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Players: 1-2
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Suggested Playthroughs: 3
Time to 100%: 6 - 10 hours[/B][/I]

[top]Road Map

Just a quick road map. Do all bronze trophies on easy, then run through on medium for golds and then on hard for golds. Difficulty trophies don't stack. I've already listed the best level to do the trophies on in each trophy's description. Have fun!


Hard earned Gold
Gained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Hard

Alright, this is the hardest one in the game (hence the name.) The helicopter takes a lot of damage and some of the levels require perfection. If you aren't getting close enough to the time, you should experiment with a new route; I had to do that for swinging taxi (which I believe is the hardest level.)

Here are the required times, listing the time the clock will say that you have to finish before:

(If the level isn't listed, you just have to complete it to get the gold)

Taxi The Islands - 0:40
Meet The Babe - 0:06
Barnight - 0:20

Briefcase Retrieval - 0:03
Swinging Taxi - 0:40
Rocky Roads - 0:04

Tuxi Service - 15 Penguins
Ski Jump - You must win every jump
Icefloe Tutorial - Catapult them to like 38m
Fishbandits - 0:20

Lost Dimension Taxi - 0:55
Afterburner Attic - 0:38
Rock Blaster - 0:40

Taxi 2000 - 0:35
Iron Chef - 1:20

Got the golds
Gained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Meduim

Medium is a good balance for this game. The copter takes a decent amount of damage and the required times are not that bad. Some levels may require quite a few retries, but overall, definitely manageable.

Here are the required times, listing the time the clock will say that you have to finish before:

(If the level isn't listed, you just have to complete it to get the gold)

Taxi The Islands - 0:40
Meet The Babe - 0:15
Barnight - 1:00

Briefcase Retrieval - 0:07
Swinging Taxi - 1:00
Rocky Roads - 0:20

Tuxi Service - 11 Penguins
Ski Jump - You must win every jump
Icefloe Tutorial - Catapult them like 30m
Fishbandits - 0:30

Lost Dimension Taxi - 1:10
Afterburner Attic - 1:10
Rock Blaster - 0:50

Taxi 2000 - 0:30
Iron Chef - 1:20

Easy Peasy Gold
Gained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Easy

This shouldn't cause you any problems. They give you plenty of time, and the helicopter can withstand a lot more "damage" before actually taking any damage.

Chef Supreme
Compose the perfect dish

These are the necessary ingredients to make the corresponding dish. Just follow these recipes for this easy trophy.

Spouse a Vin
2 Females
1 Pink Flower

2 Sharks
1 Blue Flower

2 Males
1 Rum
1 Blue Flower

Cajun Great Bite
2 Sharks
1 Dynamite
1 White Flower

King of Manhattan
Complete a Taxi level with 5 'Fast rides'

First taxi mission on easy difficulty is your best bet. Just check the map to know where you are going. You have six tries on this level, so if you miss more an one, just restart.

King of Catapult
Get 5 'Catapult Bonuses'

Very easy. In the level immediately following the catapulting tutorial (it's on the ice island) there will be more than enough people to catapult, 7 I believe, so just catapult five of them by slamming on the other side of the iceberg with .

Elite Swinger
Get 8 'Great Swings" in a timed level

Okay, on the swinging race level (the last level in the rocky place) once you finish the race, the clock will stop. Instead of returning to Lander, just get a whole bunch of great swings, and then go back. Do this on Easy difficulty to make it the easiest.

Femme Fatale
5 Flying pickups in one Level

Just do this on the first big level you have her, Barnight. Try to pick up as many men as possible, and always use that technique. Do this on Easy difficulty.

Fishing ala Dundee
Catch a Shark with an explosive

On the chef level, just pick up an explosive and bang it on the ground (while still holding it) to activate it, and then drop it on a shark. May take a few tries. Do this on Easy difficulty.

FAA Approved
Complete a Taxi level without taking any damage

Do this on the first taxi level on easy difficulty. You have plenty of time, so just be very careful. Really easy trophy.

King of the hill
Get 85+m at the ski jump

While trying to pull off this seemingly impossible feat, I found an idiot proof way to do this. (Dont think this matters, but I was on easy difficulty at the time.) What you do is hold (BOOST, not PEDAL) and all the way forward on the L stick at the top of the hill. NEVER LET GO OF THESE UNTIL YOU COME TO A COMPLETE STOP AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL. Now, just hold from the top of the first hill until as far as you can go without missing the jump. Now, as soon as you let go of , the boost should rocket you in the air, and then continue giving you little spurts of thrust. You should easily get 80+ every time, just keep doing it until you can let go of as late as possible to get 85. I was able to get 86.1, and you basically land right in front of the scoreboard.

Cooking with style
Make a 25+ points Hoopbonus in the IronChef level

On the chef level, when you have an ingredient, just get above the pot and hold it steady for a few seconds. Once you are stable directly above it, just hold L2 until you run out of boost and then drop the ingredient. You just need to drop the ingredient from a large height. Really easy.

Squid Master
Beat the Squid without taking any damage

It doesn't matter what difficulty this is on, as one hit and you die any way, and you're not getting hit to begin with. You have to figure out the squids pattern. The way I do it is that I hover above the water, then when the tentacle goes under me, I drop to the surface of the water. Then once the other tentacle goes above me, and then he pulls it back, I dodge to the left as he brings the other tentacle down. One more dodge to the right as the other one comes down and I get in front of the eye and fire away.

Beware, his movements get quicker each time.

Golden cab
Complete a Gold medal taxi mission

Very easy, just play the first taxi level on easy difficulty. Be hasty and it should be no problem.

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