Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 6 Hours (depending on skill and luck)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A

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No Cheats, Glitches or Exploits at this time


1. Complete all the "story" missions
2. Get S rank on all missions
3. Get medals on the free play mode whilst getting any trophies you may of missed


Attain S rank on all missions.

For this trophy you have to gain an S rank on all of the missions, this is the hardest trophy by far, 18missions (training missions and free play are not needed for this trophy) that you need to complete and get S ranks on, an S rank will take 1500 amount of points to get an S rank. There is many different ways you can get points on a level, these are not losing lives, completing the level as fast as possible, collecting items and money, gaining big combos and attacking enemies. You'll need to learn the routes and best ways to get the combos and money without sacrificing time and deaths.

Defeat 100 mafia.

YouTube - Town Cleaner.wmv
There are many ways in which you can defeat a mafia, you can simply use the move button to basically kick them when they are close enough, or you can use the same button to hit other movable objects into the mafia like traffic cones and trash bins etc. The last way to defeat a mafia guy is by using a kung fu attack, you do this by pressing either :square: or :triangle: and moving the controller in the direction of the mafia (up down left or right) This trophy can be done across levels and don't have to be done on the one level, you would be getting this trophy between the levels 5-12 depending on how many you kill in each level.

Destroy 100 red signs.

Find the red signs and destroy them i.e the stop signs, they are scattered around the maps, a simple power-dash, or roundhouse kick should do it, i think you can keep going back into a map and destroying the same signs over and over again but i'm not 100% sure about this. You can see how many you have destroyed by checking in the records section

Obtain all collectible medals.

There is 120 medals to collect, 20 on each free play. You can find out how many medals you have in each free play level by looking to the right of the level, you can also see how many medals you have in total in the records section in the main menu.[/CENTER]

Slide for 100m bent backwards.

YouTube - Kung Fu Rider Back Breaker
Follow the video. To perform this action hold the trigger button aka the flick button on the back of the move controller and keep hold of this button until you travel 100m, you do not have to come out of the move to get the trophy, just dont die or crash whilst bending backwards for 100m then the trophy is your if you do crash after the 100m it doesn't matter you'll still get the trophy as shown in the video.

Slide 1000m without crashing.

Pretty hard trophy because basically anything can basically screw you up on this trophy, i got this trophy whilst going for the chain master trophy, the best way to do this is by going on to free play mode and go around in a circle you feel that you aren't going to crash and just go slowly around and around in this circle, a good thing to do also is build a chain of 1 or 2 before you attempt this (kick a couple of guys or do some grinding etc) so you can tell if you crash as the chain will break and go back to zero. Watch the video for tips

Grind for 1000m (cumulative).

YouTube - The Slasher.wmv
Watch video for good sections to grind. To perform a grind you need to jump in the air by point the move controller in the air and moving it upwards, then press the move button whilst in midair over the object that you can grind, you will have to balance your character whilst grinding so they don't fall off. You can grind gates, pipes railings or anything similar to these but mostly you'll be grinding on railings and pipes. This trophy doesn't require for you to do it in one movement it can be done across the levels and crashing doesn't rest your total. You can check how much you have done in the records section at the main menu.

Earn $1,000,000.

YouTube - Sliding millionaire.wmv
As said in the video this can be done across the levels, it is a total and not just earned in one level. you'll probably get anything from 70k to 180k per stage, so if you get an average of 120k per stage you'll get it in approximately 8 or 9levels, and there is 6 levels per section so you should get it through playing the story. You can collect money by completing a level, where you get more money for having more lives left, completing the level quickly and having a high chain etc, you can also collect money in the level as its lying around all of the level.[/CENTER]

Stay airborne for 3 seconds.

Now this trophy is more difficult as the 3 seconds seem to take forever. The best thing to do is build speed get up to a high position and to jump off the edge of the position as shown in the video, I'd say its best to do this in free play mode so you arent' restricted by a time limit or have a limited amount of lives either. You could also get a friend to use a timer to record how long your in the air for. Remember the more speed you have and the higher position you are in the more airtime you're going to get. the best positions to jump off are up the staircases or at the top of construction sites.

Max out Boost within 10 seconds.

This is mainly luck based really. you have 10 seconds to fully fill the boost bar at the top of the screen (it turns a dark red color). this needs to be done in a time limited mission i.e not free play mode. To fill up the bar you need to collect the power up boosts. Do not use the power dash technique when going for this trophy as it depletes your boost bar. take notice the timer of the mission and try and get as many power boosts and chains as possible within the 10 seconds if you failed press reset and try again if you don't feel you can do the map chose a different one.

Bash 5000 objects (cumulative).

Probably one of the most time consuming trophies in the game, basically all you have to do for this trophy is knock down anything from traffic cones, chairs and anything that will fall on the floor. You can bash things by using the kick (move button) or just simply by sliding into it. On my playthrough the story missions i managed to knock over 2000 objects but going for the over trophies you may of missed in free play mode and collecting medals you'll easily bah over 5000 objects

Slide 1000m with Power Dash (cumulative).

To perform a power dash point the move controller towards the screen and thrust it forwards, you collect power boosts needed to do a power dash from the square or rectangle power ups around the level, the bar at the top of the screen shows how much power you have at that moment. You can do this trophy across the levels and you don't have to do it in one level or section as its a total. I would use the power dash down straight streets where there is little or no obstacles in the way. You should get this trophy through playing the story providing you use the power dash in safe situations.

Achieve a 30 chain.

Now this is a difficult trophy because nearly anything can break your chain like mafia, cars, and even bumping into walls and lampposts, so you have to be careful. To increase your chain you can do many things, you could defeat mafia, grind and get boost power ups. A combination of these will work you don't have to defeat 30 mafia or get 30 power ups. Now the best place to do this is in the free play mode and as you can see in the video i only go up and down this one path because in free play mode things respawn after a little while, so it makes it easier as you can just go through the path getting all the chains you feel you can easily get without breaking then go back to the starting point and repeat and keep repeating until you have a 30 chain (there is a counter in the bottom left corner)

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