Are you daring enough, crafty enough, powerful enough to become a legend? Brave the mysterious tunnels, mystical crypts and maniacal creatures of Labyrinth Legends, the quirky and addictive new arcade action-adventure from Creat Studios. Explore hidden catacombs and ancient tombs of lost civilizations while evading concealed traps and solving an array of intuitive puzzles. Collect gold and discover hidden treasure, weapons, artifacts and more as you stay alert to battle foreboding mummies, zombies, ghouls and other monsters seeking to defend their turf. Prove yourself as the greatest adventurer amongst your friends with leaderboards, full Trophy support and three different local multiplayer modes for up to four players. Labyrinth Legends has unique combination of crisp graphics and dazzling visuals, inviting exploration, tricky puzzles, and exciting monster-slashing arcade action.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: None.
Online Pass Required: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (You may have to replay levels)
Collectible Trophies: 1 Star Boy
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Make sure to collect all the stars in a level before exiting so you don't have to go back and look for it afterwards.
  • When you are trying to obtain all the time bonus in each level make sure to use dash by pressing .
  • Use your shield when there are a lot of enemies by holding .
  • For a heavy attack press
  • In every level look around carefully for stars as they are hidden really good.


Playthrough the game
Just play game but make sure to go after as many stars as this will be required for Star boy . By playing through the game you should hopefully have, Primary Eduction , Zombie? and THIS IS SPARTA!!! .

Reach for the stars!
Now its time to replay levels to achieve all the stars in a level. There are a total of 40 stars to collect. Just by doing this you'll get Star boy and Nerves of Steel .

Speed run time
By now you probably know every level by heart which means its time to speed run each level. You will need to complete each level as fast as possible for Punctual .

Clean up
Now its time to go after the few trophies you need to get that 100% for this game which probably include All at once , Nerves of Steel and Doublet .



Star boy
Collect all stars.

There are a total of 80 stars in the game and 5 in each level, you have to collect them all in order to unlock this trophy. Most of these stars appear in secret locations, killing certain enemies and solving puzzles. In order for the stars to count you have to complete the level if not they won't save and you'll have to find them all again in that level, same with dying, if you die you have to restart your star hunt again unless your going back to a level that you have collected most of them because those that you collected are already saved.


Get time bonus in every single player level.

In order to obtain a time bonus in a level you'll have to speed run through it. Get to the Exit as fast as possible which means avoid enemies (unless you have to fight them to progress), stars and secret areas. Make sure to use for dash as it will definitely come in handy while trying to achieve a time bonus. You know you were fast enough at the end of the level when a statistic page pops up telling you what you unlocked. The time bonus is on the right of all the three icons if you unlocked it that means you were fast enough for the time bonus.

Keep in mind that as you progress through a level there isn't any timer so it doesn't tell you how long you have to complete a level to unlock the time bonus, you'll just have to find out at the end of the level.


Throw lich boss in a big hole.

You encounter the Lich boss in the level thats located in the top right of the map where there is a state of a guy holding his hand up. Once you get to the Lich boss he will stand on one of the three skulls and spawn enemies at you, try to kill them all if not just keep running around. After a while the Lich boss will start walking. What you do now is try to make him go as close to the ledge as possible. Once he's close to the ledge rapidly press to do a heavy attack to push him off the ledge. After he falls to his death, this trophy should pop up.

Here's a video you can refer to if your struggling:


Primary education
Complete the tutorial.

Once you enter the map off the world, the very first level to the right is the tutorial. This level will teach you the basics and after you complete it this trophy should unlock.


All at once
Complete any level, collecting all stars and bonuses.

I'd recommend you to do this in the very first level which is the tutorial. You have to collect all the stars and the other bonuses which are:
  • Kill Bonus - To obtain this bonus you have to kill every enemy in the level.
  • Money Bonus - To obtain this bonus you have to collect all the money in a level.
  • Time Bonus - To obtain this bonus you have to speed run through the level.

A statistic page will pop up at the end of each level telling you which of the 3 bonuses you have obtained. Remember, before you start doing this, play the level beforehand so you get familiar with where everything is located. Once you memorize where everything is located and where the all the enemies are in the level, speed run through the level, kill all the enemies and collect all the money to obtain this trophy.

Here's a video you can refer to if your in need of help:


Die hard
Survive 5 minutes in the bonus level.

The first bonus level should show up once you've gotten all 40 yellow stars. You'll need to survive 5 minutes with saw blades bouncing all over the places. You don't have to last the whole 5 minutes without dying, you can die just don't run out of hearts as you would have to start all over. You'll probably think standing in the spawn area will be easy but it isn't because it'll burn you to your death, so be careful.

Here's a video if your struggling:


Collect item without a head.

To unlock this trophy you'll need to collect an item without a head and in order to do this you'll have to get sawn in half by a saw and collect an item while you can. You can easily do this in the tower located in the top left but there are other parts in the game where you can do this but I found doing this easier on this level. When you begin the level you'll have to fight 4 enemies. Once you defeat the enemies you'll go down a alley and there will be a blue plate on the ground which will activate two saws to come across from each side. When you activate it, dash to the saw on the right by pressing , you'll be able to pick up the heart right next to the money.

Here's a video you can refer to if your struggling:


Throw 30 enemies in a hole.

You can probably unlock this trophy just by playing through the game. You'll run into a lot of situations where you'll be knocking off enemies into holes. You can easily throw enemies in a hole by using your heavy attack which you can do by pressing .

One of the easiest parts to do this in is the level where there is statue of a guy holding his hand up. At the beginning of the level you'll be on a platform that looks like a maze and you'll be surrounded by holes so just rinse and repeat until this trophy pops up.Remember that you have to complete the level in order for the kills to count

This video shows you another area where you can do this in and its the second level:


Destroy two tentacles of an octopus in a one moment.

If you go to your map and look at the bottom left you'll see a skull with a cross and that's where you have to go. At the end of this level your going to have to fight an octopus boss. He will strike his tentacles at you so be careful. If you get near his tentacles a pink circle will appear showing you where he's going going to strike, when you see two pink circles in the same spot go up to them and repeatedly press (heavy attack) until both of his tentacles are destroyed.

Here's a video you can refer to if your struggling:


Nerves of Steel
Find the secret behind saws.

You can do this in the level located all the way to the right on the map, the broken tower. As you progress through the level you'll eventually run into a circular platform that you'll have to turn to get across to the 3 different areas. Turn the circular platform to the left so you can go through that path. As you go down the path you'll see 2 saw blades going up and down the lane. On the left there is a hidden opening, try cross to it as quick as you can either dead or alive. Once you make it there you'll see 3 stones with gold looking rings, this trophy should pop up once you enter that area.

Here's a video you can refer to if your struggling:

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