Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No. There are no cheat codes for this DLC, however there are Clue Hints, which in the main game actually does affect trophies. Clue hints in this DLC pack do NOT affect trophies, so turning Clue Hints on can only benefit you.
Estimated Time to 100%: Depending on if you use the guide, Clue Hints, auto-aim and how much exploration you do, 1-4 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, and possibly 2 if you need to clean up any trophies.
Missable Trophies: Pretty much all 4 trophies of this guide are missable due to the fact that they are hidden and require you to do extremely specific stuff, and that there is no chapter select, so if you miss one, you have to do the whole DLC story over to get to it.
Collectible Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

-Again, turn on Clue Hints. They will not disable trophies for this DLC so they can only help you.

-Feel free to explore a little into areas where nothing is going on. Often times clues are found so far away from everything else, because one wouldn't normally think to look so far away when everything else is right there.

-You will get 5 intuition points at the start of the case. Use these if you get stuck on where to go, what you should be doing or where a certain clue is.

-During certain sections where you are required to drive some place or go somewhere, do so in a hurry, because a lot of times you might miss something if you get there too late.

-Turn on auto-aim. This will make not only the combat easier, but it'll also make the trophy Bulletproof Windshield a lot easier too.


If you go directly where your objectives are, inspect all the clues right away, and use the guide, you can have this entire DLC pack done in about an hour or so. The story itself is pretty straightforward and easy, combat shouldn't give you too much trouble. Follow the video guide below for a full walkthrough of this DLC pack in its entirety:


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Video credit goes to GTA Series Videos


The Big Unfriendly
Complete 'Nicholson Electroplating'.


This trophy will be earned once you have completed the case. For a full video walkthrough, please see the roadmap above. Even if you missed unlocking a trophy or two in this DLC pack, once you complete the case this trophy will still unlock.

The Nose Knows
Find and inspect the prop spinner at the Nicholson blast site.

This trophy is going to be obtained right near the beginning of when you get control of Cole Phelps. You're going to have to move Cole over towards the blue news van; you'll see a big red truck behind it. Now look to the left of that news van and start heading in that direction. You'll see a fork in the rubble, with a path heading left and a path heading right. Watch out for this as the fork is not specified on your mini-map. Head down the path to the right, and you'll hear the little clue notification sound. Keep going past it, and head around to the right again while still going straight down the path you're on. Ahead will be an officer kneeling down and when you approach him, he'll stand and say he thinks he's found something.

Go up to and inspect the two metal circles near his feet, put them together, use the left stick to spin the outer circle until the letters match up to say P&W WASP MAJOR R4300, and a "New Clue" update will appear on the left side of your screen that says 'Airplane Part'

Below is a video guide on where to go to get to the clue and how to inspect it:

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Video credit goes to TheEliteSquad11

Skeletons In The Icebox
Find and inspect all clues inside Okamoto's ransacked apartment.

Once you get to the Deciphered Address based on the clue you got from the blast site, a mini-cutscene will occur showing Tomoko Okamoto is the apartment you're looking for. Head up the stairs and to the right. The apartment door will be open already and you will see signs of a struggle. Below in the spoiler is the written guide for where each clue is that you need to inspect, as well as the video guide for it.

Toggle Spoiler

Bulletproof Windshield
Kill the drivers of both MP vehicles in the gun battle at Hughes Aircraft, before they pull up.

Once you arrive at the Hughes Aircraft, a cutscene will begin and then there will be a big shootout. MP Cars are the little greenish 4-door cars that have a big white star on them. The trophy description says you need to kill 2 of the drivers of these MP vehicles, which gives you an extra 2 drivers in case you miss your first tries. This may take a few tries to get, and if you fail to get 2 of the 4 drivers, simply let yourself get killed and you will start right back at the beginning of the shootout. YOU NEED TO KILL THE DRIVERS WHILE THE RED CAR ICON IS STILL ON YOUR MINI-MAP. Once that goes away, it means the driver has finished pulling up and has gotten out of the car.

While you have your pistol equipped, try going for the driver of the car that pulls up right away in front of you. It'll stop just to the left of the red barrels so be sure to aim around there for when he does pull up. Once that driver is either dead or out of the car, head to the back of your own car and open the trunk. Pull out the Tommy Gun (you might have to use the left stick to switch to it).

Now turn around and head out into the street behind your car to trigger the next MP vehicle. Be sure you have auto-aim turned on, as this driver will come at you fast and erratically. Whether you get him or not, head back to your car and run pretty much right at the people shooting at you and look to your left to see the 3rd MP vehicle coming at you. He too will be driving pretty erratically, though not as fast. If you do not get this driver right away, you'll need to turn around as quickly as possible, run past the white truck and shoot at the 4th and final MP vehicle that pulls up. For that one you will only have a second or two to get the kill, so try to get the trophy on 2 of the previous 3.

Below is a video guide on where each car spawns from and where to shoot at:

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Video credit goes to Rooster Teeth

Out Of The Frying Pan
Pursue Vernon Mapes from the burning house to Hughes Aircraft on your first attempt.

Once you get out of the burning house, you're going to get into your car and give chase to Vernon Mapes in his blue vehicle. On your mini-map you can clearly see where Vernon's car is at, and which road he is on and will be taking as he makes turns. You need to stay within a considerably close distance to Vernon, as if you lag too far behind, you'll let him get away. You'll know he's pulling away when that red car icon begins to fade out. Other vehicles will also try to stop you by ramming you and occasionally shooting at you. Just concentrate on keeping up with Mapes and let your partner do all the shooting. If the opportunity arises, you can shove your car into the enemy's car to run them off the road, but be careful as you can also run yourself off the road this way. Also be sure to turn on your siren, as it will help keep most of the regular traffic out of your way.

Once you reach Hughes Aircraft a cutscene will begin, and this trophy will unlock.

Below is a video guide of the route Vernon Mapes takes and strategies on how to keep up with him:

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Video credit goes to PowerPyx

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