Players: 1, 32 in MP
Online Trophies: All trophies are MP
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Difficulty: 5/10
Estimated Time to 100%: 2+ hours depending on skill
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Highly Decorated - Unlock Ribbons, 5 for 5 - Lots of Guns and Jack of all Trades - Kill all Careers
Missable Trophies: N/A, they will all come naturally
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Welcome to the newest additions to KZ3 MP, Junkyard and Stahl Arms. Junkyard is ........ a junkyard. It's demolished, desheveld and in ruins. It features the mode Guerilla Warfare and the Jetpack and Exoskeleton. Can you survive this treacherous landscape? Stahl Arms is based off the Stahl Arms warehouse from the SP. It is where Stahl and his Helgahns manufactured weapons. It is a fairly small map which features the game mode Warzone and has miniguns. Get ready for a bloody battle!!!

[top]Tips and Strategies

On Junkyard, run to the Exos and Jetpacks right away, and if some one takes them or they are destroyed, just wait until they respawn. Also, make sure you have more than 5 guns unlocked. If your a seasoned KZ player, these should be easy to obtain. If your a n00b to KZ, this may take some effort. Overall this shouldn't take too long to 100%. Remember, these are all Multiplayer trophies!!! It also may work in your favor if you try to get a boosting session together, it may be hard to do so, but it will make all of these trophies obtainable in about 2 matches (1 match each on Stahl Arms and Junkyard).



Play Junkyard first and gain the Jetpack and Exo trophies. You should also get the 5 kills with 5 different weapons trophy while doing this. Aslo, the Jack of all Trades trophy may be gained while doing this trophy.

Next, play Stahl Arms and get the 2 map specific trophies. Go for any that you may have missed while playing on Junkyard.


Highly Decorated- Unlock Ribbons
Unlock all Ribbons in a single match while playing Operations or Warzone.

I myself have not gotten all 5 ribbons in 1 match yet but have achieved all of them over my playing time. Warzone offers the most time to get the troph, and since Stahl Arms is Warzone specific, and a small map, it will make it a little easier. Here are the ribbons and they will be in the order I recommend getting them.

Faster Aim
This requires you to get 5 kills with ADS (aiming down the sights) engages. This is a very easy ribbon and you should get it fairly quickly.

Faster Reload
This requires you to get 10 hip kills, in other words 10 kills without aiming down the sites. This is another east ribbon. Usually it's best to just hip fire anyway. I would suggest using a Machine Gun because of the more rounds it holds or using a shotgun.

Increased Accuracy
You must get 5 melee kills for this ribbon. I would say sneak behind the enemy or come from the side and take them by surprise. At the moment, I do not know if you have to get all Brutal Melees or if you can have some regular melee kills thrown in the mix.

Bullet Damage
This ribbon requires you to get 5 assists.The reason I put this towards the end is because this should come naturally while going for the Faster Reload and Faster Aim ribbons. Just remember to only shoot at the enemies torso or legs and let your team do the rest. Also, if you get into a match with a friend, you can work together to get this ribbon.

Double Kill XP
This may sound misleading. You may be thinking you need to get a double kill but actually you need to complete an objective. The reason this ribbon is dead last is because you will get this through normal play. For Capture and Hold, you just have to be there when a flag is captures, but for Sabotage you must be the one to plant the bomb. This is the easiest ribbon of them all.

Now, go get'em tiger!!!!

Jetpack on Exo- Destroy Exoskeleton
Destroy an enemy Exoskeleton with your Jetpack while in fight in The Junkyard.

This can be fairly challenging. Even thought there are Jetpack scatter around the whole Junkyard map, there are only 2 Exos. The reason this can be hard is because the Exo can easily kill you, along with other enemies, and the Exo can take a good amount of damage. Going 1 on 1 versus an Exo is not a good idea, so I have a couple strategies for this trophy (this all takes place after you equip the Jetpack)

1.) Go to an Exo spawn and just shoot it until you can see sparks or fire, then wait for an enemy to hop inside.

2.) Just sit back and camp. Once you see the Exo smoking, sparking or on fire move in for the kill.

3.) Get a friend, or friends, and all get into a Jetpack. Let them damage it heavily, then once you see an opening go in a try to destroy the Exo.

Exo on Jetpack Action- Kill a Jetpack
Kill a flying enemy Jetpack with an Exoskeleton in The Junkyard.

This one is easy, I even got it in my first match. There will always be people flying in Jetpacks, but it's a matter of getting to an Exo quick enough, and finding someone who is in flight with the Jetpack. The Exo will make quck work on a Jetpacking enemy and if you are good at aiming the rockets, it will kill them in 1 shot. If you a battling an enemy with a Jetpack NEVER shoot at them while the are grounded, wait for them to take off.

Deadly Threesome- Triple Kill
Get a triple kill while playing in Stahl Arms.

This one may take a while, or you may get it easy. I would suggest using a high capacity gun (like an MG), the shotgun or the mounted gun. A good thing to do is, during a Searh and Destroy (or whatever it's called) and the opposing team is defending their site, run up behind them. Once you see 3 people that you can kill quickly (without any enemy having enough time to react) start spraying, meleeing or throw a grenade. Whatever you need to do to get your triple kill.

The way I did it: I was the ISA and we had to attack the Helghast bomb site. I went up behind them, killed the first 2 with an LMG then went over to the repairable MG and meleed the guy on the gun.

I See You- Minigun a Marksman
Kill a Marksman with a Mounted Minigun in Stahl Arms.

The minigun is in the center alley of the map, directly across from the big tower. First off, you will have to be an engineer to repair it. Marksmen usually like to sit on the walkway or up in the window so they can get a good layout of the land. This can be tricky because the minigun's bullets will spray while the Marksman can take aim at your head and get a 1 shot kill. You may get lucky, like I did, to where you see a Marksman sniping from the walkway or running to the tower. The minigun will take them out pretty quick. Just make sure you are quicker than the Marksman.

5 for 5- Lots of Guns
Kill 5 enemies with 5 different primary, secondary or explosive weapons in a single match.

This is a VERY easy trophy. I suggest using the M224-1A LMG, STA11 SMG, VC32 Sniper Rifle, LS13 Shotgun and the STA14 Rifle. What you should do to make sure you get all 5 kills in during the match is to get a kill with one of the guns then either run out and try to get killed or cook a grenade and kill yourself. This is easily done on either map but can be a little harder on Junkyard because you will have the Jetpacks fyling around and Exos walking about.

Jack of All Trades- Kill all Careers
Kill one enemy of each career type in a single match.

There is only 1 thing that can make or break this trophy for you, the decisions of the enemy team. Basically, this trophy is luck based. You just have to be in a match where the other team has at least 1 person playing as the Tatician, Infiltrator, Medic, Egineer and Marksman. Playing on Stahl Arms would be best because it is small and uses the warzone game mode, which means you will have more game time to get this trophy. Don't worry though, it will come naturally.

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