Players: 1-4 offline and/or online
Online Trophies:Stick Together
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, with clean-up for acing/etc.
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Leaps and Bounds: Remember, hold for a larger large, or press for a tentative hop.
  • Overachieve: You die, you lose points, so when in the side-levels, make sure to go the extra mile.
  • Optional Goodie Bag: There's no trophy for collecting this time, so you can simply brush off the collectibles if you wish.
  • Eyes On The Road: Make sure you're aware of what obstacle lies ahead. Diving into an obstacle you think is one thing, then dying because it was really another thing, could ruin your day.
  • Unbreakable Attraction: To nab yourself some Attract-O-Gel for your own personal use, the tutorial pack you can grab some in is in the bottom right of the Muppet level menu.
  • Quick to the Draw: When deattaching from Attract-O-Gel, don't drag out the double-tap of . Be fast, or the second hit may not register.
  • Switching Positions: When you're on one Attract-O-Gel, if you're close enough, you can jump over onto another Attract-O-Gel.
  • But I Don't Wanna Move!: When you grab another Sackfolk on Attract-O-Gel, you'll pull them down, but they will stay attracted. You on the other hand...
  • Unopposed: There are no enemies in this DLC, so the only hazards you have against you are environmental ones.
  • Forever Alone: When acing levels, play alone. Less players means less of a chance to die. One death spells the end of your ace.


1. Play the levels: Your first step should be to play through the story mode. You can try to ace, but if you just play the level before trying to ace it, you'll be more familiar with the general terrain of the level, and can note the tough spots.
2. Play the side-levels: There are only two side-levels in the Muppets DLC, so getting them out of the way isn't too much of a task.
3. Ace Run/Beakers We Can: Now it's time to take all your Muppet-level-knowledge and get through the main story levels with no deaths. Also, when trying to ace Muppet Labs!, try to use 40 or less Beakers.
4. Community: This can easily be done at any time, but it's last because it doesn't take very long to get it, plus it's only one trophy.


Standing Ovation!
Ace all 5 Muppet Story levels

You don't need to ace the side-levels (you can't anyway) for this. You just need to complete the five main story levels without any deaths. View the Tips and Strategies section for, well, tips and strategies, and view Muppet Mastery for a boss walkthrough.

Beakers We Can
Complete 'Muppet Labs!' using no more than 40 Beakers

There's a reason this is a silver. Using a mere 40 Beakers can be difficult. Here are some tips:
  • Accuracy is Excellency: Do your best to be very accurate when firing Beakers. Sometimes a single Beaker can go a long way.
  • Do the math: As you go through the level, count the Beakers you use. You don't want to hit 40 halfway, not know, then complete the level.
  • One to rule them all: Remember, you can hit 40 Beakers, you just can't go over 40 Beakers.
  • Better Safe Than Sorry: Make each jump count, and be careful. You don't want to think you can make a jump, and end up on a lower level, having to use more Beakers to get back up.
  • Wear a helmet, kids: Watch your helmet as you shoot as a guide.
  • Saving Six: Remember, you need to use 6 Beakers at the end of the level to work the big hamster wheel of science, so take that into account.
  • No Good-ie: Don't shoot Beakers at stuff for bubbles or prizes when doing this, as it just tacks on Beakers to your total.
If you reach the level's end without using over 40 Beakers, the trophy is yours.

Captain Pig-ard
Achieve a score of 4000 or higher in 'Pigs In Elevators (In Space)!'

Pigs In Elevators (In Space!) is unlocked through the key in Pigs In Space!, hidden in plain sight. After you're cast out of the ship by the mysterious bag-man, the key is above a checkpoint.

Pigs In Elevators (In Space!) is a fairly simple minigame: run through an obstacle course of Attract-O-Gel walls and ceilings for as long as you can, while avoiding a plasma beam that will kill you. 4000 isn't a relatively high score, as there are a ton of multiplier opportunities in the minigame, but it can get tough if you aren't aware of the obstacle ahead of you. Here are some general tips for the minigame:
  • Need for Speed: Move quickly now, as that beam won't stop just because you decided to just stop.
  • Look Ahead: Make sure you know what may be in your way. If you go into an obstacle thinking it's one thing, but it's really another, you may end up dead, and having to start over.
  • Overachieve: Don't stop when you hit 4000, you lose points when you die.
  • Switch-out: Remember, jumping to another Attract-O-Gel will lose the other Gel's grip on you. Know when to jump, and when to unattach.
  • Multiply: Try your best to chain as many multipliers as you can together, you'll end up with a higher score.
If you end up at the scoreboard with a 4000 point total, the trophy is yours.

Big Top!
Achieve a score of 2500 or higher in 'Gonzo's Endless Cannon Run Ride!'

To first unlock Gonzo's Endless Cannon Run Ride, you must grab the key in The Great Gonzo! It's at the very end, you must use the momentum of the last swing to launch yourself at it.

In Gonzo's Endless Cannon Ride, you run along a ceiling of Attract-O-Gel, dropping off to grab bubbles, then going back up by cannon-launch, wjile bouncing off trampolines, and avoiding hazards. 2500 isn't a hard score to get, but here are some tips if you have trouble:
  • Special Guest Star: Bring a pal along to play! The more players means easier multiplying and more people to nab bubbles.
  • No Camping: Don't try just sitting up on the ceiling. It may keep you alive, but there are no bubbles up there, and you want to get the bubbles fast, before the real hazards, like the evil cannons, show up.
  • Non-stop Thrill Ride: Don't overlook the fact that the area is constantly in motion. You don't want to forget, and end up tumbling into a pit, when you meant to hit a trampoline.
  • Overachieve: Remember, dying means lost points, so go a bit above 2500.
If you wind up at the scoreboard with 2500 points this trophy is now yours to have.

Muppet Mastery
Complete The Muppet pack's story

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed.
You'll get this trophy after completing the level The Final Curtain!

The boss starts pretty simple. He'll pound the ground, sending out a fireball that moves along the ground, until it hits a hand, then it moves up the hand, and to the bottom of the monster's chin. Bounce up to the Attract-O-Gel, then drop down to avoid it. He'll do this three more times. Animal will then throw down some bombs for you to catch with the Grabinators. Catch them, then throw them at the monster's hands, two for each side. Then bounce up to the ceiling of Attract-O-Gel, and unattach when above the monster's teeth to bounce on them. Be careful, as if you miss, you land in plasma and die.

Phase 2 starts out like phase 1, but the entire floor is bounce pads, so be sure to unattach and move accordingly, and even more precisely. Once the fireballs are done, Gonzo and Kermit will bring out some cannons. Use them to boost up to the monster's teeth, and bounce on them like before. Animal will then throw down more bombs to throw at the monster's hands, so doing that would be good. Naturally, the monster will get upset, and bang his fists on the ground, causing parts of the set to fall down. Run to dodge the falling debris. I found sticking by the left side had less debris to avoid than in the middle. Once all the debris is gone, the Phantom will be stopped, the show will be saved, the trophy will be yours.

Stick Together
Play 5 community levels containing Attract-O-Gel

This isn't too bad, just find 5 levels that contain Attract-O-Gel in them, play them, and boom, trophy.

If you're having a bit of trouble finding some Attract-O-Gel levels, you're in luck: I made 5 Attract-O-Gel levels just for you! Sign into http://lbp.me, then queue up my levels here: http://lbp.me/search?q=Attract-O-Gel+Level. Just play them for an easy .

Dancing on the Ceiling
Travel 17.5 metres on the walls and ceilings

Attract-O-Gel is in every level in the LBP2 Muppets DLC. You'll get this without even trying, just by playing the story.

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