The Legend of Dead Kel is the first DLC released for Kingdoms of Amalur and recently trophy patched. The story behind it is your character gets tasked with going to a place called Gallow's End to help hunt down a pirate known as Dead Kel who has been raiding ships and all that other good pirate pillaging. Of course as you set sail with woman named Captain Brattigan, you become shipwrecked on the coast of Gallow's End. Now you must stop the undead pirate and then somehow find a way back home while trying to survive the craziness of the island and it's current inhabitants.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 Hours
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10, lots of collecting and time consuming trophies involved.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Message in a Bottle
Missable Trophies: Yes, Manic Pixie Dream Elf, if make wrong choice with her, you will be unable to complete this trophy.
Glitched Trophies: No, however, Exterminator you must be careful on how you kill the Scav enemies. If you one shot them, it will rarely, if ever, count the kill so you must be sure to actually battle them a bit before finishing off. Some unknown reasons cause this trophy to pop strangely while others experience no issues at all.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Boss Tips

The Whispering Witch
You will face her inside Souldeep Fastings when going to deal with the Scion. She will rip out from Bridgette Malloi and the battle will begin. She'll mostly use magical attacks so come prepared for this. Dodge as she blasts you and watch when she jumps back onto the ledge where you can't reach her. She'll send a flurry of magical bolts out and then leap back into the fray teleporting nearby your character. She sometimes will encircle herself in flame and strike with her staff using fire attacks but mostly attack with same bolt move that will slightly track your movements so watch out. She will summon some scavs to fight you as well so use this as an opportunity to kill them. After a while she will no longer summon them so simply finish her off OR if you don't need the kills, use your Reckoning ability on her.

The Baronette
After you travel to Akara Tor, you will see Dead Kel. He'll become angered that you received the blessing and not him and sends the Baronette to finish you off. He will make three copies of himself for you to battle. Each will have a set amount of health and share one larger health bar so focus on one while your comrades, Brattigan and Alder Malloi face the others and hold them off. The Baronette will use fire balls and wind gusts attacks and continually teleport around to avoid being hit. Dodge and strike as you can and he'll eventually go down. Not much to this fight and you will achieve a Twist of Fate upon finishing the battle and speaking to your comrades.

Dead Kel
Continue down through Akara Tor until you come upon Akara, a giant tree god. He will tell you what has come to pass and then summon forth Dead Kel for you to kill for good. Dead Kel will use a number of slashes with his sword as one method of attacking, but mostly you will need to fight and deal with the endless numbers of Fae Gorta that will spawn around you. Watch out for the ground too as you may be grabbed by the roots and shaken up a bit. Simply use a Reckoning to make short work of Dead Kel or get in any hits that you can normally between the swarms of his minions. After he's dead, you will begin "The Exiles" quest.


You will still have the initial quest open after downloading and installing the DLC data, and loading up your game save. You just won't be able to start it until you are level 10 and meet with the required NPC in city of Rathir.

As soon as you download and update the DLC pack and your normal Kingdoms of Amalur game data, you will receive a quest upon loading up your character. This quest will guide you to Seafoam Tavern in the city of Rathir in Dalentarth so go there to officially begin the DLC. You'll find Commodore Garrick here who'll tell you of the mission in hand and about Dead Kel's pirating and the need to stop him. Accept and then go forth to the piers to meet with Captain Brattigan to whom you'll be sailing over with to Gallow's End. Stock up now on potions, repair your gear, finish up anything you want to for a while, and drop off some things you won't need as you're about to be stuck for a time as you'll become shipwrecked.

"It's suicide. Really! Ask them. ... Oh Wait" >.___>. What Captain just say!?

After this point, you will become shipwrecked and stuck in Gallow's End for a while, at least until you acquire a ship somehow. Follow the Captain to the nearby village of hungry looking radical cannibal demon men and begin your next set of quests here. Complete this and carry out all other sidequests as needed to finally achieve most of the trophies in this DLC.

As you play also keep an eye on the new enemy type, known as the Scavs. These are bug like clawed monsters that will spew acid around and leap about. Killing 50 of them will acquire you the Exterminator. Be sure to not kill them with one hit as this will mess up the kill counter and you will achieve no point for the kill. Use weaker weapons and abilities to down them and kill all you see as progressing through the story of Dead Kel and adventuring through the dungeons for the other quests and items.

After you have completed the main story of the DLC and defeated Dead Kel, return to Cape Solace. Speak with Alder Mallori guy to start a new quest, "The Invaders", in which some bandits have raided the island and captured some of the villagers! Here you will finally gain access to Brigand's Hideaway where you will find the final message bottle and the last map fragment for Aubrey Gilcrest. Collect these and finish this quest if you want to.

Manic Pixie Dream Elf
: This trophy can be missed if you make the wrong choices when talking with Captain Brattigan throughout the DLC. Simply keep in mind to agree with her and be nice every chance to ensure that you achieve this trophy correctly.

Collectible Trophies
Message in a Bottle
: As you play the various quests and go to complete the main quest of this DLC and stop Dead Kel, keep an eye out for locations you will pass through to claim these bottles without too much back tracking. Refer to the trophy in the guide for all locations.

Give Her a Hand: Listed this as collectible since you will have to go and collect several pieces of treasure maps AND also collect the treasure from these to refresh the memory of a NPC named Aubrey Gilcrest. Locate her and find her treasure to complete the quest and achieve this trophy. Many locations of these will be traveled simply playing the main quest so keep an eye open for chests.

Keep on Rising: For this trophy, you will have to collect several sets of materials in order to restore the Keep to it's former glory. As you progress through areas, keep an eye on the loot piles and chests to collect any items labeled "bundle of ..." and will quicken the time needed to complete this trophy. Doing this while completing your other tasks will be easier than waiting until the end and having to rest and do crazy mess as most suggest. I did as I played and never had to wait. If you turn in some items though and are waiting for the restoration to finish, but need RL things to do, let the game sit until it's finished so that you can simply snag the next step of the trophy requirements without having to run off.


Message in a Bottle
Locate all eight message bottles in Gallows End.

Collectible Trophy. You will need to find all eight bottles scattered throughout the DLC to achieve this trophy. They do not shine bright like most items you can interact with and aren't marked in any way on your map so you'll have to keep a close eye out for them. Listed below will be all eight locations and a video guide as well.

All Eight Bottle Locations
  1. Located just as you wash up on shore of Gallow's End. After talking with Captain Brattigan, search the right side of the beach and move along it until you come to a loot pile. To the side of this pile, you will see a bottle laying in the sand. Collect it and continue onward
  2. This bottle will be found next outside the entrance of Souldeep Fasting, to the left off the steps near the broken ship sail and ramparts.
  3. You need to go to the gallows nearby Cape Solace and jump down into the water. Swim around until you find land again and right on the beginning of your path to the Tidal Pools you will find this bottle.
  4. This bottle will be located in the Scuttle Beach area. Go to the Northern juts on the map and you will find it to the right of the center one, by the ship ramparts.
  5. This bottle will be located nearby the area Aubrey Gilcrest is found at in the passage leading to the Jawbone region. Cross the bridge and look around the edge of the area across from her here to locate it. It's a river/waterfall between the two areas, but very close together.
  6. For this bottle, find Mudhold Fasting and travel through until you find an estranged woman here. Do as you want with her and nearby the rocky edge(see the clam demons) and a picture of the Black Atoll, you will locate this bottle.
  7. This bottle is found in Undersea Fasting, at the end of the path laying nearby a crab and post in south corner of the area once going outdoors of the dungeon. Tip of a ship near this point as well as a landmark to go by.
  8. After you have defeated Dead Kel, accepted the quest "The Invaders", and then gained access to and found Brigand's Hideaway located in the eastern section of the Northern Coast, search near outside the entrance to this dungeon nearby the two tall trees and the shrubbery to locate the final message bottle and achieve your trophy if you've collected the others.

Video Guide courtesy of AchievementTips360

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Keep on Rising
Gravehal Keep has been fully restored.

Once you make it off the shore of Gallow's End and into the nearby village of Cape Solace, look for a gnome named Padrig Dower as he will give you the quest to begin the requirements for this trophy. You will start a quest titled, Gravehal Keep where you will upgrade it using certain materials you'll find. All materials can be acquired while playing through the main quest of this DLC so keep it active and search for them along the way.

Once you're inside the Keep for the first time, you'll have to fight off several scav enemies and also fight a niskaru Horrornox. Defeat it and you'll receive a twist of fate. Afterward, Padrig will offer to help upgrade and restore Gravehal Keep for you.

Materials and Locations List
  • First set of requirements are 2 bundles of beachstone, 3 bundles of emberwood, & 3 bundles of sailcloth. Suggests searching in Scuttle Beach area and marks locations on your map.
  • Next after you've waited a time for him to upgrade with those materials you've brought him, you're asked to bring Cillian Keen from Cape Solace to the Keep. Go fetch him and return.
  • Now you're sent to get 3 more sets of materials: 2 bundles of emberwood, 2 bundles of sailcloth, & 4 bundles of seasteel. Find the first few items in Scuttle Beach as before and the seasteel is located along the coast of the Dark Harbor and Jawbone regions. Search these locations and then return once you have enough.
  • Return after a time and once the Armory is completed, he will ask for 3 more sets of materials: 3 bundles of beachstone, 2 bundles of bearhide, and three bundles of seasteel. Search out locations marked or previously discovered locations for obtaining these and then return to him. Check around pathways outside the Dark Harbor and inside it near The Requiem ship.
  • Once returned with those and restoration of the next section is finished, he will ask again for 3 more sets of materials: 3 bundles of bearhide, 3 bundles of emberwood, and 4 bundles of sailcloth. Check any previous locations and search for areas located on the map for any remaining materials needed and return to Padrig again.
  • Now you're sent to find another character to bring here to the keep from Cape Solace, named Deirdre Gwint. Go collect her and then return.
  • After convincing her to come to the Keep, you'll be asked for some more materials: 4 bundles of beachstone, 3 bundles of emberwood, 2 bundles of sailcloth, and 3 bundles of seasteel. Agree to collect these and then return once you have. All located inside Siren's Den.
  • Now you have one last upgrade to make so go collect the final material lot required: 3 bundles of beachstone, 4 bundles of bearhide, 3 bundles of emberwood, and 3 bundles of seasteel. These will be spread about through Gallow's End so venture out to the marked locations and then return once acquired all materials.

Give Her a Hand
Found Aubrey Gilcrest's severed hand.

You will find the character, Aubrey Gilcrest, located in the pathway leading to The Jawbone. Marked on the map as all NPCs are with the yellow arrow so keep an eye when you're adventuring through here to stop and speak with her. She will give you a portion of a map, so take it to begin the quest and then search out the indicated portions scattered across Gallow's End.

Map Locations
After you located all pieces of a map, go into your inventory and select use on a piece to put it together to reveal the location of a treasure. Aubrey will give you the first piece of each map so find each piece of a section, use it and find the treasure and return to her for the next piece and repeat.

*Treasure is marked on your map in the Northern Coast region*
  1. First portion is given to you by Aubrey Gilcrest
  2. Next one can be found down in a chest in Mudhold Fasting, near the estranged woman and the message in a bottle location.
  3. Last one is located is also in Mudhold Fasting in pathway leading down to the outer area and the estranged woman.


*Treasure is marked on your map in the Scuttle Beach region, in a passage leading from Northern Coast into the center main hub area of Gallow's End(Gravehal Keep & Cape Solace)*
  1. First given to you by Aubrey Gilcrest upon returning with previous treasure.
  2. Found in the Undersea Fasting, nearby the outside area at the end of the dungeon by the bottle in a chest.
  3. This piece is also found in the Undersea Fasting dungeon. Use the jump point to drop down into the water by the tidal pools area and follow this around until you find a locked chest(Hard Lock so bring picks).

*Treasure is marked on your map in the Jawbone region, south of Mudhold Fasting*
  1. First piece giving by Aubrey Gilcrest as usual.
  2. Need to have started the story quest, "Until Death" before you can reach the location of this piece inside Souldeep Fasting. Activate the fate door after you've progressed in the story and after the first jump point, you will find a chest containing this part of the treasure map.
  3. In the Siren's Den area located in the southern point of the Northern Coast region. Travel using the north paths inside this area and at the end of one of them is a chest containing this piece of the map.

*Treasure is marked on your map outside of Souldeep Fasting in the Cape Solace region*
  1. Given to you by Aubrey Gilcrest.
  2. This piece of the map is found inside Cliffbreak Fasting. Take the right path once inside and it will be the second chest you come across after fighting two groups of Scav enemies.
  3. Found after completing the main quest of the DLC and reaching Brigand's Hideaway. The chest containing the final piece of map parchment will be found after you've jumped down from the jump point, and is near the area where the prisoners were held during the quest, "The Invaders".

Finding the Crab that Ate the Hand!
After acquiring the final treasure, return and speak with Aubrey Gilcrest. After this you will complete your quest and she'll remember who she is. Now go to the Jawbone region and search around Mudhold Fasting. Go north to the watery area close by and kill the enemies around here. Look for a crab that will be crawling around and kill it. Search for the last piece of the treasure armor set and Aubrey Gilcrest's HAND! You will achieve the trophy after taking the hand, but you don't turn it into her or anything like that. Just a memento for you to remember her shit quest by.

Video courtesy of AchievementTips360

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Manic Pixie Dream Elf
Wooed Rast Brattigan.

Missable Trophy! For this trophy, you will need to flatter and woo Captain Brattigan by the end of the DLC. Simply say positive things to her constantly and always agree or be nice when you speak.

00Highway00 has supplied full list of the conversation and what to say in case you doubt what is the best choice.
At Rathir's Quays, before embarking to Gallows End. You're brave.
At Castaway's Cove after regaining control of yourself. I'm sorry for your loss.
At Castaway's Cove, your second response. It's just you and me now.
At Cape Solace when you speak to Brattigan to initiate the mission What Remains. *I'll bring them back.
At Cape Solace after rescuing crew in What Remains. *I've got to find Dead Kel.
At Cape Solace after securing the ship, Requiem, in Dark Harbor. *Thanks for the loyalty.
Choose Rast Brattigan as the companion for the finale in Akara-Tor. I'd choose her just in case
Just speak to her again after escaping Akara-Tor in The Exiles. And you're back in the city
Also, rumored that you can achieve this trophy by speaking to her naked. This is false and does NOT work so don't try it.

Kill 50 Scavs.

For this trophy, you will need to kill 50 Scav enemies throughout the game. These as described in the Roadmap are bug-like monsters with sharp pincer claws and capable of spewing forth acid bile. They will leap around and try to claw you and spit you to death, but aren't anything special or overly difficult compared to other niskaru you will face playing this game. Travel between the locations listed and kill all of them you see and then do something else or rest for 24-48 hours in-game time and repeat until you have your number.

Also, make sure to not kill them by one-shotting or they won't register as a kill and you'll waste your time. Use weaker character or weapons and go for this trophy. After you have killed 50 that the game has counted, you will achieve this trophy.

Good Farming Locations
  • Undersea Fastings

  • Cliffbreak Fastings,

  • Souldeep Fastings

  • Face several anyways throughout playing the story and random encounters.

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