Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: There are None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-40 hours Depending on how good you are at hack and slash games
Minimum Playthroughs: 3-4
Collectible Trophies: Information Junkie, The Finer Things, Witchcraft Collector
Missable Trophies: None, via Chapter Select
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Consistently use L1 it will be your best friend in almost every aspect of the game, and remember to Pick up Gretchen Whenever Possible it will make Touch Too Much a Heck of a lot easier And there are trophies for using Knights Fury and Witches embrace on enemies You'll need to kill about 200 with each of them So just use it. There Are many Lost Pages in the game usually 3-4 per level Use The Guide on how to get the A: Equipment B: Extra Spells C: Lost Pages and Remember to playthrough on squire or page the first time through as to get a good feel on the controls and to get S ranks on all of the mission so you can unlock Spirit Cannon

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


1)Beat the Game on Squire and go for an S rank and try to find all the collectibles (Use The Guide) they are actually quite generous with the time limits on the levels before reducing the rank, remember to do finishers and try and get combos and there's a pretty much guarantee you'll get an S rank. I have found a Collectibles guides Thanks to Breadskin from ********* but i digress... just beat the game on squire and you should end up with over 45% done the trophies through on your first play through

2) play through on Hexen Knight (you get that after beating the game.) Now REMEMBER the difficulty will increase by A bit so get ready for some frustration but this is what this guide is here for Go For the Spirit Cannon On this playthrough because anything you get Will Carry through i.e. Kills for Knights Fury And Witches Embrace and dont worry about not finding a collectible because you can just get it later using chapter select But Also Remember to use Knights Fury and Witches Embrace its 200 kills for knights fury and 200 kills for witches embrace so its simple but just remember to do it

3) Play through on Witchslayer by this time all of your spells should at least be rank 3 (except the extra ones) and if you have the collectibles and S ranks on the levels Just go for Knights Fury and Witches Embrace Kills and rush through. Now the QTE'S will become Erratic not like they are changing the buttons or the sequence but SOMETIMES (and by sometimes i mean 45% chance you'll hit the button but not get a response from the last button needed in the QTE) now for the people who rage ITS OK I hate doing this Crap too but you gotta do it and just rush through the levels but remain patient in the button sequences if you miss one by accident remember what happened like 2 seconds before and prepare mentally and physically and if you keep failing look on the bright side your still alive I sound like a psychiatrist or a douche lol but seriously get ready for Some Frustration hit the buttons quickly

This is my First guide So its Kinda Bad but this is also a RIDICULOUSLY tough game and if you follow my guide you should get Platinum


Supreme Witchslayer
Fully execute your Knights Contract

The Platinum to one of the toughest hack and slash games ever played, good job

Bone Collector
Defeat the witch Straeggele

Story Related Trophy Cant be missed. Just use the spells you have on her and Attack her as much as possible, its the first boss so you won't have many Spells to spam Her With. If you're having trouble with the Quick Time Events Then Click the Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

Ice Breaker
Defeat the witch Trude

Story based Cant be missed QTE (quick time event) spoiler here she is easy just use Mag Mells II rose on her and she will trigger a thing which makes you press Circle Taking her health down by a lot

Toggle Spoiler

You will also unlock Terror which is a new scythe YAY

Fire Fighter
Defeat the witch Holda

Really Annoying use your lance on her as MUCH AS POSSIBLE she has two stages 1st shes on a chariot this is the semi Tough one just whip your lances at her when she pauses in the air and her second form is Her After you throw enough lances in her to make her a Witch Pincushion Use Witches Embrace at the Green/Yellowish Healthbar and throw one more lance and she'll be downed QTE in Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

Until Next Time...
Force Faust to retreat

Hes Pretty Easy to kill just get through the Minions and Then try to whittle his health down with Gretchens Spells and then use Witches Embrace and He will be Downed (there is no QTE)

Storm Stopper
Defeat the witch Trendula

Okay now this thing IS SIMPLE to kill try and Save your Souls To Upgrade The Lance Then whip them at her face use Witches embrace when she gets to the Green/Yellow Health Bar and Throw a spear at her ugly caged face Qte's in Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

Hair Cutter
Defeat the witch Rapunzel

Now As Creepy as this boss may Seem she is Super Easy to kill Just use Lance 1 and 2 and Elizabeths fangs and she will go down Ridiculously Fast Then the QTE

Toggle Spoiler

You also get Fright which is your last scythe you get

Stone Crusher
Defeat the witch Verderinde

Story Related Not missable she likes to fly around so upgrade maars lance to the thirds as well as mag mells rose get her down and throw the lance also use Fafrot Skies to inflict even more damage Rince and Repeat until She dies The QTE is in the spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

To the Fires of Hell
Defeat Faust

Now Children, Faust is one of the toughest bosses ever so take this advice!!

Recommend Spells:
Elizabeth's Fangs
Spirit Cannon
Maars Lance III
Vlads Impaler III

Damage his legs using Elizabeth's Fangs and Vlad's Impaler III and you can stun him sometimes and he wont cast the Beam Attack Always Use Maars Lance Whenever possible and hit his Upper body NOT THE LEGS so you can damage him while he is still Mobile once he falls to his legs use Spirit cannon AND LOCK ON TO HIM and use Vlads impaler III run up do a short scythe combo and then hit him with Knights fury and when hes down ( it will be a long and Grueling Process) The Qte Will be

Form One

Toggle Spoiler

Form Two

Toggle Spoiler

True Peace at Last
Defeat your true enemy

Maars Lance is the way to go on this one Use Colchis Trap 3 Trap her and throw the lance at her head (it sometimes depletes her health in ONE HIT) but Keep Using Colchis trap and the Lance Then The QTE will be
Form 1

Toggle Spoiler

Form 2

Toggle Spoiler

Novice Executioner
Beat the game on Page

see Average Executioner

Average Executioner
Beat the game on Squire

Pretty easy To do you Will get Novice Executioner Difficulty trophies Stack now this one Will be a Semi-Tough trophy and the only bosses you will Probably have trouble with is Holda And Trendula Because you will Fall off the Sides if you arent careful enough but the game really has nothing to it if you follow the other guides and stuff you will probably get about three or four collectibles trophies on this run making sure you have little to nothing left to mop up

Skilled Executioner
Beat the game on Knight

Prett simple But you SHOULDN'T DO IT beat the game on Squire and you'll unlock Hexen Knight Play through on Hexen knight and this trophy will stack with it

Master Executioner
Beat the game on Hexen Knight

Again just a playthrough you get a little bit tougher enemies but other than that Little faster QTE's you should have all of your spells making this one an easy playthrough

Legendary Executioner
Beat the game on Witchslayer

Get Ready For insanity QTE's are faster enemies are quicker React more do more damage But just get to the boss!!! Use Mag Mells rose Maar's lance and Colchis Trap ALOT Dont Forget about Knights Fury and Witches Embrace Those are needed for trophies

The Witch's Ultimate Weapon
Acquire Spirit Cannon

acquire an S rank on all levels (play on squire) all you need to do is just get finishers on enemies (not everyone) try to get a S or A or B rank on Combos, Try not to die and get through speedily kill every enemy Really not much to this one Follow the collectibles guide to ensure you get an S ranks because if you dont get some items it can drop your score

Acquire the Scythe of the Assassin Queen

See IceBreaker

Acquire the Scythe of Imperial Massacre

See Haircutter

Soul Grabber
Collect 10,000 souls

See Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper
Collect 100,000 souls

You will get both of these trophies in the course of your first playthrough. There is also a Pendant Gretchen can get Which Increases the Amount Of Souls Taken from Defeated Enemies The best place to Farm these would be the episode where you force Faust to Retreat and just simply kill every enemy that comes out of the generator but not destroying the generator itself also equipping the Pendant where you get more souls and increased damage will only make this one half as annoying to farm

Combo Master
Attain the highest possible combo rating

Kind of annoying to do but you should get it on squire obtain an S+ Rank on a combo simple to do if you have mag mells Rose Fully Upgraded just trap a weakened enemy perform a finisher and Voila its yours

The Sonic Knight
Perform a 30-hit combo

I found this easiest to do in the Ice level Where the big trees come out just mash the crap out of square and your spells and this should be yours

Take One for the Team
Perform 10 counterattacks while taking enemy attacks

Pretty simple to do just press get Horded on By enemies and focus on one when it attacks and press square

Ring Around the Rosie
Catch and defeat five enemies at once with Mag Mell's Rose

I found this one Easiest to do with Mag Mells rose 2 on the bridge level where you

Toggle Spoiler

but none the less just walk around in a circle CARRYING Gretchen then when they all seem in a bunch use the Rose and you get the trophy

Keeping Healthy
Collect 100 Recovery Items

Health Items are The Little Green Orbs enemies occasionally drop so get Gretchen to walk through them and you'll get it soon enough

Souls United
Defeat 200 enemies with Knight's Fury

Hit L2 And Square or Triangle and Kick some ASS there is also a Book Which Minukelsus Gives you to increase the time spent in Knights fury you should get this one by your 2nd playthrough its Definitly missable if you dont think about it

Her True Strength
Defeat 200 enemies with Witch's Embrace

Kind of the same thing as Knights Fury Just Remember to use it and you should get it by your second or third Playthrough

A Worthy Apprentice
Defeat 50 enemies with the help of Minukelsus

Minukelsus Is such a good Ally The easiest way to do this Is Freeze Bomb Regular Bomb Or His Sword thrust Overall He is just an amazing Ally to have on your team

Growing Power
Upgrade a Witchcraft

just upgrade one of your witch craft I find Mag Mells Rose to be more efficient than Vlads Impaler so I would upgrade that and when you get Colchis Trap from Straeggle consistantly upgrade it and then you will get Maars lance which is an absolute beast of a spell best spells in my Opinion from best to worst

Toggle Spoiler

Witchcraft Collector
Acquire all Witchcraft

Colchis Trap - At the end of Episode 2 from straeggle
Enoch Hammer - From Minukelsus in Episode 3
Schnitter Blade - At the end of Episode 5
Maar's Lance - From Minukelsus in Episode 6
Tannhauser’s Illusion - Episode 6
Hildebrand’s Sword - Episode 9
Elizabeth’s Fangs - Episode 13
Fafrotskies Rain - Episode 15
Kaspar’s Rifle - Episode 20 (Obtained once you've finished the game once)
Spirit Cannon - Episode 20 (S Rank on every level)

The Finer Things
Acquire all equipment

The list of all of the equipment you need to collect are:

* Seal of Vitality - Episode 3
* Seal of the Bond - Episode 4
* Seal of Magic - Episode 6
* Seal of Life - Episode 7
* Seal of the Hunter - Episode 10
* Seal of Wisdom - Episode 13
* Seal of Rage - Episode 13
* Book of Unification - Episode 14
* Seal of Souls - Episode 15
Thanks to Breadskin

Light Reading
Acquire a collection item

UPDATE I got permission See Information Junkie

Information Junkie
Acquire all collection items

I would Like to give a SUPER SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Breadskin, Without Whom most if not all of my collectibles trophies locations would have not even existed Thank you so much!!

Toggle Spoiler

Blood Spilled
Defeat an enemy

see Bloody Massacre

Blood Bath
Defeat 100 enemies

See Bloody Massacre

Bloody Massacre
Defeat 1,000 enemies

Its Simple you should get this by your second or third playthrough just remember to Defeat every enemy You come in contact with, Again if you need to farm. The level you force Faust to retreat from and kill the enemies from the generator

Land a Finisher

see Expertly Executed

Skillfully Executed
Land 100 Finishers

See Expertly Executed

Expertly Executed
Land 1,000 Finishers

pretty simple to do just combo combo spell Circle and your good you should get this by second or third playthrough again if you need to farm, Go To The level you force Faust to retreat from and kill the enemies from the generator

Elegantly Executed
Land 100 Perfect Finishers

There should be a little blue Flash Hit the button at the exact same when it happens and you'll see a more detailed death, Again if you need to farm Go To The level you force Faust to retreat from and kill the enemies from the generator

Head Bangin'
Bash the same enemy into a wall five times

When you get ambushed by Some Armored Guys Kill all but one then pick him up using circle and run into a wall Repeat 4 more times to get 2 bronze trophies

Get 'Em Up
Pick up the same enemy five times

see Head Bangin'

Nice Try!
Repel an enemy's attack 10 times

all you have to do is Press Square whenever an enemy is going to hit and it should block you will get it normally so dont try to go for blocks unless you need to

'Tis But a Scratch!
Experience your first revival

See Its Just a Flesh Wound

It's Just a Flesh Wound!
Revive 50 times

This one you will get in time (not unless you are a Demonic god sent from hell who is the best at hack and slash games) just mash X like theres No Tomorrow!!!

Save Gretchen from enemy attack

See Guardian Knight

Guardian Knight
Save Gretchen from enemy attack 50 times

Now This one you'll get in due time When gretchen gets grabbed by any enemy just slice them up and they will count towards this trophy

Eye Candy
Use Witch's Embrace when no enemies are present

Simple to do L2 And X or O when no enemies are around do this after you find a save spot and reload if you want to keep the witchcraft points

I'm Taking You With Me
Damage both yourself and an enemy with Witchcraft

See Careful With That

Careful With That!
Damage both yourself and an enemy with Witchcraft 10 times

Pretty simple to do just pick an enemy up and use Vlads impaler on him it will damage you both but hey Its a trophy

Touch Too Much
Carry Gretchen around for a long time

You have to Carry Gretchen Around for 2 Hours Which isnt much if you make a habit of picking her up after a battle and carrying her wherever is needed pretty simple you'll get this around your second playthrough

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