Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-25 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 4
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole is a game (published by Warner Brothers/developed by Krome) based on the Warner Brothers movie of the same name, which is based on the series of young adult novels "The Guardians of Ga'Hoole" by Kathryn Lasky. The game does not repeat the movie or the books. It is an original story set parallel to the movie. In the game you play as Shard, a Guardian in training. You are able to choose which species of owl Shard is (Burrowing, Barn, Great Horned, or Great Grey). Each species has it's own stats for speed, health, strength, and prowess.

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Collect All Trophies
Every trophy has been collected.

This is awarded when you've earned all the other trophies in the game.

A Bird in the Hand
Upgrade your owl with any Battleset

This becomes available after the second Desert of Kuneer mission. Go to Shard's Hollow, Choose the Armory go to the right and purchase and equip the Swift Steel Battleset. It costs 150 shinies.

Defeat an enemy in a mission

During your training missions around the Great Ga'Hoole Tree, you do not earn trophies.

After the training missions you'll earn this as you defeat any enemy in a mission. You have to defeat it, not one of your wingmen, though they can help. You have to deliver the finishing blow.

Feeling Shattered
Break an enemy's armor

This becomes available once you start encountering Pure One's with armor in the first Forest Kingdom of Tyto mission. You can tell they have armor because there are talons over their life meter, you need to barge () attack them to break their armor. Or you can throw () them in to a mountain or the ground.

Barge unlocks after you defeat 35 enemies.

Top Speed
Reach maximum speed in a mission

Find a gust of wind, go fast, keep tapping and climb really high. Then do a dive. You could also add Barrel Roll to increase speed. Using a Battleset that increases speed like Swift Steel or Diamond Dash helps, too.

That Was Close!
Narrowly avoid colliding with an enemy in a mission

When an enemy is about to attack you, you have the option to counter by pressing the appropriate button. If you press the wrong button, you don't counter. As the enemy approaches, use the R stick and tap left or right to roll out of the way.

Do a Barrel Roll!
Do a barrel roll in a mission

During your training missions around The Great Tree, you do not earn trophies.

After the training missions you'll be able to earn this. To do a barrel roll you need to have enough prowess. Dive, or collect shinies to build your prowess meter past a third. Once you have enough prowess, you can do a barrel roll by moving the R stick up.

Team Attack
Use the Team Attack Combo to help out a wingman in trouble

Send out one of your wingmen to a target. Target an enemy with . Send your wingman out with . Once the target's taken damage from your wingman, attack and defeat it yourself.

Upgrade Your Flight
Unlock a new combat attack

During your training missions around The Great Tree, you do not earn trophies.

After the training missions you'll be able to earn this. Once you defeat 4 enemies (yourself, not wingmen), you'll unlock your first additional attack, Throw ().

Make some noise
Hoot 108 times

Tap while you're just flying around. After 108 times, this unlocks

Tyto is Righto
Complete the Forest Kingdom of Tyto Missions

You get this after you've completed all 5 Forest Kingdom of Tyto missions. You do not have to complete the bonus mission to earn this.

Kuneer or Kufaar
Complete the Desert of Kuneer Missions

You get this after you complete all 5 Desert of Kuneer missions. You do not have to complete the bonus mission to earn this.

Defeat the Hagsfiend Queen
Complete the Glauxian Brothers Retreat Missions

You get this after you complete all 5 Glauxian Brothers Retreat missions. You do not have to complete the bonus mission to earn this.

Owls of Derisive Laughter
Complete Race the the Retreat in 4 minutes or less

Best to try this, and any of the timed missions really, with Swift Steel or Diamond Dash equipped. Just stay on track. A couple of well aimed barrel rolls help as well.

O Rly?
Replay a mission

Complete a mission, then play it again for a better time. After you complete a mission, you get a screen that goes over your stats for that mission: time, number of enemies defeated, lives lost, etc. At the bottom you have a choice to Continue, Replay Mission, or Return to Shard's Hollow. Choose Replay Mission. This unlocks when the the 2nd try at the mission starts.

That's Got to Hurt
Successfully perform the Fall From Grace

Once you've defeated 90 enemies, Fall From Grace unlocks. When you target an enemy with , you might see " + " above them. When you do , press and simultaneously while targeting the enemy and you'll grab them and go into a dive. Near the ground " + " will flash over the enemy. Press them again to release the enemy and they will hit the ground and be defeated, while you level off and fly away.

Ready For Battle
Complete the Tutorial Missions

After the game starts, you get a quick training mission along with the opening credits, which is a dream sequence. Then Ezylryb gives you a flintmop. This is really another set of training missions. Once you've completed them, this unlocks. Note: you do not earn trophies during the Tutorial Missions.

C-C-Combo Breaker
Perform a chain attack on a single enemy in a mission

As you attack an enemy, you get a chain bonus and your claws glow. Just target and attack the same enemy to unlock this.

Counter Culture
Successfully counter attack an enemy in a mission

When an enemy is attacking you, a prompt comes up with (or, or ). If you hit (or, or ) in time, and not another button or the prompt gets crossed out, you counter the attack.

That That, You Fiend
Hit an enemy with the Corkscrew in a mission

You unlock Corkscrew after the second Kuneer mission. When you're near an enemy, like as they're attacking you, do a barrel roll (up on the R stick). This will become a corkscrew attack, and you will register a hit on the bottom of the screen. Note: you need at least one third of your prowess meter yellow to do this move.

Great Shot
Hit an enemy with a flaming coal

Once you have access to coals, green blips on your radar, you can pick up and throw coals. You use to pick up and to throw. You pick up two coals, one for each leg. Once you have coals, target an enemy and use to throw the coal.

The Journey
Fly 100 Kilometers

You should get this through normal play. If you want to specifically earn it, go into a bonus mission and fly around.

Silver Lining
Get all Silver Medals

You only need to earn Silver times in all the regular missions, not bonus missions, for this to unlock.

Light 'em up
Complete Lighting the Way without a torch going out too early

I received this the first time I tried. It's a timing thing. Just focus on lighting the torches and not on defeating enemies and this should be no problem. If enemies are attacking you too much, hit them with wingmen.

Make a Splash
Throw an enemy into the water

Use to throw an enemy. Be near water and attack with a throw. One way is to attack an enemy below you with barge () to get them lower and then throw. Fall From Grace over water should work as well.

Fly Safe
Complete An Ally in the Sand without touching a twister

In the first Kuneer Mission, don't hit any twisters as you fly along and this will unlock at the end of the mission.

Use the corkscrew on 20 enemies

The corkscrew attack is unlocked after the second Kuneer mission. It's basically a barrel roll that's an attack on an enemy. Do it 20 times, and you'll receive this.

Gliding with Style
Complete a mission without losing your armor

Once you have a battleset, complete a mission without taking damage. Counter all attacks, use wingmen to whittle down the enemy. Avoid fire, as you and your armor will take damage.

Vanquish The Evil
Complete the game

When you complete the last mission in The Beaks, after your score is tallied, you'll receive this.

Seven In One Blow
Defeat seven enemies without being hit in a mission

Self explanatory. Defeat seven enemies with out getting hit in a mission. Counter any incoming attacks. Target and attack. Avoid getting hit by catapults, and don't fly into fires.

No Flies On Shard
Complete all objectives in a mission successfully without dying

You should get this on your first mission in Kuneer. Attack, Counter, Dodge.

Fashionable Owl
Wear 4 different Battlesets in missions

As you unlock new Battlesets, equip them and complete a mission. Once you've unlocked your fourth Battleset, and start a mission with it, this will unlock. The fourth Battleset, Golden Heart, unlocks after the last Forest of Tyto mission.

Free Flight
Explore all five environments in the Bonus Missions for a short time

Once you've completed the game, The bonus mission in The Beaks will unlock. Play this mission and all of the other bonus missions. You need not complete each challenge within the bonus missions, but you should complete one each just to save that you've been there.

Dodge 'ems
Complete Pure Retaliation without being hit by a turret

Try taking out the rightmost turret first, then go right to left. Use wingmen to keep you enemies occupied. Counter when you must, dodging is best. Focus on not getting hit by the flaming rocks that the turrets are sending your way.

Love The Smell
Bomb 20 Turrets

This should unlock during normal play. You can always replay bombing missions to have this unlock sooner. You bomb by picking up coals and launching them at catapults and balistas. Catapults take two hits, balistas take three.

Boss Rush
Defeat any boss without being defeated

The first boss you encounter is the Owl Chieftan in the Last Kuneer mission. Just defeat him without dying.

Put the Win in Wingman
Use your Wingmen 20 times

When you have wingmen, target an enemy with , use to use the wingman. You need to keep your prowess up so do a lot of climbing and diving.

Passive Aggressive
Complete a mission using just wingmen

You can only use your wingmen to attack enemies. You should do this in one of the Kuneer missions as wingmen won't attack enemies with armor, and armored enemies start appearing in the first Tyto mission.

Lucky Number
Achieve a 15 hit chain in a mission

I like to spam the barge attack, . Target with , , , , , , until the enemy is defeated, re-target, repeat, after 15 hits, this will unlock.

No Witnesses
Defeat every enemy in a story mission

Self explanatory. Some missions will allow you to complete the objective without defeating all the enemies. Just focus on defeating all the enemies before completing the objective for this to unlock.

As the Crow Flies
Defeat 20 Crows

You will get this over time (a very short time). Defeat 20 crows.

New Game +
Continue playing after completing the game

Once you've beaten the game, start a new game.

See a Penny
Collect 4200 Shinies

Shinies are the money in this game. They are coins with holes in the center. As you fly around you'll see these in your potential paths. You also get them for defeating enemies and you get bonus ones when you get a gold time in a mission. It's cumulative, so don't worry about spending them on Battlesets. Those spent Shinies still count towards your total collected.

Max Power
Equip a top quality Battleset

Either of the last two battlesets are considered "Top Quality". Equip it when you've unlocked it and this trophy will unlock. Iron Fortitude, the last battleset unlocks after you defeat the Hagsfiend Queen. It costs 500 shinies.

Fly like the Wind
Use 50 Wing Currents

These are the sideways twistery things. They give you a speed boost as you go through them. Use them 50 times for this to unlock. You might not fly though enough get this through normal play. You may need to replay some Speed Flying challenges in bonus missions to earn this.

Art Appreciation
Collect all the artwork

There are 25 pieces of artwork to unlock. They are unlocked by collecting the scrolls in the Bonus Missions: 5 each for the 5 different locations (Great Tree, Kuneer Desert, Tyto Forest, Glauxian Retreat, The Beaks). When you're flying in the Bonus Missions, a circle appears in the lower left of the screen it goes from red to amber to green as you get closer. You have to think three dimensionally as they could be below or above you. Usually they're hovering just off the surface, but they could be by the water, on a branch or a rock, and one in near the ceiling of the interior of a mountain.

Gold, Shard, Gold!
Get a Gold ranking in all story missions

There are 20 story missions. Each mission has a gold time, silver time and you get a bronze for just finishing. Replay any missions that you've not earned gold on. Once all story missions are gold...ding, trophy.

Note: I had trouble with this on my first play through. I chose a Barn owl for my first playthrough, since Soren, the main character in the movie is one. I have not been able to Gold the third mission in Tyto (keeping all water carriers alive). But for my second playthrough, I chose a Great Grey (like Twilight in the movie) and had no problem at all getting Gold on that or most other missions, even though I wasn't really trying. So I did cleanup with the Great Grey to get this trophy.

Bonus Gold
Get a Gold ranking in all bonus missions

There is a Bonus mission for each of the 5 environments. The Great Tree bonus missions unlock after you complete the training missions. The Kuneer, Tyto, and Glauxian Brothers Retreat Bonus missions unlock when you complete each area. The Beaks bonus missions unlock when you complete the game. There are 3-4 challenges within each bonus mission. The challenges are Speed Flying, Owlet Rescue, Survival, and Bombing. Just replay each challenge until you have gold on all of them. I recommend equipping Swift Steel or Diamond Dash for the Speed Flying, Owlet Rescue, and Bombing missions as the speed boost will help you finish them in gold time. I recommend Iron Fortitude for Survival, as the increased attack helps defeat the enemy faster. Fall From Grace any Hagsfied you can as getting a combo on them is difficult since you can't use barge on them.

Boy Are My Arms Tired
Fly more than 200 Kilometres

This might not unlock through regular play. So, fly around in the bonus missions until this dings.

Birds of a Different Feather
Complete the game as all Four Characters

You need to play as all 4 kinds of owls, Burrowing, Barn, Great Horned, and Great Grey. Start new game. Choose one of the owls. When you get back to the main menu, start a new game using a different owl. Do this until all four slots are the four different owls. Play through just the regular missions, not the bonus missions. You don't have to get gold times, just complete each mission. Once you complete the game with one, move on to the next. When you complete the game with all four, this trophy will ding.

Sold Out
Buy all the Battlesets

There are 6 different Battlesets to purchase. The first costs 150 shinies, the second 200, etc. The sixth costs 500 shinies and unlocks after you defeat the Hagsfiend Queen. Once they're all unlocked, and purchased, you will get this.

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