Total Trophies: 12
Online Trophies: 0
Offline Trophies: 12
No. Of Playthroughs Needed: N/A
Hours Required: 5-10 Hours
Difficulty Affects Trophies: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

Before you start the game, I recommend that you use this guide made by Cold_Drake which can help you throughout a lot of hard sections.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Lemming Leader
Save every Lemming possible

For this, you need to save all lemmings on all 45 levels. So, for the levels that have around 100 Lemmings on it will make this trophy very hard. Basically, save all Lemmings on each level. To make it easier, start at the beginning on the Trial levels and just work your way through to the Mayhem levels where it starts to get tougher.

Lethal Lemmings
Send 1000 Lemmings to their death

I would recommend doing this trophy on the Mayhem Level "Lemmy Down". Anyway, sending a Lemming to it's death is very easy on this level. As soon as it starts, they lemmings start to drop, make the first lemming that gets to wards the right a builder, make the lemming a builder right before it gets to the little wall blocking your way. Then Increase Rate to Maximum and then watch all the lemmings climb the stairs and fall to their death. There are 99 lemmings on this level so you would get this on your 11th go if you haven't killed any yet.

Mayhem Master
Complete all Mayhem levels

After going through the Taxing levels, then go onto Mayhem levels. There are a total of 10 Mayhem levels, they are:

  • Lem Does This Lem Does That
  • Lemmy Down
  • Lem Lift Us Up
  • Lemmy Have Another Go
  • Burning Bridges
  • Plan Ahead Mr Lem
  • Take It From The Top
  • Light My Path Oh Hero Lemming
  • Roar Of The Big Machine
  • The Lengthy Level

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Triumphantly Taxing
Complete all Taxing levels

After going through the Tricky levels, then go onto Taxing levels. There are a total of 10 Taxing levels, they are:
  • 3rd Time Lucky
  • Down and out
  • Float on home Mr. Lemming
  • One lazy lemming
  • Like a lem in a sweet shop
  • Bomb not bash
  • Teleport where teleport there
  • Lemmy we're going down
  • Follow the light
  • Lem me your ears

Pass through all of these levels to get the Trophy, below is a quote from the Walkthrough on how to do each level.

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Lemmie See Speed
Beat 3rd Time Lucky in under 1 minute 30 seconds

3rd Time Lucky is simply one of the levels within the Taxing Levels, it is the first one so you should get to it quick. You can use the Walkthrough to help you through this if your having trouble. First of all, make sure to get used to the level before you attempt to do it real quick, if you do it quick first time using the Walkthrough, that's even better. Below is a fractional quote from the Walkthrough, just in case your a little lazy!

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Tricky but not Taxing
Complete all Tricky levels

After going through the Fun levels, then go onto Tricky levels. There are a total of 10 Tricky levels, they are:

  • Keep an eye on mr climber
  • A change of direction
  • A thing called lem
  • Hero lemming to the rescue
  • Lem in a box
  • A nice little puzzle
  • Don't forget the others
  • Lem up and down we go
  • Down the hatch
  • Don't send me up there

Pass through all of these levels to get the Trophy, below is a quote from the Walkthrough on how to do each level.

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Fabulously Fun
Complete all Fun levels

After going through the Trials, then go onto the Fun levels. There are a total of 10 Fun levels, they are:

  • Start with nothing, end with nothing
  • Floaters all the way
  • Down and down we go!
  • Give a fellow lem a hand
  • My first teleporter
  • Total eclipse of the lem
  • From the left in order to go right
  • Watch where you dig
  • Watch how you go now
  • Beam me up lemmy

Pass through all of these levels to get the trophy, below is a quote on how to do each Fun level.

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The Ultimate Clone
Make a clone that can float and climb

Making a Clone is simple, you just need to find yourself a level that has a cloning machine within it. From then on, you just need to make sure you have a Builder skill and Floater skill available. Then just enter the Clone machine, and finally add the skills to the cloned lemming.

Bridge Builder
Build 100 bridges

For this trophy, your going to need to have a Builder skill available, try to get a Lemming near a gap or anything similar where you can build a bridge. Then build the bridge and keep repeating until you hit 100. You can go for this trophy this way, or you can hope on getting this through the play through you do when attempting to save every Lemming there are.

Can you dig it
Set off 100 digger Lemmings

To set off 100 digging Lemmings is fairly simple. To set off a digging Lemming, just press either, or till you find the skill for digging. Choose that, then put the cross-hair over any Lemming and select them, that will then give them the skill of digging. Just repeat this to 100 different Lemmings. You might get this trophy throughout the game, if you don't, then just do any level and send as many as possible to digging. You should get it shortly after.

Lemming Exploder
Blow up 100 Lemmings

I would recommend doing this on the Trial Level, the mission called "Teach me Bombers and Blockers", as soon as the mission starts, assign the Bomber skill to each lemming as they pass by, then just happily watch them blow up. There are 10 lemmings in this mission so you should get this trophy after your 10th time doing this, provided you haven't blown any up before.

Lemmie See Some Speed
Complete Teach me Climbers and Floaters in under one minute

For this, you can use the Walkthrough provided to help you if you are having trouble. You should try to get the jist of the level before actually trying to be it in under one minute. If you don't want to scan through the Walkthrough looking for how to do this level. I will save you the time by quoting below what is said in the Walkthrough.

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