Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 60+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs:
1 (Must Begin on Hard Difficulty for Destiny Dominated)
Collectible Trophies: Yes; Blades of Glory, Green Thumb, & Loremaster
Missable Trophies:
Yes; Out of Your League & A Wink and a Smile
Glitched Trophies: Cleaning up the Streets & Blades of Glory
*Cleaning up the Streets may pop late & Blades of Glory in my experience popped twice on same game, ps3, no syncing or updates, so far not harmful to getting them just weird.*

Difficulty Trophy
Destiny Dominated
You must begin the game on the Hard Difficulty setting and CAN NOT change this setting during the game until after the main quest is completed. Afterward, all other trophies may be acquired on any setting and are unaffected.

***Missable Trophies***
Out of Your League trophy will become incredibly difficult later in the game once you hit level 34+. At this point, there will most likely not be anything that is four levels higher than you, except maybe Tirnoch and if I remember correctly, she wasn't when I fought here at 34ish. Keep in mind and refer to the trophy for an easy way in the beginning without having to restart for this trophy

A Wink and a Smile is missable if you fail too many of your persuasion attempts and don't do enough side quests involved with these. You will need to continuously seek out people in towns and settlements that you cross and persuade everyone of them. I passed all the ones I was given from the beginning of the game in the Allestar Tower to after I did every faction and completed the main quest along with countless side quests in between. I still needed to seek out more missions to pass.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an action RPG with some basic strategy elements mixed into it putting you as a custom made character in the expansive world of Amalur. You can make your character based off of four different races (two of each being closely similar aside from history and lore) and have been risen from the dead as the world's last hope by a crafty little gnome in the opening of the story. Brought back by his newest invention and escaping from a evil group known as the Tuatha, you are set free in a vast open world while trying to get answers. Shortly to be known, that you are the only being that doesn't have their fate already written and can change the fates of all those you meet. Now you're guided along your adventure by several companions also trying to use you possibly for their own means which may be to save the world or some unknown agenda.



Please do NOT post spam or discussions in this guide. If any questions, please contact me through VM or PM. If have any tips, feel free to post if they are actually beneficial.


[top]Tips & Strategies

Feel free to PM with any tips or helpful advice you care to share. If beneficial enough, I'll include it and give you a credit.

* Keep in mind that for all trophies that require a certain amount of actions being done, such as pickpocketing and dispelling wards, at this current time must be done all on one file. It does NOT record across all plays so keep in mind to work towards it with one character.

* Partly through the game, when you have reached a level where you can upgrade a full skill tree (Detect Hidden or Alchemy max) you can go to a fateweaver to reset your destiny and then save. Now upgrade whatever trophies you say, crafting an epic gem.. Upgrade your skills making sure to get sagecrafting up to the point needed as well as anything else too. Then craft it, then reload, level up and set your skills for another such as Blacksmithing this time. Repeat as needed for all trophies if don't want to bother with training as often. Try this around level 20-25 and you can fully level a couple skills allowing a few trophies at a time.

* Don't let your armor or weapons ever break. Keep a supply of repair kits on hand always. If something does break, it will provide no benefits from your gems or health bonus, etc and provide no armor or attack. Keep in mind while exploring and questing to avoid this from happening especially on hard mode.

Storage Space Backpack Locations
Running low on space? Buy a Backpack to increase your load capacity by 10 items.

1. Gorhart Inn, Gorhart, Dalentarth
2. Asker's Alley, Ysa, Dalentarth
3. Mel Shenshir, Klurikon
4. Domus Politica, Adessa, Detyre
5. Scholia Arcana, Rathir, Plains of Erathell


Store all your items in any houses in your stash chest when you don't want to get rid of them. You can retrieve all items from any chest so no worries about forgetting where you stored something in specific. Throughout the game, you can acquire different homes for storing supplies, changing your appearance, or for you personal skill needs.

1. In Canneroc, after completing the quest, A Tangled Web, you're given a house by the people. Gossamer End is house.
2. In Adessa, you're given a house as soon as you arrive. Be careful as it may be a trap, but I'm not saying anything. Sandstone Villa is house.
3. Archsage's Quarters, given as reward for completing the Scholia Arcana questline. Archsage's Quarters

Skill Books
There will be atleast one skill book per skill (Blacksmithing, Detect Hidden, Sagecrafting, etc) for you to acquire through each game. List coming shortly of basic locations. Note: You do NOT have to take the books, but simply read them for the skill to become permanently activated. Even if you reset your skills through a Fateweaver, these will remain in effect throughout the game. Also, some locations may change, but I will list where I obtained them from. So far it seems they may switch around, but you shall still retrieve from roughly same locations. Keep in mind when leveling up to save at least one skill upgrade away so you can spend the point in another area since you'll obtain a skill book for that one point.

Dispelling: Dalentarth. Upstairs in the Ballads Library, located in Haxhi. You first need to complete Ballad of Sir Sagrell for the Ballad Signet Ring to unlock the door. Skill book will be in a Fae Cache.

Sagecraft: Dalentarth. Near the St. Hadwyn's Mission, there is a hidden well that you can discover that will contain this skill book.

Alchemy: Plains of Erathell. Cradle of Summer (South of the region within a Hidden door east of Ural Tusk)

Lockpicking: Inside the Oriator's Tomb, in a locked chest within the first room

Detect Hidden: Award in the "Going Rogue" quest for the Travelers.

Stealth: Award in the "Classic Misdirection" quest for the Travelers

Blacksmithing: Located in the Hall of the Firstsworn in a chest within the first room

Persuasion: Located in the Livarium in region of Adessa in Detyre. Complete the quest, "Paper Trail", and it will be located where the treasure is.

Mercantile: Located after you get the house and mine in Adessa, after you upgrade the house 3 times you will find it upstairs on the bookshelf. TIP: Provided by Myrlyn.

Always stop and pray at the many shrines you pass by in your travels. They are represented on the map as green dots so they are easy to spot even if you aren't looking for them. You receive a free temporary, but effective stat bonus for praying and they will stack with each other and any bonuses you are already receiving as long as it's not the same shrine bonus.

So, apparently when you get caught and bribe your way out of the situation with the guards, unlike most games, you get to keep everything you may have stolen be it prison keys to just random weapons from the blacksmith you murdered. And fines are very cheap honestly with the way you get gold in the game so use this to your advantage if a situation arises.

Always try to use any trainers before you level up OR at least go back later when you can to a fateweaver and visit any trainers you've passed. They will upgrade one point into your skill they train and will save a level up point. There will be a trainer or two in each city and you'll find them constantly in your journeys. In later areas, you will find more advanced trainers. Also some trainers won't be avaialbe all the time AND you may need to complete a quest first. Keep in mind.

Garden of Ysa Trainers
Beginner Blacksmithing
Beginner Alchemy train
Beginner Detect Hidden
Beginner Dispelling
Beginner Sagecraft

Master Trainers
Mel Shensir, Klurikon - Blacksmithing
Mel Shensir, Klurikon - Detect Hidden
Mel Shensir, Klurikon- Mercantile
Mel Shensir, Klurikon - Persuasion
House of Sorrows, Klurikon - Dispelling
Caeled Coast(camp near Seawatch), Klurikon - Lockpicking
Balor's Crossing, Klurikon - Sagecraft
Stealth - ???
Alchemy - ???

Here will be listed some Fateweavers found throughout the game so that you can easily locate them in case you forget their location.
Agarth - Moves around based on story
Arvia - Dalentarth, House of Ballads
King Titarion - Dalentarth, Garden of Ysa

Skill Building Help

View this link to check out how to level and build your skills to see where they will go.
Created by 38 Studios, Submitted on the site by Koimia.


Start off the game on Hard difficulty setting if you want to obtain the platinum in one playthrough. Simply play through completing all main questlines and referring to the trophies for any special bosses or occurrences throughout the game. After you complete the story, any other trophies can be obtained after you change the difficulty to Normal or Easy if you prefer. Most trophies are obtainable as you play through the story with an accumulation of stats, such as lockpicking and persuasion challenges. Simply take care of these as you play and after the story you can finish up any that you may not have completed yet.

Throughout the story you should achieve the numerous unmissable story trophies: Reborn, No Destiny, All Determination, Turning the Tide, Hero of Mel Senshir, Destiny Defiant, & Destiny Dominated.

Throughout your playthrough, you can try to complete the Warsworn, Scholia Arcana, Travelers, House of Sorrows, & House of Ballads questlines. As you complete the game, you can finish up anything left in these quests.

In time you will achieve various trophies: House of Ballads, House of Sorrows, Scholia Arcana, Travelers, & Warsworn.

Also as you are questing and exploring the worlds of Amalur, try to dispel all chests, lockpick, pickpocket, parry, and search for lorestones/reagents. This will save time later in the game for any Clean up you may need.

During the game as you level you will obtain a certain number of skill points that can go into a number of abilities. The number will be limited and you have a level cap of 40 so keep in mind as you play that you won't be able to obtain them all right together. You will have to invest points into one main skill tree and then afterwards, you can reset your skills by visiting a Fateweaver in the game. Also keep in mind that you can find skill books for a permanent bonus point into each skill tree so save a level up for something different if you have yet to acquire the book.

You will definitely need to max out the Blacksmithing Skill tree and Sagecrafting skill tree. These are required for the trophies: Master of the Forge,Romancing the Gem, Shop Class, &Diamond in the Rough.

Also, you will need to invest some points (about 4 or 5) into the Persuasion skill tree, Detect Hidden skill tree, Alchemy skill tree, & possibly some into Lockpicking, Pickpocket & Dispelling depending on how much difficulty you have normally. These skills will help you various trophies: A Wink and a Smile, Open Sesame, Breaking and Entering, Where's My Wallet?, It didn't Explode!, Elixir of Fate, The Great Detective, &Green Thumb.

Most of these will come through normal playing of the game as long as you take every opportunity to do so. As you level refer to the skill tree when you upgrade to see how you should proceed with your points. No worries as I have mentioned several times throughout the guide, you are capable of re-speccing your skills and can change them to fit the circumstances if you need to blacksmith instead of go for reagents for example.

Talents & Destiny
Also, as you level up you gain access to certain talent trees: Finesse, Might, & Sorcery. There are three specific trophies that require you to spec in a particular way for these talents and you can acquire all of them without much work. When you level you gain destiny cards based on your talent points. Each time you level up again, you may change this card to another if it's available and you have the required minimum number of talent points necessary. Refer to the trophies in the guide for necessary stat and talent numbers required.

Jack of all Trades - This is acquired by having a mix of all three talents and can be obtained at level one. Simply put two points into each talent tree and select the destiny card that becomes unlocked that utilized all three talents.

Some of This, Some of That - This is acquired by mixing up your talents only into two of the trees such as Finesse & Might. You will need minimum of six points in each tree so this will take a bit more time than the last trophy. Select the Duelist destiny card and the trophy is yours.

It is your Destiny - This is the top tier destiny. For it, you will need invest the minimum number of talent points required for the sixth tier destiny and have them put all into one talent. Also, you may have the top tier destiny for the mix talent classes as well. Simply refer to the sixth tier of the destiny cards and notice the number required. Level up and diverse your points accordingly and you will have no issues.

Throughout playing the game, you should take the time to refer to some of the combat related trophies. Try and use your abilities mixed in with your normal fighting style to take care of the these trophies. Work for completing the specific number of kills for Bandits and Niskaru as well as killing five enemies at once with a fateshift, and then using your abilities such as spells and traps to kill the 500 enemies required for each specific trophy. You will acquire the several trophies with ease as long as you're careful how you fight. For some, you will have to level up a certain talent tree such as Finesse, Might, and Sorcery to unlock the abilities required for some of the trophies. You will have to unlock the trapping ability, parry ability, backstab ability, as well as fight some enemies in a particular manner.

Trophies: Reckoning Rampage, Niskaru Slayer, Out of Your League, Cleaning up the Streets, Blades of Glory, Foiled Again!, Trapper, Riposte!, Would you like Fries with That?, Shock and Awe, And then there were None, They Never saw it Coming, &

Clean Up
As you play, you will probably find many of the reagents, granted a couple are harder to acquire and find a good number of the lorestones. Many trophies such as the ones for lock picking & dispelling, you will acquire over time naturally, but after the end of the game you will want to clean up any of these trophies for your platinum. If you've upgraded all your skills, you will have lorestones shown on your map and be missing only a few of each. Refer to your skills to see how close you are to rest of your persuasions and lockpicking if you don't know how many more you need. Take the time to finish enemies with your abilities and parry constantly to save any grinding time for these trophies as well.


Awarded all trophies.

This trophy is obtained by achieving all other trophies in the game. Good luck.

You were reborn from the Well of Souls, and have escaped Allestar Tower.

Story Related. You will achieve this trophy once you complete the opening quest, "Out of the Darkness" and escape Allestar Tower. You will face your first boss here, a rock troll, but it should be no challenge. Simply get used to the controls and block his two club slam attacks and counter attack. Make sure to take out the three tuatha guards here first to make the battle easier. After a cutscene and you appear outside in the world, the trophy will pop.

No Destiny, All Determination
You have met High King Titarion, and have been confronted with the true scope of your powers.

Story Related. You will find a Codex of Destiny at a point in the story and after meeting with Agarth and Alyn Shir, you will be tasked with taking it to the High King, Titarion. You first must gain an audience with him by meeting Nyralim, who then of course sends you to do some task to test you first. You'll be sent to face a powerful troll named Gnarsh.

Take care of this and then you will be granted access to the Gardens of Ysa by Nyralim to meet the King and begin The Coming Storm quest. Talk with him and present the codex. He of course reads your fate and sees as everyone else has so far, but requests that you help stop Gadflow and his god. After this and the quest is complete, you will obtain your trophy.

Turning the Tide
A ruse has baited Octienne into betraying the necromantic nature of his experiments.

Story Related. You will obtain this trophy after you have defeated the gnome Templar Octienne in the Main Story quests.
After the King Titarion interprets the Codex of Destiny, you're to go speak with Agarth in Deteyre and Aleyn Shyr. After speaking with Agarth, he wants you to go meet with the gnome Templar Octienne Who then wants you to find the other gnome, Hughes. Go search him out in Deteyre and save him from the zombies & assassins. Hughes and you discover Octienne's trickery and devise a plan to get him to talk to you both. Now travel to Adessa when you are finished catching up with Hughes. Meet with another Templar here who tells you she can't help without a confession from Octienne, so go confront him for one yourself.

Battle with Octienne
After you mention it, he will attack you and you're forced to battle him. He'll run down the piers summoning many assassin guards out to kill you along the way while blasting spells back at you. Kill any assassin as you need and attack him as he charges up his ice bolt. Dodge when he hurls fireballs and attack during his openings and you won't have any issues. At times, he'll cover himself in a veil of energy so simply dodge his moves while taking out the assassins at this point, then resume all attacks on him. After you defeat him, speak with the Templar again and she says that he's under arrest essentially and you will complete this quest. The trophy will pop after you have finished speaking with her and Hughes shows up.

Twist of Fate award
+5% experience bonus

Relevant Quests
* The Coming Storm
The meeting with King Titarion after you're accepted into the Garden of Ysa and interpret the Codex of Destiny to discover the Tuatha plight with Gadflow and his God.

* An Old Friend
After meeting with Agarth in Deteyre and you're sent to meet with Octienne, you learn that Hughes is still alive and you're to meet him. However it's a trap and you're both expected to be killed.

* Enemies in High Places
Devise a plan to capture Octienne and make him confess which turns into him trying to kill you to save his hide. His plan fails and he's captured by the other Templar and you learn of your next step in seeking out the Tuatha

Hero of Mel Senshir
You have defeated the great Balor.

Story Related.You will achieve this trophy after you have defeated the Balor enemy and won the battle at Mel Shensir during the Main story quest. You will begin the quests related to this story after you've been to meet King Titarion and go to meet with Alyn Shir in the Plains of Erathell.

Quest: The Great General

In this quest, you assist the general Tilera in her plight to stop the Niskaru and prepare for a battle with the Tuatha at Mel Senshir. You start with helping her open the gates to the dungeon of Urul-Tusk and retrieve a mighty weapon, known as the Piercing Light. As you proceed through, you'll battle countless niskaru and another big baddie. Your boss at the end is a giant Ice Niskaru tyrant. Reckoning him and stay close behind to avoid most of his attacks. Every so often, he'll cause an ice explosion around him so watch out if he looks like he's breathing in and starts to glow. Evade as he swipes at you and keep on the pressure. After you defeat him and Tilera has her spear the quest will be complete.

Quest: Breaking the Siege
Now you have problems as the ruling council won't sent any ships and troops to Mel Senshir for the battle. You're sent to reason with Elund Carth to get the approval needed for soldiers and help. After talking with him, go down to the docks to meet with the captain and travel to Mel Senshir for war. Once arrived, prepare for the battles ahead and let the commander know. You'll be seeking out Malwyn, to break the alliance with him and the Balor, which is a Niskaru Lord.Now enjoy yourself a cool cutscene as the battle starts and join in yourself after it's over. Battle your way through the Tuatha, with the help of any soldiers you have until you meet back with Tilera and find Malwyn. Defeat him now.

Defeating Malwyn
He'll have the Balor helping somewhat in the battle so watch out. Every so often, Malwyn will disappear and the Balor will gaze down at the battlefield striking with a lightning blast that will track you.. evade or dodge when this happens and continue attacking Malwyn when he's back. Parry his blows and counter attack and he'll go down with no issues. Evade or block normally if you can't parry, and after his three strike swings, attack him back. Continue until he's defeated and you get a cutscene of the Balor being set loose and Tilara's death.
Here you will get a couple chances for some persuasion attempts as well. Talk to Captain Mys, after you fight the Prismere troll and convince him to fight with you. He will probably die when crossing path with the Balor blasting down so don't expect much. Proceed out onto the path and be prepared as the final battle with the Balor is coming up

Battle with The Balor
This will probably a very easy battle. He will use mainly three different attacks, one being a claw swipe across so block or evade this. The other he will use his gaze attack and you can block it, but still take damage. Simply run straight ahead in front of him and it'll miss you completely. His other attack is a slaw slam, in which it will get stuck and your opportunity to attack (if you're not long range or spellcaster as you can still aim and hit his eye anytime). When you've done enough damage, he will fall over so use your Reckoning here OR simply wail on him until he gets back up. Repeat this process until he's defeated.

At the end, you will have a slight QTE that you'll need, but it's mainly rapidly pressing one or two buttons, including the experience multiplier for you so don't mess up that. Near the end of the battle, watch out as he will not swipe around with his gaze, but does an "uppercut" with it so just step out of the way if he leans in close to do the gaze. Congratulations, you've defeated the Balor and won the battle that was destined to be lost

Twist of Fate awarded
+4% experience
+6% Damage

Destiny Defiant
You have defeated Tirnoch, and defied destiny.

Story Related. You will achieve this trophy after you have defeated the final boss, Tirnoch and watched the ending narrative. Once the credits pass and it shows your character awaken, you will acquire this trophy.

Taking Vengeance
Proceed on through Alabastra, whether you helped the House of Pride or not, and battle your way through to the House of Vengeance. You'll fight past several swarms of Tuatha, With Agarth & Cydan helping you along the way. Now you meet Cur, a protector of the House of Vengeance, defeat him and note that he fights similarly to Dren did. Watch for his three blow strikes and counter-attack. It will be a bit tough to stun him so strike a couple times and back off. Sneak in when he's focused on your comrades and then evade if he changes course for you. When he's defeated loot his corpse and talk with Agarth again. Proceed forward to enter Bhaile. Battle through more tuatha with the aid of Alyn Shyr now. Finally face off with Gadflow himself.

Battle with Gadflow
He's a spellcaster so use any potions that will protect damage vs different manner of spells. Also, he will begin the battle making copies of himself. You can kill them and cause a bit of damage to his overall health, but ultimately go after the real one if you can. Use your reckoning to make short work of all of them. You even get a bit of experience for kiling his copies so take them down for a level up before you finish him and proceed to take down Tirnoch. Once you diminish so much of Gadflow's health, he will cause these runes to appear on the ground that will explode should you go over them AND he will begin hurling fireballs across the area. Dodge this ever how you can and run towards him staying in between the runes. If you can get close to him before he begins, you can easily evade just as he shoots a fireball out and be clear of the runes. Once you defeat him, he'll run off so give chase along with Alyn Shyr.

Reckoning Quest
Battle with Tirnoch

You'll battle through more tuatha now and enter an area of Amethyn. Here you will have to battle splinters of fate of yourself, but they aren't nearly as powerful so no worries and just take them down. Proceed forward and prepare yourself to face Tirnoch. If you've listened to your comrades so far, you'll know that Tirnoch is a giant all powerful dragon that's sealed away and you must make sure she doesn't get out. When you begin the battle, she will constantly suck away your Fate energy and use it to create splinters of fate. Kill them to regain your fate energy and once you have a full bar, you MUST use your reckoning ability. This will cause Tirnoch to get hit and fall giving you some hits in until it runs out. She will create more splinters of you along with swiping around the battlefield with her head so watch out, but it won't cause that much damage if you have decent armor. Kill the splinters and use Reckoning ability as it fills.

As the battle progresses, she'll begin summoning three splinters of fate at once, so watch out. Battle becomes even easier if you have some fate potions on you so craft some before going into the fight if you desire a quick and easy win. When you have depleted her health, you can notice the prompt on the screen, but you must step back away from her to a certain point in the middle of the area. The camera will kinda hurt this and be a bit confusing, but once you hit it, the battle will be over. You will have your experience mulitplier prompt next so get as much as you can. Congratulations, you've completed the main story of Kingdoms of Amalur and receive a new Twist of Fate.

Twist of Fate
Destiny Defiant
+ 5% damage
+ 5% damage resistance
+ 10% mana and health

After the battle and some narrative from Alyn Shyr, you awaken in Rathir. Go outside your room and speak with Agarth and now you're free to roam the world as you see fit to finish off any Lorestones or sidequests.

Destiny Dominated
You have won the game on Hard difficulty.

For this trophy, you will have to begin a new game on the Hard difficulty setting and can NOT change it at all throughout the game. Upon completion of the final quest, you will achieve the trophy. Side quests that aren't pertinent to the main quest may be skipped if simply running through for the trophy. As you play through the story on Hard difficulty, you will always want to stop by in towns and either buy or craft healing/mana potions. Keep a constant supply of them. Practice evading and timed blocking as well to alleviate from wasting potions as much to save a bit of gold and resources.

When in combat, try to sneak and single out enemies so that you aren't taking on mobs as this will get you killed later in the game. Try to never rush a situation and be a bit strategic at first. For any boss battles, try to save a Reckoning as this will make short work of any foe or save you in a pinch with a huge mob. Later, upgrade your Alchemy skill so that you can craft master potions such as a Fate potion that gives you a full Reckoning right then. Keep in mind, while it seems like a challenge, Hard isn't that much worse than normal so just a small difference anyways.

NOTE: All other trophies may be achieved on any difficulty once you have completed the Main Story questline.

House of Ballads
Completed the House of Ballads storyline quests.

This questline will begin when you reach the area of The House of Ballads in the north section of the Odarth region in Dalentarth. Several quests in the game will lead you here so expect to see the residential Fae often. Complete all quests in this questline and you will receive the trophy.


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House of Sorrows
Completed the House of Sorrows storyline quests.

A man named Bisarane will contact you while you're traveling to Foe's Hearth from Cursewood in the Main Story, after the battle at Mel Senshir. Tell him you'll help the House of Sorrows and this will begin the questline. Complete it for the trophy.


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Scholia Arcana
Completed the Scholia Arcana storyline quests.

You will need to complete the Scholia Arcana questline for this trophy. This questline can be started when you first go to the Garden of Ysa in Dalentarth during the main story. In here, you can find Docent Augra Tenet in the Scholia Arcana area in south of Ysa city. Speak to him about joining and this will begin your quest.


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Completed the Travelers storyline quests.

The traveler's questline will begin in Dalentarth in the Haxhi region at a location known as Star Camp. Here you will be invited to join by another member of the group and sent to speak with the leader. This begins the "The Guided Hands" quest in which you are sent to steal three different items to prove your worth before you're allowed to join the travelers.


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Completed the Warsworn storyline quests.

During your travels, you will most likely pass through the region of Yolvan and enter Shieldring Keep. Here you can begin the Warsworn questline. Also, you can be referred to the Warsworn by completing a quest to retrieve three Red Legion daggers for a man in Didenhil. Simply complete the entire questline and you will achieve this trophy.


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Reckoning Rampage
Killed 5 enemies with a single Fateshift.

To obtain this trophy, you will need to activate the Reckoning ability and then kill five enemies before using your fateshift power. Reckoning is activated when you have a full fate meter and press & simultaneously. When you have killed all your enemies, you will see a prompt to press the button to use the fateshift. Do this now and you will achieve this trophy.

NOTE: When your Reckoning mode is active, your fate meter will steadily decrease until it's emptied or you use the fateshift, which will drain it completely so keep in mind. Also when you fateshift, you have another option to rapidly press another button(, , , ) to increase the experience multiplier for the kills.

Niskaru Slayer
Killed 25 Niskaru.

This trophy will come with normal playthrough of the game through the Main Quest alone, but if you take on many sidequests and the factions, you will achieve it much quicker. Definitely taking on the Warsworn missions will give you plenty of opportunities for the trophy.

***Niskaru Farming***
Get a quest from Nell in Ayten, Plains of Erathell, to go play these four windstones located in Ayten Circle.Here you must play a certain tune with the stones encircling the area. Play them wrong and a niskaru shows up. Correct order is from the Lowest stone to highest stone. Lowest, Low, middle, High, Highest. Do NOT select the correct orders as it will complete this section and end your farming. It's pointless to farm them as you will get it story related anyways, but it's possible here.

Main Quest, "The Great General, will have you battle many niskaru in succession and even if you hadn't killed one, it's possible to achieve the trophy at this point.

Out of Your League
Killed an enemy 4 levels higher than you.

*Missable. During the course of the game, you should proceed a bit further out of the area you're currently questing in so that you may encounter a higher level enemy for this trophy. You will know that the enemy is higher level by the color of it's name, so you will be looking for a red enemy so to speak. Yellow will indicate an enemy is around your level, while orange means they are slightly higher leveled than you, and red will mean four levels or more. When you face this threat, you will definitely want to try and single them out even if you are playing on the easier difficulty. Simply defeat the foe and you will obtain this trophy.In the beginning of the game, when you are lower leveled, there will be more chances and opportunities to encounter this increased threat. More of the guards will be higher leveled from you in the towns, however late in the game you will find they become near your level as well.

A tip from NytemareRulez, you can go to jail and free a prisoner as they will be higher level than you(red enemy at level 3 for me). Simply pick the lock, sneak past the guards and collect your gear. Pull the level to open the cell nearby and kill the prisoner. He will mostly cower in fear, so wail on him as quick as you can before guards get involved. Do this in Gorhart, just pickpocket someone and select go to jail. This will also grant you the Jail Break trophy when you bust out. The guards also will be higher than you, but fully armed so their battle will be much tougher.

Save a reckoning for the battle so you'll have the upper hand, even if fighting a mob of higher leveled enemies. Try and take on something that you may know what's it's weak against to have another advantage on your side.

NOTE: It's labeled missable as later in the game, it becomes that much harder to locate higher leveled enemies than you so go for this early as you can in the game and you might need to do it around levels 1-3. Also, if after you complete the game, you still haven't achieved this trophy, but aren't higher than about level 30-32ish, you may find a chance to fight a RED enemy inside the Primordia cave, unlocked after you beat Tirnoch. Their will be normal enemies inside up mostly, but you can find two Chicken Overlords there. They use flamethrower attacks and shoot poison eggs at you, but are otherwise harmless and will simply run about each other.

They were orange labeled, if I remember correctly when I was level 36-37.

Cleaning up the Streets
Killed 50 bandits.

For this trophy, you simply need to slay over 50 bandits throughout the game. In the first few areas of Dalentarth, like Odarth and nearby dungeons, for example, you can find plenty enough of the Red Legion Bandits to earn the trophy, but need not waste time grinding for it unless you really want to. Just keep exploring around checking into all the legion camps around the world and keep slaying them until you earn your trophy.

Blades of Glory
Acquired 10 Unique weapons (Special Delivery weapons excluded).

This trophy will be obtained through normal playing of the game most likely if you're the type to explore and open every chest you come across. Most of the unique weapons are simply higher leveled gear, but will NOT be in one certain location or another. Sometimes you'll receive some type of loot or retrieve it in a quest as a reward, but most of the unique weapons will be found at random and by luck. Just explore the world of Amalur until you have found your ten weapons for the trophy. The Detect Hidden skill will make this even easier as it will allow you to find secret doors and treasures throughout the world and this means more chances to discover these weapons.

NOTE: Unique weapons are ones that are colored Purple and often sell very good. Always try to hold onto them even if you don't want to equip them or the gear you find as if can wait until reach a town, you can exponentially increase your gold by thousands.

Foiled Again!
Parried 100 times.

For this trophy, you will need a shield and a couple enemies. Simply wait for them to attack you, and then block just before it hits and you will do a parry. It will slow down for a brief moment and have some glow between you and the enemy as you knock them back.

Pick an enemy that you can read their moves easiest for the parry's. Then simply farm an area of them until you get your parry count. Note that you will need to do an ability(Riposte) out of parry so you can reserve going for the trophy until you're set on that. Try to parry throughout the game normally and then once you unlock that ability, finish off any you have remaining. You have to parry 100 times so be a while just sitting there over and over.

Found it easiest to parry the barghest enemies as they are a bit slower than wolves and attack more reserved. Simply watch for them to raise onto their hind feet and claw you and then put your shield up. Any enemy that you can block and is easiest for you will work.

Killed 25 enemies with traps.

To acquire this trophy, you will need to start with upgrading your finesse skills in order to acquire the trapping skills. Now you'll need to use these traps to kill atleast 25 enemies. Easiest to set a trap in front of you while sneaking near a group of enemies and then shoot near them to get their attention so when they come running, they go through your traps. Also helps to save the game and set difficulty on easy so enemies are weaker and to weaken them first before allowing them to trip the traps.

Landed 25 special attacks out of Parry.

For this trophy, you will need to invest at least 50 points into either the Might talent tree or Finesse talent tree as well as unlocking the Brutal Weaponry talents up to III or the Precise Weaponry talents up to level III. Doing this and acquiring the next talent of Weaponry IV for either Might or Finesse, you will gain the ability Riposte' or Punishment and allows for special attacks from parry.

NOTE: If you go for the triple class destiny and get the top tier version of Universalist, it unlocks all weapon mastery abilities so keep in mind if you don't have enough points invested yet, though you should if you put them all into one grouping rather than divide, but one method on how I accomplished it.

Would you like Fries with That?
Landed 100 complete attack chains.

You will achieve this trophy when you successfully land over 100 full attack chains. Each weapon has different pattern chains so experiment around with different ones, but this trophy will come in time with normal playing as long as you keep attacking with your weapon until the end of the chain. This is noticed by a slightly slower but stronger hit such as a slam with the hammer or downward heavy slash with the longswords. Afterward, there's a pause and you continue attacking as normal with a new chain. Easily accomplished on Normal and Hard as enemies will take more hits before dying and if you attack groups of enemies to ensure your chain is constant.

Shock and Awe
Killed 100 enemies with abilities.

For this trophy, you will need to kill 100 enemies using your abilities such as Comet Dash or Quake and includes any of your spells you acquire. Abilities are used by holding the button and then selecting either , , , or buttons. As you level up and invest more points into your skill trees, you will acquire different abilities to aid you during the game.

And then there were None
Killed 500 enemies with abilities.

For this trophy, you simply need to kill 500 enemies with your abilities. For more information, refer to Shock and Awe.

Landed 5 consecutive hits on a launched enemy.

This trophy will take a little bit depending on how good your attack timing is. Firstly, equip a pair of daggers in either the primary or secondary slots and the longsword in the other. Try and single out one enemy and use the longsword's upward swing to launch them into the air then immediately start attacking with your daggers. Will take a few tries, but practice makes perfect. I accomplished with no effort so not too hard.

For the upward swing attack, you need to strike once and then give a slight pause and then attack. Should do the attack if timing was right. Also, you're capable of transitioning between primary and secondary attacks very easily to help the chain with the enemy launched up.

NOTE: There are other weapons capable of launching enemies as well, but will require skill upgrades in order to unlock. Method listed was the one I found easiest and quickest for the trophy.

Elixir of Fate
Made a potion with the Essence of Fate.

For this trophy, you will need to harvest or find an Essence of Fate reagent and then craft it into a potion. I recommend saving before hand if you are trying to brew something without know the ingredients so that you don't waste your essence of fate. Some special enemies will drop them sometimes in case you are having difficulty locating and acquiring them.

Keep in mind that you also will need a fully leveled Alchemy skill as well in order to brew Master Potions that involve the Essence of Fate. You could use potions that increase your alchemy by one if you're one level away from the Master rank maxed out as well to save an ability.
4 Essence of Fates = Fate Potion for a easy and very useful one.

It didn't Explode!
Made a stable potion by experimenting.

For this trophy, you will need to locate an alchemy table in one of the towns, like Gorath for example. Simply select to experiment with crafting potions and select any of your reagents that seem similar to mix into a stable potion. If they don't mix right, you'll get an unstable potion that has different & random effects. Listed soon will be some basic potion recipes along with some very helpful ones during the game.

NOTE: If you have the alchemy skill fully leveled, all alchemical recipes will be available and open.

Some sample recipes to use are Black Cohosh and Emebereyes for a minor healing potion. Try and mix ingredients that have similar descriptions for better results and increase skills in the Alchemy set for more reagents and possibilities.

Green Thumb
Harvested 10 of each type of reagent.

Throughout the game, you will happen across plants that you can interact with and harvest reagents from. These are used for crafting and potions and the chances of acquiring said reagents are based on your alchemy skill level. For the trophy, you will need to acquire at least 10 of each of the 20 different reagents in the game. You can collect and craft as you get them as long as you have eventually collected minimum of 10 overall for each. List coming soon as completed, work in progress and formatting to be updated as get info in. Most reagents are found all throughout the world, whilst some are little bit more rare than others. There are around 20 different reagents that you will need to be harvested. The Essence of Fate does not count for these so only the other 19 need to be harvested, but you still need to acquire the 10 Essence of Fates, which will come through harvesting and from using your Reckoning ability.

Be sure to collect all the reagents as you go and make a count of each one until you gather 10. If you won't be brewing many potions, then avoid buying any reagents so you will get a more accurate count on the number you'll need later as well. I ended up needing to go after a White Flake even though I thought I needed Scarab Salts. So be sure to keep up and avoid the time hunting for the wrong one.

NOTE: You will have to harvest them, as collecting from treasure chests or buying does not count towards this. However, the Essence of Fate reagents CAN be bought or acquired from kills. You can still harvest, it's only very rare in in a few locations. Also, reagents will all replenish in about 2 game day's worth of time. So if you know of a good area to farm in, harvest all you can, then leave to do some quests and return later to re-harvest.

Description & Rarity of Each Reagent
  • Embereyes - Very common throughout all of Amalur, glowing red and yellowish plant

  • Black Cohosh - Very common throughout all of Amalur, glowing black and purple jewel looking plant

  • Cripplespore - Common (mostly found in caves and dungeons), brown group of fungus

  • Sky Blossom - Common in Plains of Erathell but found all throughout, bluish colored flower petaled plant

  • Leechwood Bark - Common in areas of Dalentarth(Ettinmere & Webwood) & Klurikon, found all throughout, big greenish cluster of pods growing near bottom of trees

  • White Flakes - Common,(found mainly in caves), White mushroom like plant

- Shardfall (located in Cradle of Summer region of Plains of Erathell) has a good number of this reagent along with Scarab Salts
  • Sativa Fibers - Common, leafy stem like plants

  • Eel Petals - Very common throughout all of Amalur, glowing yellowish green like petals on a stem

  • Ysa's Breath - Very common in Dalentarth, Yellowish flower

  • Scarlet Flowstone - Common mostly found throughout Klurikon and Detyre, dark reddish stone

  • Scarab Salts - Uncommon, Detyre and Plains of Erathell (found mostly in caves and dungeons), bright bluish stone formation

- Shardfall Dungeon (located in Cradle of Summer region of Plains of Erathell) has tons of them in case you had trouble locating
  • Star Thistle - Common throughout all of Amalur, similar to a dandelion

  • Bloodroot - Common mostly found throughout Klurikon & Detyre, dark glowing red flowers over a root

  • Scarwood Bark - Uncommon, found mostly in Dalentarth regions, cluster of purple flowers on a root

  • Softscrabble Powder - Uncommon, look around dungeons in Detyre(found mostly in caves and dungeons), dullish glowing clear stones

  • Seaflax - Uncommon, found mostly in Plains of Erathell & Klurikon, green leafy plant

- Cathrus dungeon in Webwood has several of these reagents
  • Tindertwig - Common, found all throughout Amalur, root with some blue flowers over it

  • Edelweiss - Rare in Dalentarth (common over Deteyre/Plains of Erathell), White blades of weeds protruding in a cluster

  • Prismere Dust - Rare, found mostly near end game areas and in Alabastra, Bright purple like stone formations

- Cynic Quarry in Detyre near Whitewood in Apotyre
- Dark Glow Caverns in Shadow Pass in Alabastra
- Bhaile (all throughout and several spots where you battle Gadflow)
- Amethyn area
  • Essence of Fate - Very Rare to harvest, mostly acquired by enemies defeated with Reckoning ability, white/purple plant with blue flowers and purple and blue swirling light around it. DOES NOT NEEDED TO BE HARVESTED TO COUNT! Acquired by any means works.

Known Locations to Harvest Essence of Fate
1. Located in Ettinmere in north(exact location forgotten)
2. Located in Plains of Erathell, Acatha, north of Skycrown Cavern
3. Located in path between Menetyre and The Hollowlands in a hidden door.
4. Klurikon, Caeled Coast, south of Damalroc dungeon in a little path, sitting near a well thing

Good as New
Repaired a piece of equipment.

Simply repair a piece of equipment and you will achieve this trophy. This is done by using a repair kit item and the blacksmithing skill. Easily accomplished within beginning of the game, in the Allestar Tower when you find 2 repair kit items. Simply use to mend your weapon or armor and the trophy is yours.

Shop Class
Crafted a piece of equipment with Blacksmithing.

For this trophy, you will need to locate a blacksmith's forge, mostly located inside the towns around the world. There is one accessible inside Gorath just beyond the Allestar Glades when you are able to explore the world. Here you will also find a chest containing several components that you will be able to craft with, otherwise, you'll have to locate them throughout the world. However, if you have a few skill levels in the blacksmithing tree, you can find components on enemies as loot that will help you.

Simply craft any item from the basic components and you will achieve this trophy.

Master of the Forge
Crafted an item that uses all 5 forge component slots.

To acquire this trophy, you will need to upgrade your blacksmithing skills to max to first be able to craft items with all five components. Now as with the other crafting trophies, you simply need to acquire the basic components which most are supplied for you sometimes or can be stolen from around the shops and make any weapon utilizing all five slots. These will be acquired by disarming traps and sometimes looted from enemies and chests. Easiest way to gather components is to go into a town and loot the blacksmithing chests. These you are allowed to take anyways, but if you see something you need, simply steal it and pay off the bounty from the guards.

For this, you may need to fully level the Blacksmithing skill in order to be capable of crafting with all five component slots. If you have the Alchemy skill fully leveled, you can brew a Master potion that can help increase your blacksmithing by three to save on points.

NOTE: You may be able to achieve this trophy with only have the first level of the Master tier of the blacksmithing skill tree. As that will allow you to craft a weapon with five slots as the trophy asks for. I did this with blacksmithing fully mastered so can't double check now, but my understanding would say you don't need the max level. Easiest way to achieve is to wait until later in the game and see a fateweaver. Save your game and then reset your abilities and level. Level up boosting whichever skill you want, in this case, Blacksmithing, and craft an item using all components. Then reload and repeat for another skill. Set it back to how you originally wanted to be leveled up when you're finished.

Romancing the Gem
Crafted an Epic Gem.

For this trophy, you will first need to upgrade your Sagecrafting skill to the first rank of the Master Tier level, which requires you be at least level 16. This rank and upgrade will allow you to craft epic gems. There will be an option at a sagecrafting alter for making epic gems so select this and then choose two of your pristine gems to fuse. Doesn't matter what kind you make, as long as one is crafted you will receive the trophy.

Diamond in the Rough
Crafted a Pristine Shard.

For this trophy, you will need to invest about 4-5 points into your Sagecrafting skill tree in order to create pristine shards by combining 2 lambent shards. Simply select to craft a more powerful shard in the Sagecrafting selections (not the normal craft option as this isn't the same thing) and select any pair of shards to fuse. When you have crafted a pristine shard, you will achieve this trophy.

They Never saw it Coming
Backstabbed 20 enemies.

For this trophy, you will need to sneak up on at least 50 enemies and kill them with the backstab technique. This is done by entering stealth mode () with a dagger weapon equipped in either the primary or secondary weapon slot and pressing the if primary or if secondary buttons when it pops up as you sneak up to the enemy. If using daggers and the enemy is weak enough, you will do a one shot killing animation, however, with faeblades you will do critical damage more than normal, but not the one shot kill.

Discovered 100 locations.

You will achieve this trophy after you have located and discovered 100 new locations of the game. Each dungeon, settlement, and area you come across with count towards this and you most likely will located nearly enough by the end of the game. Just try to cover as much of the world when you're traveling as possible and should have no difficulty in acquiring the trophy. This trophy will be easier if you are taking on and finishing many of the game's side quests and faction quests as they take you to many new areas. Check on the Stats page if you are curious of how many locations you've discovered.

The Great Detective
Detected 25 hidden things.

For this trophy, you will need to upgrade your Detect Hidden skill to the point where hidden treasures become revealed. Also if you upgrade it further hidden doors as well become revealed and this will count towards the trophy. These treasures and doors will be shown on your in game map so keep an eye out for them. Treasures will be a treasure box and doors will be a passage way icon. While traveling in just one area such as Ettinmere, you are capable of locating over 25 hidden things for the trophy.

Found all Lorestones.

As you journey through the Faelands, you will sometimes come across a stone pillar of sorts with ancient carvings on them. These contain memories of all the Fae as they have recorded. There are 31 different types of lorestones for you to collect and listen to the stories of. Each type has five individual stone memories to find and listen to, except the final four(Fall, Summer, Winter, & Spring) as these have 10 stones apiece. Collecting all of a set will grant a permanent bonus to your character so they become very helpful as you progress.

I will begin compiling and keeping track as I locate them, but feel free to help as the list will be very extensive in it's own for the size of the game. Posting the Name of the lorestone and then how many are located in the main regions + any that may be hidden, hard to find, and inside a dungeon. Any questions, feel free to ask.

NOTE: If you invest enough points to max out the detect hidden skill, all lorestones will become shown on your map. Very helpful in finding any remaining later in the game or for locating one or two that still are missing from each set. Some lorestones will be in points that are hidden and you need the hidden door skill as well so keep in mind.

Located on the IGN website is listed all locations with images. However, I will still list a basic description for each one that I find throughout playing.

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Read 50 books.

Simply collect all books you find and select to read them. Any skill books and random books you come across inside people's houses will count for this so always read them from the bookcases or any documents you get in quests as these will count. Even if the bookcase is red, indicating you're committing a crime, you can still select it and read the book. As long as you don't take it, but if you do just pay off the fine.

Extra Books

Find a book in the Livarium of Adessa. You will come here during a quest for the Travelers when you need to break into the Adessian Vault for a specific item. Take care of the quest, by locating all 8 of the volumes of Adessa. Then you acquire the Persuasion skillbook. So that's 9 books you get read this way, along with passing by other bookcases through Adessa in each area. This quest and finding Brother Til's collection from a beginning quest will grant you ten more books. Just some extra books that you get paid for and rewarded.

Big Spender
Spent 200,000 gold.

For this trophy, simply spend over 200,000 gold on equipment, repairs, healing, etc throughout the game and you will acquire it. No special need to go for this trophy by wasting gold as you will definitely acquire by games end. However if going for the bribe trophies as well that will count towards spending the amount of gold so keep in mind. If you have several hundred thousand gold on your character at once, you can easily rack up a bounty for over100,000 and then pay it off and repeat. This will easiestly net you the trophy if you are having a difficult time for some reason.

Five Finger Discount
Stole and fenced an item.

For this trophy, simply go into a house within one of the towns and steal something. This will be indicated by the container being shown in red and when you select it, items inside will be shown also with a percentage of how likely you are to get caught. Take anything and then go to the nearest town of Star Camp, nearby Didenhil to the East. Here there will be a trader named Hidon that buys stolen merchandise, regardless if you're apart of the Travelers or not.

Also, if you upgrade your Mercantile skill to max, you are capable of selling all your stolen gear to any merchants in the game. All is required is one stolen item be sold away and the trophy is yours.

Where's My Wallet?
Pickpocketed 20 times.

For this trophy, you simply need to go into stealth mode, , and pickpocket someone from behind while they are unaware of your presence. It will be similar to you trying to steal an object with a percentage to the likelihood of getting caught doing so. It will only count if you are able to pickpocket the person WITHOUT being detected so keep in mind when going for the trophy that you can't just roam all over just grabbing whatever. You are allowed, even if they see you to check their pockets and see the percentage of getting caught before attempting. Keep an eye on the alert icon while you're in stealth around people as the more red it is, the higher the percentage of getting caught will be. Simply go into a town and sneak about near only one person. Take something and then move on to someone else. Try saving before hand so if you get caught but don't want them to be mad at you temporarily, you can reload. Simply pickpocket 20 times undetected so that it registers in the game's system and you will achieve this trophy.

You broke out of jail.

For this trophy, you will need to commit a crime and get put in jail by the guards. When the guards collect you, they'll ask for the fine, resist arrest, or go to jail. Save in a separate file and simply try to pick the lock as needed for the trophy. When you have escaped, you will obtain your trophy and become wanted again. This trophy becomes easier if you have your lockpicking skill upgraded some, so early in the game if you want to knock the trophy out, upgrade it till Very Easy locks are always successful when force picked and you'll have no problems.

A Life of Crime
Got caught committing a crime 25 times.

For this trophy, you may want to save and then reload afterwards if want to grind it and get it out of the way. Simply continuously pickpocket or steal items in plain site so that you are caught and keep going and then bribe off the guards or whatever you want to do. Need to do this 25 times being caught to achieve the trophy.

Crime Doesn't Pay
Spent over 10,000 gold in crime bribes.

For this trophy, you simply need to commit any crimes you can, and then when the guards come to collect you, pay the fines of gold instead of going to jail or resisting arrest. This trophy is easier if you haven't spent many skill points into the Persuasion skill as that lowers the cost of bribes so keep in mind when going for this trophy. You can re-spec your skills later by a Fateweaver in case you want to have this skill upgraded more. Simply go into one of the early towns and keep robbing and pickpocketing people. Also helps to save before hand so you can simply reload afterwards and avoid the gold shortage and waste. This will help in your getting caught committing 25 crimes AND pickpocketing people trophies as well so keep in mind to try for it all together to save time.

NOTE: If you can get a high enough bounty, such as a few assaults and murder or two, and have over 10,000 gold to pay for it, you can do one big bribe for the trophy.

Some of This, Some of That
Unlocked a two-class hybrid destiny.

To achieve this trophy, you simply need to level up and put at least six points each into 2 of the 3 skill trees for Melee, Sorcery, & Finesse. When you do this, it will give you next the option to select a destiny. Pick the one that will use both and the trophy will pop. You can change your destiny cards in the game menu as long as you have the required skill tree points.

It is your Destiny
Unlocked a top tier destiny.

For this trophy, you will need to invest the majority of your points into one particular skill tree of Melee, Finesse, & Sorcery. Also, you can mix them all up and acquire the top tier for the multi-skilled destinies as they require slightly less points than the primary skill and give you more options to play with different abilities. You are able to respec your talents and skills during the game by visiting a Fateweaver to toy around with this if you just wanted to trophy, but wanted your abilities specced a different way.

For this tier of destiny, you will most likely be near level 36-37 before you have enough points into your ability trees. However, it may take you up to level 40.Could be easiest if you want to visit a fateweaver and respec your points simply for the trophy to one specific tier, and then fix it back however you desire after trophy pops. For one tier, takes 109 points into a single tree for the top tier destiny... takes 110 points for a dual class top tier destiny ... and 111 for the triple class destiny. I had to be level 36 which gave me 111 points, so around this level you should have plenty, at least for the single top tier destiny.

Jack of all Trades
Unlocked a Jack of All Trades destiny.

To achieve this trophy, you simply need to put at least 2 points into all three skill trees of Melee, Sorcery, & Finesse. Doing so will unlock a basic Fate for you to choose granting minor increases to points of all three and granting you this trophy.

You are capable of resetting your skills at a later time in case you want to change your skills. Also, best if you don't want to waste the gold, to save before you level up do this and then reload to level up how you want to. Works for Hybrid trophy as well.

Breaking and Entering
Picked 50 locks.

You will achieve this trophy over time after you have picked 50 different locks. They range from Very Easy to Very Hard and is done by rotating the Right Analog stick to a certain angle, and then sliding the bar with the Left Analog stick across until it opens. If you are in the correct place with the right stick, the bar will slide across with ease, but if it's not, then the pick itself will begin to wobble and shortly break.

Open Sesame
Dispelled 50 wards.

Throughout the game, you will come across chests and urns that will have a special purple and black glow to them. These are wards placed on them to increase the difficulty for you to loot the items. For the trophy, you simply need to dispel 50 wards throughout the game. This is done in an unique minigame of ways where your cursor is rotating around in a circle with special glyphs spread throughout. You must select them as your cursor goes over the glyph to dispel it. Dispel all the glyphs in the allotted time and the chest will become dispelled.

The Dispelling skill will make these easier so invest some points into them so that you gain extra tries and more time to complete them. If you fail to dispel it in time, it will explode and damage your character, possibly cursing you as well. You will have plenty of opportunities for this trophy through normal playing of the game, but check into all dungeons and around the world for as many as possible.

NOTE: In Adessa, find the Laboratories and speak to a gnome named Daedinnear. He'll ask that you practice some dispelling and has three chests with wards on them upstairs. He lets you attempt to dispel them and then return to him after you've dispelled at least one. The first set will be Very Easy wards, and then you have two more sets of very easy afterwards. Then he upgrades the wards to Easy for the next three sets. After that, they become Average followed by Hard and Very Hard.

You get three opportunities with each difficulty to dispel the three chests and then he upgrades them basically. These will count towards the total. After playing through the game, you should barely have to go through the first few rounds of very easy and Easy, but go as far as it takes. Unsure if you can keep going after Very Hard, but if you unlock them all, that's 45 total wards dispelled you will have acquired. Tip by Cloudstrife769

A Wink and a Smile
You have succeeded at 50 Persuasion attempts.

Missable Trophy. You will achieve this trophy over time by succeeding at persuasion attempts. As you level up, you will need to put a few points into your persuasion skill in order to be good enough to complete 50. In the beginning, you're likely to fail more than succeed, but give it time and you will achieve your trophy. Try to save often if you're in a town talking to the people so that if you encounter a few speech challenges, you can reload if you fail or leave to level up a bit so you can invest a point or two into upgrading first. Even late in the game with max skill, you have varying percentages so save before attempting or reload if you fail so not pushing the number later in the game.

Also, keep in mind that when you're given choices with NPCs, don't immediately select I'll do the quest or No I won't. If you speak to them about the situation, sometimes, you'll get a new dialogue option and another chance for persuasion attempt. Many persuasion attempts will come with completing the Faction story lines and through sidequests, however the Main Questline will offer you plenty to manage the trophy.

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Bull in a China Shop
Smashed 1,000 objects.

This is yet another trophy that will come in time. Simply all boxes and jars you come across, smash and break them ever how you want to. In time after you have destroyed 1,000 different things, you will achieve this trophy. Breaking everything is a good idea since you get gold from it and it's not a crime. Inside buildings will have tons of boxes sitting around all over so walk through throwing spells around town or your chakrams and you never have to get close. Just make sure you don't accidentally hit on the directional pad as you'll turn on hostile mode and can attack NPCs.. Could end badly.

Note: Enemies' skulls don't count in case you were wondering.

You spoke to someone while not wearing clothes.

This trophy you can acquire shortly into the beginning of the game, but you need only speak with an NPC while wearing no armor or clothing. Go into your inventory and unequip all clothing/armor. Now simply speak to anyone you are able to talk with and the trophy is yours. Also note that you do need to remove your shield for this trophy to pop.

At the beginning of the game, simply remove all armor and then when you rescue the gnome, speak with him like this and trophy will pop. Save trouble later on. Just don't forget to reequip your character afterwards.

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*Firstly, many thanks to the developers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, 38Studios/BigHugeGames, and to Ken Rolsten, Salvatore, McFarlane, and everyone else involved with the creation of this epic game!

* Thanks to NytemareRulez and Kratos for trophy tips and chats about KoA:R! Also thanks to Cloudstrife for his Dispelling tip.

* Thanks to Renegade (Lee) for the Trophy Guide Banner

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