Players: 1

Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: Star Map, Auto Enthusiast, Auto Collector, Auto Fanatic, Hollywoodland
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No



LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - 1947 A city of bright lights and dark alleys, of glamour and ugliness, of intrigue... and murder. The City of Angels. This is the setting for L.A. Noire, the newest offering from highly-acclaimed developer Rockstar Games.

You will play as Cole Phelps, a World War II veteran turned beat cop who is trying to find his way in the Los Angeles Police Department. As you work through the game one clue, one car chase, one interrogation and one gunfight at a time, the information you find will answer some questions and create a lot more, unraveling a mystery bigger than anything Cole could have expected to find.

Who's telling the truth? Who's lying through their teeth? It's up to you to find out. It may be the City of Angels, but there are demons around every corner...

[top]DLC Trophy Guides

This guide will only cover the 40 trophies required to earn the Platinum.

Check out the fantastic guides linked below for help with any of the DLC cases:

[top]Videos by PowerPyx

Special thanks to PowerPyx for providing video walkthroughs for this guide. Be sure to check out his website and YouTube channel to see more of his outstanding work!

[top]Spoiler Warning!

This guide contains story spoilers throughout, including some trophy descriptions. Major story spoilers are hidden, but some minor ones are not, so read on at your own risk and consider yourself warned.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Love your notebook. All the evidence you find, available questions during an interview, destinations (waypoints) and pretty much everything else you'll ever need to get to the bottom of your current case is in there. You can access your notebook by pressing . This is particularly important during interviews: always remember that every time you're going to call someone a liar, you have to have the evidence to prove it.
  • Don't be in a hurry to assess your subject's honesty during an interview. Because so much of this game revolves around facial expressions and the reactions of the characters you come in contact with, letting them sit for a while and just watching their body language will reveal a lot about them and give you a better idea of whether or not they're telling the truth. Generally speaking, direct eye contact means they are telling the truth (press ), while shiftiness means that your choice is between doubt () or lie ().
  • If you're unsure about what to do next, ask your partner. Cole's partners change throughout the game, but he always has one. Walk up to him and press to get some (usually) helpful guidance.
  • You cannot have more than 5 intuition points at once, so don't be afraid to use them from time to time, because if you acquire more when you already have 5 saved up, they are wasted and you never get them back. Just make sure you save at least 4 until after you get The Hunch.
  • After an investigation of a scene or an interview, be sure to check your mini-map. At times, a telephone icon will appear prompting you to find a near-by telephone at the location you're at to call R&I to either check your messages or call for the address of a person in question or location to which you don't have the address to just yet.
  • Several trophies require you to perform specific actions during a particular segment of a mission, such as Not So Hasty, Traffic Stop or The Shadow. If you screw up on your first try for one of those, you'll want to fail that part of the mission as soon as possible (by getting killed, spotted, etc) and try again rather than finishing the case and having to replay the entire thing.
  • All of your stats (kills, cars/miles driven, collectibles found, etc) are cumulative between your main playthrough, free roam and any replayed cases.


  1. Social Club Setup - When you come to the main menu for the first time, hit to link your game to your account on the Rockstar Social Club. If you don't have an account, get one. This will give you a bonus suit in the game and, more importantly, will allow you to track your progress through the 100% Checklist, the Case Tracker and the other tools available there.
  2. Play through the story - This game is very much driven by the story, the investigation, and trying to figure people out during the interrogation process. Following a guide the entire time you're playing will completely drain the life out of the experience, so don't do it! Just do your best, have fun, and enjoy the outcome. A few other things to focus on during this playthrough:
    1. Drive yourself everywhere until you get Miles On The Clock out of the way, at which point you'll probably want to have your partner drive everywhere to save time and help your case ratings. Use your siren whenever possible and drive carefully.
    2. Take as many street crime cases as you can, to help level up quickly and rack up kills.
    3. Change cars at every opportunity, especially if you see one that looks unfamiliar.
    4. Pick up and use different weapons whenever possible (see Roscoe And Friends).

  3. Five-star all story cases - Go back and replay any story cases you got less than five stars on, finding all of the clues and acing each interview. See Shamus to the Stars for complete details on every case.
  4. Clean-up - Use this time to go back and complete street crime cases, pick up film reels, drive every car, use every gun, discover every location and knock out anything else you haven't yet finished.


Platinum Trophy
Collect all other trophies to unlock.

This trophy will automatically unlock when you have earned all of the others in this list. Duh.

Police Academy
Complete all cases on the Patrol desk.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after completing the case Buyer Beware.

Paved With Good Intentions
Complete all cases on the Traffic desk.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after completing the case The Fallen Idol.

For details on all the Traffic desk cases, refer to Shamus to the Stars

The Simple Art Of Murder
Complete all cases on the Homicide desk.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after completing the case The Quarter Moon Murders.

For details on all the Homicide desk cases, refer to Shamus to the Stars

No Rest For The Wicked
Complete all cases on the Vice desk.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after completing the case Manifest Destiny.

For details on all the Vice desk cases, refer to Shamus to the Stars

Moth To A Flame
Complete all cases on the Arson desk.

This trophy is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock after completing the case A Different Kind of War.

For details on all the Arson desk cases, refer to Shamus to the Stars

A Cop On Every Corner
Complete a single street crime case.

You'll earn this trophy after completing your first street crime case.

See The Long Arm of the Law below for more information and a complete list of street crime cases.

Johnny On The Spot
Respond to 20 street crime cases.

This trophy description is a little misleading, because you have to respond to and complete 20 street crime cases before it will unlock.

See The Long Arm of the Law below for more information and a complete list of street crime cases.

The Long Arm Of The Law
Complete all street crime cases.

Street crime cases are side missions which are not directly related to the main story, and may be picked up by pressing to answer the calls that come on your radio as you're making your way around the city. Street crime cases are quick and generally involve subduing suspects in one way or another, and you'll earn this trophy for finishing all 40 street crime cases available in the game.

During your main playthrough, these cases are all tied to certain desks and will only be available while you are on that desk. Once you have finished with each desk, though, you can access free roam for that desk and use it to play any cases you may have missed the first time around. You can find free roam from the "Cases" portion of the main menu.

Whether you are looking for them during your main playthrough or during free roam, they will only come across if you are close to where they are happening at the correct time of day. Check the spoilers below for a complete list (including the cases that unlock them and the times they are available) and a map showing the general location of all 40 cases.

Case List

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Location Map

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The City Of The Angels
Reach 100% Game Complete.

To achieve a completion statistic of 100%, there are several different tasks you need to perform, each accounting for a different percentage.

The list below details what you need to do to reach 100% and how much each item is worth toward the total. Also, don't forget you can always check your progress on the 100% Checklist on the Social Club website.

  • Complete 21 Story Cases (57% of total) - See Shamus to the Stars
  • Complete 40 Street Crime Cases (15% of total) - See The Long Arm of the Law
  • Drive 95 Different Vehicles (15% of total) - See Auto Fanatic
  • Find and Inspect 50 Film Reels (7% of total) - See Hollywoodland
  • Find 30 Landmark Buildings (3% of total) - See Star Map
  • Find and Inspect 13 Newspapers (3% of total) - Check the spoiler below for details on newspapers and where to find them, as well as a video walkthrough.

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The Up And Up
Complete a story case with a five star rating.

The first time you complete a story case with a five star rating, this trophy will be yours.

See Shamus to the Stars below for a list of all story cases and how to earn five stars in each one.

Shamus To The Stars
Complete all story cases with a five star rating.

Each time you complete a story case (starting with the Traffic Desk), you'll receive a rating of one to five stars based on how well you found clues, questioned subjects and uncovered the truth. Additionally, your rating is negatively affected by how much damage you caused to your vehicle or the city of Los Angeles, as well as whether or not you caused harm to civilians. To earn this trophy, you'll need to get five star ratings in every single story case in the game. Don't panic if you don't get five stars your first time through the case - you can go back and replay story cases you've already completed to improve your grade by choosing "Cases" from the main menu.

Since your score is hurt by causing damage or injury, you'll want to make sure you are driving (and aiming) carefully at all times. If you struggle to get from one place to another without hitting anything, you can have your partner drive by holding when you're near the car. Since miles driven by your partner don't count toward your total, there is a trade-off between this trophy and Miles On The Clock, which is another reason why it's best to just play the game through the first time without worrying about getting five stars (at least until you get that trophy), and then replay any necessary cases later.

There's also this helpful tidbit from Bushpig:

Quote Originally Posted by Bushpig94 View Post
If your playing a case, and you know you will have a lot of damage penalties against you, enough to where you may not 5 Star the case, at some point during the case quit the game, then reload the game. It will clear all previous damage penalties against you.

You can check your performance on a case-by-case basis at any time, using the Case Tracker on Rockstar's Social Club website.

Check the spoilers below to get all clues and correct interview questions for each case. Keep in mind that you need to find all of the clues in a given section before moving on to the next interview, and that interview questions should be asked in the order listed, because not all questions are available from the start. Also be sure that you see the on-screen notification that a clue was added to your notebook. If you don't inspect them correctly, you'll miss the key piece of evidence.

Note 1: Using Clue Hints and Action Skip will hurt your score, so be sure to turn them off when you're playing through the cases to get five stars.

Note 2: Even though newspapers have no impact on this trophy, they are included below so that you won't miss out on them as you're going through cases, because that's the easiest time to find them. See the newspaper list in The City Of The Angels above for more information, and for the location of the first paper, which comes while you're on the Patrol desk.


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The Brass
Achieve maximum rank.

You'll earn Experience Points (XP) for the common tasks you perform in your role as an LAPD officer, and those points will help you level up. Once you reach the maximum rank of 20, which requires a total of 1140 XP, this trophy will be yours. Other than performing well in interviews, the best way to level up quickly is to take every street crime that is offered to you. Leveling up will give you more intuition points to use during the harder interviews later in the game.

The following tasks will earn you XP in L.A. Noire:
  • Answer a question correctly (5 XP)
  • Find and inspect a film canister (5 XP)
  • Discover a landmark building (5 XP)
  • Complete a street crime case (15 XP)

Not So Hasty
Stop a fleeing suspect with a warning shot as an LAPD Detective.

There are several times when you will need to chase down a subject on foot during a case you're working, but only certain times where you have the opportunity to fire a warning shot. You need a fairly long, open stretch of ground, and you need to do it before the subject fires their gun, because once they do the option is gone.

To fire a warning shot, simply aim at your target with and keep it steady, but don't fire. Once the meter fills all the way up, you'll fire the shot automatically.

The best early opportunity to get this trophy is during A Marriage Made In Heaven, when you're chasing Leroy Sabo. During this foot chase, Sabo will head down an alley (just past the white trash truck on your right) leading to another major street. If you are quick enough making it down to the alley, you should have time to target him and fire off the warning shot. The key is to not try to target him too early during the chase, even if it seems you have a chance.

Note: Don't forget to go back and drive that trash truck, because it's one of the more difficult vehicles to find roaming the streets.

Video Demonstration

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Asphalt Jungle
Chase down and tackle a fleeing suspect on foot as an LAPD Detective.

To tackle a subject you are chasing, you need hold down to run, close in on your subject and then quickly tap repeatedly to catch up to them and initiate the tackle. You don't have the ability to do this in many cases, because the subjects will always stay just out of your reach.

Your first chance to earn this trophy will come during the Homicide case The Golden Butterfly. After your initial interview with Hugo Moller, you'll speak to his neighbor, who will point him out by the incinerator in his yard. At this point, your objective is to chase him down - if you're quick and follow his movements closely, you should be able to get to him in time to tackle him. If you don't get him before he goes over the high stone wall, stop and go back the other way to fail the case and try again.

Video Demonstration

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Traffic Stop
Disable a suspect vehicle with help from your partner.

There are several times in the game when you are either following a fleeing subject's car or being chased by bad guys, and during many of those scenes, your partner will stick his gun out the window and shoot out the tires of the enemy's car. The first time that happens, you'll earn this trophy.

The first real chance to get this trophy is while you are making a getaway from McAfee's hired muscle while leaving the prop store during The Fallen Idol. When they start firing on your car, you have the option of taking off and trying to escape or getting out of the car and engaging them in gunplay, and that first option is the one you'll want to choose. During this chase scene, your partner will stick his hand out the window and shoot the tires of the mobsters chasing you, and the trophy will unlock.

Video Demonstration

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The Straight Dope
Use evidence to prove a lie as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

The first time you'll be given a chance for this is during the Traffic mission The Driver's Seat, while questioning the victim's spouse. Remember, the key to identifying a truth from a lie is to watch the person's movements. Look for signs such as fidgeting, looking away from you, twitching, strange smirks, etc. When people are looking you in the eye, most likely, they're telling you the truth. Finally, make sure that you've investigated the area thoroughly since proving a lie will require that you present evidence to whom you're interviewing proving their lie. Nonetheless, here's the sequence of questions and your reactions to unlock this trophy during the aforementioned interview.

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One For The File
Find and inspect a clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

You'll be promoted to the rank of detective after finishing the story mission Buyer Beware, so anything you find up to that point will not count toward this trophy. Your first clue should come as part of the crime scene investigation at the beginning of The Driver's Seat.

See Magpie for more details on finding and inspecting clues.

Golden Boy
Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

Your first opportunity for this will be during your first case in Traffic, The Driver's Seat. All the clues that you'll need to find during this mission are listed in the spoiler below.

Toggle Spoiler

Note: If you miss out on the trophy during that first case, you can get it on any other by following the walkthrough in Shamus To The Stars above.

The Plot Thickens
Find and solve an inspection puzzle.

Inspection puzzles are sort of like mini-games within L.A. Noire. Your first encounter will be during the case The Driver's Seat. During the mission, you'll have to go outside and inspect the "newly-installed" water heater. You'll notice that it's obviously missing some parts. On the ground you'll find four pipes. To solve the puzzle, you need to place all the pipes in the proper locations.
  • The L-shaped aluminum pipe goes on the far left.
  • Next comes the short, straight copper pipe.
  • To the right of that goes the other aluminum pipe.
  • Finally, the other copper pipe goes in the final place to the upper-right.

If you miss out on the trophy there for any reason, check the spoiler below for a video showing another opportunity to get it during The Red Lipstick Murder.

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At Ray's Cafe, find the bloodstained knife on your first sweep of the crime scene.

While you're investigating the hit and run in front of Ray's Cafe at the beginning of A Marriage Made in Heaven, be sure to head around to the alley on the left side of the restaurant, where you'll see a trash can in front of a large dumpster. Grab and inspect the large, bloody knife in that can, and be sure it gets added to your clue list.

From there, just continue the case as normal. The trophy will pop later on, as you're talking to the coroner about the victim's cause of death.

Video Walkthrough

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Round Heels
At The Bamba Club, get Dick McColl to give up the license plate of Celine Henry's male companion.

Your interview with Dick McColl will take place right after the initial crime scene investigation in The Red Lipstick Murder.

As you begin the interview, the first question you should ask him is "Suspect Seen With Victim," and after you make the correct assessment (Truth), he will give you the license plate number. (In2umniaKillH3r)

Video Walkthrough

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The Fighting Sixth
At the Bus Shooting, talk Felix Alvarro into giving up the Marines involved in the Coolridge heist.

This has to be earned during the vice case Manifest Destiny. After arriving at the bus shooting, taking out the sniper and searching his body, you'll begin your interview with Felix Alvarro. Simply get the first two questions (listed in the spoiler below) correct, and the information you're looking for will be yours, along with this trophy.

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At Elysian Fields, outwit Leland Monroe when discussing his developments or advertising campaign.

Another fairly simple trophy, whose only requirement is that you correctly branch a few interview questions. In this case, it's the interview with Leland Monroe during the arson case A Walk in Elysian Fields. Follow the pattern in the spoiler below to outwit Monroe and unlock this hidden trophy.

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Lead Foot
Keep the needle above 80mph for more than ten seconds while driving.

There are three elements to this: a fast car, a good piece of road and some slick driving.

Despite the fact that this game takes place in the 1940's, a lot of the cars in the game are capable of reaching and sustaining a speed of 80 MPH, so if you want, you can just try out random cars until you find one that's fast enough. The surest bet for this trophy, though, is to use the car you drive during your time on the vice desk - the Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. It has plenty of horsepower to get you over 80 MPH, and has the added benefit of having a siren to help clear your path.

For your track, head over to the Northeast end of Flower Rd. and take off toward the Southwest. It's plenty long enough to give you the time you need, it slopes downhill in places, and it's extremely wide, so you should have plenty of room to avoid other cars, although that's still the hardest part of this trophy. Turn on your siren, floor the accelerator and keep your eyes on the road ahead of you - especially the intersections - so that you can miss anyone who might have the gall to wander into your path.

If you can make it from one end of that road to the other, without hitting anything or having to swerve too much, this trophy will be yours.

Alternate method: Grab one of the hidden cars (which are generally very fast) and use that on the closest open stretch of road, as demonstrated in the video below:

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Miles On The Clock
Drive more than 194.7 miles.

This trophy is relatively straight-forward and should unlock through the natural progression of the game (unless you want to get quite a bit of exercise and walk everywhere ). Note that if you let your partner drive, it does not count toward your mileage total.

Your best bet is to drive yourself everywhere during your main playthrough and while you're searching around for collectibles, and then let your partner drive during any cases you need to replay later to get five stars.

You can track your progress toward this trophy at any time by hitting and choosing "Statistics."

Wooden Overcoats
Bring down a total of 30 bad guys with head shots.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You'll frequently find yourself in gunfights during your time in L.A. Noire, and you simply need to dispatch at least 30 enemies with shots to the head to unlock this trophy. Typically, a headshot will result in the enemy's hat flying off as they tumble to the ground.

If you want to get it out of the way early, the street crime case Gangfight can be farmed for kills by killing off all but one enemy, letting the last one kill you and then replaying it.

You can track your progress toward this trophy at any time by hitting and choosing "Statistics."

Dead Men Are Heavier
Shoot and kill a total of 100 bad guys.

Again, not much needs to be said here. You'll be engaging in plenty of gunplay throughout the course of the game and 100 kills will come naturally.

If you want to get it out of the way early, the street crime case Gangfight can be farmed for kills by killing off all but one enemy, letting the last one kill you and then replaying it.

You can track your progress toward this trophy at any time by hitting and choosing "Statistics."

Roscoe And Friends
Kill at least one bad guy with every gun.

As the trophy's description says, you'll need to get at least one kill with each of the eight standard usable weapons in the game to unlock it - DLC weapons are not required. You can only use guns during shootouts that are part of story or street crime cases, and many weapons are only available during certain cases - usually found in the trunk of the car you arrive to the scene in.

You can also pick up the the weapons of enemies you have killed by pressing when you walk over them, so if you notice an enemy using a weapon you don't have, take him out first and go grab it from his cold, dead hands. Doing that in every case will practically guarantee that you'll get this trophy after your first kill with the flamethrower.

Other than the Colt 38 and FN Browning pistols, every weapon in the game is available in the sewers during the last story mission, A Different Kind of War, so if you haven't gotten the trophy and you're sure you've used those two pistols, just replay that case, making sure to grab and use as many different weapons as possible.

Here are the available weapons and how to recognize them:
  • Colt 45 - This is your standard service weapon, so you'll be using it any time none of the other weapons are available.
  • Ithaca Full Stock Shotgun - This is the only shotgun in the game, and is extremely common. It is given to you at the start of the patrol desk case Armed and Dangerous, but you'll want to make sure you drop it () so you can use the Colt 38.
  • Colt 38 - This weapon is only available in Armed and Dangerous. After you drop the shotgun, you can use this weapon on the enemies inside the building.
  • M1 Thompson - A very common weapon that can be found during many different cases, it's a rapid fire automatic rifle that comes in two versions - one with a long narrow clip and one with a drum. It's the most common rifle in the game, so you're almost guaranteed to use both versions at some point.
  • M1 Garand Rifle - This is a semi-automatic (one shot at a time) rifle that is not extremely common, but is among those found in the sewers at the end of the game - one of the first enemies you come across will be using it.
  • Browning Automatic Rifle - Slightly more common than the Garand, this is an automatic rifle that is easily recognized by its slower rate of fire (compared to the Thompson). And again, if you haven't used one at any point in the game, it is available in the weapons rooms in the sewer during A Different Kind of War.
  • FN Browning - This is Kelso's default weapon, and you get the opportunity to use it in the firefight at the end of A Polite Invitation.
  • Flamethrower - This is only found in one location: the second weapons room in the sewers during A Different Kind Of War. Be sure to leave some enemies around to kill after you pick this up, because once you pass through the next room, you'll take it off and your chance will be gone (although you can allow yourself to be killed to try again). Typically, you can leave the last enemy inside the weapons room alive, run in past him and then roast him as soon as you get the flamethrower on.

Find and inspect 95% of all clues.

Combing through crime scenes to look for clues is an integral part of L.A. Noire. Any time you come to a crime scene, you'll need to explore every nook and cranny to look for clues, because you need to find 95% of all of the clues in the game to unlock this trophy.

To inspect a clue, press when you are near it to pick it up. From there, you have to either choose a location for further investigation (such as a specific body part), scroll through the page, or rotate the clue using to get it to the correct angle. Once you do that, you'll get a notification that the clue has been added to your notebook.

There are also several extra objects that can be examined at any crime scene or other location that have nothing to do with the case. You'll know these because when you pick them up, Cole will say something to that effect or you'll see an on-screen hint that not all objects are relevant to your investigation. These extra objects do not have any bearing on this trophy.

If you have them turned on, there are hints that will help you in your investigation. Any time you are close to a clue, you'll hear a chime and feel some vibration in your controller, and then when you have found all clues for a given site, you'll notice that the music that has been playing in the background will stop. To access these options, hit and go to Options > Gameplay.

See Shamus To The Stars for a complete list of clues for every case.

The Shadow
Tail a suspect without being spotted, in a single case.

At certain points in the game, you'll have to tail suspects in order to get additional information that they weren't necessarily forthcoming with during your investigation or interview. Perform the tail without being spotted, and this trophy is yours.

The best time to get it is during the mission The Fallen Idol. After interviewing June Ballard's niece at the receiving hospital, you'll notice June Ballard being escorted out by a man whom you and your partner presume to be her lawyer. She hops into a car and you begin the tail. Be sure to follow the red blip on your map (or keep an eye on the turquoise car in traffic) and follow her to her destination. Her car will stop at the corner by a coffee shop. Once you're close enough, a cut scene will ensue. Go to the door and press so that you "take cover" using the door. Once the guy that was on the phone hangs up and June picks up the phone, enter the cafe and go into "incognito" (by pressing ) in the booth on the left with the newspaper sitting on the table. If done successfully, the trophy should unlock. At this point, just eavesdrop on her phone conversation, wait for her to leave, and proceed with the mission.

The Third Degree
Correctly branch every question in every interview in a single story case.

The first chance you get at unlocking this is during the Traffic case The Driver's Seat. Remember, before interviewing anyone at a particular location, be sure to investigate the scene fully to make your interview as effective as possible because clues that you find on location aid you in your interviews. See Shamus To The Stars above for a full walkthrough of the case with clues.

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The Hunch
Use four intuition points in a single interview session, correctly branching each question.

You earn intuition points in L.A. Noire by ranking up, and you can use them to choose one of several aids during your interviews. To do this, you press after the subject gives their response to one of your questions (instead of choosing Truth, Doubt or Lie) and choose one of the options.

Your first chance for this trophy will most likely come during the the traffic desk case A Marriage Made in Heaven. You'll need to interview the bartender, Dudley Lynch, about the accident, and since this interview has four questions, it sets up perfectly. You should have ranked up enough by this point to have at least 4 intuition points available to you, and you'll use one on each question. If, for some reason, you don't have four intuition points when you come to this interview, refer to Shamus To The Stars above for another interview later on that has at least four questions and do it then.

The questions and correct responses are below, but don't forget to use an intuition point before choosing your answer to each question.
  • Question: Hit and Run Incident - doubt
  • Question: Association with Victim - truth
  • Question: Argument Overheard in Bar - doubt
  • Question: Joint Business Venture - doubt

Note: If you finish the main story and find that you haven't gotten this trophy or do not have enough intuition points, you can always replay any case from the Cases menu, and when you start the case, you'll have as many intuition points as you're eligible for, based on your current rank.

Star Map
Discover all landmark buildings around the city.

There are 30 landmark buildings scattered around the city. As you approach each one, it will "unlock" and appear on your map. Find all 30 to earn this trophy.

Check the spoilers below for a full list of landmark buildings, a map showing the location of each and a video walkthrough showing what each building looks like.

Landmark List

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Location Map

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Video Walkthrough

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Public Menace
Rack up $47,000 in penalties during a single story case.

You get penalties during story cases by causing damage to your car, other cars, the city or citizens of Los Angeles. The quickest way to build up your penalties is to crash your car into other cars, but even that will take you quite a while to build up $47,000 - it could take a good hour or more of destruction to hit your mark. However, since the penalty amount is directly related to the value of the cars you damage, finding cars with a higher value can speed up the process.

The best car to use is the Duesenberg Walker Coupe (see Auto Fanatic below for the location), because it's the most expensive car in the game, and destroying a few (anywhere from 6-8) of these in a single case should do the trick, especially if you're smashing them into other cars in the process. When your partner gets out of the vehicle and it won't move anymore, you know it's destroyed.

This trophy will not unlock until you reach the end of the case and view your report, and there's nowhere in the game to track it. If you're unsure whether or not you've caused enough damage, get to a save point in the game, quit to the main menu and sync with the Social Club. Then, head over to the Case Tracker to see the running total for the case you're on.

The best time to get this trophy is to do it during your main playthrough of one of the short early story missions (traffic desk or later), such as The Driver's Seat, because you'll obviously need to replay the case later to get five stars, and a short one is easier to replay. Accumulating penalties has no real impact to your game, other than the score of the case you're actually on.

Note: Be careful to avoid the next destination for the case, because if you drive close to it, the game will automatically start the next case sequence and you might accidentally end the case before racking up enough penalties to earn the trophy.

The Moose
Follow Candy Edwards without using cover or incognito, except when starting or picking up the tail.

This trophy will be earned during the Vice case The Set Up. After you interview Edwards, you'll need to follow her from the motel to Thrifty Liquor without being spotted. To earn this trophy, you'll have to do so without going incognito or using to take cover behind an object.

Phelps will automatically go incognito at the beginning of the tail, but as the trophy description says, this one time is allowed. From then on, make sure you do not press to go into cover or press to use any one of the many opportunities to go incognito. If you do accidentally do one of those things, just run out into the open so that she spots you and you fail the case, then try again.

Note: This trophy appears to be 'glitchy' and has caused problems for many people. One of the guide writers earned it with a perfect tail (e.g., without being spotted), while the other got it by failing, and respawning behind cover, so apparently both methods seem to work. Obviously, it's best to try to do it flawlessly, though, to mitigate the chances of the trophy not unlocking. Finally, if at first you don't succeed, try again.

To unlock this trophy, you're basically going to want to find large pieces of cover you can stand behind without having to press , and stay as far behind her as you can without losing her. Since a picture (or in this case, a video) is worth 1,000 words, just open the spoiler and see how it's done.

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Keep A Lid On
Complete a brawl without losing your hat as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

At several points in the game, you'll find yourself in a fist fight with a suspect or other person of interest. Most of the time, if they hit you, your hat will fall off, and you'll have to avoid that to earn this trophy.

The controls used for fist fights in L.A. Noire are as follows:
  • Lock on opponent: (hold)
  • Dodge punches:
  • Block punches: (hold)
  • Punch:
  • Grapple attack:
  • Finishing attack: (available after landing several punches)

The easiest and quickest way to get this is to hold down both and until the enemy throws the first punch, and then counter immediately with for a grapple attack. Many times, one is all it will take to finish your opponent off, but if not, simply repeat the same pattern until he goes down for good. Check the spoiler below for a video demonstration.

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Note: As the description says, you have to have gotten to the point in the game that you have become a Detective before attempting this one. There are a few easy fights during your days on the Patrol desk that will not count.

Auto Enthusiast
Drive 5 different vehicles.

This trophy will pop after you have driven 5 different vehicles at some point in the game.

See Auto Fanatic below for more information and a complete list of available vehicles.

Auto Collector
Drive 40 different vehicles.

To earn this trophy, you'll need to find and drive at least 40 different vehicles around the city.

See Auto Fanatic below for more information and a complete list of available vehicles.

Auto Fanatic
Drive every vehicle in the city.

L.A. Noire boasts an incredible 95 vehicles that the player can use throughout their adventures in Los Angeles. Most are unlocked from the beginning of the game and it's just a matter of finding them, but there are 15 that are hidden and will unlock as you progress through the story (5 each at levels 5, 10 and 15). Drive all 95 cars and this trophy will unlock.

To drive a car, simply walk up to the driver side door and press . You don't even have to go anywhere - as soon as you get in start the car, you'll get an onscreen notification that you have unlocked that car. You should make a point of doing this constantly during your main playthrough - any time you see a car that looks unfamiliar, commandeer it, and any time you are near a parking lot, check it for vehicles you haven't driven. If you do that through your playthrough, there should only be a few of the standard cars left plus the hidden ones by the time you get done, and you can use the list and map below to finish them off.

You can check your progress toward this trophy at any time on the 100% Checklist, or in the Vehicle Showroom in game, which can be accessed through the "Extras" portion of the main menu.

The 80 standard cars can be found driving around various parts of the city (listed below), but the 15 hidden vehicles, once unlocked, can only be found in garages with blue doors bearing the words "Angel City Security." Check the spoilers below for a complete list of all vehicles and their whereabouts (areas where they are commonly seen driving and specific locations where you may find them parked), as well as a map of the hidden vehicle locations and a video showing what each car looks like.

Note 1: No list of car locations will be 100% accurate because there is an element of randomness to where they pop up. I have traveled to many locations (not just ones mentioned in this guide, but other locations mentioned elsewhere), and I've been unlucky in finding the cars I'm looking for. Other times, a car I'm not necessarily looking for, but need just turns up out of nowhere. If you're missing a car and you've tried the locations listed below, head over to the Auto Fanatic - Missing Car Thread for help, or check out Rockstar's Twitter Feed, where they frequently post tips for hard-to-find cars.

Note 2: Apparently, there was rumor of a "trick" that you could get some assistance in finding some of the 2-door and 4-door cars in the game. There are plenty of sources around the Internet, but we'll repeat it here.
  1. Go to the Vehicle Showroom from the main menu and go to one of the locked cars.
  2. Press . (This doesn't appear to do anything, but it's been mentioned and I don't see any harm in doing it. )
  3. Back out and go to the Cases menu, select a desk, and select free roam. Any desk should work, but what I did was went to a free roam that corresponded to a desk where a particular car was known to be more prevalent. For example, I needed the Pontiac Torpedo Six, which may be found behind the Maldonado Residence during The Silk Stocking Murder, a homicide case, so I picked the homicide free roam.
  4. Once the game loads and you're in your vehicle, keep an eye out for cars that are driving by. For me, the Pontiac Torpedo Six appeared within seconds of spawning outside Central Police Station. As another example, I needed the limo that is supposedly parked in the parking lot across the street from the Black Caesar popcorn stand in the vice case The Black Caesar. I loaded up the vice free roam, and the limo spawned in the same parking lot you start out in with Roy Earle.

Rumor has it this trick is only effective with 2-door and 4-door cars.

Vehicle List

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Hidden Vehicle Location Map

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Auto Showroom Video Walkthrough

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Find and inspect all gold film reels.

There are 50 film reels that the player must find and inspect, all of which are classic noir films like those that inspired the theme of L.A. Noire. Once you've found and inspected all 50, this trophy will unlock.

Check the spoilers below for a complete list of film reels and how to find them, a map showing all 50 locations and a video walkthrough.

Film Reel List

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Location Map

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Video Walkthrough

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