Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Yes, there are three
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25 hours- 50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: One season of Diamond Dynasty (5 games) and 30 exhibition games, and a franchise (optional)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

Below are the game's rating for every team in the game.
Hitting Pitching Defense Overall
1. Rangers Yankees Yankees Yankees
2. Red Sox Giants Red Sox Rangers
3. Phillies Phillies Angels Phillies
4. Yankees Braves Phillies Tigers
5. Tigers Marlins Rangers Red Sox
6. Rockies Tigers Dodgers Cardinals
7. Blue Jays Reds DBacks Angels
8. Cardinals Rays Reds DBacks
9. DBacks Brewers Rays Braves
10. Angels Angels Orioles Blue Jays
11. Reds Nationals Brewers Reds
12. Brewers Cardinal s Rockies Giants
13. Braves DBacks Cardinals Marlins
14. Orioles Rangers Twins Brewers
15. Nationals Red Sox Padres Nationals
16 Marlins Dodgers Tigers Rays
17. Indians Blue Jays Blue Jays Dodgers
18. Rays White Sox Mariners Rockies
19. Giants Indians Cubs Indians
20. Dodgers Royals Royals White Sox
21. White Sox Mets Indians Royals
22. Cubs Mariners Braves Orioles
23. Padres A's Giants Cubs
24. Royals Cubs Pirates Padres
25. A's Padres Astros A's
26. Mariners Twins Nationals Mets
27. Pirates Pirates Marlins Mariners
28. Twins Rockies A's Twins
29. Mets Orioles White Sox Pirates
30. Astros Astros Mets Astros

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are no "cheats" for this game, but you can use game sliders to tweak the game to suit your preferences.


There is no exact order in which you are required to do things, but you must do each of the game modes listed below.

*Create a Diamond Dynasty and play a season or more.

*Play 30 exhibition games to get "Everyones a Winner", and go for other trophies during this time.

*Play Home Run Derby to get the stadium related trophies and the Home Run Derby related trophies

*Start a franchise to get the remaining trophies


You got all of the MLB® 12 The Show™ Trophies!

Earn all of the other trophies to get this one.

Million Dollar Arm
In any game mode, throw a perfect game against a CPU contolled team. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game.

Play as the Tigers, who have Justin Verlander, and play against the Astros, who, well, are the Astros. Play on whatever difficulty you want, but you can use sliders and you can play on rookie. Keep everything around the zone, but do not miss up, or the CPU will make you pay. Be sure to keep your composure late in the game and don't get cute with your pitches. Don't assume that since you threw only one pitch in the same location over the last three at bats that you can get away with doing it again. Also, don't get nervous during the later innings. It can get exciting knowing that you are so close to a shiny new gold trophy, but it will hurt your performance, and will be more likely to make a mistake that causes you to lose your pursuit of perfection. Take a breath, keep your heart rate down, and make the next pitch.

Hit 10 consecutive home runs in Home Run Derby™.

This is much easier said than done. The two top power hitter in MLB 12 the Show are Jose Bautista (R) and Prince Fielder (L). I recommend using the timing option for hitting, because there are less factors for you to deal with. Use a couple rounds to get your timing down, and by then you should be able to consistently reach streaks of five or more. Remember not to get too excited as you get close, instead stay calm so that you don't start jumping on pitches early, which is incredibly tempting to do. If you get your timing down and keep your composure, you should be on the right track. Don't freak out, because this can become suprisingly annoying and frustraiting at times.

King Slayer
In Exhibition Mode, beat the team that is ranked first overall in the team select screen with Pitching and Batting difficulties set to Legend. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game.

As of release date, the number one ranked team in the game is the New York Yankees. You can play as anyone else, whether it be the Astros (30th) or the Rangers (2nd), or anybody in between. If you are expirienced enough, you can go for this right off the bat, but if you are new to the show then I recommend earning this last, and use your quest for the rest of the trophies to get you accustomed to the game. One thing that is key when playing on legend is to not get too cute with your pitches and do not help the pitcher out by chasing things out of the zone. Other than that, you can use whatever strategy you want, just remember that it won't be easy.

Everyone's a Winner
Win a game with every MLB® team. Must be done in full, uninterrupted, 9-inning games.

This trophy is simple in objective, but it will take up a big chunk of the time it will take you to get the plat. It is a good idea to try to earn other trophies while you go for this. Remember that you have to win, and that you must play the Whole game, meaning that there is no fast-fowarding.

*Make a list of teams and cross them out as you win so that you do not forget anybody!*

Contact Killer
In any mode excluding RttS, play an entire 9 inning game without striking out. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game against a CPU controlled team.

This is much easier said than done. The main goal is simply to make contact with the ball, not to try and hit the cover off the ball every time. Try to selective and do not chase anything out of the strike zone. With that said, the easiest method is to bunt on every pitch unless there are two strikes.
It is okay if do not even get a hit for the entire game; all that matters is that you do not strike out.

Quality Start
Throw more than 70% first pitch strikes in a complete game victory. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game against a CPU controlled team.

Suprisingly, this control based trophy is the one of the only trophies that I recommend using pulse pitching for. Play against the Astros on Rookie. Leave the cursor in the center of the strike zone, and focus on making sure the circle is entirely in the strike zone. If the opponent makes contact, it still counts as a strike. Also, remember that you can miss every now and then, but don't get carried away.

Meatball Buffet
Bat around in an inning. Must be completed on All-Star or higher Batting difficulty. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game against a CPU controlled team.

Play as a team with a great offense, like the Yankees or Rangers, or assemble a dream team, and play the Astros. Turn all of the game sliders in your favor and focus on making contact every at bat. Remember, the goal is to have as many guys get to the plate/on base as possible, so there is no need to get over aggressive to score an extra run, which may put your trophy in jeopardy. Play it safe, and be selective at the plate.

Slinging in the Rain
Play a full game in the rain without making an error.

Before the game starts, make sure you change the weather to rainy. Play as the Yankees, who have the number one rated defense in the game. If you don't overpower your throws and make unessessary throws, this should not be too much trouble.

Don't Phase Me Bro
In any game mode, hit a home run off a 100+ MPH pitch. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

This should come eventually during a franchise and your quest for everyone's a winner. If you want to, you on rookie, turn all of the sliders in your favor, use a stacked lineup, and play against a pitcher such as Stephen Strasburg who consistently hits over 100 mph in the game. If you haven't earned it already, you can earn zone analog blast if you achieve this while on all-star difficulty using zone plus analog.

Early Exit
In any game mode, knock out the opponent's starting pitcher before the end of the 3rd inning. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

Chances are, if you earn "Meatball Buffet" in the first inning, the opposing pitcher should be on a short leash. Continue the rally until the pitcher is taken out.

If you are going for this seperately, play as the Yankees, and have the CPU be the Astros. Turn all of the game sliders in your favor, especially the slider "manager hook", which controls how long it takes for the opposing manager to pull the starting pitcher out of the game. All you need is to have a huge rally in the first three innings, and the other manager will pull him out in no time.

In any game mode, win the game with an RBI bunt. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game against a CPU controlled team.

With a speedy runner on third base, and a decent bunter at the plate, get a good leadoff and attempt a steal of home. While the pitch is being thrown, lay down a bunt. Be sure that the bases are not loaded so that there is no force out at home. The bunt does not have to be a walkoff, but it has to be the go ahead run. You can bunt home in the first inning, or in the ninth inning, and it won't make a difference as long as you don't let the CPU score after that.

Zone Plus Analog Blast
With hitting difficulty set to All-Star or harder, hit a home run using Zone Plus Analog controls. This trophy is not unlockable in Home Run Derby™ modes.

Zone analog batting isa new way to hit in this year's game. If you play using this for a few games, this should come in no time, especially if you are used to zone hitting and analog hitting. If you are not, either start at rookie and work your way up or learn on the job. You can use sliders.

With the pitching difficulty set to All-Star or higher, use Pulse Pitching to strike out the side. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

Pulse pitching is a new method of pitching introduced for this year's game. It is much harder to be accurate, so stay around the strike zone. With enough practice this should come easy enough. If it helps, play as a top tier pitcher such a Justing Verlander and play a tame such as the Astros or Mariners, who have bad offenses.

Back, Back, Back, Back, Back...
Hit a home run of 490ft or more in Home Run Derby™.

FOr this I strongly recommend Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays, since he has the highest power rating in the game. The strategy is the same as "Winning", but be sure to play in a park with as litte obstructions as possible, such as Kauffman Stadium. Before too long, you will eventually hit a home run that is 490 feet if you get your timing down.

Run Benjie, Run!
Steal a base with a player whose primary position is Catcher. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

Generally catchers aren't base stealers. In fact, Russel Martin led all catchers in stolen bases last season with a grand total of 8 (if you plan on using a real catcher without editing his attributes, I recommend using him). The easiest way to do this is to make your catcher faster. Either edit your favorite teams catcher to have max speed and baserunning ability, or take a speedy player such as Dee Gordon of the Dodgers and changing his position to catcher. Once whoever your catcher is on base with no one in front of him, go for it.

In The Bag!
As the batter, hit 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base with the ball. Trophy is not achievable in Home Run Derby™ or Challenge of the Week.

There is honestly no timetable for getting this trophy. You can get it in your first at bat,or you won't get it until game 162. You have to hit a fair ball down the line (on either side) or straight up the middle, and it has to go over the base. This can be very frustraiting because the ball normally skips over the bag, and misses it completely. You just have to pray that a lucky bounce will come eventually. It is okay if you make an out.

Playing as the pitcher in any game mode, intentionally walk a batter, then turn a double play. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

Before the game, move the opponents slowest player to the leadoff spot and move the pitcher into the second spot in the order.
Intentionally walk the first batter of the game, and pitch to the pitcher.Be sure to throw sinkers and 2 seam fastballs los in the zone to try and influence ground balls. This should work eventually. If the pitcher is bunting, either throw a ball or restart the game.

As a baserunner, plow the catcher. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

This is another trophy that requires a lot of luck, timing, and most of all, patience. Every so often, when you are breaking for home plate the other team will make an on-line throw to home plate. When the CPU makes an accurate throw, and you are a few feet away from home plate, the CPU controlled catcher will normally attempt to block the plate. If your baserunner is in the right place at the right time, he will try to plow the catcher over. You do not have to be safe, you just need to knock the catcher over.

In any game mode, enter a game with a mismatching uniform.

When you are at the uniform select screen before you start a game, select an alternate jersey and press to advance. The trophy will pop during the time when the lineups are announced.

Free Baseball
In any game mode, win a game in extra innings.

When the game is tied at the end of nine innings, extra innings are played until someone wins. To get this trophy, you simply have to be tied at the end of nine innings, and you don't even have to win. If you play franchise or Diamond Dynasty, this should happen eventually. You could also get this during Vulture a Win. you will get this after the game ends.

Don't Try That Again
On defense, throw a runner out at 3B or home plate from the outfield. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

This, like many other trophies in this game, should come eventually during gameplay. If you want to get this right away, give up a single to left field. Hold the ball until the runner starts to move. When he starts to make his way to third, throw the bal and if your throw is on line, he should be out.

Sombrero Dealer
In any mode, strike out the same player four times in a game. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

To do this you need one player to strike out four times, but the key is to make sure that he gets enough plate apparences to have the oppritunity to strike out four times. I recommend choosing three players with subpar contact and power on the opposing team and putting them in the top three spots in their lineup. I recommend going to "roster control" and making some trades, so for example you can build a dream team of Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds, and Chris Davis, who all strike out a ton. This seems somewhat tedious to set up, but having three targets will make it a lot less frustraiting when you can get someone out, give up a hit, or come one strikeout short.

Vulture a Win
In any mode, blow a save and get the win with the same pitcher. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game against a CPU controlled team.

Don't start a game wit the particular goal of earning this trophy. Just make sure that you are the home team so that you can win with a walkoff and not risk blowing the save(again). Let this come while ou are playing exhibition or franchise games. In any game you happen to be playing where you are ahead by one run, bring in your closer to start the ninth. When there are two outs in the inning, intentionally walk home the tying run (Yes, that also means lodin the bases). Retire the final batter and score in the next half-inning. If you don't score, prepare for extras. Remember that after you blow the save, all you have to do is win.

The Old Fashioned Way
In any mode, earn a save by having your reliever pitch the last 3 innings of a win. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game against a CPU controlled team.

To get a save you must be up by four runs or less and you must come in relief to close the game. For this you are going to need to be up by no more than three runs at the start of the seventh, and put in your closer. The oblivious candidate for this is Mariano Rivera (Yankees), but other good pitchers to use are Heath Bell (Marlins), Jonathan Papelbon (Phillies), and Joakim Soria (Royals) (You could use whoever you want, I just named these five because they have the highest player ratings). Do not score anymore runs, and let your closer finish the game. Make sure he is warmed up beforehand so he has enough stamina for all three innings.

Its okay if you blow the save in the ninth, you can still get the "vulture a win" trophy.

You Blew It
In any mode, blow your opponents save opportunity. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.

In the ninth, you have to be down by three runs or less. It won't matter how many runs you are down by, as long as its a slave situation, but just remember that it will most likely be more manageable the closer the game is. Play as a potent offense, such as the Yankees or Rangers, and play the Cubs, who have a very erratic closer in Carlos Marmol.

Boom Goes the Dynamite
In any game mode, hit a home run with your first batter of the game.

To get this, your leadoff hitter has to hit a home run. Before the game starts, when you are editing you lineup, move the hitter with the most power into the first spot in the lineup. If you don't hit a home run, restart the game and try again. You can be either the home or the road team, but I recommend being the road team so that you don't have to deal with pitching every time you attempt. You can get this while playing with a friend or by using two controllers.

Loud and Clear
Hit a home run into the speaker in center field at Dodger Stadium™. (LAD)

At Dodger stadium, there s a speaker directly in center field in the batter's eye. Play Home run Derby and try to aim directly straight ahead. To hit a ball straight up the middle, you will need perfect timing so be prepared to spend time getting your timing down.

A picture of the speaker:

Toggle Spoiler

Go Chasin' Waterfalls
Hit a home run into a waterfall at Kauffman Stadium™. (KC)

Kauffman Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Royals and the site of this year's MLB All-Star Game, has distinct fountains in the outfield. If you wish to acquire this in a standard game, be my guest, but the fountains aren't that close to home plate, and it would take a moon shot to hit them. I recommend playing Home Run Derby with top power hitters such as Prince Fielder, Mike (Giancarlo) Stanton, or Jose Bautista. By no means is this not doable in a regular game, but it will be much easier to get this in Home Run Derby.

A picture of the fountains:

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Texas Two-Step
Hit a home run onto Greene's Hill in CF at Rangers Ballpark In Arlington™. (TEX)

Greene's Hill is in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, the home of the Texas Rangers. It is in dead center field, and serves as the batters eye. This is not too difficult to do in a regular game, it will require patience, but it is much quicker to obtain in Home Run Derby. Use your favorite power hitter and focus on timing the pitch perfectly and driving it up the middle. You will eventually hit a bomb to dead center, and the trophy will pop.

A picture of Greene's Hill:

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Deep Dish
Hit a home run into the Bullpen Sports Grill in rightfield at U.S. Cellular Field™. (CWS)

The Bullpen Sports Grill is at U.S. Cellular Field, the home of the Chicago White Sox. The Bullpen Sports grill sits just behind the fence in the right field corner. It is right next to the visitors bullpen and gets its fair share of home run balls over the course of a season. This isn't too tricky to achieve in a normal game, but I recommend going for this in Home Run Derby. Use a power-hitting left handed batter such as Prince Fielder, Robinson Cano, or the cover boy Adrian Gonzalez. Try to pull the ball, and it should not take too long to get this, it just barely has to clear the fence. Also, U.S. Cellular Field is a good hitter's park, so you may also want to try to hit 10 straight home runs here as well.

A picture of the Bullpen Sports Grill

Toggle Spoiler

Fish off a Barrel
Hit the aquarium behind home plate at Marlins Park™. (MIA)

Marlins Park is the new home of the rebranded Miami Marlins. One of its many interesting features is a fish tank in foul territory beyond home plate. Unlike most of the other stadium related trophies, this is harder to obtain in Home Run derby because of its location. To hit this, you have to foul the ball straight back. It will take great patience, but this eventually should come naturally during a game. One method to try and influence a foul ball is to use zone batting and try to make weak contact while timing the pitch well. It will be hard to manufacture, so don't worry about it and let it happen on its own.

A picture of the fish tanks:

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In Diamond Dynasty mode, acquire one of every card type. (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, MLB)

In Diamond Dynasty, you get new players through digital packs of cards. Your starter pack should have bronze cards, and silver cards, and maybe even some gold cards. You also get a pack of MLB players as well. The platinum card is the one you will have to search for. Play games to get money, and spend that money on Dynasty player packs. Buy until you get a platinum player. Also, you can use money from the PSN store to buy packs.

A Year in the Life
Play through one season (5 games) in Diamond Dynasty mode.

You do not have to win all five games, you just have to finish them. You can play a human opponent online, but since the connection seems to be iffy for a lot of people I recommend playing the computer so that you don't have to worry about traffic delays. Play whoever you want on whatever difficulty you want and have fun with the mode.

Create a Diamond Dynasty team and custom logo including at least 20 layers.

When you create a Diamond Dynasty team, you are given the option to create a logo. You can make it either when you are crating your team, or you can make/edit your logo from the DD menu. If you have expirence working with layers, this shouldn't be too hard. If not, play around with the shapes you are given and you'll eventually get a sense of how to do it. You do not need to make an ornate design, you can just put in random shapes or put in the same shape 20 times. Once you have reached 20 layers, save your logo (you can erase if you don't like it) and you will get the trophy.

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