Players: 1-12
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Time To Get 100%: 10-25 Hours

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. I recommend playing Radio Tower for K9-Firepower because that's the easiest map where all the enemies are together. Canisters are found all over in that map. I also recommend playing in a Multiplayer Ranked Match because I didn't get this trophy when I attempted it in Arcade.
2. If you want the trophy Escape From The Pound all you have to do is escape from the Docks, Highrise & Radio Tower once.
3. If you want the trophy Last in Show just make sure your the last one to escape. This trophy should be done in Fragile Alliance. Be on your guard because when your allies die, they'll respawn as cops.
4. If you want the trophy Rabid the best way to get it is to play Arcade. I would recommend playing High Rise because those are where the most enemies are. Remember to kill your allies if you want extra kills.
5. Remember to keep track of your progress on the main menu. Click on 'Trophies'.
6. If you are in need of boosting try this thread http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/ka...ng-thread.html

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



[Doggie Bag]Get 5 kills using canisters in a round of Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Match.

For this trophy just make sure you follow my first tip. If you follow it, I almost guarantee that you will not have any problems getting it.

Escape From The Pound
[Doggie Bag]Escape on all levels at least once in Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.

This trophy is pretty easy to get. Check out tip 2 for further information.

Last in Show
[Doggie Bag]Escape as the last player on your own in a Multiplayer Ranked Match.

This trophy is going to be challenging because you have to be the last one to escape. If your having a problem doing this check out the boosting thread or check out tip 3.

[Doggie Bag]1000 kills

This trophy isn't that hard because there are lots of cops in all the maps. I recommend following tip 4.

Under Dog
[Doggie Bag]In the last round of a 'Fragile Alliance' Ranked Match, climb from last to 1st place.

This trophy requires some luck because you never know if your going to die at round 3. I recommend playing Radio Tower because that's the easiest map. Also make sure you're in a game with a small group of people. If your having problems try the boosting thread.

Good Doggie
[Doggie Bag]Escape with $100,000 or more in every round of a Multiplayer Ranked Match session.

This trophy is very easy to get. Just stand near a looting stand for 5 seconds then run. It's also smart to stay back with the least amount of money because people won't kill you if you have nothing.

The Dog Track
[Doggie Bag]Escape in less than 1.5 minutes in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.

I strongly recommend playing Docks for this trophy. If you take the upper level then make your way down to the lower level you'll find it easy to get this trophy!

[Doggie Bag]Get 150 criminal kills as a cop in 'Cops & Robbers' Ranked Matches.

This trophy can be done in Fragile Alliance! That's how I got this trophy! I strongly recommend doing it in Fragile Alliance because it's a lot faster. All you have to do is die at the beginning and rush your way down to where everyone is looting. The chances are some of them are sill looting or their all huddled up together. If they're together, that's where you use a fire extinguisher!

[Doggie Bag]Accumulate $25,000,000 during your career in Multiplayer Ranked Matches.

This trophy won't take long. The less people you have the better. The fastest map to get this is Docks.

These trophies will take some time because not a lot of people bought it but the rate of people buying it is increasing! There will be times where you won't find games but that won't happen a lot. For those who used this guide rep is appreciated

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