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[top]Tips and Strategies


Movie Mogul
To unlock this trophy you must unlock every trophy in the game

This is an easy platinum to get. The only problem you will have is the crappy camera angles messing you up...yeah that's all.

A Fistful of Larrys
Complete the game's Wild West Dreamscape

For this trophy all you have to do is go through all the wild west missions and on the last mission when you wake up at the billboard, BLING trophy is yours!

There is a part people have trouble at, it's the mission where you need to unblock the road where there is 2 carriages in the way. To do this part, keep climbing until you come to a chimney jump, move up and jump up to highest point. Walk left a few steps then towards the camera and slowly walk along the ledge. Then climb around to the right and drop down and push the boulder. Then hang and drop down pushing to the carriage. There is a time limit so do it quickly. Here's a video, start the video at 2:30 and it will show you what to do:
YouTube - Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust - Western Gameplay PC (Part 4)

Complete the game's Horror Dreamscape

For this trophy all you have to do is go through all the horror missions and on the last mission when you wake up at the billboard, BLING trophy is yours!

For the last mission, you need to move the suits of armor onto the corresponding pedestals. They are: knight with a sword onto the sword emblem, a knight with a shield onto the shield emblem and the last knight is up top on the balcony. Push it off and move it onto the nearby pedestal to lower all 3 chandeliers. Then jump across all 3 chandeliers and jump across onto the ladder.

The Ship of Dreams
Complete the game's Bytanic Dreamscape

For this trophy all you have to do is go through all the bytanic missions and on the last mission when you wake up at the billboard, BLING trophy is yours!

I think the Bytanic dreamscape is the easiest. The last mission sees the ship sinking and you need to rescue Ginger. This section is basically a lot of jumping. Cross the pieces of ice onto the smoke stack, then tightrope across to the ship.You now need to make your way up the Bytanic with carefully timed jumps. The part that confuses some people is the final jump you need to do. Once you reach the top of the vertical jumps, you need to wall jump between the ship's floor and the upturned deck. Once you reach the top, tightrope to Ginger. End of the mission! Heres a video if your having problems:
YouTube - Leisure Suit Larry Bytanic Dreamscape Final Mission

The End
Complete the game's main story missions

The last mission is right after the Bytanic Dreamscape. So if you haven't picked up all your awards, did the races, and seduction stuff do it now before the last mission.

Last mission: You need to make your way to the Theater roof. Climb up the ladder on the side of the building. You will be attacked by 2 security guards. The best way to deal with any melee confrontation is to block until you feel ready and then press when the enemy attacks you. Larry will slap the enemy as a counter and then you should follow up with another hit. After the fight with the guards, you have to fight Kip. Just use the same technique as for the guards and once his health reaches 50% he will run off. Now you have to drag the box of fireworks over to the marker and rotate them till they are in the correct position. You will be able to tell which way to turn them. Just look at the shaded area and it shows up the way it wants it.

Now Kip moves to Sound Stage 2 roof. Get down ASAP and get in the police car and then climb to the sound stage 2 roof via the crates. Again, fight the 2guards and then Kip will attack you again like the first time. Use the same tactics and he should run away again. Now align the fireworks again.

Kip now goes to the Executive Building roof. Go inside and take the elevator to the roof. Align the fireworks as before and fight the 2 guards. Now this is the last time you fight Kip. Use the same moves and the game is over. YAY!!

Cupid Sniper
Complete the Larry Get Your Gun mission

This is real easy. All you have to do is shoot 5 girls and 4 horses. The girls you have to take your time and set up before she walks into the shot. Horses you will see real easy. After you pass the mission, you will get the trophy

Dead Beat
Complete the Army of the Dead mission

This mission can probably be hard for some people, but it's really easy. Just do low attacks because later when a lot more zombies start coming up, there will be some with knight helmets on who won't take high attack damage. Just make sure you don't get cornered and pick up everything that is dropped like healths, x2 damages, etc. and just keep hitting with low attacks and you should be ok. And if you have to get out quick, run to the doors when they are green to go to the next side. Then a ticket will drop. After you pass the mission, you will get the trophy.

Shuffle the Deck
Complete the Shuffleboard mission

For this all you have to do is beat Ginger, but you DO NOT want to pass this mission unless you got your "Three Bulls" trophy and your "Larry Scores" trophy. Just push pause and restart the mission. So make 2 saves for this mission just in case. You don't want to have to do this on your speed run. After you pass this mission, you will get the trophy.

Larry Scores
Achieve a total score of 2800 on Shuffleboard

This can be really easy once you get the hang of hitting the bullseye. Just try to hit it everytime. Or at least get 3 on there and get some 150s. Remember, do not pass the mission until you do this.

Network Socialite
Meet every principle character in the game

You will get this trophy at the beginning of the game when you meet all the characters. You will meet them all when you go through all the missions. You won't miss this trophy.

Best Newcomer
Collect a total of 10 Larry Awards

All I can say for this one is, find them all. See "Best Actor"

Best Supporting Actor
Collect a total of 50 Larry Awards

All I can say for this one is, find them all. See "Best Actor"

Best Actor
Collect a total of 100 Larry Awards

Here's a list of all the Larry Awards and where to find them:

Gymnastic Larry
Perform 3 consecutive wall jumps

All you have to do is jump between 3 walls. On the second mission, when you get the scripts, you will wall jump to collect the script pieces and after the third jump, the will get the trophy.

Well Hung
Perform 3 consecutive ledge jumps

You can unlock this when you do the first train mission. You will have to ledge jump some hay, once you jump over the first time, jump right back to where you were and so on. You will get the trophy after this. If you miss the first train mission, the final mission on bytanic, you will ledge jump a lot. So you should get it there for sure.

Fashionista Award
Accumulate a wardrobe of 6 outfits

You get these right before you do missions for the dreamscapes. You can't miss any of these. After you finish the last Bytanic dreamscape you will get the last costume. Here's a list:

Casual Larry - You start with this one
Mailman Larry - Get it after talking to your uncle in the opening cutscenes.
Cowboy Larry - Get it right after the first director game.
Horror Larry - Get it after "Spies r Us" for the Horror Lot.
Larry as Jack - Get it after taking the photo's of Kip and right before the Bytanic dreamscape
Gentleman Larry - Unlocks after finishing the Bytanic Dreamscape.

Broadcasting on Top of the World
Reach the highest point in Laffer Studio

This Video here will show you exaclty what to do:
YouTube - Larry TorreDeTransmision

Old Silver Tongue Award
Complete 4 Director Games successfully

Director games are when you control the cameras and pick the best shot for the scene. Just press the corresponding button for the most appropriate scene. Pass all of them and you'll get the trophy right after the bytanic director game. Here's a list:

1 - Right after you get the cowboy outfit
2 - Right after you finish the western dreamscape
3 - Right after you finish the horror dreamscape
4 - Right after you finish the bytanic

Hot Foot Award
Travel 100 miles on foot

You will pretty much get this just walking around. You should get it before the last mission for sure, but if not just walk around before the last mission. You should have no problem getting this because of missions and the Larry Awards.

Road Tripping
Drive 400 miles

This one you probably won't get before the last mission. All I did was just cruise around all the lots until I got it.

Three Bulls
3 consecutive Bulls-eyes in the Shuffleboard

This one can be difficult, but if you keep trying you will get the hang of how he shoots the puck and how easy it really is. What I notice was, do not go passed the guy's left shoe when bringing the stick back. That worked for me everytime. Just watch out for the bird crap. Also remember to not pass the mission until you do this and the other trophies for shuffleboard. Just restart the mission if you didn't get them.

Car Surfin
Stand 50 seconds on the roof of a moving car

This is real easy. Just double jump onto a moving cart and just chill on top for about a minute while it's moving. Trophy should unlock after 50 seconds.

Mr. Lover Man
Complete all seduction games

They are pink icons and they are located on the 2nd floor of the Executive Offices. All you have to do is seduce the 7 females and you will get the trophy. Just answer the questions correctly. You can get them wrong but the option you picked will just grey out and you can pick another option until you get it right. So if you mess up will will be fine.

Hijack 50 vehicles

For this all you have to do is hijack the same cart over and over. Hijack the cart and then get it and wait a second, then hijack it again. Make sure the guy who's in the cart grabs the wheel first before you hijack it.

Pedal to the Metal
Complete all Races

You will get races after every dreamscape and after you pass the first race for that lot. They are purple dots. Make sure you do these before you pass the last mission.

Demolition Boy
Destroy three vehicles within 60 seconds of each other

For this one, go to the bytanic lot and go to the north end of the water and there is 2 fire carts after you leave the gates into the horror lot. Bring a cart with you for this one and park it next to the water and go get the other 2 fire carts and just drive each one into the water. There is a spot where there are pipes right under the water, just jump onto those and jump out of the water and drive the next cart in and keep doing that.

Le Manns
Drive in vehicles for a total of 3 hours while playing the game

You will get this trophy driving around getting your awards, that's how I got it. If you don't get it then, you will get it when your just driving around for that 400 miles. You will get this trophy before the driving 400 miles.

Complete the game in under 8 hours

This will be real easy after you finish your first run through. You will get this no problems at all. Just go from mission to mission. You will be used to all the missions and when they come and where they are at. I got this done at 4:20 and I messed up a few times. So don't worry, you will get it for sure.

Suits you Sir
Use all unlockable costumes during the same mission

After you unlock the last outfit after the bytanic dreamscape, do a seduction mission and instead of going straight to the girl, go to your mansion , and change into every outfit and you will get it after the last one you put on.

Rookie Award
Complete the game's first Mission

Easiest trophy in the game . Just finish the 1st mission and right after your done you will get the trophy and it's time to start playing.

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