because the Triceratops tail in on the left, and you can just continue with the scene]
• Farthest right (dino dung)
• Left of dung (flower)
• Left, down a bit (Jeep)
• Left, upward (shaking tree)
• Up from tree (dino looking rock)
• Left of the stream (flower)
• Upward (Maintenance shed)
• Far left (fence)
• Right of fence (footprints)

If you view the horns sticking out of the bush near the dung pile you'll miss your chance for this trophy and will have to replay the scenario.
** I believe you should get it before you have to follow the changing dino trail (unconfirmed)*.

World's Best Dad
Say things to Jess that no parent should ever say.

This trophy I am not to certain on as it's unclear whether you obtain it throughout the game, or towards the end. This is what I chose:
(either way earns you the trophy -- would like a confirmation on the scenario replay, though)**
1) When Harding and his daughter Jess are in the car (after Nima's Dilo encounter), tell her that the mom is overreacting.
2) "Maybe" (in regards to whether dinosaurs could get into the shed; after the T-Rex/Triceratops battle)
3) After emerging from the maintenance shed after the T-Rex/Triceratops battle, say the T-Rex won.
4) "Don't be stupid" (when Jess is hanging from the entrance of the Visitors Center in the end of Scenario #12)

- OR -

When Jess is hanging from the Visitors Center entrance, tell her "Don't be Stupid."

Find Nedry's ID badge.

In Scenario #5 - Nedry's Clearing

After getting the Jeeps door open and finding Nedry's body, Miles will come over and ask whats wrong. Reply with anything, and soon after you'll be on a "search." Hit up directional to get to the Jeep, and interact with the lights on top of the Jeep . Hit the Right Analog stick to the left and it will shine at the tunnel, revealing a passing Dilophosaurus and an object on the ground to the left. Scene jump to the left and hold to pick up Nedry's ID badge.

Perfecto Español
Make your Spanish teacher proud.

In Scenario #10 - Back on Track

If you try to load #11, you'll miss this. You'll have to play all the way through #10, as this trophy is in-between. To get to the car ride scene faster, use this quick method while at the computer:

1) Security (far right)
2) Security Access (left) then back out (right analog)
3) Tour Vehicles (second from left)
4) Pick any random 2

The correct combination while talking to Nima is: Usted...necesita...el descanso.

Life Finds a Way
Stay alive from beginning to end.

I have tested and confirmed that if you happen to die, press , select 'LOAD GAME,' and continue to play. MUST be done after pressing to continue. Note that this resets your "Death Count."

I labeled this as the only missable trophy because you have to play the game through with "BEGIN EPISODE." Replaying Scenarios for gold medals will not work.

Jurassic Park: The Intruder
Complete Jurassic Park: The Intruder.

Story related.
Simply finish the game. Last story trophy and is obtained after you tell the two workers in the control room to move the tour vehicle.


* I didn't take notice, but I know you have to view the dinosaurs tail to further the story. Unsure whether or not you get it after you view the horns sticking out of the bush near the dung pile or not.
** I had to restart the story from beginning, and didn't think about trying "Don't be stupid" through the Scenario filter. The other selections I chose throughout the story may contribute to the trophy until confirmed with someone who did not obtain it yet.

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