Players: 1-2
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: 2 (Junkyard King and Jerry Lee)
Missable Trophies: 3 (Collector, Junkyard King and Jerry Lee)
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Time to 100%: 8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+
Suggested Playthroughs: 2+

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Balance Your Stats: Whenever you rank up and earn skill points, don't focus on Attack or Defense singularly; upgrade them both at the same time. While you may feel like a super badass juggernaut with one of them upgraded irrationally, the game will be much harder and much more frustrating for you. You can also upgrade Abilities if you wish, but I suggest waiting until Attack and Defense are maxed out as it doesn't help too much.
  • Learn the Moves: Learn your character's moves and which ones are effective for which situations. Don't just spam one you think is particularly powerful; you'll just end up handicapping yourself.
  • Learn the Weaknesses: Most enemies can be dispatched by a single move, or the repetition of a single move. While this isn't much use when fighting a group of enemies of varied types, it can be very helpful when fighting bosses. Take the time to figure out what immobilizes or knocks back your opponent to minimize damage to yourself.
  • Maximize Experience: Always go for environmental kills and combos when you can. Taking on a large group of enemies at once will earn you a wicked combat bonus, as will knocking back some poor schmuck and impaling him on piece of rebar or electrifying him on a broken piece of machinery.


Step 1: Character Selection

First you'll want to familiarize yourself with the characters available. I suggest playing through the first to mission with each character and taking the time to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Along the way you'll want to earn Big Daddy Expert, Kick-Ass Expert and Hit Girl Expert before making your final choice and continuing on.

Step 2: Normal Playthrough

Once you've chosen your character, go through go through on Normal mode and complete the game. Be sure to get Collector, Junkyard King, I'm not Invisible and Jerry Lee, as they'll be much harder to do on Extreme Mode. If you miss any of the comics or trophy opportunities, remember that you can go back to the specific at any time from the Mission Select screen.Slaughter Master will unlock for you along the way.

Step 3: Extreme Playthrough

Once Normal Mode's been completed, Extreme Mode will unlock. This is a lot harder to do, and while it's not much longer it will require a modicum more skill. You'll want to be particularly aware of health this time around, especially if you're playing as Big Daddy or Hit Girl. If you've been dutifully taking the health from crates, OCD will unlock for you as well.

Step 4: Level 50 and mop-up

Once you've completed Extreme Mode your character will still only be around level 37. This means you'll need to spend some more time going through the game and earning experience, with is a great opportunity to snag any trophies you may have missed. Once you hit level 50, Completionist will unlock and you're done!


Destroy 1000 Crates

Every time you come across wooden boxes, smash them open and take the health they provide. You won't get this by the end of your first playthrough, but it does stack across all gametypes, so crates smashed in co-op, Extreme Mode and Arena Mode will all contribute to this total. It will unlock the moment you smash your 1000th crate.

I have a friend
Complete a level in Co-op

There's no online co-op available for this game, so you'll need an extra controller. Can be done on any mission. You can have someone play with you or just guide tag-along yourself; either way, your heroes must remain in close proximity to each other or they won't be able to move. The trophy will unlock once you return to the mission selection screen once the mission's complete.

Too Easy
Complete the game in Extreme Mode

Extreme Mode is unlocked once the game has been completed on Normal Mode. extreme Mode is adaptive your current level, so know matter which mission you play, it will always be a bit challenging to you. Enemies will constantly level up with you, so stay on your toes and be prepared to die a few times on the mission-end bosses. Even so, this can be completed in one or two hours. The trophy will unlock during the ending cutscene.

Collect all 8 hidden comic books

NOTE: If you collect a comic but die, and your most recent checkpoint was before the comic was collected, you will need to find it once more. They don't stay unlocked until the mission has been completed.

This is actually rather easy to do. Many of them are in plain sight, and you can keep track of which ones you have collected in the "Extras: tab of the main menu. Locations are as follows:
  • Mission 1: After taking down the hitman, you'll make your way down a flight of stairs and the words 'There's a Kick-Ass comic around here' will flash on the screen. The game will then instruct you on how to jump from object to object; do so to reach the platform running around the billboard's base. To the left you'll see darling Mr. Bitey, while the comic will be on your right.
  • Mission 2: As you make your way through the lumber warehouse, you'll come to a portion where a large pile of lumber sits at the end of a hallway without actually blocking your way. Push a flammable barrel next to it and use it to burn the lumber. When it goes out, open the now-visible door on your right to find this comic awaiting you on a table.
  • Mission 3: After killing Sal and taking his stash of cash, you'll exit out onto the streets. Kill the thugs awaiting you and grab this comic from inside the bus stop directly in front of you.
  • Mission 4: After the room with the man and his huge, fire-setting shit, you’ll enter a room with several large crates on the left. Again, push a barrel or two over and set them off. Once the large crates have burnt down, walk around the shelving and take the comic off of the wood slats.
  • Mission 5: After setting the four charges, you’ll be tasked once more with destroying security cameras. This comic is located in the crux of the “L”-shaped stack of lumber next to the first camera you come across.
  • Mission 6: After progressing through the level a bit you’ll come to another section where flammable barrels roll at you. Head in the direction of their origin (instead of across their path like you’re supposed to), and the comic is on a table in the first room to your right.
  • Mission 7: On the first floor of the penthouse. One of your first objectives is to deactivate the security station; the comic is on a coffee table in the adjacent room.
  • Mission 8: Once you exit the armory after defeating Red Mist and acquiring the bazooka, head to the right; back where the elevators unloaded you. You’ll find the final comic resting on a table there.

Big Daddy Expert
With Big Daddy, use the flashbang to stun 6 enemies at once.

To use Big Daddy's flashbang ability, you'll need to be at least level 3 and have at least one point slotted in his Abilities. The button combination is + , and all enemies immediately in front of you will be stunned.

Gather a group of more than six enemies by triggering all the thugs you can find, and wait for them to close in on your. When at least six are directly in front of you, use the flashbang ability and the trophy will unlock.

Kick-Ass Expert
With Kick-Ass, kill 10 enemies during one rage activation.

To use Kick-Ass' rage, you'll need to be at least level 3 and have at least one point slotted in his Abilities. The button combination is + , and your health will constantly recharge while your attack damage is boosted.

Now this is obviously easier on a group of lower-level enemies, so I suggest going back to Mission 2 after you've leveled up quite a bit. Remembering that you can't die while you've got rage activated,go ahead and forsake Defense and slot everything you have into Attack. You'll want to trigger a large group of thugs; I find the easiest way to do this is when you first enter the warehouse. Run past all the doors and get everyone to follow you before activating rage mode and laying waste to them all. The trophy will unlock as your tenth victim falls.

Hit Girl Expert
With Hit Girl, kill 2 enemies in one wall run attack.

To use Hit Girl's wall run, you must be near a wall and be running in its direction. Press twice and she'll run up and do a backflip, showering enemies below with bullets.

Now this is obviously easier on a group of lower-level enemies, so I suggest going back to Mission 1 after you've leveled up quite a bit. Once you've triggered a group of three or four to follow you, weaken them a bit with your staff before slotting a large number of points into your Attack points. Stand next to the wall and once they're crowded around you, execute the wall jump and mow them down. The trophy will unlock once the second one dies.

I'm not Invisible
Set off the security camera 5 times in one level.

This is very easy to do. You'll come across security cameras in Missions 5. Simply walk in front of their infrared beams and an alert will begin flashing on your screen as dozens of enemies confront you. Do this five times in one level; does not have to be the same camera five times. The trophy will unlock once you return to the mission selection screen once the mission's complete.

Bazooka Expert
Complete the game in Normal Difficulty

Normal Mode is the default gametype you play on, so don't worry about making sure you've got the settings right. It's not all that difficult and can be completed in an hour or two if you're good. The trophy will unlock during the ending cutscene.

Junkyard King
Find and kill the Junkyard King

NOTE: You must attain this on your absolute first playthrough; if you don't, the game will glitch and the trophy will not be attainable. There is currently no known solution, but keep checking here and I will include it at such time that it is discovered.

This fruitcake is found in Mission 4. Immediately after exiting the base where you destroyed Frank D’Amico’s cars, you’ll come to another slope where some gangbangers are rolling barrels down at you. Kill the the thugs before backtracking to the base of the slope and heading left through some cars. Here you’ll find a man waiting with his pet bazooka in the most absurd of arenas. After he sets fire to his piano you’ll just need to dodge his attacks until you can get in close. Once you do, a steady stream of attacks will prevent him from attacking and allow you to finish him off quickly. The trophy will unlock when he dies.

Level up any one character to level 50.

This will most likely be the last trophy you earn. After completing both Normal Mode and Extreme Mode you'll find yourself sitting at around level 37. You're way too powerful to earn experience from Normal Mode now, so you'll have to either replay Extreme Mode or do a lot of Arena Mode. Remember, you earn experience by:
  • Killing enemies
  • Getting environment kills
  • Racking up combos
  • Using special abilities
  • Destroying/claiming Mob bullion (glowing orange backpacks)

Slaughter Master
Kill 1000 enemies

This stacks across all gametypes with all characters, so it will unlock for you eventually. If you immediately start your first playthrough with one character, this should unlock about halfway through.

Jerry Lee
Light a Piano on fire in the Penthouse

NOTE: You must attain this on your absolute first playthrough; if you don't, the game will glitch and the trophy will not be attainable. There is currently no known solution, but keep checking here and I will include it at such time that it is discovered.

This fun little trophy can be earned on Mission 7. After rising to the second level and clearing the subsequent hallway, you’ll enter a big common room. The piano is sitting in the corner to your right; set fire to it by either getting someone with a bazooka to misfire or by hitting the adjacent radiator and causing sparks to fly. The trophy will unlock when a small flame is seen in the piano.

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