Players: 1 or 2 Player Co op
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1 hour
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: 1 for 10 Minikits
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]New Lego Characters


Playthrough 1
For this playthrough don't worry about the minikits yet. Just play the level to the end. You will play this round with Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson. Make sure you have all the Stud Multipliers on for this round. At the end of the first playthrough you should have earned the following trophies.
Only One Goal... Survive
I'm not Robin Hood
Superior Archery Skills

Playthrough 2
For your second playthrough you need to be sure your Minikit Detector Red brick is active. This will make finding the 10 minikits very easy. At the end of this playthrough you should have unlocked the last trophies.
Oliver Queen is Alive
Team Arrow


Only One Goal... Survive
Complete Arrow level

Once you download the DLC you will be able to access the Arrow level from the control room. When you access the world map find the picture of a ship to load the Arrow level. Once you finish the level the first time the trophy will unlock.

Oliver Queen is Alive
Complete Arrow level with all Minikits unlocked

There are a total of 10 Minikits throughout the level. You must collect all ten for the trophy to unlock. You must play the level in free play to be able to find all of the Minikits.

Minikit #1
Destroy 5 Deathstroke masks. Any character
Mask 1 - As soon as the level starts the mask will be to the left of your starting point.
Mask 2 - Climb over the downed plane to the back.
Mask 3 - At the front of the downed plane.
Mask 4 - After you cross the second bridge before the camp.
Mask 5 - To the far right before entering the camp.

Minikit #2
Destroy 3 Targets to start Fire. Character that shoots lasers, guns, arrows, etc
Target 1 - To the left of the starting point of level.
Target 2 - In the area by the target range.
Target 3 - To the right before entering the camp.

Minikit #3
Disassemble Bomb. Character with magnet ability
Behind the plane will be a large bomb leaning against the canyon wall. Use a Magnetic character to take the bomb apart. Minikit will be inside.

Minikit #4
Any Character
Under the wing on the backside of the plane will be a flag. Destroy the flag to find the minikit.

Minikit #5
Solomon Grundy first then any computer hacking character.
On the backside of the plane up towards the cockpit will be a dig site. Use Solomon Grundy to enter the site so he trows out the safe. Then use any computer hacking character to open the safe. The minikit will be inside.

Minikit #6
Character with grapple ability
On the front side of the plane will be a grapple point on the fuselage. Use the grapple character to pull down the body so a box falls out. Destroy the box to find the minikit.

Minikit #7
Any character with Laser ability
After you cross the bridge by the waterfall there will be a gold flower on the tree. Use a character with the laser ability to destroy the gold flower and the minikit will be inside the tree.

Minikit #8
Shooting character then a character with the sensor ability.
After the last minikit you will come up to a target practice are with 9 targets. Shoot all 9 targets and sensor area will appear on your left. Use your sensor character to find a turning lever. Use the lever to reset the targets. Shoot all 9 targets a second time to earn the next minikit.

Minikit #9
Poison Ivy
Just below the lever for the target range will be some flowers that Poison Ivy can enter to get to get to the minikit in the bunker to the right of the target range.

Minikit #10
Robin Hazard Suit and Character with super strength.
You need the Robin Hazard suit to collect 25 blocks during the level. The first set of blocks will be in the four barrels after you cross the bridge by the waterfall. Next, destroy the tower at the entrance to the camp and destroy the barrels that were near the tower. The final few pieces you will need to collect will be in the final couple of barrels will be to the right of the tanker truck you will need to blow up to advance. Now that you have all the pieces go back out of the camp and then all the way to the right where there will be a box that you must use a character with super strength to open. Use the blocks on the ground to build the hazard chamber and fill it with the 30 pieces you collected. The final Minikit is yours!!

I'm not Robin Hood
Complete Arrow level after achieving True Hero status

Time to collect some studs. Hopefully by the time you play this level you will have all the Red Brick Multipliers unlocked to easily achieve True Hero status. It is possible to still earn True Hero if you do not have the multipliers active. When you finish the level and have enough studs the trophy will unlock.

Team Arrow
Set both Free Play characters as John Diggle and Felicity Smoak

During your Free play, enter your character menu and change the first character to John Diggle. Then press the button to switch to the second character and change to Felictiy Smoak.

Just remember this can only be done in Free Play on any level.

Superior Archery Skills
Defeat 20 enemies on the Island by using a bow and arrow weapon

While you are playing as Arrow during your first playthrough you will come up to the enemy camp. There will be 2 tents you will need to zipper up to stop the enemies from coming out to get you. For this trophy do not zipper up the tents. This will cause the enemies to continue to spawn. Continue to use your bow and arrow to kill the bad guys until the trophy unlocks. Try to keep your distance because if they get to close you will melee them instead of shooting them and that will not count towards your total. Once the trophy unlocks go ahead and zipper up the tents and finish up the level.

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