Players: 1 - 2

Online Play: Not yet (Still waiting for a patch)
Online Trophies: No (but can be done online)
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Time to Platinum/100%: 10+ Hours


Playthrough 1: Co-Op and Singleplayer trophies.
Start off by selecting Co-Op and selecting Totec (you will need two controllers or wait for the online patch) now play the first two levels and you will get the trophy A Friend in Need, now while playing the first level go for Leap of Faith, Jump Jump, Breadwinner, Seeing Red, Overachiever. Now complete the first level and start the second to get the trophy Return to Sender and then quit and start a new game on Singleplayer to achieve the trophies Three birds, one stone, Beat a Better Mousetrap, Instant Sushi and Vanquish Xolotl.

Playthrough 2: Mop-up the challenges and Tomb Raider trophy.
Select Singleplayer and select the first level you need a challenge on and go for that certain challenge, its easier to focus on one challenge at a time so that its becomes easier than it is to try most of the challenges in one go, the challenges aren't that difficult, one or two will give you a bit of trouble but keep at it and you'll get it after a few attempts, after you have done all the challenges you should get Tomb Raider.

NOTE: You do not need to get the upgrades (Ammo or Health) for the Tomb Raider trophy but it does help as some challenges may need you to use a lot of ammo or could get you killed if you have very little health.


A Friend in Need
Play Co-op mode

When the game starts up select Co-Op and you can either do this with another controller or online.

Leap of Faith
Catch Totec with the grapple while he is jumping over a death fall

This must be done in Co-Op mode so get another player to help you or use another controller and do it yourself. You can do this on the very first level, when you get to the section with the seven spider pot in position Lara right next to the edge and then have Totec jump off the edge now use Lara's grappling hook to save Totec from falling.

Return to Sender
Reflect an enemy's projectile back to him using Totec's shield

First off you will have to play in Co-Op and be playing as Totec, i suggest trying this on the second level, when you come to the first bunch of enemies defeat all of them leaving one that fires projectiles then just hold up the shield and just just keep moving towards the enemy while deflecting the enemies projectiles eventually one will hit.

Three birds, one stone
Kill 3 enemies with one bomb

Another rather easy trophy, this can be done on any level but i would suggest that it is easiest on Spiders Tomb level as spiders will crowd round each other and you can get up to 10 kills with one mine. just put a mine down in front of the enemies using and then back away letting the enemies enter the circle, when three or more enemies are inside or rather close to the circle press again to set the mine off.

Jump Jump
Jump from Totec's shield while he is jumping

Simple, you can do this online or with a second controller and must be done in Co-Op mode, have Totec hold down and then have Lara jump on top of his shield, now make Totec jump using and then straight after make Lara jump using Lara will be sent flying into the air and you will obtain this trophy.

Beat a Better Mousetrap
Activate all of the spikes at once in the Spider Tomb spike field

This has to be done on Level 3 Spiders Tomb, its not very difficult and can be done so you get the red skull and end up in the middle where the pressure pad is below is Achievaholics guide on which path to take

Toggle Spoiler

Earn the top score objective in any level

On every level there is three set amounts of points to get within that level, the easiest one to do it on is The Temple of Light on single player, there are two ways you can earn points and one way to lose points.

  • Enemies - The score depends on your Power Meter and the type of enemy.
  • Gems - These give you a score of 1200 points but also slightly increase your Power Meter.
  • Death - Losing a life will subtract 5000 of your points so trying to stay alive is really important if your going for the top score.

Seeing Red
Collect all 10 red skulls in any single level

This can be done on any level as each level has a total of 10 red skulls to collect, I would say its easiest on the Temple of Light as most, if not all, are in plain sight, if you are having trouble refer to the next post below for the locations of all the red skulls.

Complete any level-specific Reward Challenge

Within each level there are some challenges that will have to do to earn rewards, you can do any of these on any one of the levels within the game and obtain this achievement, one of the first one you will do is the one with the 7 spider pots, you have to jump across all 7 of them without touching the ground, this is really simple as you cant die if you do fall off, just push the analogue stick in the right direction and jump you should have no problem getting this, if you do happen to fall of just jump back on the first one and start again.

Tomb Raider
Collect all relics, artifacts and weapons

Refer to the next post below for the location to all the red skulls, relics, artifacts, weapons and challenges.

Instant Sushi
Vanquish the summoned beast in the watery depths

This is story related so it CAN'T be missed you will gain this on Level 8 - Jaws of Death

Vanquish Xolotl
Regain the Mirror of Smoke

This is story related so it CAN'T be missed you will gain this on Level 14 - Xolotl's Stronghold

[top]Red Skulls, Relics, Artifacts, Weapons and Challenges

Level 1 - Temple of Light

Toggle Spoiler

Level 2 - Temple Grounds

Toggle Spoiler

Level 3 - Spider Tomb

Toggle Spoiler

Level 4 - The Summoning

Toggle Spoiler

Level 5 - Forgotten Gate

Toggle Spoiler

Level 6 - Toxic Swamp

Toggle Spoiler

Level 7 - Flooded Passage

Toggle Spoiler

Level 8 - The Jaws of Death

Toggle Spoiler

Level 9 - Twisting Bridge

Toggle Spoiler

Level 10 - Fiery Depths

Toggle Spoiler

Level 11 - Belly of the Beast

Toggle Spoiler

Level 12 - Stronghold Passage

Toggle Spoiler

Level 13 - The Mirror's Wake

Toggle Spoiler

Level 14 - Xolotl's Stronghold

Toggle Spoiler

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