Players: 1, 96 players per match (32 per PMC)
Online Trophies: 3
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5+ hours depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

Use whatever set up you feel comfortable with. I would recommend the shotgun, it works great for holding down positions. Ditch your Repair Kit and use the Medical Kit, grenades, and a Motion sSenser or Sensor Jammer. It will take some basic MAG skills and experience to pound it out but overall it shouldn't be too troubling. The trophies are listed in XMB order and will appear after the MAG and Interdiction trophies. You can also use the medals earned during Escalation towards Eager Beaver.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

At this time there are no known glitches, cheats or exploits. The only odd things that will occur is running and randomly being sent backwards about 10 feet to 20 feet or your character not making the arm motion when he throws a grenade.


1. Go for High Voltage.
2. Go for Blown Fuse.
2.5/3. Go for Bring 'Em on.

Focus on taking it one at a time. It will make the trophies easier and you less stressed.


Bring 'Em On
Earn the "Against All Enemies" medal while playing Escalation. ("Escalation" downloadable content)

This will be the hardest trophy of the 3. There are 3 ways this can be done, Easy, Medium or Hard.

Easy Method - Take a shotgun to the objective on your right since most of your team will be heading there too you will be able to be revived by the medics. Once your group makes it to the objective, sit inside until you have killed 10 of the enemies trying to come in. Once you have killed those 10 go to the objective to your left and repeat what you did on the other side. One objective will have the other opposing faction and the other objective will have the other faction. This can be done vise versa.

Medium Method - Grab any gun, but make sure it is silenced. Go to the one factions spawn, find a nice camping spot and punch out the 10 kills. Then go to the other enemies' spawn and kill 10 of them.

Hard Method - It is the hardest way to get the kills but also the easiest location. Go to Objective D, ALL PMCs will be heading there. Find a nice camping spot and they will all come across your path. There will be countless medics so don't worry about dying too much and there will be medics on the other PMCs. I suggest doing the "Resurrection Camp" method while at D. What you do it once you've incapacitated a couple enemies, watch there bodies and wait for them to be revived. Once they are mowem down AND their reviver. Rinse and repeat.

Blown Fuse
De-secure objective D in a round of Escalation. ("Escalation" downloadable content)

This can be difficult. 92 players will be vying for Objective D. It's all luck though. You may get there and get killed while planting or a teammate may kill you. I suggest getting a squad of friends that way you can all rush it together and take turns getting it. Luckily, I got it on my first try and it's nerve wracking. I was alone for 3 minutes fending of the other 2 PMCs, but they were more focused on each other. Most of the time you'll just have to sneak in. Grenades, flashbangs. RPGs and a shotgun will make it a lot easier. Again' don't expect this to be easy, it requires a bit of patience.

High Voltage
Earn the "Power Monger" medal while playing Escalation. ("Escalation" downloadable content)

This requires capturing 10 Escalation points in your career. I suggest using a shotgun and a med kit that way you can always revive downed players. What you should do is sit right i front of the objective and wait until Objective D is taken to try and cap it. People on your team will try and take it too some its just luck. Make sure you are the first to press . If your impatient you could pump a few shots into an allies head if they are trying to take it. I averaged around 2 or 3 caps a match. Also, capping these points are no where as hard as capping Interdiction points. This should be your first trophy and won't take you long.

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