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    Great guide man Almost got my platinum, just the reagents and lorestones left

    for the Wink and a smile trophy, I Received it today only after completing around 100 quests and like 45 hours played. I made sure i upgraded my persuasion skill from the beginning so I havent failed any.

    Fotr the "Juggler" trophy, I found an easier way...just unlock the "arcane weaponry IV" and that took me 50 points in the sorcery skill tree. that has a dodge move that hits the enemy in the air and gets you the 5 hits VERY easily, you dont have to do anything. hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepticacid View Post
    I can unlock a top tier destiny on the finesse tree but I have to fill all the attack type levels up (e.g. mastery 3 of 3, lunge 5 of 5). But with a Twist of Fate card I get +1 to all Finesse abilities so they go to 4 of 3 and 6 of 5.

    Does this actually add a benefit? It seems as though the +1 to abilities "bonus" is completely nullified when your character does the top tier destiny. Any insight on this?

    Also, do kills with the Gambit ability (thrown mines) count toward the Shock and Awe/and then there were none trophy?
    I"m not sure about the Gambit ability, but I would imagine that it would. And there really isn't an added benefit for that, as you said, it's completely nullified.


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