Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Time to Platinum/100%: 4-10 Hours depending on how well you are at FPS.
Number of Playthroughs: 2 (You must beat the game on Normal to unlock Hard).

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Jurassic: The Hunted is a first-person shooter game where you find yourself playing as Craig Dylan, an expert weapon and survivalist, who is in charge of protecting a research team that is investigating a strange temporal energy that is emanating from a mysterious island. Things take quite an odd turn when the team goes over the Bermuda Triangle and Dylan finds that he has been transported back in time to come face to face with dinosaurs.

At any time while playing the game if you press the button, you will be able to access the "Statistics" page. This page keeps a count of certain actions that you have completed in the game that will come in handy for when you want to know how many more of whatever the requirement is that you need to get the trophy. I will list which trophies that you will be able to use this on in this guide.

After you beat the game on "normal" DO NOT select "new game" to do your second playthrough because this will reset all of your stats, make the plasma gun not show up, and make it to where you have to unlock each level all over again. Make sure to play your second playthrough on "hard" through the level select.

While it is possible to "farm" kills in the game I would honestly advise against it. You will have no problems with getting the required number of kills by your second playthrough.

Don't rely too much on the plasma rifle on the hard difficulty because there will be quite a few times where there are too many enemies for the gun to regenerate ammo and you will be overwhelmed in seconds.

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Platinum Trophy
Get all trophies

The coveted platinum trophy, which is acquired in the same manner in this game as it is for all other games. Collect all of the other trophies to get this trophy.

Welcome to the Jungle
Kill 50 Deinonychus

These are the most common dinosaurs in the game. They are the Green/Red and sometimes Brown dinosaurs that you will see in almost every level. You will have absolutely no trouble with obtaining this trophy fairly early in the first playthrough. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Raptor Extinction
Kill 100 Deinonychus

This one is the done done the same way as the Welcome to the Jungle except you will need to double the amount of kills. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Kill 1 dinosaur during an Adrenaline Burst

During the first level you will be advised on screen when you can start to use the Adrenaline Burst feature. By pressing and holding you will cause time to slow down and also cause the dinos' vitals (heart, lungs, brain, etc...) to illuminate. Just use this before making a kill to easily get this trophy. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Not so Fast
Kill 3 Raptors during a single Adrenaline Burst

You will have many chances in the game to do this. The easiest way to get this one is to wait until you come across the grenades in the third level because the game will set you up quite nicely then. After you get the grenades just wait until the 3 raptors start to get close together and then throw your grenade right toward the center of the trio. Before the grenade has a chance to hit the ground quickly press and hold to activate the adrenaline burst. If it is aimed and timed just right you should be able to net this trophy and also the Pack Hunting trophy for killing 3 raptors with one grenade.

Adrenaline Junkie
Kill 25 dinosaurs during Adrenaline Bursts

This trophy is done in the same manner as the Woah trophy, you just need to kill 24 more.

These are not the Hammer
Kill 20 dinosaurs using melee attacks

You do a melee attack using the butt of your gun by using the button. I would recommend waiting to do melee kills until you can do them one on one. Things can get pretty chaotic really fast when you have more than one enemy attacking you at the same time. It is also OK, if you want, to soften them up first with a non-vital shot then follow up with the melee. Another good chance to accumulate melee kills is by going after the velociraptors (these are the smaller ones) this way since it takes less hits to kill them. Pterodons and scorpions will not count for this trophy. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Kill a dinosaur using each weapon

While you are moving through the levels be sure to look around well because there are wooden and metal boxes which contain different weapons throughout the game and some will not be in plain view. Now there is a very important thing that you should note with this must use the weapon to kill a raptor or Deinonychus. Kills done on scorpions or the pterosaurs will not count.
Click on the spoiler for the complete list of weapons and the first level that you can find them in.

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Kill 50 dinosaurs using stationary weapons

There are a few instances in the game where you will be required to use a stationary weapon to combat wave upon wave of dinosaurs. When you come across these events in the game you will have to kill every one of the enemies before you can continue with the game. You will face well over 50 dinosaurs during these events so this trophy will come naturally. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Die in a Fire
Killed by fire or lava

During level 5 "Out of the Frying Pan" you will see lava everywhere........just jump in.

Allergic Reaction
Killed by thorny plants

You will have quite a few chances in the game that you can get this trophy. Just look for plants that have a reddish color tips to their pointy shaped leaves. You will know when you have found it because you will hear your character say "great and I bet their poisonous too". When you find them just move around in them until you die. These plants can be found from level 1 on.

Clever Girl
Died in a Raptor Melee sequence

At some point during the game you will have a raptor get close enough to grab you. When this happens you will be prompted to keep tapping on a button to punch it in the face. To get this trophy all you need to do is not push anything and the raptor will kill you.

Kill 50 raptors with a single shot each

The easiest method to obtaining this method is by using the adrenaline burst and a rifle with a scope aimed right at the heart. You can also use a shotgun to the dinosaur's face if it is close enough. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Six Foot Turkey
Kill a Utahraptor

This dinosaur will be the first boss fight that you will have. Each time that you come across these guys they will double in number up until you reach level 12 "Escaping Extinction", in which there will be 4 of them. They are a bit harder to kill due to their quick speed and high level of health but if you use the adrenaline burst and aim for the heart/lungs then you should be able to take them.

What a Prick
Survive a Spinosaurus attack

When you get to the level "Enter Spike" you will face this one. You will be in a large field with 2 ammo crates and there will be an adrenaline power-up in between them. To end this battle quickly you will want to use your assault rifle to shoot him in the head until he raises it up (kind of in a daze) then use your adrenaline burst to illuminate his vitals and aim for them. If your clip runs out be ready to throw grenades or just switch to one of your loaded guns and try to run to the ammo crates before you run all out. Whatever you do try not to have to run anywhere unless he is in his dazed state because if not, he will get you quick. If he does happen to get close enough to you for a long enough, then he will grab you by your legs and carry you off. If this happens then you will need to hurt him bad and fast enough for him to drop your or it will be game over.

By the way, meet Spike.......

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I'm the King
Kill a Tyrannosaurus

This is one of the boss fights in the game and you can not miss this trophy. The first one Tyrannosaurus that you will come across will be in what seems to be a swamp and you will be placed in the back of an old boat with a stationary gun mounted to it.
The easiest method for winning this battle: whenever you see the T-Rex running to attack you use the adrenaline burst and aim for his vitals and he should go down within 4-5 of his attacks. When fighting off the pterodons between those attacks try to tap on the trigger in really small bursts so that the gun will stay cool so that you can put more bullets into the T-Rex.

Outta Nails
Complete any fortification objective without repairing

In the game there will be a few missions where you will be locked up inside of some sort of makeshift fort that you will use for camp. During your relaxing stay at camp you will have to continually defend yourself from wave upon wave of the dinosaur attacks. To get this trophy, you will need to just kill all of the attackers without ever pressing and holding at the windows so that you will not make any repairs. It is a good idea to use the shotgun when attempting to get this trophy as it makes for really quick kills. I was easily able to get this one on the very first of these missions.

Complete any fortification without the dinosaurs getting in

This trophy is also easier to get during the very first one of the fort/camp missions. It is advised to use the shotgun and when attempting this as well for the rather quick kills. Just keep running around to each of the windows to keep check for raptors because you will not want to leave one on one of the windows for too long or they will bust through in no time.

Preparing for the Future
Repair all broken entrances before unlocking the gate

After you complete the mission to defend your camp you will need to go to each of the windows and press and hold to completely repair the bars on the windows. Make sure that you fix all 4 of them before going to the gate to leave. This can be done on any of these "defending" missions.

Pack Hunting
Kill 3 Raptors with one grenade

During level 3 "Sinking Feeling" you will be prompted to pick up some grenades to use to break through a wall of rock. Just as soon as you pick them up turn to your left. You will see 3 raptors slowly walking your way. Now, if you wait until the raptors start to draw closer together and then throw the grenade right towards the center of them you can quickly press and hold before the grenade hits the ground and if aimed and timed right then you should be able to get this trophy as well as the Not so Fast trophy.

Who Needs a Bug Zapper?
Kill 50 Pterosaurs in Rise Above

This is done in level 7. When you get to the tree bridges you will have some pterosaurs that will fly at you in groups and you will see some sitting in the trees in front of you all the way until you get to the end of the bridges. The best way to accomplish getting the 50 kills is to just ease your way across the bridge and when you see the ones sitting in the trees then stop until you have shot them all down then ease your way across the bridge taking out the ones that will be flying at you. Just keep using this method until you get all the way across the bridges and you should net the trophy with no problem.

Death from Below
Kill 1 Pterosaur with a grenade

The easiest level to get this is in is level 7 "Rise Above". You will want to wait until you see a group of pterosaurs flying towards you while you are on the bridge and then throw a grenade right towards the center-most pterosaur and you should get the trophy.
If for some reason you miss your chance on the bridge with this then there is a part on the last level when you come out of the cave into the small camp where there are two or three Pterosaurs sitting on the edge overlooking the camp that won't see you and are stationary, you can toss a grenade at them from the ground. (Thanks to DAVEYHASSELHOFF for tip)

Blast in the Past
Kill 20 Dinosaurs with grenades

This one is easiest to get if you use them on the groups of small raptors since you will usually find them in large groups and can kill several with one grenade. Other than that just chuck one whenever you get a nice open chance and you will get 20 kills before you know it. You will find ammo boxes where you can refill your grenades and you can also refill them using the large metal ammo boxes as well.

Plumber Stomachache
Destroy 50 exploding mushrooms

From the moment that you enter the level in the cave you will start to see bright orange tentacle covered exploding mushrooms. They kind of resemble spiders in a way. You just need to shoot every mushroom that you come across in the game. This may take more than one playthrough but not to worry since you will need to play twice to plat anyhow. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Kill 1 enemy using an exploding mushroom

Almost every time that you will face scorpions there will be exploding mushrooms around as well. All that you need to do is to wait for one of the scorpions to get close to a mushroom and then you shoot the mushroom causing the explosion to kill it.

Killed yourself with an exploding mushroom

During the game you will come across these strange spidery looking mushrooms which will explode whenever anything gets too close to it. To get this trophy just walk straight into one and you should die.

Crispy Critters
Kill 5 Scorpions with the RPG

At the end of level 10 "Special Delivery", you will be walking though a tunnel and a dinosaur will stick his head through a hole above and try to attack you. After this happens walk to the end of the tunnel and slowly go down the drop into the next area and there will be a herd of Pachycephalosaurus (you will know them when you see them) running. After they have all past you, walk in the direction that they were running and you will come across a weapon case with an RPG in it. Save this for after the fight with Spike and you will come across well enough scorpions to shoot to get the trophy. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Scorpion King
Kill 50 Scorpions

You will here these guys coming before you will ever see them. They make an odd noise when they walk so you will definitely know when they are coming. There are a few sections in the game where you will come across quite a few of these and also you will have one story related stationary weapon scene with them. You will easily get this trophy within the first playthrough. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Chicken Chaser
Kill 50 Velociraptors

These are the really small dinosaurs that usually you will come across from time to time during the game. They will travel in pretty good size packs so you will easily be able to kill 50 very quickly. Just be careful with these guys as they are rather quick and if you do not take care of most of them from a distance then they can surround and overwhelm you in no time. Will be listed on your "statistics" page.

Nuck Chorris Rex
Complete the game without dying

This one is not quite as hard as it may sound since you will always have the option of doing a level select to replay a level in which you died in. If you cannot remember which levels that you died in then the easiest way to check is to choose level select and then scroll through the chapters to see because whenever you die in a level it will show a skull in the bottom left corner of the level card. You can play either difficulty and it will not matter just as long as you do not die.

Life Finds a Way
Complete the game

You will unlock this after beating the level 14 "No Time Like the Present". It can not be missed.

Hard As Nails
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty

Once you complete the game on "Normal" go to level select and replay the game from the 1st mission and select Hard. Replay the entire game and do not forget to pick up the Plasma Gun from the bone remains in the first level. Once you have completed a level in the hard difficulty then whenever you go to the level select screen you will see Craig holding a gun up on the bottom of the level card. If you go through all of the chapters and still do not get the trophy then don't worry because this is a well known glitch in the system and can be resolved by doing a level select again and playing the first level over. As noted before DO NOT START A NEW GAME.

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