Trophy Guide by Bodigard

Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: No
Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours
Cheats: None.

[top]Tips & Strategies

First off you are playing a baseball game that is only 6 innings long but each team has the ability to tip the scales in their favor very easily. I recommend doing all of the Training parts first and then begin to play in the tournament. According to the rules if you are winning 10-0 by the beginning of the 3rd inning then you have Mercy Ruled the other team. At the conclusion of each game you are given Attribute Points. Only spend the points on Hitting or any Offensive specifications. Your players will do the fielding themselves. I personally played as either ***an or U.S. Southeast team as both teams are in the finals a lot. Follow my guide and tips and you will earn the trophies in the easiest manner.


STEP 1: Do all of the training exercises to get a complete feel of the game. You will earn your first 7 trophies by the end of the final training exercise.

STEP 2: I went ahead and got the Skills and Challenge trophies out of the way because they can be annoying. It takes a lot of practice for each one, but when you are in the groove of things the games are not hard. You will earn your next 6 trophies by the end of the last challenge. I will detail how to accomplish each under their respective trophy.

STEP 3: Play your First Tournament as the US Southeast team. Please have the following configuration set at the beginning of the tournament to make life simple:

Difficulty: Easy
Use Cards: Yes
Team Options:
Pitching: Technical
Batting: Easy
Fielding: Technical
Running: Technical

I used the following cards to pretty much run the game my way:
"Climax Card" - adds 100 talent points for the team batting
"Team Climax Card" - talent points for both teams will be maximized
"Down the Line" - the current batter will hit the ball down the foul line
"Dizzy Spell"- causes fielders to be held in place briefly when ball hit
"Slippery When Wet" - increases likelihood of fielder making errors until the next at bat

STEP 4: Play as ***an in the LLWS and complete the tournament.

STEP 5: If you are still missing some trophies you can create your own game under your own parameters and farm the trophies.


Little League Trophy Champ
Earned all trophies.

You will earn the Platinum once all other trophies are unlocked.

Rookie Pitcher
Completed all the pitching training.

There are 9 pitching sessions in the tutorial. Complete all of them for the trophy. Learn how to manipulate the ball early to help place pitches. The higher the pitch the greater the chance of a pop-fly.

Rookie Hitter
Completed all the bating training.

There are 10 batting sessions in the tutorial. Complete all of them for the trophy.

Rookie Fielder
Completed all the fielding training.

There are 7 sessions total, complete all 7 to unlock the trophy.

Rookie Base Runner
Completed all the base-running training.

There are 3 sessions total, complete all 3 to unlock the trophy.

Rookie Card Holder
Completed the card training.

There are 2 sessions total, complete both of them to unlock the trophy.

Rookie Talent
Completed all the Talent training.

There are 7 sessions total, complete all 7 of them for the trophy.

You're No Longer A Rookie
Completed all the training.

There are 6 different training sessions, complete them all to unlock the trophy.

Highlight Player
Caught the ball 12 times with a diving or jumping catch.

If you set the fielding to Technical you the player will have control of the fielders, hit when the ball is near the fielder (ball must be in the air or away from the fielder) to initiate a fancy catch.

Great Glove
Field 30 error-free ground balls.

An error free ground ball is when the ball is hit on the ground and without any error, make an out. Basically, when an infielder catches the ball and throw it to the first basemen. The lower the pitch the greater the chances of a ground ball.

I Got It, I Got It!
Caught 100 fly balls.

The fly ball can be either in the outfield or infield, as long as the fielder catches the ball it counts.

All-Star Defense
Fielders completed 100 outs not including strikeouts.

You will be going for this throughout your time in the tournament. As long as the out is not a strikeout then it counts toward the 100.

Run Scorer
Scored 60 runs.

Simple, the 60 runs are cumulative so you will earn this through both playthroughs in tournament play.

Team Player
Successfully executed 15 sacrifice hits.

A runner must be on first, second, or third. The batter must bunt and the runner must successfully earn the next base and the batter must be thrown out at first. It is best to farm this in Quick Play.

Doubles Master
Successfully hit 30 doubles.

A successful double is when the batter, once the ball is hit, is able to make it to 2nd base in one run. You can farm this in Quick Play or you can get a couple in LLWS Tournament mode.

Power Slugger
Successfully hit 50 home runs.

Home runs will likely come from your Star Player when he is at bat. But if you have a full gauge, the current batter has a great chance of hitting one as well.

Power Pitcher
Struck out 60 batters.

Will come naturally through normal play. But a good way to keep the strike outs coming is to keep your pitches random. If you are 0-2 in the count then use a curve ball or a high and away fast ball. If you keep the batters guessing then the strike outs will come.

Walk Off Winner
Won 5 walk-off games in your final at bat.

The best set up is to play a Quick Game, set the inning length to 1, and YOU MUST BE THE HOME TEAM. Do not allow the visiting team to score and simply score a run in the bottom of the first inning to win.

All-Star Talents
Used Talents 20 times.

As you learned in Talent Training the use of talents will tip the scales of the game in your favor. When the Talent Meter fills up one slot then use the Talent, or wait until it is full. It does not matter, as you have to use the Talents 20 times.

Perfect Control
Achieved the high score in Pitching Darts with a Challenge rule.

You will need to beat the score of 360 to win the Pitching Darts challenge. I found it best to learn "when" to throw the ball. The best time to throw a pitch is when you see the pitcher's hand about to release the ball. If successful, you should see a small "Nice Pitch" graphic. It will take practice but try to do it. They key is to get anywhere from 30-50 points per round. Focus only on the curve ball or 4 seam fastball points because you will receive double points if you hit the number with the right color.

Pro Bowler
Achieved the high score in Pitching Bowling in a 10 frame game.

The high score of 210 is really simple in Pitching Bowling. Once again focus on trying to earn the "Nice Pitch." Only use a 4 seam on the middle pin.

Dugout Dunker Pro
Achieved the high score in Dunk Dugout with 5 turns.

This one will frustrate and annoy you. Again, Nice Pitches carry the day. You must match speed and accuracy in this game in order to reach the high score. You do not need to hold the directional button down to make the pitch go to the target. Once you have placed the aim target ahead of the baseball target, release the left stick and throw. You can not miss any targets or you will not earn any points for the round.

King of Home Runs
Achieved the high score in Home Run Tourney with 20 balls.

Just simply hit when the ball is nearly over the plate to hit home runs. I picked the Mexican batter because he had the highest batting rate. You need to combo as many home runs together as possible because the bonus points will add up really quick. The challenge ball is more likely a super fast ball, but at times can be a change-up. If you don't hit a challenge ball do not worry, work on making combos on the other balls.

Bat Control
Achieved the high score in Batting Frenzy using the 5x5 rule.

This game requires you to make lines similar to tic-tac-toe. It is not difficulty to achieve but you need to pay attention to when and how hard you swing. If you swing late it will go opposite of your batter's position, if your early the ball will pull to the batter's side. Also remember to bunt to get the easy ones.

Around the Horn Memory Control
Achieved the high score in Around the Horn using the 2 miss rule.

Around the Horn is basically a baseball version of simon says. Do not miss any and the combo and bonus points will lead you over the high score of 1,850.

Card Collector
Collected 27 cards.

Please see Master of Cards

Card Enthusiast
Collected 38 cards.

Please see Master of Cards.

Master of Cards
Collected all 54 cards.

Here is a list of all 54 cards and how to locate them:

Toggle Spoiler

Struck out 3 batters in a row in a tournament game.

Easy, by now you should know what pitches to throw and also when to use them. If you are unsure use a talent or card.

Grand Slam
Successfully hit a base-loaded home run in a tournament game.

Make your Star Player the 4th batter in the line up and hit 3 singles with the first three batters. The talent bar should be full and now use a talent with your Star Player.

Hit For the Cycle
Successfully hit a single, double, triple, and a home run as a team in a tournament game.

The hardest one will be the triple, I would wait until you have a man on 2nd and use the dizzy spell. Hit the ball down the left field line and have the runner of 2nd head home no matter what. The original batter needs to keep running to third to make the triple. The homerun will come from your star player with the help of a talent.

Triple Crown
Led the league in batting average, home runs, and RBI's.

Pretty easy to earn especially if your winning your games. Your Star Player will carry the Home Run and RBI stats so save those talent powers for his at bat.

Shut Out
Won a game by shutout in a tournament.

See Perfect Game below.

No Hitter
Won a tournament game with a no hitter.

See Perfect Game below.

Perfect Game
Won a tournament game with no hits, walks, or errors.

Basically you want to Mercy Rule the other team before they are allowed to do any damage. Earn 10 runs first then the game will end before the other side has a chance to try again.

Dr. K
Recorded 70 strikeouts in a tournament series.

Keep the batters guessing as to which pitches you will throw. Try and set up the batter to swing late or place the ball in the corners so the batter will not swing. If you throw a Nice Pitch then the call will always be a strike.

Everyone Hits!
All the team members achieved base hits in the same game in a tournament.

Best make a list to make sure who all has hit and who hasn't. It will take some time to earn this but when your attributes are high enough use them on batting to increase your chances.

All-Around Team Hitter
Achieved 190 base hits in a tournament series.

190 base hits are easy, as long as the hit is not a home run then you earn a base hit.

Scoring Frenzy
Achieved 170 runs in a tournament series.

If you earn about 7 runs per game then you will achieve more than 170 runs.

ERA Leader
Got an earned run average of 2.3 or less in a tournament series.

Can only be done in the LLWS tournament series. If you goose egg the other team or keep them under 2 runs per game then you will earn the trophy.

US Bracket Winner
Won the US tournament bracket.

I personally used the Southeast team as their batting were top notch. The US bracket is a little longer as you start as a basic team, move through 3 tournaments and then the big show.

International Bracket Winner
Won the International tournament bracket.

I personally used Japan as their pitching and batting were stellar.

World Series Champion
Won the World Series.

The road to the World Series will take a long time but with a constant offensive attack you will earn this after a couple of hours. You will play over 20 games so prepare accordingly.

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