Players: 1-4, (2-4 online)
Online Trophies: League of Friends
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Super Collector
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None at this time

[top]Tips & Strategies

Featuring the same great LittleBigPlanet gameplay, albeit with some new twists, the DC Comics pack is relatively simple to play. Keep in mind:
  • Always treat every jump with care. One false move could send you to your (adorable) death, causing you to restart a level if attempting the Ace.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Is an object crackling with electricity/ on fire? Don't touch it! Is there a meter filling up on a wall in front of you? It's about to move!
  • When going for the Ace, don't go out of your way for unclaimed prize bubbles. It adds an unnecessary risk.
  • Most levels have a 2x zone. These require at least 2 players in order to unlock all of the prize bubbles hidden within. Simply ask a friend of boot up another controller if you feel adventurous.
  • Unsure if you've fulfilled a trophy's requirements? The trophies all have a pin of the same name that unlocks as soon as you complete the requirements. Use this as an indicator of success.


Welcome to the DC Comics Premium Level Pack! After your adventures in the Muppets Universe, it's time to delve into the world of the Justice League. Team up with most of the team as you attempt to take down Lex Luthor and his devious allies. You'll need to rescue some superheroes along the way, and save the world from Mecha-Lex! Do you, with your complete lack of power stand a chance? Let's find out!

Step 1: Story Levels
Start by simply completing the story. There's only five levels, and they're fairly straightforward. Expect to earn:
  • Drop the Bald
  • What A Bounder!

Step 2: Prize Bubbles and Aces
Now that you're familiar with the level layouts, focus on collecting any remaining prize bubbles and the go for the Ace in each story level. This will net you:
  • League of Friends
  • Super Collector
  • Just-Ace League

Step 3: Cleanup
Now you only have to focus on completing the Hero Race minigame and gliding for 15 seconds. This first task can be frustrating, but it is very do-able. You'll finish off the 100% with:
  • The Greatest Cape
  • High Score Hero


Just-Ace League
Ace every story level in the DC Comics™ Premium Level Pack.

When you make it through an entire level (from initial entry portal to final scoreboard) without dying or retrying via the poppit, you will have "Aced" the level, earning new goodies as well as a Gold Spade pin on the level badge. You will need to Ace all six Story Levels for this trophy to unlock. The levels themselves aren't horribly difficult, but they can drag on for a while.

The Greatest Cape
Stay airborne with the Hero Cape for 15 seconds.

You will not be able to earn this during any of the story levels in this pack. You'll need to either play a community level with a tall glide section or create one yourself. The second method is simple: just build a tall platform and place the level spawn and Hero Cape upgrade at the top. Switch to play mode and get ready to fly. Grab the cape and jump off the ledge, holding to glide. Keep gliding until The Greatest Cape pin unlocks at the bottom of the screen.

Drop The Bald
Defeat Lex Luthor.

Again, playing through the story will net you this trophy. After rescuing all four kidnapped Justice League members, you'll mount an assault on Luthor's base. Once here, you'll be attacked by Mecha-Lex. Survive his initial attack and continue through the level. Eventually, you'll come to a final stage where you must avoid his incoming fire until one of the superheroes decides to help out. They will deploy a shield that when hidden behind, will deflect Lex's shots back at him. This will expose an enemy brain on top of his head that you can smash by wall riding and gliding across to it. Repeat this process two more times to defeat him once and for all.

High Score Hero
Achieve a score multiplier of 70 or higher in Hero Race.

This is the most difficult trophy in the DLC pack. When you collect score bubbles ( the smaller, non-prize-filled versions), you can begin to build a score multiplier by collecting 5 or more bubbles in a relatively short time. For every 5 bubbles you collect, the multiplier will go up by 1. Be careful, however, as waiting too long between score bubbles will end your current multiplier and reset it to x1. The grace period seems to be around 2 seconds, so move fast, and collect all that you can. To reach a x70 multiplier, you'll need to make your way through about 3/4 of the Hero Race game without letting you multiplier expire. This will likely take many trial and error runs to find out what works, as well as some very frustrating failures at x69 and missing a bubble. The rage... Keep at it, and eventually you will surpass the lofty goal.

League Of Friends
Play any level in the DC Comics™ Premium Level Pack with one or more friends.

Simply put, have a friend join you while playing one of the DC story levels. As soon as their Sackperson joins, the trophy will pop. You don't even need to finish the level. If you can't seem to find anyone willing to join your merry escapades (or have no friends ), you can always turn on a second controller in your pod if you have one lying around. When the second sackperson appears, start a DC story level to pop the trophy.

*Note* The level must be one of the DC story levels, but the Watch Tower Hub will not count for this!

Super Collector
Collect 100% of the Prize Bubbles in the DC Comics™ Premium Level Pack.

Prize bubbles have made their way into the DC Comics pack as well, offering new goodies to build levels with inside each one!. Most of these bubbles are fairly easy to spot, even hanging out in the open. Others though can be rather tricky to find, hiding behind parts of the scenery and even in hidden locations. The most annoying by far are those locked behind 2x areas. These will require an additional sack-person to reach, often by throwing a switch of some kind for the second player to advance. Only the Hub world, the first five story levels, and the Hero Race have prize bubbles, with the final boss being a rather empty world. The bubbles in Hero Race will likely take the most time. This isn't due to them being tricky to find, as most are right out in the open. Rather it is because a few of them are locked behind a score gate at the end of the course. If you don't have a high enough score, you will be unable to earn all of the bubbles in this area.

What A Bounder!
Perform 10 Wall Jumps without touching the ground.

Simple as they get right here. During your introduction to the Justice League, you will learn about the new wall-jump mechanic. During the tall sequence after the first short jump is the easiest spot to earn this. Just jump against a wall and press towards it to slide down slowly. After you slide for a while, jump again. Keep this going until you land 10 jumps. You'll know when you've met the criteria when a the What A Bounder! pin unlocks at the bottom of the screen.



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