Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Five Hours
Estimated Difficulty: 1/10
Minimum Playthroughs: One playthrough
Collectible Trophies: No.
Missable Trophies: Yes, The Harder They Fall, missable if you kill the attendants and him you will have to restart from an earlier save file.
Glitched Trophies: No, however Murder Most Fowl may pop earlier than killing fifty of the pteryx enemies. Not a bad thing, but something to keep an eye on in case it affects the trophy at a later time.


This DLC pack named "The Teeth of Naros" adds a new area into Kingdoms of Amalur, known as the teeth of Naros and contains the portal to the flying sky city of Idylla. You will be able to explore and gain new abilities and gear, as well as face off against some new creatures. Several new armors sets, weapons, shields, and twists of fate will be gained through playing. Also included will be a prominent new race known as Kollosae, which are giants of a religious sect.

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Some Basic Information(Q&A) from the Forums on Kingdoms of Amalur, Teeth of Naros DLC pack

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Also, note that you will be able while playing this DLC pack that you'll be capable of achieving most of the trophies from the main title game, Kingdoms of Amalur such as collecting the reagents, lock picking, and persuasion trophies.


THIS GUIDE WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! Read at your own discretion. Feel free to post any important or major questions and concerns, but refer first to my VM or PM please. Thank you and hope you enjoy the guide set forth upon you! Best of luck.

This DLC Pack will level with your character so you may begin it anytime, on any difficulty either from the beginning or after completing the main story of Kingdoms of Amalur.

To begin, after you have downloaded, installed, and updated your Kingdoms of Amalur DLC and normal game file, you will have an active quest for "The Teeth of Naros". Follow the map to it's location when you're ready to begin. You can easily fast travel to the Ballads Oratory area in Ettinmere region of Dalentarth and then proceed slightly over to find the entrance to the marked location on your map, Helyc's Camp. Enter here and speak with Helyc Crosse to officially begin this quest and to get started on the DLC content.

He'll guide you through a passageway, where you will begin fighting some Ptyerx enemies (new to Kingdoms of Amalur through this DLC). If you manage to kill 50 of these throughout the game, you will earn the trophy, Murder Most Fowl. You will only encounter a few of them here at this point, but throughout the story, you'll battle more, especially throughout the sewers of Idylla. Near the end, you will find a statue of Ethene who will guide your further here and tell you of the quest you've been destined for. Also you will unlock a new Twist of Fate. Continue through the exit and enter the camp of Secandra who will send you further on your quest to enter the city of Idylla, a sky kingdom of sorts. First she asks your help defeating some Joten enemies and you're sent off to deal with their leader, Kahrunk and end this fighting before you may gain access.

After fighting him, if you manage to defeat him without killing his attendants, you will earn the trophy, The Harder They Fall. Continue back to Secandra and you'll be able to enter the city through the Hedge portal. Use it and enter Idylla. You will now gain another trophy, Beam Me Up . Save here and then run straight forward to the pit in the center of this area and select to "Jump Over". You'll die, but earn yet another quick and easy trophy, I Regret Nothing! . Reload and proceed onward completing the next few quests and talking with the Primos of the area, Anokatos. He'll send you to complete several missions, where you'll have some more opportunities to fight the Pteryx enemies.

At some point, travel into the sewers, which the first quest of the Primos sends you here anyways, and begin searching for the Almain NPC to earn the Mistaken Identity .

Complete the main quest line, venturing through taking the Primos' quests and then helping fulfill your goal and fate for the Kollosae in helping Secandra will acquire you the final story trophy, We Built This City.

Congratulations, you've fully completed this DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur.


The Harder They Fall
You've bested Kahrunk without killing his attendants.

MISSABLE TROPHY! Upon entering the Teeth of Naros and escaping from the Southern Caverns, you will meet the Kollosae people, which are stone giants from the sky city of Idylla. The leader of the camp you emerge into is named Secandra and she'll ask that before you may enter their city and lands, you must help them defeat the Jotens that are attacking them. Help defeat the ones at the gate and then she'll send you to meet with another Kollosae, named Remes, to learn how to stop them for good. Travel slightly north and you'll locate him with ease.

Ofcourse he tells you to go and take down their leader, Kahrunk. Also, you'll need to take note that he'll have two attendants with him that will empower Kahrunk and heal him during the fight. Suggested that you kill them first, however for this trophy, you need to kill only him and then you may finish them off afterward. Travel further north of the Naros and you'll find Kahrunk's Tower. Enter it and fight your way to the top through more Jotens and some wolves. Entering this next area, you'll face him and his attendants.

Battle with Kahrunk
During the fight, the two attendants will stay far back end of the area, so you won't have to worry on them getting involved except for the extra strength of Kahrunk himself. Simply have a Reckoning fully ready and activate it( and simultaneously) and rip him a new one away from them. He will fight just as the normal Joten do so this shouldn't be anything special of a fight and rather easy. If you must fight him through a drawn out battle, he'll have more health, defense, and attack than normal Joten enemies but use all the same moves. After you defeat him, the two attendants will come over to attack you as well. Finish them off and then proceed back to Secandra.

The trophy will pop right after you kill off Kahrunk if both attendants are still alive.

We Built This City
You helped the Kollossae in the Teeth of Naros break free from their fate.

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy when you complete the final main quest of the Teeth of Naros DLC "Ascension" and stop Anokatos from destroying Idylla using the Hyperion. After running his few errands helping craft an item that is said to help save and redeem the Kollosae people, the Primos pretty much betrays you and leaves the Silent Choir followers of his to kill you. Defeat them and escape the Hyperion Temple and return to Secandra who will help you revise a plan to stop him. Complete her few tasks and then once you have, you're to return to this temple and enter the chambers Anokatos has sealed himself away behind. Upon fighting through more of his choir minions and confronting him, you learn he wants you to kill him and change the fate of the Kollosae with this act.

Battle with Anokatos
He will fight similarly to the other Kollosae of the Choir you've previously fought against, however he will be more powerful and of course a lot more durable in health and defense. He will use a number of different attacks and will alternate this as you reduce his health. When you're close up during the beginning of the battle, he will use several punches and kicks primarily, but if you distance yourself he will shoot an ice blast that can freeze you, followed up with a fiery jump smash attack of some sort. Also periodically as you damage him, he will leap away onto the rock formation behind the battle area and form multiple Kollosae figures to collide into you. Afterwards, he will power up his spear with lightning and try to leap down on your character. Easily dodge from this and block the duplicate smashing move prior and then retaliate with your own flurry of attacks. After you have weakened him around halfway down, he will begin attacking with his spear instead of his punching flurry of death.

Continue fighting as you have been and watch out when he jumps away as you'll know what comes next. After you defeat him, quickly escape as the temple begins falling in onto itself. More Choir members will also try to attack during this so fight your way out and then speak with Secandra upon exiting to hear that you've saved the people and that you are to return at once to Idylla to see this shaping change. Also, after this you will achieve this trophy.

Twist of Fate
Herald of the Gods
+2% Experience Bonus
+5% Bleeding Damage Resistance

Mistaken Identity
You've found a strange Almain who has been hiding in the sewers of Idylla.

To locate this Almain fellow, you will need to venture down into the Sewers of Idylla, which you will enter during the quest for the Primos, "Shapen in Iniquity". Here you will venture through the East wing of the Sewers to find an entrance to the Undersewers, leading to the quest location goal. After dealing with this quest for you and retrieving a certain item, you can continue exploring The Undersewers and you'll locate him after you've circled all the way back around mostly and he'll be down inside a small drop down point. Name is simply Strange Man so he'll mutter about being King of the Sewers but you get your trophy after you've spoken with him.

Youtube achievement video courtesy of AchievementTips360 for exact location and help on this. Very easy to find him if you know he's down in the Undersewers area.

Keep in mind while venturing through the sewers, you'll locate a good number of the Pteryx enemies to quicken your grind killing of these chocobo demons.

Beam Me Up
Used the Henge to enter Idylla.

Story Related. After you defeat Kahrunk and return to Secandra, she'll show you how to enter the city of Idylla and lead you to the passage Hedge. Follow her there and then once she talks to you, and you regain control of your character, use the Hedge activation pedestal and you'll be ported away to the city. After this, you will obtain this trophy.

Murder Most Fowl
Killed 50 Pteryx.

Throughout your game play, you will enter a new enemy added into this DLC pack for Kingdoms of Amalur. These are the Pteryx, which are very aggressive bird monsters that will attempt to pick you to death and shift the weather to attack with wind gusts as well. They resemble "demonic chocobos"(but aren't) and are colored a dark bluish coloring. In the Teeth of Naros region you will encounter some, as well as through the cave system of Nyxaras, but primarily will be fought in the sewer system underneath Idylla. Venture down here and battle them away to your hearts content and then leave for a while so they will respawn and return to complete the onslaught and slaying of the poor Pteryx. Kill 50 of them and you will achieve this trophy.

I Regret Nothing!
Fell to your death from the Idylla Concourse.

After you're beamed into the city of Idylla, Secandra will make mention not to stand too close to the edge or you could fall off and die. Naturally your first instinct should be to run over to the edge and horseplay like an idiot. At least it should be if you want a trophy in this case. So go over to the center pit of the area and you won't fall over unless you select to "Jump Off" as you would a jump point anywhere else in the game. Only difference is you get a trophy for dying and have to reload at your last point.

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