Players: 1, 32 in MP
Online Trophies: Yes, all
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2+ hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Collectible Trophies: No, unless you count killing a certain amount of people as collecting
Missable Trophies: N/A, they will come naturally
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Here it is, the 3rd Map Pack for the boackbuster game Killzone 3. With it comes 2 all new Multiplayer maps and 2 fan favorite maps from Killzone 2, redone for Killzone 3. Lente Missle Base takes place at a missle launch site, but be awar of when it takes off. Mobile Factory is just exactly that and also includes a minigun pick up. Radec Academy has now beaten up due to the war. Therasis Depot has been rebuilt. Do you have what it takes to rise from the ashes?

[top]Tips & Strategies

First off, make sure you set your Warzone and Guerilla Warfare game modes so they have a From the Ashes map name showing. That way when you go to join a match for either of those modes, it will only look for games on that map. Also, make sure you know the map specific trophies for each map and whatever extra trophies you will try to obtain. You will have to use every class so it may take some time to get accustomed to. All in all, the trophies shouldn't give you too much trouble.


More then likely, you can get all these trophies through normal play. If you want to go in order, then go for the map specific trophies first, collecting any extras along the way. After all the map specific are done, go for the remaining. Or if you would like to go map by map, here is my recommendation.

1. Lente Missle Base
2. Radec Academy
3. Therasis Depot
4. Mobile Factory
5. Any leftover trophies


No Go For Launch
Deactivate the missile launch while playing in Lente Missile Base.

People seem to have trouble finding the button/pad that lets you activate/deactivate the missle. In the middle of the map, you will notice a big building (the only big building on the map). When you get the the top floor, you will see 2 sets of stairs leading down and it will have a little wall connecting the 2. On it, you will see a little switch that will prompt you to press when you get close to it. That is the launch/cancel launch pad. When the rocket is starting to launch (you will hear sirens and rumbling), go up and deactivate it.

Get killed by the exhaust from the missile launch while playing in Lente Missile base.

This is probably one of the easiest trophies of the DLC. The way you will know the rocket is launching/in the process is that you will hear a sound similar to rumbling and there will be sirens going off. While running around the map, you will see tunnels that will lead up to the missles. When you hear the sirens and the rumbling, go into the tunnels and just wait for the exhaust.

Bullet Spam
Get 5 Kills with the Minigun pickup in a single match while playing in Mobile Factory.

Mobile Factory is what I want to call a "3 tiered" level. In the middle tier, on either end, there is a room that has the minigun on the table.It may be a heavily gaurded area, with many either being cloaked or disguised. I recommend going in with a group of people. The minigun shoots fast and has power. You shoul have no problem obtaining the 5 kills, but if you are to die before you get it, just go back to the pick up spot.

Kill any player that is using the Minigun pickup in Mobile Factory.

This time, you want to do the reverse of what I said to do for Mini-Gone. Either be the Infiltraitor (disguide) or the Marksmen (cloak) and just hide out by one of the guns. Eventually someone will come to grab it. When they get it, either Brutal Melee them or light them up.

Radec's Revenge
Kill 5 different ISA players in a single match while playing in Radec Academy.

First off, you have to be on the Helghast side. There should be enough people and enough time to kill 5 different players, seeing as there is more than enough room for 5 players per side. Chances are, you will get this through normal play. Just keep killing and don't hesitate.

Turn Back Time
Get a single VC9 Missile Launcher kill in Radec Academy.

First, unlock the Missle Launcher (costs 3 points). I have no confirmation yet, so I have 2 suggestions:
1. Don't shoot it if you know you will get a multi kill. Only shoot it when you will get 1 kill
2. Only kill 1 person with it the whole match
This isn't a hard trophy, the launcher is good and you will most likely get it within a few minutes of play. If your really having trouble, just pick a spot to camp and wait for the enemy to run by.

NOTE: Can only be done as the Tatician or Infiltraitor.

Jetpack on Jetpack Action
While flying mid-air, shoot down and kill another flying Jetpack player in Tharsis Depot.

There are many Jetpacks scattered around the map. Many friendlies and enemies will be going for them, but don't worry, there will always be enough. What I did, and highly suggest, is fly up to a high point on the map. Once you see an enemy in mid-air, within a reasonable distance, take flight and start shooting him. The Jetpacks kill very quick, but if you die just grab another and try again. You should get this and Frequent Flyer in the same match.

Frequent Flyer
With a Jetpack equipped, fly for 60 seconds or more in Tharsis Depot.

This trophy is a joke. There are many Jetpcks scattered around the map. Get one and find a spot on the map where not many people, in no no one, is. When your flying and the burst runs out, continue holding because it will allow you to hover, thus giving you more air time. Each burst and hover down should be between 7 - 10 second. You will definatley get this before the halfway mark of the match.

As an engineer, successfully hack 3 enemy turrets in a single match.

You will need the Engineers Secondary Ability upgraded to Triage++. Hacking leaves you pretty vonurable so make sure you're clear when you do it. Hacking 3 isn't hard, but finding 2 can be troublesome. I have noticed that there seem to be a lot on Tharsis Depot (towards the middle of the map on the high points) and Radec Academy (balconies on the 2nd floor), so I'd recommend play there first.

Tag. You're It.
Kill 3 enemies within a single activation of the Recon ability while playing as a Tactician.

First you have to buy the first unlock in the Tacticians Secondary Ability. When you use it, when an emeny is sighted a light blue circle will be placed on them, thus being marked for you. It lasts a fairly decent amount of time. If your having trouble, play a Warzone map and go either to the enemy base or behind them when Search & Destroy is available.

Cloak and Fragger
While playing as a Marksman, kill 5 enemy Marksmen in a single match.

Unfortunatley, for this trophy you have to rely on the enemy on having some of their team members being Marksmen. Marksmn can be indentified by their conic (pointy, ice cream cone) type hoods. You (and the enemy Marksmen) don't have to have a sniper either, you can have an SMG too. I would recommend playing Warzone so you have enough time to get the kills. If you want to play it safe, don't even worry about the other enemies. Only look at for the conic hooded ones.

Taken From Behind
Brutal Melee 3 enemy players from behind while disguised in a single match while playing as an infiltrator.

This can get frustrating at times. To activate a disguise press the :l: on the D-pad. You HAVE to be behind them. If you do it while you are in front of them, it wont count. Also, as far as I know, if you are behind them, but your character turns the enemy around when you brutal melee, that also won't count. I got this on Lente Missle Base and found it much easier their compared to the other maps.

With the field medic triage ++ ability active, survive bleedout 5 times in a single match.

This one is the easiest of the DLC. First off, you have to have the Triage++ ability, which means you have to have that medic area fully ranked up. Once you do have it, and you die, sometimes you will be prompted to press (not all the time though). When you press you will stand back up, thus surviving the bleedout. Just keep running out and getting killed in hopes of being able to get back up. I would suggest doing it on Lente Missle Base because it is a Warzone map and will give you more time. Rest assured, this trophy will give you no problem.

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