Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 to 2 (second being "cleanup" if necessary)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: All missed trophies can be obtained by selecting the appropriate Scenario via the pause menu. See the "Roadmap" for the trophies.
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

As with the first two episodes, this game is pretty much straightforward with the button prompts, with a few "puzzles." It's best to be as awake as you can because missing a certain prompt in a QTE (Quick Time Event) can add more time to your completion.


Similar to the cinematic style of Heavy Rain, Jurassic Park: The Game uses certain button prompts that replicate on-screen action. The controller mapping is as follows:
, , , - interaction on objects/escaping death (repeated presses)
, - holding/grabbing (sometimes to interact)
Left Analog stick - move screen
Right Analog stick - directional movement (ex. dodging, climbing, jumping)
, , , - scene switch (or hold and select with directional)
- dialog menu

Be aware, many button prompts require very quick timing, and can result in death. Most of the time you just "fail" that part, and your rank goes down (has nothing to do with any trophy except If Dinosaur, Den Flee, Mosey on Outta There, Clever Girl, and You Can't Container Her.


  1. Yoder? More Like ExpLODEr -s
  2. Troodone -s
  3. If Dinosaur, Den Flee -m
  4. Zero Blind Mice -m
  5. I Know How to Read a Schematic -s
  6. Finding Nima -m
  7. All Together Now -s
  8. Mosey on Outta There -m
  9. Life's a Beach -s
  10. Clever Girl -m
  11. Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex OR Barbasolved
  12. You Can't Container -m
  13. Jurassic Park: The Survivors -s
  14. Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex OR Barbasolved (replay)

-s = story related
-m = "missable"


Yoder? More Like ExpLODEr
Talk Yoder out of his killing rage.

Story related.
First trophy to unlock.

Escape the Troodon den.

Story related.
If Dinosaur, Den Flee can be obtained here (see specific trophy on how to obtain this).

I Know How to Read a Schematic
Get out of the tunnels.

Story related.
Zero Blind Mice can be obtained here (see specific trophy on how to obtain this).

When Dr. Sorkin asks for help, switch to any character (, , or ) and view an object. Now you can check off possibilities on the schematics ( to select Sorkin).

The correct option is (the bottom left one). Check off the wrong paths to continue.

When it comes time to leave, and your running in the tunnels, follow the red pipes. You'll need to...
  1. Look right, then RAS right
  2. Look left, then RAS left
  3. Quick tap of

All Together Now
Reunite the group.

Story related.

To "solve" the puzzle and continue...
  1. Hit to go to the Information Desk.
  2. , , then .
  3. to pick "Permian."
  4. , then .
  5. RAS swipe left x 2 (to INPUT).
  6. Then RAS swipe left once.

Life's a Beach
Arrive at the beach.

Story related.
Obtained after escaping the Mosasaur aquarium.

If Dinosaur, Den Flee
Escape the den, flawlessly.

In Scenario #2 - Home Invasion

A quick tip:
When Gerry looks through the window in the door and mentions that they went past the door, be prepared to hit (as Nima climbs a few boxes).

Overall, not too hard of a QTE.

Mosey on Outta There
Survive Dr. Sorkin's attempt to free the Mosasaur, perfectly.

In Scenario #9 - The Swim
** You can't reload upon death

After the "timed" prompts (to swim past/underneath the Mosasaur), you'll see the exit. After swimming up to it, the camera will change, looking into the larger area at the Mosasaur chasing you. There will be a prompt to hit but DO NOT. Wait for the (which will be fast), THEN hit . This got me the first time, and is definitely frustrating if missed.

Clever Girl
Fight Yoder with no slipups.

In Scenario #10 - Fight to the Death!

This has to be one of the most frustrating trophies in the series. Not only do you have to wait a minute or so after restarting the Scenario, but the prompts happen so quickly and the way you have to hit them are so, well, bad.

To get a good idea on what to expect, here are the prompts (though I would suggest just repetitive playing. Pausing just to look at this might not work).

  1. Talk option

Zero Blind Mice
Use three flares while finding the tunnel exit.

After Dr. Sorkin says you need to help look around to pick the exit, choose each person (Billy, Nima, and Gerry) by hitting , , and (or through ) and move the camera over their shoulders and hitting . After the third person, this trophy will unlock.

Finding Nima
Learn all there is to learn about Nima's past

After the group gets split up in the tunnels and Gerry and Nima escape outside, Nima will start talking about her past. What you want to do is select all the options on the left AS SOON as they appear on screen. If you do not choose them, she'll keep talking (and most likely skip a part, I believe).

What to choose, in order, is (in spoiler):

Toggle Spoiler

You Can't Container
Make no mistakes when fleeing the T.rex at the docks

In Scenario #11 - Old Friends

Unlike some of the harder trophies in the series, this one can be reloaded (via "Load Game" option in the pause menu) ONLY at the very end. It seems that the only part is when your running for your life while spamming to hop onto the boat . If you die, hit to continue, then load the game. This should bring you at the spam part. Don't forget the RAS up prompt!

Overall, this QTE isn't too hard, however your reaction will need to be slightly faster than previous QTEs.
You can reload this scenario to get Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex and Barbasolved.

Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex
Choose to save Jess when racing for the docks.

In Scenario #11 - Old Friends

After spamming to run from the T-Rex, hit to run over the walkway to grab Jess before the T-Rex grabs her.

Choose to save the can when racing for the docks.

In Scenario #11 - Old Friends
After spamming to run from the T-Rex, hit to run down the tower after the can.


Toggle Spoiler

Jurassic Park: The Survivors
Complete Jurassic Park: The Survivors

Story related.
This is the last story trophy in the episode, and series, to be unlocked.

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