Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 30-45 minutes.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: None, as the DLC can be replayed, and is relatively short.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order.
  • I tried to keep it to a minimum, but this guide contains spoilers, so read at your own discrection.
  • A five-star rating is not necessary for any trophies.
  • Depending on your rank, you may have intuition points available. Since getting a five-star rating isn't necessary, you can use whatever intuition points you have for interviews or for showing clues at each scene you investigate.
  • As with the main game, always observe your suspects or persons of interest when interviewing them to see if you can catch them in a lie. Also, finding as many clues as possible always proves useful with interviews.
  • At times, a telephone icon will appear prompting you to find a near-by telephone to call R&I for useful information such as an address.
  • Be sure to be thorough in your investigations of scenes. High Flyer, Soup in the Pot, and Spare a Dime are all dependent on finding certain clues.


Videos are provided courtesy of j-a-y-888.


  1. From the station, go to Lyman's Bar. When you arrive, head to the back and get some information from the informant, Freddie Calhoun.
  2. Proceed to the stash house (Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence) for Forcible Rear Entry and Soup In The Pot. Also, remember to not miss the newspaper ad in the back room of the residence for High Flyer. Additionally, make sure you check Cruz' left breast pocket for a clue you'll need later for Spare A Dime.
  3. From the Cruz residence, go directly to 20th Century Market for High Flyer.
  4. After finishing up at 20th Century Market, the game takes you to Parnell Soup Co. As you arrive, observe the cut scene and get ready for a brief gunfight. After the gunfight, investigate the scene and pick up essential clues. After investigating, you'll get the opportunity for Spare A Dime.
  5. The last location will be Masangkay Metals. Travel there, and find a way in. The quickest and easiest way inside, in my opinion, is to go left into the adjacent lot, and jump over the brick wall where there's a break in the barbed wire. Once you're over the fence, proceed to the back entrance, take out the assailants and finish off the case for Every Herb Bearing Seed.


Every Herb Bearing Seed
Complete "Reefer Madness".

Simply complete the DLC and this trophy should unlock at the end when you get your case rating. Getting a five-star rating is not necessary for this trophy.

High Flyer
Find the flyer at Juan Garcia Cruz's residence and proceed straight to the 20th Century Market.

After investigating the Cruz residence, and having made sure you found the ad in the newspaper in the back room, DO NOT go to Parnell Soup Co., instead set your destination for 20th Century Market. When you arrive at the market, watch the cut scene. Once the cut scene ends, you begin a foot chase. The trophy should unlock shortly thereafter.

NOTE 1: Foregoing traveling to Parnell Soup Co. makes you miss out on some clues and interview questions, but they do not have any effect on any trophies. However, if you are trying to five-star the case, you can go to 20th Century Market for the trophy, and either restart the case, or quit and resume to reload a previous save (assuming it autosaved prior to arriving at the market) and go to Parnell Soup Co. first.

NOTE 2: I received a tip from a user, and apparently, 20th Century Market is inaccessible (i.e., when you arrive, you cannot open the doors and no cut scenes arise) unless you've found all the clues at the Cruz Residence. Below is a list of all the clues (along with P.O.I.'s and Locations) at the Cruz Residence.
  • Clues
    • Juan's Silver Dollar - Found in Cruz left pocket.
    • Masangkay - Written on a notepad sitting on some boxes to the left of Cruz's body.
    • Soup Cans - You get this clue after investigating the two cans for Soup in the Pot.
    • Tijuana Dope Shipments - In the same room as the soup cans, there's a blue ledger on a table. Investigate it and look for the various entries of 'E.J.' for this clue to pop up.

  • P.O.I.
    • Juan Garcia Cruz - Investigate Cruz's right pocket and inside you'll find his wallet. The contents confirm his identity and he becomes a P.O.I.
    • 'E.J.' - 'E.J.' is listed as a P.O.I. after investigating the ledger in the chicken coop.

  • Locations
    • Parnell's Soup Co. - Investigate the boxes stacked near the kitchen entrance to get this location. Acquire the address by calling R&I.
    • 20th Century Market - Read the newspaper sitting on a stack of boxes in the back room to get this location.

The video below shows how to get the trophy.

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Forcible Rear Entry
Enter the Las Palmas stash house via the back door and kill Juan Garcia Cruz.

After talking to the informant at Lyman's bar, he'll give you the address of Juan Garcia Cruz. As you arrive at Cruz's residence, a cut scene will begin, and before you know it, a gunfight starts.

You don't have much room to maneuver behind the cement fence, so stay low and either go left behind the wooden fence, or go right along the driveway and make your way to the back of the house. Go through the back door, take cover, and take out Cruz and his accomplice and the trophy should unlock.

The video below shows how to get the trophy.

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Soup in the Pot
Open both soup cans in Juan Garcia Cruz's stash room.

While investigating the Cruz residence after the gunfight, go outside to the back yard and investigate the chicken coop. Once you're in the coop, one of the cans lining the shelves to your left will open a secret room.

Inside that secret room are the cans you're looking for for this trophy; they're right by the can opener. The game will prompt you to use the can opener. Simply open both cans to unlock the trophy.

The video below shows how to get the trophy.

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Spare a Dime
Complete the puzzle of the US Morgan silver dollars at Parnell's Soup.

Throughout the DLC, if your investigating has been thorough enough, you'll collect anywhere from 4-5 Silver Dollars. Below is a list of all five silver dollars and where/when they can be found.
  • Juan's Silver Dollar - Found on Juan Garcia Cruz's body after the shootout at his residence.
  • Sergio's Silver Dollar - Provided as a clue before you interview Sergio Rojas at Parnell's Soup Co. (NOTE: You cannot acquire this silver dollar if you travel straight to 20th Century Market for High Flyer. Nonetheless, it does not negate getting the trophy.)
  • Airto's Silver Dollar - Provided as a clue as you interview Airto Sanchez at 20th Century Market.
  • Ernesto's Silver Dollar - Found on Ernesto Juarez's body as you investigate Parnell's Soup Co. after the gunfight. If you opted to go for High Flyer, obviously this will be your first time here. If not, it'll be your second.
  • Jorge's Silver Dollar - Found on Jorge's body as you investigate Parnell's Soup Co. after the gunfight.

Once you've collected all the silver dollars possible and have finished investigating the crime scene at Parnell's, head over to the table that's set up for you, and you'll be able to put the silver dollars in the proper order to spell MAS-ANG-KAY-MET-ALS, and the trophy should unlock.

The video below shows how to get the trophy. Note that in the video, the second silver dollar is not acquired due to going for the High Flyer trophy. Although only four are collected, all five silver dollars will be there at the end for the puzzle.

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