Players: 1-2 offline, 2-12 online.
Online Trophies: 6 - 5, 1
Cheat Codes Effect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: Complete each track at least once.
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. Turn assists off from the beginning. This will help you become a better racer over all and it will also give you a lot more XP. To turn them off, just go down to options and turn off "Jumping Assists" and "Cornering Assists."

2. Preload, Preload, PRELOAD! Preloading helps you hit those jumps smoothly in races, helps you get a lot more air, and will decrease your lap times by allowing you to hit everything smoothly. To preload pull back on the right analog stick as you go up a ramp. To get the maximum amount of air from preloading, push in and pull back on the right analog stick as you're going up the ramp. The shock in the bottom right corner will turn orange if you just pull back (without ) or turn green if you did it right using . Some jumps won't need the full preload while others won't need any at all, you will learn which preload (if any) to use as you race more on each track.

3. Use the clutch! The clutch will help you hit those sharp corners faster and smoother. To use the clutch hold down as you're going into a sharp then release as you're straightening out. Be careful that you don't pop a wheelie or spin out from holding down the gas for too long while you hold in the clutch.

4. Use your brakes! With "Cornering Assists" turned off, brakes are essential. Use brakes in combination with the clutch. Hold in (clutch) and (brakes) as you enter the sharp turn then release both as you leave the turn. Try releasing (gas) while using the clutch and brakes so you don't spin out or pop a wheelie. Both the clutch and brakes are something that will become easier to use as you use them both more.


There really isn't a specific order for you to take. Just win at least once on every track you have unlocked. Then after that, race those tracks on a higher difficulty, race online, or try & get player goals in free ride. Once you've reached Level 10, win a race at every track and then just race them again, online, or do free ride. Repeat this again at level 25 and then just race until you get to level 50.


Platinum Trophy
Win all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies

This is self-explanatory, just collect all other trophies listed below.

Earn a medal in a Free Ride Challenge

From the main menu go to "Single Player" then from there hit the right directional button until you are at the Free Ride tracks. Then just pick which place you want to ride at. To see what the challenges are pause the game then hit and it will show a list of the challenges possible to achieve. Most of the challenges have tiers of bronze, silver, and gold. The first goal of the challenge is for a bronze medal then silver then gold.

Testing the Waters
Hydroplane over 120 feet of water

This is easier than it sounds. Just load up the free ride track "Devil's Playground" and go to the south end of the map where the water is. Then find a spot where the water cuts inland. There just take a huge running start running parallel with the water then where the water cuts inland just pull back on the right analog stick and just hydroplane until you lose momentum and sink. If the trophy doesn't pop up, just keep trying or try a different place along the coast. You do NOT have to do this without sinking, just hydroplane at least 120 feet and then you can sink into the water.

Medal Chaser
Win a Gold medal in a Free Ride Challenge

The easiest medal to get a gold on is "Play Time," which is finding the special vehicle. Just refer to Play Rides to find the location of the special vehicle on either Free Ride map.

Complete 5 overtakes with bar banging in a race

Refer to Bully on how to complete an overtake by using bar banging.

High Miles
Ride for over 100 miles in Free Ride

To start a Free Ride event go to "Single Player" then hit the right directional button until you're on the Free Ride section. Then from there just pick which track you want to ride on and start it. When you end a free ride event, on the score card it will tell you how many miles you rode. Just continue to ride around until you've rode 100 miles.

Play Rides
Find the bonus vehicle in all of the Free Ride events

Devil's Playground The bonus vehicle for this map is the ATV1000. It is found in the northern part of the map next to a truck with a trailer. Watch the video below to show exact location.

Toggle Spoiler

Bryn Carreg Quarry The bonus vehicle for this map is the MX650. It is found in the southwestern region of the map leaning against a tree. The video for this map is below also.

Toggle Spoiler

Bonus: James Stewart's Compound *This special vehicle is not needed for the trophy.* This special vehicle is the MX 50cc. This vehicle is found in between two garages.

Toggle Spoiler

All three videos brought to you by ReFLeXx626.

World Class
Finish 50 races online

You can go online to race from the main menu. Just fully finish 50 races and this one is yours.

Wreck 50 times

This one you should get as you progress through the game. If you want to get the trophy as quick as possible just load up any track you want and continually wreck until this pops up.

Bragging Rights
Beat a friend's record in a Free Ride Challenge

You must beat one of your PSN friend's score in any Free Ride challenge. If you don't have any friends that play, you could either use an old PSN account or create a new one and set a very low score on it to beat. This is easier than it sounds.
If you are looking for someone to boost this with visit the MX vs. ATV Alive Boosting Thread.

Fast Lap
Capture a record lap time

You will get this one for getting the fastest lap on the track. This should unlock when you get the fastest lap on any race. Nothing too hard here, if you can't seem to get the fastest lap, turn the difficulty down to Rookie.

Top of the Line
Own a 3 star MX or ATV

As you complete more races, you will gain experience for your vehicle. Just race with the same MX or ATV until it is level three.

On the Edge
Save 35 wrecks using wreck avoidance

Refer to That Was Close for tips on this trophy.

True Skills
Change your Rider Skills

To change your Rider Skills just hit then go down to "Rider Skills." You will gain more skills as you level up in the game. Once you get two skills, they will already be selected. To get this trophy, you will need to select no skills then go back and select them both again.

Cover the Bases
Finish at least one race at each track

Nothing hard here, you will just have to level up to unlock all tracks. You will unlock more tracks when you reach level 10 and level 25. Then just complete one race at every track.

Looking Cool
Customize your vehicle or rider

From the main menu, hit the right directional button and either choose "Edit vehicle" or "Edit rider" and just change the settings to how you like them.

No Help Needed
Earn a podium in an online event with assists turned off

To turn assists off, go down to "Options" from the main menu. Then turn off "jumping assists" & "cornering assists," be careful when turning with assists off on your first race because it is a huge difference. Then just race online and finish in the top three. You can get this trophy in a private online match with a friend.

On the Right Track
Finish a race without going off track

For this trophy you can't stray away from the actual track. A tip for this is just go slower than you normally would because you don't have to win for this to pop up. Or another tip would be try a short track if a nationals track is too hard.

Front Runner
Win 35 races online

Just come in first in 35 races online. You can access online from the main menu. You can pick which class and type of vehicle you want to race. This trophy is made a lot easier by the fact that you can win all 35 in a private match. Just load up the Online Playlist then just hit to start a private match. After that just invite a friend and win 35 races. If you are looking for a partner to race with visit the MX vs. ATV Alive Boosting Thread.

That Was Close
Save 100 wrecks using wreck avoidance

Wreck avoidance is where you use your rider reflex (right analog stick) to save yourself from wrecking. You will see an orange arrow pop up in one of 4 directions, just push the right analog stick in the directions of the arrow to save yourself from wrecking.

Complete 50 overtakes using bar banging

To overtake someone by using bar banging you just need to be bumping them and then pass them. If you're in a pack of riders and bump one of them who is ahead of you but then pass him that was an overtake by using bar banging. You will know that you won the bar bang if your rider does a celebratory motion or taunts the other rider. This should come over the course of normal gameplay or you could load up any track and just bump every rider you pass.

Land a backflip

Find a good ramp in Free Ride, one with plenty of hang time. To do a backflip, hold down and pull back on the right analog stick as you're going up the ramp. If you can't get it at first, just keep trying and eventually you'll get the hang of it.

Gone Shopping
Visit the MotoClub Depot

MotoClub Depot is the store for MX vs. ATV Alive. To go to the Depot, from the main menu just select "MotoClub Depot." MotoClub Depot is the store where you can buy unlocks for tracks, add-ons for vehicles and riders, & purchase additional vehicles and tracks.

Green to Checkers
Get the holeshot and win a race

To get the holeshot you need to be the first rider to get out of the first turn of the track. Then once you are the first one, just keep the lead and win. If you lose the lead you can still regain your spot and win the race for this trophy.

Factory Garage
Own a 3 star vehicle for each class

Your vehicle will gain XP as you race and achieve player goals. Just get one vehicle in each class to level 3. There are 3 MX classes and 2 ATV classes.
MX - 125cc, 250cc, and 450cc.
ATV- 250cc and 450cc

Podium Pro
Earn a podium on each track

Earning a podium means to finish in the top 3. For this trophy, just race each track until you get in the top 3. If you're having trouble placing in the top 3 either wait until you have a better vehicle or just keep practicing until you get it.

Hot Streak
Win 5 races in a row

You can get this on any difficulty. Just load up a track you're comfortable with and set the difficulty to Rookie or any difficulty you want. Then just complete 5 races in first place, when you finish one race on the results screen you can press to restart it and it will count towards 5.

Getting Comfortable
Earn a podium 3 races in a row

To finish in the top 3 means you earned a podium. Just get first, second, or third 3 times in a row. This is not difficulty specific so if you're having trouble just turn down the difficulty.

Off and Racing
Finish a race

Select "Single Player" from the main menu and then just pick any track and complete it.

MotoSport Holeshot King
Capture 3 holeshots in a row

To get a holeshot you need to be the first rider into the first corner. If you can't get this one, try holding clutch and gas while you wait for the gates to drop. Then just figure out the exact timing you need to release the clutch. I've noticed that the other racers will start revving up their engines right before the gates drop, so use them to help judge your timing. Just get your timing right 3 times in a row. You do not have to complete 3 races to get this. Once it says "you got the Motosport Holeshot" in the bottom left of your screen you can restart. If you know for sure you won't get the holeshot, pause and restart the race and it won't count towards 3 in a row.

Pull a wheelie over 150 feet

Find a flat stretch of land in Free Ride and come to a complete stop. Then pull back on the right analog stick as you hit (gas). Just keep the wheelie for 150 feet and then land it without wrecking. This may take a little bit of practice as you will have to try and balance your rider with the right analog stick for 150 feet. Just lean your rider forward if you start leaning back to far and vice versa, just keep trying and you will get the hang of it. ATV's can be a little easier to do this on.

When It Counts
Win a race after not leading until the last lap

Just win the race without leading until the last lap, if you take the lead just try to get into 2nd place before you cross the finish line for the next lap or else you will need to restart. This one could possibly come from normal game play but if you're eager just try to stay as close to first without actually being in first until the last lap.

Greatest of All Time
Win a race at every track

Nothing too confusing about this one, just finish in first place at least once on every track. If you're having a tough time, race on Rookie difficulty.

Free Ride Pro
Get at least a silver in all the Challenges in a Free Ride event

The challenges include: Hangtime, Jump Distance, Freestyle Combo, Freestyle Jam, and finding the Special Vehicle. Just get the second level for each (except Special Vehicle) and this trophy is yours.

Beat a rider with a higher Rider XP than you

This is an online trophy, just race and beat someone who is a higher level (or same level with more XP) than you.
If you are looking for someone to boost this with visit the MX vs. ATV Alive Boosting Thread.

Radical Dude
Win the race and do a 360 over the finish line jump

This can be done on any difficulty. Just come in first, then on the finish line jump hold down (stunt modifier) and pull the right analog stick back and to the left (kind of like southwest) and you will do a 360. You MUST land the 360, although it doesn't have to be a full 360 (I did a 180) as long as you land it.

All Around Talent
Achieve every level 1 Race Goal

You can view your race goals by hitting and going down to "Records" then "Race Goals." There it will show you the name of the goal then it will show how close you are to level 1, level 2, and level 3. There is a list with all of the goals and the amount needed to get level 1 in the spoiler.

Toggle Spoiler

Pull off 100 stunts

To pull off a stunt hold down and then while in the air move the right analog stick in any direction. To get this one easily, just find a good ramp on one of the free ride tracks and set a reset point (), then do a stunt off the ramp, and then hit to reset to your reset point.

Getting Known
Reach Rider XP Level 2 and meet James Stewart

Please refer to Record Chaser for ways to get more XP.

Create an Image
Almost Amateur, Reach Rider XP Level 6 and make a name for yourself

Please refer to Record Chaser.

Level Headed
Reach Amateur Status at Rider XP Level 10

Please refer to Record Chaser.

Racing Forward
Almost Pro, Reach Rider XP level 18

Please refer to Record Chaser.

It's On
Welcome to the big leagues, it's time to race James Stewart, Pro Rider XP level 25

Please refer to Record Chaser.

New Hero, for Now
Defeat James Stewart in a race

Once you get to level 25, James Stewart will appear in MX 450cc races. All you have to do is beat him on any difficulty. Just make sure that the race is 450cc MX bikes and he should appear.

Record Chaser
Reach Rider XP level 50, chasing records is all that is left

You get XP from winning races, reaching player goals, racing without assists on, and also racing online. Just finish races in first to get more XP, you'll also get more XP with a higher difficulty. If you're having difficulty or get bored leveling up, try racing online against real opponents. At level 14, you will get a player skill called "XP Bonus" which gives you an extra percentage of XP every race. You will need a total of 263,000 XP to get to level 50.

Be the Star
Win a race with the James Stewart character

Once you beat James Stewart in a race (must be at least level 25) he will become unlocked as a playable character. Just select him from "Customize Player" from the Customization menu. Then just go win a race (doesn't matter what difficulty) and this is yours.

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