Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: N/A
Time to Platinum: 30 hours
Number of Playthroughs Required: 1
Cheats Affects Trophies: No
Difficulty Affects Trophies: No
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies:


This game is designed for children. Unless you are, or have children, this is an excuse to get a platinum. The trophies are generally easy by following the career mode to the premium. It may take several hours to finish the game and requiring you to play all gigs. But the lack of online may require you to get some people and shamelessly get some trophies.


It doesn't matter what difficulty you play. It is important that you find a difficulty you are comfortable with, and can get you an easy FIVE STARS all the time. Career mode isn't long, it takes about 8-10 hours to complete it. Doing career mode will nab you most of the trophies.

This may take the longest out of the set, but it can be reduced when you play SHORTENED SONGS. Most gigs have this available, and it does not affect trophies. Press or ORANGEto have it enabled when you select the difficulty. This works well with the Endless Setlist also.

If you haven't been able to get somewhere from several millions of studs during the game, it is likewise to spend them now. Spend your easily-earned studs on the instruments, decorations, clothing, and entourage (if you haven't purchased them).

There are only a few left for the platinum, especially the horrifying "The Final Countdown." These can be done out of career mode. Get the flawless trophies done if you haven't done them.

[top]Tips and Strategies

You need the basic peripherals from a Rock Band set, regardless of its brand as long as it works.
  • LEGO Rock Band Retail Game
  • Peripheral Guitar (2)
  • Peripheral Drums
  • Peripheral Microphone


Rock the Universe
Collect all bronze, silver and gold trophies

New to the Scene
Complete your first gig on the World Tour

Play the first song on Career mode, or World Tour. It will be at the LEGO Subway Station, probably playing "Grace" by Supergrass.

Tour de Force
Play at every venue on the World Tour

There are two venues at each vehicle point, excluding the Teleporter which has three. You do not have to play at all venues to finish World Tour, but it will be unlocked when you do finish it.

Veteran Performer
Complete all gigs on the World Tour (except for the Rock Marathon Setlist and Endless Setlist)

This trophy will take several hours to complete. Set your instrument to Super Easy as its difficulty. When it is possible, have your song(s) made shortened for less playtime. This is only available to complete songs/setlists that come off the disk. You will unlock all gigs by playing songs continuously on the World Tour. You can check your progress in the Office.

Long-Distance Rocker
Complete the Rock Marathon Setlist on the World Tour

There are fifteen songs to be done in this Setlist. They are completely random and follow no set. It is possible to let this go on autopilot, leaving your instrument to play by itself or you can play it. I suggest doing it for the Stars for the big 1,000.

Endless Shameless
Complete the Endless Setlist on the World Tour

This is a pisswash version of Rock Band 2's. Cut down to 30 random songs, there is nothing difficult about it. It will take about 2 hours. And that is leaving just about 150-stars for your taking. Don't sleep on this, try your best for stars. And you will win several million fans and cash after participating in this.

Got Wheels
Purchase the 2nd vehicle on the World Tour

Once you hire a manager, you will be able to purchase the minibus. After playing a gig, the manager will be available for purchase, and available for you.

Sea Legs
Purchase the 3rd vehicle on the World Tour

After playing the Brickton Manor and Crystal Mines venue for a bit, you will have access to the 3rd vehicle. The boat will be allowed for purchase.

Rotary Club
Purchase the 4th vehicle on the World Tour

The helicopter can be purchased after playing The Jolly Rocker and The Parrot n' Peglegs venue.

Open Road
Purchase the 5th vehicle on the World Tour

Play in the LEGO City Skyscraper and LEGO City Speedway venue and you'll be able to purchase the 5th vehicle, the tour bus.

Walking on Air
Purchase the 6th vehicle on the World Tour

This vehicle will be for purchase after completing the Stud Farm and the LEGO City Zoo venues. The hovercraft is asking for a 300,000 stud bargain.

Into the Deep
Purchase the 7th vehicle on the World Tour

You'll be getting a submarine for this vehicle. What it will take to be able to purchase this is doing the Volcanic Rock and The Bone Cave venues.

Jet Setter
Purchase the 8th vehicle on the World Tour

Playing the Abyss and in the Coral Reef venues will set your with your new plane. It'll pay you up for 750,000 studs.

Teleportation Nation
Unlock the Teleporter on the World Tour

You will have to play the challenge at Wembrick Stadium to unlock the Teleporter. It requires no purchase, but you have to play a super-cool song by a super-cool band. Although, it takes 30 stars to unlock this challenge.

Rock the House Down
Complete the Wreck 'n' Roll Rock Power Challenge

You will be playing "Tick Tock Boom" by the Hives in the Bill Ditt Construction Co. venue at the World Tour. You will be doing a couple of gigs before unlocking the first challenge.

The School of Shock
Complete the Shock Band Rock Power Challenge

At the Brickton Manor, you will be given the Shock Band Rock Power Challenge. It will take a few gigs to unlock it. Once you do, you'll be playing "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr. Now use the power of the rock god's to get rid of the ghosts.

Kickin The Tentacles
Complete the Rocktopus Rock Power Challenge

To complete the Rocktopus Rock Power Challenge, you will have to play some gigs in the Jolly Rocker venue. A song, "In Too Deep" by Sum 41 will be played. Show the octopi who's boss.

Rain King
Complete the Rock the Crop Rock Power Challenge

Have a few gigs done in the Stud Farm venue to unlock the challenge. Go play "Thunder" by Boys Like Girls and get the trophy.

No More Mr. Ice Guy
Complete the Rock the Boat Rock Power Challenge

You will be thawing several voyagers with the tune "Breakout" by the Foo Fighters. Before that, you must unlock the challenge by playing the gigs in the Abyss venue.

Complete the Securi-T-Rex Rock Power Challenge

"Monster" by the Automatic Automatic is used in the challenge. Do a few songs in the Bone Cave and the Rock Power Challenge. Can you guess what's coming over the hill? A bronze trophy.

Royal Command Performance
Complete the Kings of Rock 'n' Troll Rock Power Challenge

TT Games included this craptastic song for your own demise, especially enforcing it as a challenge. Playing "So What" by P!nk will leave you vomiting on the floor for a bronze trophy. But before that, you have to keep playing gigs in the Brickingham Castle to unlock this abomination.

Start Me Up
Complete the Rock-It Fuel Rock Power Challenge

Prepare for an awesomegasm by Europe. Continue to play at the Wembrick Stadium to take on this challenge. If you haven't guessed by now, "The Final Countdown" is going to be played, now gasp.

Armageddon Outta Here
Complete the Stop the Rock, Rock Power Challenge

Not entirely sure what song was played during this Rock Power Challenge. But once you go through the Teleporter and do the Space Rock Festival venue, you will need to play a couple of songs. After doing so, the challenge will be made available for you.[/CENTER]

Roadie Revolution
Hire a Road Crew

After the first venue, the next gig in Bill Ditt Construction Co. will let you be able to hide a Road Crew. You must play it to get the trophy done.

Pencil Pusher
Hire a Band Manager

At the Train Station venue, you will be playing a gig for a Band Manager. You'll be able to recognize which once it is, and then play it. The Band Manager will be available for purchase in The Office.

You're Hired!
Hire an Entourage member

You unlock Entourage members by playing The World Tour. They are readily available as you finish the mode. Entourage members can only be purchased at The Office, and will increase your fans and stud compensation.

#1 Boss
Hire all Entourage members

I absolutely suggest on straying away from this until finishing the game. It is only when they will all be available, and you will have about a billion studs to blow on. Use wisely on these guys.

Hovel, Sweet Hovel
Purchase one item of rock den furniture

See Luxury Living

House Proud
Spend 100,000 studs on rock den furniture

See Luxury Living

Luxury Living
Spend 1,000,000 studs on rock den furniture

You have to be in your Rock Den to purchase furniture. Press ORANGE on any part of the room in the Den. This is where you can switch or include more furniture for your mancave. They are all inexpensive, and sparse in selection. That is why it is recommended to hold off the blow out on the furniture until you finish The World Tour.

Bare Essentials
Purchase an item of clothing

See Fashion Victim

Appetite for Apparel
Spend 100,000 studs or more on items of clothing

See Fashion Victim

Fashion Victim
Spend 1,000,000 studs or more on items of clothing

Clothes are quite cheap in the game. It would take you awhile to get the trophy through purchasing each individual apparel, but put shorten this. Go purchase the LEGO models in the Store. They cost about 250,000 studs each. Purchase about four, and get the silver.[/CENTER]

Gear Head
Purchase an instrument

See Instrumental

Purchase an instrument

Unlike purchasing clothes, instruments can become very costly. Buying a couple guitars, microphones, bass guitars, and drums will easily get you the 1,000,000 stud-expense.

Local Legend
Get 100 fans

It takes no more than three songs from the start of the World Tour to get this trophy. It will be raining fans as you progress through the songs if you try it.

Get 1,000,000 fans

It is very possible to have 1,000,000,000 fans in LEGO Rock Band. It's the simple fact that you will earn this very early in the game. As long as you play the songs, you will be able to get fans by the millions by the end of each gig.

Twinkle, Twinkle
Get 100 Stars

It requires a bit more time, but achieving 100 Stars will take at the least twenty songs completed. Setlists provide more stars at the gig. As long as you perform well, on any difficulty, racking five Stars is not hard.

Super Stars
Get 1000 Stars

It may shock you, but this is can be reasonably easy. Attempt all songs properly until you get this trophy. It takes at least 200 songs, but on the way to finishing World Tour, you will get most of them without realizing.

Universal Acclaim
Complete the Story

Once you complete the last Rock Power Challenge, the gold trophy will be in your grasp. It requires you stars to get through all the Rock Power Challenges and studs to unlock all venues. It was never required to play all venues, but you will have to eventually.

Flawless Fretwork
Score 100% notes hit as a Guitarist

Unless you basically are remarkably well on the guitar, hit for Super Easy. You can continually strum any particular note, or no note at all and get the trophy. It just matters if you hit it in time. Preferably play short songs to get this done.

Flawless Drumming
Score 100% notes hit as a Drummer

You may not be a John Bonham, but it's alright. Play on Super Easy, on any song, you just have to hit the notes at the right time, any note, any part of the drums. The bass pedal isn't accessible in Super Easy, so do not think of it.

Flawless Singing
Score 100% notes hit as a Vocalist

It just takes Super Easy to make you yell into the microphone and get a full combo and this bronze trophy. I suggest putting it that way.

Flawless Groove
Score 100% notes hit as a Bassist

The trophy asks you to hit 100% of the notes as a Bassist. It hadn't asked you to Cliff your way on Expert, no. Hook yourself up on Super Easy and go the cheap way. All you have to worry about is hitting the notes in the right time. Here you go, a free bronze trophy.

Stud Farm
Achieve a 100% Stud Recovery during a performance

Purposefully miss all the notes on a song you can easily play. You will have your note highway retract but it will let you start again where. Hit all the notes, and do not miss any.

Brian MAY Be Jealous
100% a guitar solo on Expert

Don't think that every guitar solo out there requires some Malsteem talent. Take out "Swing Swing" by the American Rejects. The song is five minutes in, but with a guitar like yourself, the entire solo only uses the four first buttons up to blue. It's pitifully easy, thus making this a pitifully easy trophy. Then again, you can choose whatever you prefer. There are some easy solos off downloadable content songs, also.

The Final Countdown
Score 100% on the Guitar Solo in "The Final Countdown" on Expert

Here, you need to have a mock up Malsteem to get this trophy. Not that it's just complex, it is indeed fast. To get your shredding up to par, practice this song. It is not possible to get the trophy under Practice Mode. Select "The Final Countdown" off Practice Mode and pick the "Guitar Solo A" to "Guitar Solo B". Play on 50% tempo speed until you do full combo it. Place the speed up to 60% and continue up to the original beat. It will take awhile to understand the moving fret lines, but it will be possible. Until you are utterly confident you can score 100% on the solo, hit for the song. You do not need to get all particular notes pulled-off or hammered-on or keeping all notes in tact. As long as the header of the solo says 100%, you'll be on your way to platinum status.

Pattern consists primarily to, in a zig-zag motion:


If you need more visual exercise, check:

All Four One!
Complete a song with four band members

See Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect
All four band members score 100% notes hit

You really just need all four instruments available. No friends, which you probably have. This is one of the major flaws of LEGO Rock Band. It was produced by Warner Brothers and not EA. Therefore, EA Servers are not in place, having zero online recreation available. But this won't stop you from achieving platinum status.

Have your four instruments and three friends or yourself to help. Since you cannot play four instruments on Expert, put it all instruments on Super Easy. Vocals just require screaming into the microphone, and bass guitar, and guitar just have to be strummed. Use any appendage, preferably your feet, to strum the guitars continually through out the song. You can't fail on Super Easy, do it. Have your last remaining appendages (hopefully your arms) be used for the drums. The bass drum is already in play for you, automatically. Hit any note at the right time and you'll get the trophy. Be aware that somehow you need to keep up your microphone, either with another hand or tape it to some stand.

Why on Super Easy? There are many perks to this reason. No failure, any note on any particular instrument will be precised into taking down the note. Automatic bass pedals is accessible. And the trophy asks for 100% hit, it does not include keeping up a combo, or a full combo.

It is absolutely suggested to attempt this trophy on "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You" by Stephen and The Colberts. It is a completely free downloadable content, and I must presume that you already own it. It's pathetically short, for the main reason.

Solid Gold, Easy Action!
Gold Star any song

It might just be the game, LEGO Rock Band gives you a lower score plead for Gold Stars. They are very easy to achieve in this game. It requires you to play any song on Expert and score most of the notes and keep combos in tact. Songs on Expert are not all impossible. Keep things to bubblegum music. Playing World Tour on Expert, you will win several Gold Stars without trying too hard.

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