Players: 1-2 (2 required for online trophies)
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 (2 Road To The Show, 1 Season Mode)
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: 4 (Make The Call... Again, RTTS: The Future, RTTS Derby, Mr. October)
Glitched Trophies: 1- Unassisted (Description in XMB is faulty, possibly a glitch)

[top]Cheats, Glitches and Exploits

Trophy Rewards:
These trophy rewards can be helpful in obtaining a few trophies...
Fast Run: earned by unlocking the "Sim Game" trophy
Slow Run: earned by unlocking the "Timing Is Everything" trophy
Super Pitch Speed: earned by unlocking the "Sawed Off" trophy
Super Pitch Break,: earned by unlocking the "Caught Looking'" trophy


100% Clear
This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all trophies have been unlocked.

Unlock all other bronze, silver, and gold trophies and this hard-fought platinum trophy will be yours.

Caught Lookin'
Strike out a CPU player on All-Star or higher difficulty.

Fairly simple trophy, strikeout a batter looking (meaning he doesn't swing at the strikeout pitch) with the difficulty set on All-Star or higher. If you have trouble with this trophy, turn on the "Super Pitch Speed" trophy reward and play a low-rated team. Make sure the batter doesn't swing on the 3rd pitch and you'll get the trophy. Earning this trophy unlocks the "Super Pitch Break" trophy reward.

Hit back-to-back home runs in any mode (Excludes HRD and Practice).

To make this trophy simpler, adjust your batting sliders from the gameplay settings in-game. Give yourself full power, contact, and solid hits. You could also edit some batters from the "edit player" screen from the main menu for a stronger chance. Once you have done this, start a game against a low-rated team and hit 2 homeruns in a row. You could also use 2 controllers and give yourself easy pitches.

Take It Back
Rob a homerun in any game mode.

This trophy can be a pain if you don't achieve it while pursuing the other trophies. To rob a homerun, you must see a red/orange circular icon in front of the fence in the outfield on a fly ball. You need to click R1 or up on the right stick when the icon gets to the smallest inner circle. For better chances, you can edit the sliders for more power and fielding abilities and use 2 controllers to try to hit more fly balls.

Hit 30 or more home runs with any single player in HRD.

Start a Home Run Derby with 8 players. This trophy is incredibly easy compared to Hamilwho?. All you need to do is accumulate at least 30 home runs with one of the players that you use throughout the 3 rounds. You only need to hit when trying to get home runs. Don't worry about guess pitching, influencing fly ball, or moving the left stick to the location of the ball. A helpful tool is too change the pitch speed slider to minimum to have more time to determine if the pitch will be near your sweet spot.

In HRD, hit 29 or more home runs with any player in a single round.

This is one of the two incredibly challenging trophies in the game. The way I did this trophy was I edited Adrian Gonzalez of the Padres to have max attributes. I maxed out all the batting sliders and minimized the pitch speed slider. I put a lot of time into this trophy and my last try I got into a great roll with Gonzalez. Honestly, I swung at every pitch and ended up with exactly 29 home runs although this was pretty lucky and I had been much more cautious in previous attempts. The best stadium in my opinion is Stomp Ground Field mainly because it is only 365 feet to center field. Like I said in "HRD", I only clicked when batting and didn't worry about influencing fly balls or aiming where the ball was going.

Here is a strategy developed by djhoch1226:

I used Ryan Howard (unedited) in New Yankee Stadium. I know many people prefer Stomp Ground because center is so short, but if you use Howard and have good timing you will hit the majority of your homeruns to right where Yankee Stadium is actually much shorter. For the record I did not hit a single homerun to the left of dead center. Sliders DO affect HRD and here are how mine were set:
Contact: MAX
Power: MAX
Timing: MAX
Fouls: MIN
Solid Hits: MAX

CPU: (for all the good it does)
Pitcher Control: MAX
Pitcher Consistency: MAX
Strike Frequency: MAX
(For the record I do not believe these three helped me at all, but what can it hurt?)

Pitch Speed: MIN
(This one was crucial for me. It slows down the pitches and gives you an extra second to react. This will allow you to judge the truly unhittable pitches and lay off of them (up, up and away, in the dirt, breaking down and in are the four main ones that should be avoided)

All I can say is to be patient. I didn't take many pitches but I took a few. When I got to 22-7 and then made an out I put down the controller and took a few deep breaths, let 4 or 5 go buy then hit four straight before making another out. For the last three I just waited for perfect pitches, hit and prayed.
I suggest trying his strategy first and if you don't have any luck, try playing at Stomp Ground Field and also try using Adrian Gonzalez. Another batter who I did well with was Dan Uggla with max abilities. He seemed to get good contact even on bad pitches.

Sim Game
Do not allow a run in any RTTS simulated game training.

As you are working on the other RTTS pitcher trophies, a menu you will pop asking you if you want to start a simulated game. Accept and enter the game. You will need to pitch 3 innings without allowing a run and the trophy will pop. If you have any trouble, adjust sliders and settings to your advantage and use max pitch speed and max pitch break trophy rewards. Earning this trophy will unlock the "Fast Run" trophy reward.

RTTS Road Warrior
Win 8 out of 10 starts on the road in RTTS on All-Star or higher difficulty.

Another fairly simple trophy. Start a Road To The Show with a pitcher. Sim or play until you become a starting pitcher. Once you have done this, you must first make sure you set your profile and gameplay settings to ALL-STAR and save the settings and profile. To get this trophy you need to win at least 8 out of 10 starts in a row. You CANNOT sim the home games in between the road starts. So basically, play all of your starts and make sure to win your road starts. Save your RTTS after every road win and reload if you lose more than 2 starts on the road. The super pitch speed, super pitch break, and slow run trophy rewards can be turned on to ease the difficulty of All-Star if you have any trouble.

Make The Call... Again
Get called up to a Major League team before the end of your second year in RTTS.

As you work towards RTTS Derby, RTTS: The Future, and Mr. October, you should focus on earning this trophy. I suggest being a 1st baseman and editing all the 1st basemen in the organization you plan to choose to be minimum in their abilities. The fastest way to get called up is using the following simple save strategy. Save your player as soon as you become starter. What you will want to do is sim each game individually, if you have atleast 2 hits or 1 homerun, save. If you don't reload until you do. This will give you training points for hitting streaks and your stats will be very impressive. As long as you are meeting your goals and slightly improving your player, you should get called up to MLB before the end of your second year.

Timing Is Everything
Call a pitchout on a steal attempt in any RTTS game.

This trophy would be somewhat rare but luckily there is an easy strategy. Start a Road To The Show game mode and create a catcher. Once you have picked your team, sim until you get an appearance. Play until you get 2 outs then intentionally walk the batter so that you have a runner on first. After that, try to get a full count (3 balls and 2 strikes). When the count is full, call a pitchout by clicking and . The runner will always be stealing if you it correctly and you will get the trophy. Earning this trophy will unlock the "Slow Run" trophy reward.

Stolen Thunder
Throw out two or more runners attempting to steal a base in any RTTS game.

You should try to get the "Slow Run" trophy reward and turn it on before you attempt this trophy. Before you start creating your catcher you need to edit the Dodgers AA team. Increase their players' base running ability, base running aggressiveness, and speed. Don't give them too much speed but around 80% so that they are more apt to steal. Now, create a catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. Once you get a start as the catcher against the Dodgers, edit the sliders to max for base running ability, aggressiveness, and steal frequency. Lower their speed so that they will be easier to throw out. Intensionally walk batters and you should be able to easily throw out runners when they attempt to steal. Throw out at least 2 runners in the game and you will get the trophy.

Call It
Call a "Quality Start" as a catcher in any RTTS game.

Adjust the sliders so your pitcher has full stamina and consistency. Also slide manager hook all the way down and adjust the CPU's batting sliders. To qualify as a "Quality Start", the pitcher must pitch at least 6 innings and give up no more than 3 runs. This trophy will pop at the end of the game.

RTTS: The Future
Get invited to the All-Star Week Futures Game at any position in RTTS.

You should get this easily as you work towards "Make The Call... Again". For this trophy, you need to be a one of the top-rated players for your organization at your position. If you don't get invited, you could reload one of your saves or try again after you get the other RTTS trophies.

Professional Trainer
Complete a RTTS batting session without receiving a single attribute penalty.

As you are working on the RTTS trophies, a menu will pop asking you if you want to participate in a RTTS batting session. Accept and join the session. Simply don't swing at any of the 20 pitches and you will not be docked any points, giving you a "perfect" session and the trophy.

RTTS Derby
Get invited to the HRD with any RTTS player.

After you get called up to MLB, you'll want to go for this trophy early in a season. You should get invited using the save strategy stated in "Make The Call... Again". Make sure you spend spare training points on power to insure that you have a solid amount of home runs, you will need somewhere between 22-35 homeruns at the All-Star break to get invited.

Mr. October
Achieve the following stats with any RTTS player: .350 AVG, .450 OBP, .755 SLG.

Continue to use the save strategy mentioned in Make The Call... Again and you should get this trophy easily. You need to achieve a .350 batting average, .450 on base percentage, and .755 slugging percentage. The trophy pops on September 8th if you have these stats. Batting average is based on how many hits you get out of your non-walk plate appearances. On base percentage is a combination of walks and hits out of all at-bats. Slugging % is increased by hits, mainly home runs and extra-base hits.

Make the postseason in Franchise or Season Mode (without simulating more than 82 games.)

See Victory is MINE! (below)

Pennant Race
Capture a division title. (Simulating any games in the postseason will negate the trophy. Cannot simulate more than 82 games prior to making the postseason.)

See Victory is MINE! (below)

Victory Is MINE!
Win the World Series. (Simulating any games in the postseason will negate the trophy. Cannot simulate more than 82 games prior to making the postseason.)

This would be a very long trophy but luckily, you can easily get this trophy in around 2 1/2 hours. For best chances of making the postseason, edit the players on your team to have better pitching and batting abilities and decrease the abilites of the players on the other teams in your division. Once you have done this, start a 162 game season and make sure the innings are set to 1. Then sim the first 82 games of the season and save. You should have a fairly large lead in your division if you did a good amount of editing. For the remaining 82 games, just start the game and fast-forward to the en of the game from the pause menu. After you have done this you should have won your division and received the Contender trophy. If you did not make the playoffs, reload your most recent save and try again. For the playoffs, fast-forward and save if you win, reload if you lose. Repeat this method until you win the AL Pennant and you will receive the Pennant Race trophy. Use the same method for the World Series and you will get the Victory is MINE! trophy as soon as it notifies you that your team won the World Series.

Road Warrior
Have a 10-game road winning streak. (Simulating or fast-forwarding will restart the streak.)

There is no fast way to get this trophy, you just need to simply play and win. You could use the Anaheim Angels, who have a 10 game road trip a few weeks into the season. Otherwise, if you use a team with home games between road games, you have to play the home games as well. The season has to be set to 9 inning games and you can play on any difficulty. You can also adjust the sliders if you have trouble winning but if you plan on Rookie, that shouldn't be a problem.

Online Gamer
Reach 100 MLB Points.

See Online Fame (below)

Online Fame
Reach 500 MLB Points.

To achieve this trophy you must earn 500 MLB points on your online profile. From the main menu, go to SportsConnect and log in or create an account. This trophy requires you to have 50 more wins than losses. This sounds long and near impossible but luckily, there is a simple way to boost. First, find someone who is willing to boost with you and add them to at least your MLB 10 buddy list. When you are ready to boost, one of you must invite the other to a ranked online match set to 9 innings. Whoever is the home team (the person who sent the invite) must let the away team score 1 run in the top of the 1st then bunt to quickly finish the inning. Once in the bottom of the 1st, bunt to finish the inning and the score should be at least 1-0 in favor of the away team. After you have done this, the home team needs to pause and quit. The away team will get credit for the win and receive 10 MLB points, the home team will receive a loss and lose 10 points. I suggest taking turns and switching every 10 games. The person who is home and losing the games should use a secondary account so they don't lose points on their main account. Also, note that sometimes the points on your profile don't update for a day or so, so make sure to keep track of how many games you have completed.

*Note that there is a possibility that you will get suspended/banned on PSN for boosting this trophy. I myself received a 1-day suspension.*

Much Cooler This Year...
Join and complete an online league. (Must play 60% of the games).

Join one of the leagues created on the site:

You could also create a league with friends or join a public league. The easiest way is to use 2 secondary accounts along with your primary and have a friend with his primary and 2 secondary accounts. You guys can then boost and quickly play through the 9 inning games. For fastest leagues, make the deadline to play games 1 day. You must play 60% of your games for the trophy to pop.

Tres Bien
In any mode, have a three-pitch inning with any pitcher versus the CPU.

There is an easy strategy for this trophy. Start a one inning exhibition game and be the away team. Bunt away your 3 at-bats to get to the bottom of the 1st inning. To only throw 3 pitches and "finish" the inning, throw a ball, another ball, then throw a pitch down the middle and hope they hit a home run or let the batter keep running until he comes all the way around for a walk-off, inside-the-park home run. *Credit to ULTRAMAGNUS1780 for developing this strategy*

Sawed Off
In any mode, break the hitter's bat.

This trophy will pop eventually just by playing the game. The best way to break a hitter's bat is to throw a pitch inside, preferably a cutter. Mariano River is perfect for this trophy if you don't have luck with anyone else. Earning this trophy will unlock the "Super Pitch Speed" trophy reward

Out Pitch
In any one-player mode, with any pitcher, strike out the side using the same pitch for each "out" pitch.

You should try for this trophy when you attempt the A Good Start trophy. First turn on the "Super Pitch Speed" and "Super Pitch Break". Then start a season or exhibition game with a good pitcher against a bad team or a AA team. Adjust the sliders so you have full pitching abilities and so the CPU has diminished batting abilities. For the trophy, you must get the 3 strikeouts using the same pitch for the 3rd strike. They don't have to be struck out in order, you just must get all 3 outs with strikeouts in the inning.

Create and save a highlight movie using the Movie Maker feature.

During or after any game pause the game and go to "Replay", "Replay Vault", or "Movie Maker". Once you have chosen a replay, click to begin recording then to stop recording when you're ready. A message will appear saying that the video saved to your XMB and the trophy will pop.

Around The World
Play a game in every Major League stadium.

For this trophy, you need to complete a game in each of the 30 MLB stadiums. You can play 1 inning games and purposely let the other team each time to speed it up slightly. This will take around 2 hours but is very fast compared to playing 9 inning games. Also, note that you cannot fast-forward.

On the Rocks
In any mode, hit a home run into the rocks in left-center in Anaheim.

Start up a Home Run Derby at Angel Stadium of Anaheim with a high-powered, right-handed batter such as Alex Rodriguez or Albert Pujols. In left-centerfield there are rocks with water running down them. Hit a home run onto these rocks for the trophy.

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Basket Case
In any mode, hit a home run into the basket that lines the wall at Wrigley Field.

Start up a Home Run Derby at Wrigley Field with an average-powered batter such as Robinson Cano. Along the wall and in front of the crowd, there are baskets above the ivy across along the entire outfield. Keep playing HRD until you hit a home run lands in the basket.

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Monster Killer
Hit two home runs over the Green Monster in any single game played in Boston. (Excludes HRD and Practice).

Unlike the other stadium trophies, this one cannot be earned in HRD. Start an exhibition game at Fenway park and adjust the batting sliders and use another controller if necessary. Hit 2 home runs in a single game over the tall "Green Monster" wall in left field.

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Bobbing For Apples
In any mode, hit a home run that hits the center-field apple at Citi Field.

Start up a Home Run Derby at Citi Field with a batter with around 70-90% such as Eddie Matthews or Mike Schmidt. In dead-centerfield, there is a box just behind the wall with an apple inside. This apple normally pops up whenever the Mets hit a home run. Keep playing HRD until you hit a home run that hits the apple in the box.

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Splish Splash
In any mode, hit a home run over the RF wall into the water of the San Fransisco Bay.

Start a Home Run Derby at AT&T Park with a very powerful left-handed batter. Ryan Howard of the Phillies and Babe Ruth of the Golden Era are perfect. To get this trophy you simply need to hit a long homerun into the bay in right field. To hit a homerun to right field, swing early with left-hander or late with a right-hander.

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Scrap Metal
In any mode, hit a home run into the Western Metal Supply Company building in San Diego.

Start a Home Run Derby with a right-handed batter with a lot of power. Choose Petco Park at the stadium select screen. When you begin hitting, you'll notice a building in left field with a sign on top titled "Western Metal Supply Co." To get this trophy you must hit a home run to this building. The best way to hit a home run here is to swing early with a right-handed batter or late with a left-handed batter.

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King Of The Hill
In any mode, hit a home run to dead center in Minute Maid Park.

This is somewhat more challenging than the other stadium trophies. Start a Home Run Derby with one of the strongest batters (Babe Ruth, Pujols, etc.) at Minute Maid Park. In centerfield there is a small hill, for the trophy, you must hit a home run over the wall behind the hill. Try to swing on time and keep playing until you eventually hit a home run over center field.

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Sight Seeing
In any mode, hit a home run off of the glass in center field at Rogers Centre.

Start a Home Run Derby with any batter with good power. Choose Rogers Centre at the stadium select screen. Above the wall in center field there are glass windows. Simply hit a home run off the glass for the trophy to pop.

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A Good Start
Strike out 15 batters in a single game in any mode versus the CPU.

This trophy can be attempted when going for the Out Pitch trophy. First, turn on the "Super Pitch Speed" and "Super Pitch Break" trophy rewards. Start and exhibition or season game against the worst AA team with a top pitcher such as Roy Halladay or CC Sabathia. Adjust the pitching sliders 100% and the batting sliders of the CPU to 0%. There are 27 outs total in the game and you must get at least 15 strikeouts in the game for the trophy.

RTTS Back-To-Back
Hit consecutive home runs in one game with your RTTS player.

This trophy is moderately challenging and you should attempt it after getting the other RTTS batter trophies and building up your player. You will want to improve your batter's power and contact by earning training points or purchasing them from the PS Store or RTTS menu. Once you have done this, adjust your sliders so you have full power, contact, etc and change the difficulty to Veteran if it is not already. Sim until your next appearance and make sure your sliders are adjusted. Once batting, guess pitch by holding and guess down using the right stick as well as guessing fastball. Push the right stick up before every swing and use to power swing. For the trophy, you must hit a home run in 2 batting appearances in a row in the same game.

Pop Out
With the bases loaded in the 9th, get an infield pop-up to end the game.

After achieving the Choker trophy, reload the save game or play until the 9th inning and try to get as large of a lead as possible. When the 9th inning begins, get 2 outs and then walk the bases loaded. Keep throwing high and inside fastballs and if they don't hit a pop-up in the infield, try to not make the out. If you do, reload the save or you will have to start over.

Triple Play
Turn a triple play in any mode versus the CPU.

This trophy is much more simple than it seems due to a fairly simple strategy. Turn on the "Slow Run" trophy reward before you start an exhibition or season game. Adjust your fielding sliders to your advantage and intentionally walk the bases loaded. Keep pitching low in the zone to try to get a ground ball. The easiest order to get the triple play is 3rd base to 2nd base to 1st base. So, as soon as you field the ball, throw the ball to or tag 3rd base. Then throw to 2nd base and then to 1st. If you don't get all 3 outs, try again with 0 outs in the next inning. Also, note that you cannot use 2 controllers for this trophy.

Turn an unassisted double play in RTTS.

This trophy is much easier now thanks to a very simple strategy.
*Credit for this strategy goes to Ryno*

First, edit all of the AA position players in the Braves organization to have 0 contact and power, 50 bunting ability, and 99 speed and baserunning aggressiveness. Once you have done this, create a CP in Road To The Show mode, load the roster you editted, and choose the Chicago Cubs as your team. The Braves and Cubs AA teams play each other in the first 5 games of the season. Keep simming and reloading until you get put in the game with a 1 run lead or the game tied in the 8th or 9th inning. There also needs to be one out to make this easier. Walk the bases loaded and pitch higher in the zone to the batter. The batter should be squeeze bunting most of the time. Once you get a pop-up, catch the ball and tag the runner or the catcher can do this himself. The trophy will pop after you have done this. Here's my video of what exactly happened for me:

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In any mode, lose the game after inserting your closer with a two or more run lead in the 9th. (Must be a save opportunity).

This trophy can be earned in the same game that you attempt "Pop Out". Play a season game on the road and try to have a 2 or 3 run lead by the end of the 8th inning. Once you have done this, save and exit the game before you have put your closer in the game. Reload the save and intensionally walk the batters in the 9th inning until the other team has gained the lead and won. The trophy pops during the other team's celebration.

Crazy Eights
In the Knockout Pitch Training or Practice Mode, knock out all eight sections in eight pitches.

This is another very challenging trophy but there is a strategy to ease the difficulty. First, you'll want to edit a pitcher (I recommend Mariano Rivera) to have 0 speed and 100 control with the pitch you intend to use (AFB is easiest). From the main menu, go to practice mode, select pitching, then select "Knockout". You'll get 15 pitches and there are 8 sections in the strike zone that you must hit. First, throw 17 pitches right down the middle and your meter will widen making it easier to throw accurate pitches. Once it increases, practice hitting the sections until the next round starts. Try to hit every section in the first 8 pitches to get the trophy. If you mess up, practice until the next round begins and try again. *Credit to djhoch1226 for discovering this strategy*

Customize any team's audio in Sounds of the Show.

From the main menu, go to options and near the bottom is "Sounds of the Show". Enter and go to "Edit Teams". Once you've done that select any team and change any of the categories to any of the song options and choose one of the start points. If you've done it correctly, the trophy pop will pop immediately.

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