Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-20 minutes
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

The trophies will not unlock until you have finished playing/watching the whole game.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Sigil Of Time
Freeze and manipulate time in order to force your way through rips in reality. Use it wisely, for it is a power that can overcome great challenges when seeking the light... or chaos.

When you first start the game on linger mode, the game will pause. Press to continue and then press again straight after. You should notice that a controller icon has appeared, simply shake the controller to active SIXAXIS to achieve this trophy!

Sigil Of Motion
Make the world tremble and the heavens shatter from within the shadows. The power to manipulate your environment has been unveiled and will prove essential in your struggles with nature.

Later on, the screen will stop and reverse itself. When this happens icons will appear at the top of the screen. Press and and you will continue, thus earning you this trophy.

Sigil Of Chaos
Chaos inhabits every fiber of the universe. Unleashing this power has obliterated the obstacles before you and will release you into nature.

At 03:06 pause the game and you will see a controller with arrows around it. Rotate the controller to continue and get another easy silver.

Sigil Of Nature
The force of nature has brought odd life to an even more unusual environment. Remember what you have learned here and it may be useful to you in the future.

At 04:48 when you see that cat press to continue and gain the trophy.

Sigil Of Creation
Eyes are the black holes of creatures, vast depths of darkness, but at the center you will find that creation exists everywhere, even when it is nowhere. All that is left is to unleash the light from within the shadow.

Around 05:19 press to make the robots eyes light up. At 06:05 shake the controller to continue, and gain your reward of another trophy.

Sigil Of Light
It is foretold that revealing all 6 sigils will bring about light, and thus the sigils have been uncovered and light has been wrought from the shadow. Use all you have gained and search outside your vision for secrets within the world.

Just finish the chapter and you shall unlock this trophy, along with all of the previous trophies.

Now is the start of the slightly trickier (but still easy) "Greetings" trophies. Once again, the trophies will not unlock until you've finished watching the whole scene. With these trophies you need to pause at the time stated, then move the camera, and find the pieces of artwork. To move just move the controller in the desired direction.

I've made a video showing all of the below locations.

YouTube- Linger in Shadows - Greetings trophy guide , all artwork

The important times are: 0:30, 0:49, 1:00, 1:22, 1:33, 1:47, 2:03, 2:21, 2:37, and 4:51. All the rest is either the story fast-forwarded or the credits.

Greetings To Fairlight
Fairlight is an old group with a lot of members from all over Europe. They've managed to be on top for the past 20 years. Their fresh demo selection has won many different awards for the hi-end machines and also for old-school ones including award.

When it's 02:17, look in the bottom left-hand corner.

Greetings To Sunflower
Sunflower is an old group that brought new trends to the demoscene in the beginning of accelerated era. Their demos seem to not suffer from time. This is due to their abstract style and very sophisticated music. The group was formed from very experienced.

Pause at 03:10 and look on the right-hand side.

Greetings To Still
Still is a relatively new group formed by ex-members of Bauknecht, lkcc and "Haujobb". Their first productions were released in 2007 but have already received interest and critical acclaim within the demoscene.

At 03:13, look to the right and you will see a pillar. Rotate it to find a piece of the puzzle, and your trophy.

Greetings To Farbrausch
Farbrausch is a demogroup famous for using procedural techniques for creating textures, scenes, and animations in their productions. "Werkzeug" which is their demotool, successfully started a new era of tools, separating coders from artists, thus speeding.

For this one, at 03:31, look to the lower right-hand corner.

Greetings To The Black Lotus
The Black Lotus is an old Amiga group with a very distinctive, monumental style, influencing other groups including Plastic. They've managed to beat 2 Ghz computers with a classic 66 Mhz Amiga and a demo called "Starstruck".

This time, when it's 03:56, look down in the lower left-hand corner.

Greetings To Conspiracy
Conspiracy is a Hungarian group that specializes in creating 64-kilobyte intros. As the first group in demoscene history, they've managed to show their real-time production "Chaos Theory" together with other offline, pre-processed animations at SIGGRAPH 2.

When the clock hits 04:20, look left, past the dog.

Greetings To RGBA
RGBA is a Spanish group known mostly for their 64-kilobyte and their recent 4-kilobyte productions. They are also well known for breaking the mold in 4-kilobyte graphics. Plastic is especially dedicated to sending their greetings to RGBA for their remake.

At 04:37, this one is in the bottom right-hand corner.

Greetings To MFX
Mfx demos are known for their distinctive, mostly experimental style, focusing on building a specific dark atmosphere. Even if they prefer the form over content, their demos often visualize a concept or short story. Mfx members can be found also in differ.

For this one, at 05:04, look left past the cat.

Greetings To Andromeda Software Development
Andromeda Software Development is a demogroup with an extremely distinctive style. Their demos featured dynamic coherent flows of abstract visual elements subtly blending into each other in various and unexpected ways. They have won many demoscene awards.

This time, at 05:43. look at the top right-hand corner for this one.

Greetings To Madwizards
Madwizards is an old group originating out of Poland best known for their accelerated Amiga productions. They've managed to invent their own abstract style while mixing real-time effects together with still post-processed photography. In their most recent production "Senzala", they went back to the roots developing on classic Amiga.

At last we're on the final trophy! [Sarcasm] It's taken some time but we're here [/Sarcasm]. This time at 05:54 look to your lower right hand side and it's right under the cat!

Now listen to your trophies fly in! If any didn't work then contact me and I'll try to help!


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