Bannery by Pancake Model



Players: 1 Player
Online Trophies: No online trophies
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 8-10 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 + 1 very short playthrough and reloading for multiple endings
Collectible Trophies: Yes, there are a few collectible trophies
Missable Trophies: Nearly all trophies are missable
Difficulty Trophies: Yes ( Expert )
Glitched Trophies: None reported

Following the roadmap included in this guide is highly suggested if you are going for the platinum. It's easy to mess something up in the game while going for the plat. Followingn the roadmap will keep you on course and get you the platinum the quickest and easiest way possible. Not to mention limiting playthroughs.

Trophies pop when you go to sleep (sleeping also saves your game)


It is very important you follow the roadmap if you want to get the platinum as quick as possible and limit playthroughs

Step 1: Playthrough the game on Normal difficulty and go for the Red ending without using any flares and only 1 rotting meat and do not use ANY dusty mirrors.

This will be a pretty carefree playthrough of the game, just enjoy and get familiar with the game. Only thing you need to worry about is not using Dusty mirrors or flares/rotting meat. There are only a few trophies you have to do during this playthrough, all others would be your choice but you will have to do most next playthrough anyway.
  • Do not use any flares and only 1 rotting meat in the beginning. See Antagonist for more details.
  • Do not use any Dustry mirrors the whole game. See Grounded for more details.
  • If you happen to use a rotting meat/flare or dusty mirror quit the game and reload it. As long as you haven't slept, which saves your game you will be fine.
  • Witness all five blue dreams, see Blue Dreamer for more details.
  • Shoot the writhing thing when you see it. See Paranoid for more details.

A few other trophies will come naturally, the ones above are the ones you will have to try for.

Once you finish the game you should get the Red ending. Though you may get the Blue ending and thats OK, if you do get the Blue ending reload the game and do things that hurt You's mental health and retry the ending until you get the Red one.

Note: You can get the Red ending even if you swallow a blue pill in the hospital room.

Step 2: Playthrough the game a 2nd time on Expert Difficulty, Do NOT shoot the revolver, Go for White ending.

In this playthrough you will unlock most of your trophies. That means you really need to pay attention and be on top of things. Read through all the trophies and try to get almost all. To get the White ending You must be in perfect mental health. Please read the
Wise Man trophy for more details. There are special things that must be done during this playthrough in order to achieve the White ending and later on the Yellow ending
  • Play through the game on Expert this time. See Expert for more details.
  • Do not shoot the revolver(not once!) because you will be going for the Pacifist trophy.
  • If you shoot the revolver, quit and reload your game.
  • During this playthrough you will want to conserve all the food related to cooking/combining and only use it for those purposes since there is limited food in the game. Only Cook what needs to be cooked once, and combine only what needs to be combined once.
  • Also during this playthrough you will also want to offer the cat plush to Kenny, Bendizo, Chie, The Director, Hank, The Man In The Box and the cat. This will set you up for the yellow ending.

During this playthrough you should unlock all remaining trophies except the last few ending trophies which are unlocked in the next steps.

Step 3: After the White ending reload the game and get the Green and Blue endings.

Reload the game and instead of going down the corridor in the hospital take the normal hallway you would for the other endings, that will get you the green ending.

Reload the game once more and if you haven't already and get the blue ending by lowering You's mental health and go back to the hospital to end the game

Step 4: Start a new game and get the Yellow Ending

To get the yellow ending you needed to get the White ending and give the cat plush to every character in the previous playthrough. Then go to Chie's apartment and offer her the Cat Plush. The game will end right there. See
Peaceful Man for more details.

Step 5: Cleanup

If you missed any trophies now is the time to get them.

[top]Guide To Mental health

Mental Health is one of Lone Survivor's most unique features. You's mental health is determined by actions in game and how well You is taken care of. You's mental health level determines many things in game including items you receive in game and what ending will be shown. Below is a list of what improves and worsens You's mental health level and what things ingame are determined by mental health.

Note: You's mental health should either be high or low depending on what you are trying to do, Make sure you know which Ending/trophies you are going for and plan ahead. See the Roadmap for a guide on what to do and how to go about it for the quickest path to the platinum trophy.


Almost all actions ingame have an effect on You's mental health. Below is a list of things that improve and hurt You's mental Health.

Improves You's Mental Health

Pet your Cat
Talk to plush Cat
Avoid killing monsters (sneak past them using rotting meat or use flares instead)
Say you do not know The Man in Blue
Water Chuck the plant
Offer plush cat to people
Give Hank Health Tonics
Adopt your Cat
Play your ESP (only once per day!)
Listen to the Personal Stereo. (only once per day!)
Eat proper food (cooked or combined)
Eat the ultimate cheeseburger!
Drink Coffee or Espresso once a day
Eat one fruit drop a day

Worsens You's Mental health
Killings monsters
Getting hurt (screen flashing red)
Say you know The Man in Blue when asked
Eat bad food (Rats,Squid,Ground meat)
Eat cat food
Use Blue and Red pills
Attempt to eat Rotting meat
Threaten Chuck the plant with the Scissors
Sleep while you are hungry
Sleep randomly
Turn your Flashlight on near Hank
Give Hank Blue Pills
Drink Coffee/Espresso/Soda more than once per day

All food and drinks will either improve, worsen or have no effect on You's mental health. Besides affecting You's mental health food also fills him up (which keeps his mental health high) and heals him physically. If you eat when You is not hungry this can worsen his mental health. Note that You doesn't have to be fed right away when he says he is hungry and eating right before going to sleep is a good idea since he will have a full stomach then. Cooked foods and Combined foods fill You up more as well as improve his mental health. Below is a list of foods known to worsen You's mental health and ones that improve it.

If the food is not listed it doesn't have a specific effect on mental health, but if fed to You when he is not hungry or hurt it will negatively affect his health

Negative effect on Mental health

Toggle Spoiler

Positive effect on Mental health

Toggle Spoiler

Pills effect your mental health. Below is a list of what the pill is used for and it's effect on mental health.

Red Pill - Taking a red pill reduces You's tiredness and will allow him to stay awake longer. Negative effect on mental health
Blue Pill - When you are low on ammo and take a blue pill and go to sleep you will wake up with 21 new bullets. Negative effect on mental health.
Green Pill - If you take a green pill when you are low on food or batteries you will receive some. No effect on mental health.


Endings are determined by You's mental health level at the end of the game.

Red Ending - Ending achieved by You having the lowest possible mental health
Blue Ending - Ending achieved by You having average to poor mental health level
Green Ending - Ending achieved by You having high mental health
White Ending - Ending achieved by You having perfect mental health
Yellow Ending - White ending needs to be achieved first, see Peaceful Man for more details and how to achieve the ending. Not directly related to mental health.

(See the trophies for all endings for more details)

Visits with the Director
If You's mental health is high when he visits the director You will receive extra items not necessary for the games completion (all extra items are needed for certain trophies). These items should all be received while going for the White ending (The 2nd playthrough if you are following the Guide/Roadmap).

Visit # and extra item(s) received
1st Visit - Cooking pot
2nd Visit - Moka pot and Fruit Drops
3rd Visit - None
Final Visit - Personal Stereo and Delicious Ham


True Survivor
Collect all Lone Survivor: Director's Cut trophies

Earn all other trophies to unlock the Lone Survivor platinum.

Fusion Chef
Combine ten types of food

In Lone survivor much of the food you find can either be cooked or combined to make it more filling and satisfying. Some items are not cross combine-able. An example would be you need to first select Sliced cheese then Cheese Crackers and not the other way around to combine those two items.

You will not be able to achieve this trophy in your first playthrough because there isn't enough food. Also special equipment is required for some and you can only receive it if your mental health is high enough.

Sliced Cheese and Cheese Crackers = Cheese ‘N’ Crackers
Irradiated Orange and Fruit Salad = Special Fruit Salad
Irradiated Orange and Hot Rice Pudding = Hot and Fruity Rice Pudding (Cook the rice pudding before combining)
Fruit Salad and Rice Pudding OR Irradiated Orange and Rice Pudding = Fruity Rice pudding
Steamed Ham and Warm Beans = Ham'N'Beans (Need can opener)
Steamed Ham and Tin of Pickles = Ham'N'Pickles (Need can opener)

While making the Ultimate Cheeseburger there will be several items that need to be combined. That should push you over 10 combined food items. See Fast Food Chef for more details on the Ultimate Cheeseburger.

Iron Chef
Cook five types of food

In order to cook food you will need the Gas from apartment 204 (The Director's apartment). Then you will need to bring the gas back to your apartment and hook it up to the stove. Once that is done you can cook food. Food will get cold if you wait too long to eat it.

There are 6 types of food that can be cooked. Below is a list of food that can be cooked. You will need to cook five for this trophy.

Tin of Beans --> Warm Beans
Ham --> Steamed Ham (Need cooking pot)
Rice Pudding --> Hot Rice Pudding
Instant Ramen --> Cooked Ramen (need bottle of water)
Rat --> Fried Rat
Burger Patty --> Grilled Burger

Gourmet Chef
Eat a Steamed Ham after combining it with another food

There are two Delicious hams available in the game. The first one is located in apartment 205 in the fridge. The second can be received from The Director the last time you visit him, if your mental health is good.

The ham must be cooked first, which requires a working stove and a cooking pot. The cooking pot another gift from the Director the first time you meet him, if your mental health is high enough. Once the ham is cooked and is now Steamed Ham, either combine it with tin of beans or tin of pickles for Ham'N'Beans or Ham'N'Pickles.

If you are following the guide this trophy should be completed on your second playthrough.

Note: If you are on your second playthrough and going for the Pacifist trophy you will have to use the first ham on the butcher's hook in room 202.

Fast Food Chef
Eat You's favourite food

You's favorite food is the Ultimate Cheeseburger. When You eats it his mental health will drastically increase. You will have had to beat the game at least once to make the the Ultimate Cheeseburger. There are five ingredients need to make the Ultimate Cheeseburger, they are Burger Patty, Burger Bun, Slice Cheese, Lettuce Leaves and Tin of Pickles. You will also need the frying pan to fry the Burger Patty. Below is how to get all necessary items.

The frying pan is obtained by offering The Director the cat plush. that can only be do later in the game but make sure you do it before he leaves.

Burger Patty
- Offer the Cat Plush to The Man Who Wears a Box. You can find him in a green dream by swallowing a green pill.

Burger Bun - Offer the Cat Plush to Hank after you give him the five health tonics. Make sure you do not give him any blue pills.

Slice Cheese - Can be found in the box at the supermarket. If you don't get it right away, keep returning there each day till you do.

Lettuce Leaves
- At Chie's apartment offer Kenny the Cat Plush. While there make sure to offer the Cat Plush to Benzido and Chie as well.

Tin of Pickles
- Can be found several times throughout the game. If you have used them all a tin can be received from the man who wears a box in the green dream if you have low food.

Once you have all the ingredients you will have to make the Ultimate Cheeseburger. Follow the steps below to do so.
  1. Cook the burger patty at the stove using the frying pan to make Grilled Burger
  2. Combine the Grilled Burger with Burger Bun to make Hamburger
  3. Combine Hamburger with lettuce leaves to make Dressed Hamburger
  4. Combine Dressed Hamburger with Sliced Cheese to make Dressed Cheeseburger
  5. Finally Combine Dressed Cheeseburger with Tin of Pickles to get Ultimate Cheeseburger

Eat the Ultimate Cheeseburger before you attempt to get the White ending, that way your Mental Health will be raised by a ton.

Fine Diner
Eat ten kinds of food

There are many kinds of food in Lone Survivor. It is almost certain you will eat ten kinds of food without trying in your first playthrough of the game.

Coffee Aficionado
Drink three cups of coffee, no more than once a day

See Barista

Drink three cups of espresso, no more than once a day

To brew coffee or espresso you need three things instant coffe/espresso powder, a kettle, and a bottle of water. The first two are received from The Director the first time you visit him. To get the bottle of water you need to drink a bottle of milk (this will physically harm you) to get an empty bottle. Once that is done you will need to get the bucket which is found in a room on the first floor. Then place the bucket under the dripping water in your apartment. After that you can fill the empty bottle with water at the bucket up to three times a day.

Once all ingredients are found you can brew coffee or espresso at the stove. If drank more than once a day it will hurt your mental health.

Drink three cups of coffee for the Coffee Aficionado trophy and three cups of espresso for the Barista trophy. Just be sure not to drink two in one day, it will not count towards the trophy progress then.

Eat five fruit drops, no more than once a day

During the second visit with The Director he will give you fruit drops if your mental health is high. Fruit drops improve your mental health if eaten. Eat five of them, no more than once a day to earn the trophy. Eating more than one a day will lower your mental health instead of improve.

Soda Aficionado
Drink a Chilled Can Of Soda

See Soda Jerk

Soda Jerk
Drink a Chilled Mexican Cola

To chill both the Soda and Mexican Soda you will first have to adopt You's cat and offer the Cat the Cat Plush. He will give you the Cat Key when you do. See Pet Lover for details on how to adopt the cat if you haven't already.

Once you have the Cat Key you can open the door in the hospital with a cat's paw print on it. While in the room there is a canister on the very left, approach it and use Mexican Cola and Soda on it, this will chill them both. After chilling them drink them both right away. If you are going for the White ending be sure to chill and drink both sodas before finishing the game, this will improve your mental health a lot and may be the difference maker between unperfect and perfect mental health.

Attempt to talk to The Man Who Wears A Box five times

Once you start the game the man who wears a box will be standing in the room next to an end table with a cup of coffee on it. Before drinking the coffee talk to the man who wears a box five times, the fifth time he will respond and say "I suggest the coffee". The trophy will pop when you go to sleep.

Read all the diary pages

There are a total of three diary pages in the game, they usually have some advice about surviving and all of them are signed by the mysterious "draco". Collect and read all three to unlock this trophy. Their locations are below.

Diary Page 1
- The first diary page can be found in the kitchen of apartment 206

Diary Page 2 - Find the second page in the bathroom of apartment 206

Diary Page 3 - Diary page 3 is on the second floor stairwell, the one with the broken staircase.

Give away a Delicious Ham

This trophy will be earned while going for the Pacifist trophy (Second playthrough if you are following the roadmap)

To give away a delicious ham go to room 202 once you have the ham from 205. DO NOT eat the ham. When you are in 205 there will be a butcher's hook. Use the delicious ham and You will place it on the hook, that will cause a monster on the other side of the wall to attempt to claw at the ham. You will be able to avoid the monster later on in the hole behind the end table in Chie's apartment. The ham is essentially sacrificed as a way to get past the monster without using the revolver.

See both versions of the dancing dream

This trophy requires two playthroughs.In the first section of the streets there is a ruined building all the way to right past the gun shop. Enter it and there will be a cutscene with the man in blue. He will ask you if you know him. Deny his existence if you are going for the White ending, Acknowledge that you know him if you are going for the Red ending. Be sure to choose the answer you didn't choose in your previous playthrough!

Green Dreamer
Witness all five Green Dreams

To witness the five green dreams, swallow a green pill before going to sleep. You will visit the man who wears a box, he will give you food or batteries if you need either item. If you don't need anything nothing will be given to you. Once all five green dreams are witnessed the trophy will be earned when you go to sleep next.

Visit the bathroom in You's apartment for more pills. Taking green pills does not affect mental health.

Blue Dreamer
Witness all five Blue Dreams

To witness the five blue dreams, swallow a blue pill before going to sleep. This must be done at least 5 times. This should be done during the first playthrough since taking blue pills negatively effects You's mental health. When dreaming you will visit the man in blue, he will ask you a question and give you 21 rounds of ammo if you have less than that. Once all five blue dreams are witnessed the trophy will be earned when you go to sleep next.

Visit the bathroom in You's apartment if you need more pills. Taking blue pills negatively affects mental health.

Play Soul Brother

During the third meeting with The Director he will give you an ESP. The ESP can be played on the couch in You's apartment. Doing so will increase his mental health but playing it more than once a day will decrease it. Playing the ESP consumes one battery.

Listen to your Personal Stereo

The Personal Stereo will also be given to You by The Director during the final meeting but only if you have high mental health and you have looked through the window of Piccadilly Records. Listening to it will increase mental health if done once a day and also comsumes one battery. It can be listend to on You's couch.

Pet Lover
Talk to your fully-adopted cat five times

This trophy can only be achieved once the cat is adopted. To learn how to adopt the cat see Friend Yo The Fauna

Once the cat is adopted it can be talked to. However simply going up to him and choosing the talk to option does not fullfill the trophy requirements. They must be conversations that are activated by just interacting with the cat. Try to interact with the cat when you come into the apartment and wake up from going to sleep. Once you 'talk to' the cat five times the trophy will pop when you go to sleep.

Talk to Sleepy Cat five times

Sleepy Cat is a plush toy that You finds on the washing machine in the kitchen of apartment 206. To talk to it once its picked up just go to the menu, select it and choose to talk to it five times.

Friend To The Flora
Feed Chuck

Chuck the plant is a plant outside of apartment 206. To water him you need a empty bottle (obtained by drinking a milk) and the bucket found in a room on the first floor.

After that place bucket under the dripping water in apartment 206. Once the bucket is full of water, take the bottle, fill it up and go outside of the apartment and and interact with Chuck. Choose to water him. This will 'feed' Chuck. Feeding Chuck will increase You's mental health.

Friend Yo The Fauna
Feed all five tins of cat food to your cat

To feed that cat you will need tins of cat food. To get those you have to give Sleepy Cat comics to the Director and in return he will give you the cat food. See Friend To The Fellow Man for the locations of the Sleepy Cat comics.

After you traded all five Sleepy Cat comics with The Director for the cat food you will need to approach the stray cat in the streets three times in the streets and feed him a tin of cat food. When approaching the cat move very slowly towards it. If it looks like its about to jump stop and wait a few seconds before continuing on. When you are close to the cat talk to him and give him a tin of cat food.

The first time you see the cat it will be next to the hospital, approach him slowly and feed him. If you scare him and he runs away come back the next day and try again. Once you feed him he will leave. You will have to find him again.

The second time you meet the cat he will be outside your apartment to the left of the fire exit. Move left until you see him and approach him the same way you did at the hospital. Feed him when you are close enough

After feeding him the second time the cat will be outside your apartment's fire exit. You will see him through the window. Use a tin of cat food in front of the door and the cat will come in and eat it. Once he is inside he will be adopted and you can name him. Feed him the remaining two tins of food for the trophy. Remember to talk to him for the Pet Lover trophy.

Friend To The Sick
Give Hank all five health tonics

Hank is a fellow survivor who is holed up in the Gun Store. Hank will ask you to give him blue pills, Do not give him any. Instead find all five health tonics and give all of them to him. They are all located in the streets.

The tonics are not that hard to find as long as you explore and look out for them. Below (in the next trophy description) is a map showing the locations of all five tonics. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers below.
  1. In the building where you have the Dancing dream and see the man in blue.
  2. Right next to the hospital
  3. By the crowbar, do not forget to pick it up
  4. Inside El Crab Shack
  5. In the street heading towards the bus

Friend To The Fellow Man
Give all five Sleepy Cat comics to The Director

The third time you meet the director he wil give you the ESP and ask you for Sleepy Cat comics. If you give him the comics he will trade you tins of cat food which are used to adopt the cat. Make sure you give him all the comics before talking to him a fourth time. You can give The Director comics without talking to him, just go up to him and access the comics from the menu and select give.

All the Sleep Cat comics are found in the streets, all can be found be checking all areas thoroughly. Below is a map showing their locations.

The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers below.
  1. In the alleyway to the right of the fire exit.
  2. In the grocery store next to the box
  3. Past the grocery store in the next street
  4. In the next street after the previous Comic (#4)
  5. In Superflat World (the arcade)

Shoot the Writhing Thing

The writhing thing is a harmless monster found inside a room in the basement. When you shoot it You will have a short hallucination.

Be sure to shoot the writhing thing during your Red ending playthough (First playthrough when following the roadmap). Just make sure you don't shoot it when you arent going for the Pacifist trophy.

Escape from The Daddy without using your flashlight

The Daddy is the first boss in the game. The first time you meet him is in Wing Court 1F when you see him through the double doors. If you enter the doors you will notice an elevator and You will mention that maybe he can trap him in there. After that you will eventually reach the basement where you will have to turn on the generator. This is done by collecting the fuse, gas, and generator key which are all found within the basement. From there you use those items to turn on the generator and power the elevator.

After powering the elevator find the elevator in the basement.

Turn your flashlight off before pressing the elevator call button

Once you press the call button you will trap Daddy inside of the elevator. He will then break out of the elevator and proceed to chase you. To escape Daddy you need to get out of the basement, The Daddy cannot follow you out of it. To do this without a flashlight follow the directions below.
  • Head left until you reach a lighted entryway. The Daddy cannot catch you as long as you keep running.
  • Now head right until you reach another lighted entryway.
  • Keep going left the whole way, there are no doors to enter
  • Go left again, you will pass 8 doors, enter the lighted entryway
  • Head all the way right, do not enter any doors!
  • Start left and enter the first door you see
  • Head right the whole way. A monster will appear but will not harm you.
  • Go to right and enter the first lighted door you come across

You have now escaped The Daddy without a flashlight!

Defeat Mother without shooting or flares

Mother is the final boss in the game. She is located just beyond the school bus in the streets. To get to her you will have to get the bus door working again.

You can't really 'beat' mother. Mother will attempt to kill you for a set period of time until heading right and knocking down the gate. Shooting her and using flares will only stun her for a second. The trick to surviving Mother is when she lifts her arms above her head for an attack you can escape by running through her legs.

What I found works best is escaping through her legs and then running all the way to the left or right. Then wait there until she is right next to you, she will then do the attack where she lifts here arms and you can run through them. Just keeping doing this and the battle is over in no time.

Complete the game without using a mirror to travel

Mirrors act as teleporters in the game. If you look into one you will be transported back to You's apartment. If you look into the one in You's apartment you will transported back to the mirror you used last.

To get this trophy you can't use any mirrors during the whole game. This should be attempted while going for the Red ending (First playthrough if following the Roadmap). Since you are going for the Red ending you will be killing all the enemies so you will not have to deal with them once they are dead. This will help since you will have to do all of your traveling on foot. If you happent to use on one on accident quit the game and reload it.

Complete the game using one piece of rotting meat and no flares

Just like the trohpy says you can only use one rotting meat very early in the game and absolutely no flares. This is easier than it sounds since you just have to use the revolver to blow away everything in your path. Killing the monsters with the revolver will lower You's mental health so this should be done while going for the red ending (First playthrough if following the roadmap). If you use a rotting meat or flare by accident quite and reload the game.

Complete the game without firing a single shot

Believe it or not the game can be completed without using the revolver at all. You can use rotting meat to sneak past most monsters in the game. There a few you cannot so you will have to use flares on them. Since the enemies will not die you will want to eliminate all backtracking and only visit areas once. So explore thoroughly. Also use flares VERY sparingly. You can usually get two if not three monsters with one flare. But if you can sneak past with rotting meat do it, don't be lazy!

You can trade a clip (10 bullets) with The Director and he will give you 3 flares in exchange.

There a few special instances during the game where you will have to do something special since you cannot use your gun. They are listed below.
  • In apartment 204 in the room with the can opener and fridge you can trap the monster from 204 in there. Notice there is a hiding spot in the room. After you pick up the can opener and Delicious ham from the fridge place a rottig meat down to the right of the hiding spot and quickly hide. Wait for the monster to come into the room and start eating the meat, then escape. The monster will no longer bother you.
  • In apartment 202 there is a butcher's hook. Use the Delicious ham from 204 on the hook, this will distract a monster and allow you to pass by it later on in the game.
  • In the room on the first floor where you find the bucket you will notice a monster in the doorway. After picking up the bucket place a rotting meat down and hide amongst the haning meat and exit the room once the monster passes. That monster will stay in that room as well now.

Complete the game in Expert Mode

To start the game in expert mode answer “I know my way around” to the question you are asked when you start a new game.

Expert mode is very similar to the normal mode. Enemies have the same health and deal the same damage. The only differences between Normal and Expert are you will not be able to check any of your maps when you like and there are no symbols above items that can be interacted with. Playing the game once before trying expert mode really helps since you have an idea of what to do and which things can be interacted with.

New Man
Discover the Green Ending

To get the Green Ending You's mental health must be high.

After getting the White ending reload your game and instead of going down the corridor just head down the hospital hallway to the normal room where you usually end the game. The pill should be green. Swallow it and interact with the bed.

Old Man
Discover the Blue Ending

To get the Blue ending You must have average mental health.

If you did not get the blue ending reload the game once you have got both the white and green endings. Then lower your mental health a considerable amount. See the mental health guide for a list of things that lower your mental health. Once you have lowered You's mental health go to the hospital and finish the game.

Demolished Man
Discover the Red Ending

The Red ending is achieved by having the lowest possible mental health.

Getting the Red ending is not really hard. If you shoot everything in your path that will get you half way there. Just keep doing things that decrease your mental health throughout the game. If you get the Blue ending instead, reload and lower his mental health even more. What I did when I got the Blue ending was I ate a Rat and drank some milk. This seemed to lower You's mental health enough to get the red ending.

Note: You can get the Red ending while swallowing a blue pill in the hospital room before ending the game.

List of things that decrease mental health.
Killings monsters
Getting hurt (screen flashing red)
Say you know The Man in Blue when asked
Eat bad food (Rats,Squid,Ground meat) and drink milk.
Use Blue and Red pills
Attempt to eat Rotting meat
Threaten Chuck the plant with the Scissors
Sleep while you are hungry
Sleep randomly
Turn your Flashlight on near Hank
Give Hank Blue Pills
Drink Coffee/Espresso/Soda more than once per day

See the mental health guide for more info on mental health.

Peaceful Man
Discover the Yellow Ending

There are two requirements for the yellow ending.
  1. On the previous playthrough you had to have attempted to give all characters Sleepy Cat. This includes Kenny, Bendizo, Chie, The Director (after he gives you the ESP), Hank (after giving him the 5 health tonics), The Man Who Wears a Box, and the cat.
  2. Finished the game and got the White ending

Once you have done those two things in the previous playthrough, start a new game. When the game starts there should be an image of You holding Sleeping Cat. Once the game starts pick Sleepy Cat up from in your kitchen, then head to Chie's Apartment. Give her the Sleepy Cat Plush. This will end the game.

Wise Man
Discover the White Ending

To get the White ending You must be in perfect mental health.

You will have to be in new game+ so you will have had to beat the game at least once before attempting the White ending. There are also a few other things you will have to/should do during the playthrough to get the White ending.

You will have to attempt to give the Sleepy Cat (cat plush) to Kenny, Bendizo, Chie, The Director, Hank, The Man who wears a Box, and the cat. (Also a requirement for the yellow ending)

Be sure to also to give all health tonics to Hank, Give all Sleepy Cat comics to The Director, Adopt the cat and feed it all five tins of food, and make the Ultimate Cheeseburger and eat it relatively close to when you want to finish the game. See the respective trophies on instructions on how to do all of those things.

Also check out the mental health guide for more info on what actions can increase your mental health and basic info on mental health.

Once you are in the hospital you should chill your soda and Mexican Cola in the special room that you can access with the cat key (See Soda Jerk for more details). Drink them afterwards. This might push you over the threshold of perfect mental health.

Then that try to open the first doors in the hospital. If You says he is too afraid to open them you have to go back and try to improve his mental health more.

Once you get in the corridor head left. There will be a short scene with Her. After the scene Her will start crawling after you, quickly go backwards to the hiding spot and hide. If she catches you, you will instantly die. Flares, the revolver, and rotting meat is all useless against her. Once she passes you while you are hiding, quickly run to the next hiding spot ahead and wait for her to pass you again. Continue doing this until you reach a spot with a bunch of Thin Men (Normal monsters). There will be a final hiding spot that you can slide past all the Thin Men and enter a hospital door. Drink the water and sleep on the bed to finish the game.

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