Players: 2 - 24 MP
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 - 3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Organize a boost group.
  • Play in a map you feel comfortable in and know very well.

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These are all MP trophies and they are rather easy to obtain even without a boost group, and with a boost group most of the trophies can be obtained in a single Match.


Demolish both buildings by winning Search & Destroy as ISA and Helghast in Salamun Market.

It will take 2 separate matches to earn this trophy.
Your faction will need to at least win the Search & Destroy objective of Warzone, losing the other objectives including Search & Defend will not hinder you the trophy.
Once the match ends the factions will rotate, ISA will become Helghast & vice versa, and you just have to win the Search & Destroy objective again. Once the building explodes the trophy will DING!.

Side note: You don't need to win the objectives 2 matches in a row. For example you can with the objective as ISA, lose the objective the next 2 matches and win the objective on the 4th match and you will earn the trophy.

Tactical Mastery
Be playing at the moment your faction secures all four Tactical Spawn areas simultaneously in Salamun Market

Salamun Market is a huge map and the Tactical Spawn areas are scattered throughout the map, it will help a lot if you and many other members of your faction are playing as Tacticians even though it is not a requirement for you to be a Tactician to earn this trophy.
Once all Tactical Spawn areas are captured simultaneously the trophy will DING!.

A good strategy to earn this trophy is to run to every Tactical Spawn area while the enemy is busy defending their Assassination target.

Going for this trophy during other objectives can work too, it is all dependent on the people you are playing with and against.

A good faction will most likely earn you this trophy without you going for it.

Death by Proxies
Using Proximity Mines, kill two enemies within one minute in Blood Gracth

The Proximity Mines become available for use at the rank of Sergeant I which requires 30,250 XP to reach, Once they are available equip them and enter a match in Blood Gracth.

Strategies to achieve:
  • Using Proximity Mines around the enemy's spawn areas.
  • Double killing 2 enemies with 1 Proximity Mine.
  • Laying Proximity Mines by 2nd floor rooms with windows that can be used by snipers.

Much easier than it looks, I got 5 Proximity Mines Kills in under a minute except in the wrong map

I found an excellent video to illustrate a very good strategy to earn both this trophy and the Blood Streak

Toggle Spoiler

*Video by lollidik
*The language is Finnish

Blood Streak
Get 5 Kill Streak in Blood Gracth

Strategies to achieve:
  • Sniping from a safe distance.
  • Using Proximity Mines to gain several kills from a distance.
  • using Sentry Turrets, Sentry Drones & Medi-Droids.
  • n00b tubing .
  • Using the Medic's Triage++ ability when killed will get you back up without re-spawning and without resetting the Kill Streak counter.
    Side note: this skill can be used once per life. Getting killed again will force you to re-spawn and reset your kill streak counter.

Brutal Footsteps
With Silent Footsteps skill active, Brutal Melee an enemy player

The Silent Footsteps skill becomes available for unlock at the rank of Sergeant I which requires 30,250 XP to reach, Once it is available equip it and simply brutal melee an enemy player.

One good way to get this trophy is be a Medic and use the Triage++ Skill after getting killed to get back up and sneak up on you killer and Brutal Melee him.

Little Big Weapons
Get 15 kills using secondary weapons in a single match

Secondary Weapons range from pistols to a rocket launcher, it is best to pursue this trophy in Warzone mode because it is longer than the others giving you more time to achieve it.

Quote Originally Posted by Asuka View Post
The Machine Pistol is great for Little Big Weapons, especially when combined with the Marksman's Cloak Suit++. With a fully upgraded Cloak Suit, it allows you to kill an enemy with the Machine Pistol and not lose your cloak. The only downside is how fast the pistol goes through ammo, so it'll work better if you go on your killing spree near an ally Ammo Box.
Here are the different classes and the secondary weapons associated with each:

1- Engineer:
  • STA18 Pistol
  • VC8 Shotgun Pistol
  • STA2 Battle Pistol

2- Marksman:
  • STA18 Pistol
  • VC8 Shotgun Pistol
  • M66 Machine Pistol

3- Tactician:
  • STA18 Pistol
  • M4 Revolver
  • VC9 Missile Launcher

4- Infiltrator:
  • STA18 Pistol
  • STA2 Battle Pistol
  • VC9 Missile Launcher

5- Field Medic:
  • STA18 Pistol
  • M4 Revolver
  • M66 Machine Pistol

Automata for the People
Destroy an enemy Sentry Turret, Sentry Drone, and Medi-Droid in the same round

The sentry Turrets are deployed by Engineers and they are stationary making them easy targets and easy to destroy using grenades and rockets.

Sentry Drones are summoned by Tacticians and they fly around in open areas, they are small and fly around quickly making them hard to destroy using rockets. A good strategy is to hide in a 2nd floor room with windows and wait for one to fly nearby, from there your assault rifle should do the job.

Medi-Droids are deployed by Medics they are quite smaller than sentry drones and they follow their Medic indoors and remain active when he is mortally wounded, they can be a little challenging at first because it a Medic and his Medi-Droid against you. They are easily destroyable with any weapon.

A repaired W.A.S.P Turret can make this trophy easier, it locks on enemies and their deployed Machines Provided they are within range.

Destroying an enemy machine using your own will not count towards the trophy so it is better to refrain from using them while attempting this trophy.

Once at least one of each is destroyed in the same match (round) the trophy will DING!.

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