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Players: 1 or 2
Online Trophies: Negative
Estimated Time to Platinum: 7-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 +replay districts and acts
Collectible Trophies: Yes (4) The Ultimate Showman!, Circus Beauty!, A Real Blast!, A Rare Sight!
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • When playing through the districts with the 2 characters collect their items as you work toward the objective.
  • During events you can press and select restart to ensure you won't have to replay it later for that 5 star rating.
  • Ignore the animal patrol and keep running around as it is rare if they catch you and even then you can get out of their collar's by pressing repeatedly except for Chantel Dubois avoid her at all cost.
  • There is no way to run with your character as they only have one speed.
  • The poppers in supply runs and escape event are worth the most points followed by the fireworks so look out for those and collect them instead of gathering balloons.
Returning to the main menu will not disrupt your gameplay at all so you can go back and play circus events and retrieve all the collectibles and completing all events before moving onto the next city.


1. Play through the campaign earning most of the trophies along the way.

2. From the main menu tent go back and retrieve each players collectibles in the 4 cities.

3. Return to the main menu tent and replay any event or circus act you did not receive a 5 star rating on.

4. Go into the extras from the main menu and inset a promotion code to play a banana dash.


Earn every Trophy in the game

This of course will unlock once you have unlocked all bronze, silver, and gold trophies in the game.

All Aboard for Adventure!
Finish Italian Countryside Tutorials

This is the first trophy you get during the course of your initial playthrough. After a brief backstory of what has been going on with the characters you are given instructions to do small tasks with Marty, Gloria, Alex, and Melman for Skipper.

Gloria in this mission is to team up with Marty to reach a crate located at the top of one of the buildings. Starting off as Gloria jumps into the well where a very short cutscene appears telling you that Gloria can blow bubbles by pressing to raise the barrels out of the way so she can exit the well. Once out of the well she opens the gate for Marty this is where you can switch characters ( or ) or continue to be Gloria and follow along the direction path up to the roof. You then need to wait for Marty to progress further so you can advance over to the high wire where you will then open then gate and retrieve the mission objective.

Marty is tasked with climbing up to a roof and then doing a long jump where he then destroys some wooden boxes with his powerful kick by using the button. After this Marty gets into a cannon since he cannot walk the high wire and once he lands on the roof he knocks over another crate to enable Gloria to climb up and open the gate where the mission objective lies.

Alex is told to put on a disguise from the beginning to prevent from alerting the animal patrol units and to keep the civilians calm. After following the checkpoint Alex is then told to do a double jump onto a roof where he then continues to do a circus balancing act on a pole which is done by pressing . Alex will need to swing himself over a few times until he reaches the roof across the way and this is done by swinging the left analog stick () back and fourth letting go with but pressing to grab onto the next handle.

Melman’s instructions are to raise and lower a wooden plank with the left analog stick (). Once Melman jumps onto the wooden plank he is then prompted to sneeze and scare the birds away with the button. Melman cannot continue to the other side until Alex scares the birds off the high wire from the other side, once done Melman will then proceed across the rope continuing forward until the chimney. Once there Melman will be told to sneeze at the chimney knocking it over and leading Alex and Melman to collect the second mission objective.

Running Things in Rome!
Finish Rome City Events

After a couple supply runs you are tasked to decorate the stunt area with the supplies. Decorate the area any way you prefer with both characters and once you go back to the brief mission select that you are done decorating which will start up a task for you to perform stunts. Gloria does some jumping and high wire walking while Marty performs some long jumps, jumps through hoops, and normal short jumps in addition to having the opportunity to light up some fireworks.

Once the stunts have been completed by both characters you will be awarded with this trophy.

Note: You don't have to waste time decorating the stunt area at all. Once told to put your decorations up just click at the briefing area to end the mission and you will begin the acting out the stunts.

Pisa Cake!
Finish Pisa City Events

This will be earned after completing the last event which is after the second supply run in Pisa. The performers in the event are Alex and Melman.

Alex performs some single and double jumps while Melman does some high wire walking and jumping along the way. While in control of both of these characters you need to watch out for the hammer like substances that can knock you to the bottom and make you start all over although from the last known checkpoint.

See Belisima! next!

The Whole Frenchilada!
Finish Paris City Events

This is earned once you have completed the stunts with Gloria and Alex after the second supply run in Paris.
  • Gloria has to complete a few jumps and a couple high wires walks before she completes it.
  • Alex has multiple long distance jumps in addition to having to jump through hoops.

Finish London City Events

This will be earned after you have set up your supplies and completed the circus stunt act with Marty and Melman.
  • Marty has to do a couple long jumps with some normal jumps.
  • Melman does the typical high wire walking with timed jumps before he reaches the end.

Aye Aye, Skipper!
Finish A Mission for Skipper

You can collect the collectibles for the characters you are playing with now or wait until you have beaten the game and then go back to collect them.

From the beginning of the mission you will want to run down a passage way opposite to the water way and you will come to a gate that Gloria can open. Open the gate and climb to the roof with Alex, unlocking the wooden plank to allow Gloria to climb above where you will then continuously switch between characters and doing random tasks of breaking boxes and transition to the high wire or doing the balancing act. After Gloria breaks down the wooden gate on the rooftop you will have access to the mission objective and once retrieved just return back to the starting point where you completed mission and that will end the mission.

Yes, Your Highness!
Finish A Mission for King Julien

You get your first mission from Julien after defeating Chantal Dubois. Julien tasks Melman and Gloria to turn on 3 valves to the water fountain, which will have the mission objective, pop out enabling them to grab it and return it back to Julien. From the beginning, head out to the open courtyard following the waypoint on your minimap (yellow) where you will find a pool that Gloria must swim in order to open the first valve. Get Gloria out of there by swimming the way you came or have Melman break the wood on the other side of the entranceway where you came into the pool area. Once the first valve is turned open the double doors and break the crates to jump above and follow the route ahead where you will soon run into a water tower with a valve connected. Melman must turn this valve as he is taller, from here walk the high wire with both characters where you will use Gloria to break a few walls and Melman will stomp on a wooden plank so the third valve can be turned. Once all three valves have been turned, head into the open courtyard which will be where you exit from the third valve and climb to the top where you see the mission objective.

Complete the Colosseum Publicity Stunt

Directly after achieving Running Things in Rome! you perform another series of stunts with Alex and Melman. Alex does a lot of jumping stunts while Melman does jumping and high wire walks where they meet together to unveil a poster for the circus to draw some attention.

Complete the Leaning Tower Publicity Stunt

  • Marty starts off the stunt by doing long jumps and on the way he does numerous jumps where he wraps it up with a cannon jump.
  • Gloria is up next and she starts off with a high wire walk followed by some timed jumps, but also when playing with her you need to be aware of the interference from the tops and sides as she can be knocked off at several points of her stunt.

What an Eye Full!
Complete the Eiffel Tower Publicity Stunt

After you earn the trophy Wild About the Circus! you will begin the cities publicity stunt, which is Marty and Melman climbing the Eiffel Tower.
  • Marty has a couple long jumps with some normal jumps that need to be timed precisely for the dropping platforms.
  • Melman like Marty also has to be precise when jumping from falling platforms in addition to performing a few high wire walks.

Towering Bridge Star!
Complete the Tower Bridge Publicity Stunt

Gloria begins by doing some high wire walking and jumps until half way through she breaks through some glass where she continues to the left side of jumping on planks to where the banner finally is.

Alex has to do various stunts in this city as he does long jumps, balancing acts, and timed jumps. Alex cannot continue until Gloria breaks the 2 window glasses where he will then continue on the right side to the planks where he will finally jump to the banner.

Back to the Big Apple
Get the Gang to New York

Earned once you have finished London’s circus act and obtaining the Farewell, London! . A cutscene will take place talking about how the characters reinvented the circus and made it back to the city for their last performance.

Roman City Superstar
Complete all Rome City events with 5 Stars

If you didn’t complete all the events with 5 stars during the course of gameplay you will have the opportunity once you have finished or you can go back anytime by going to the main menu screen (tent). If you are in story mode just press start and go to quit and it will return you to the tent. From here go to the map in between the bulls eye and the book of story mode. Click when the missions text is selected. From here you can select Rome and go to “replay” and it gives you the list of events that need to be completed along with the rating you have at the current time.

Event 1: Escape – It doesn’t matter which character you select just make sure not to get caught in addition to capturing as many fireworks and tickets as possible. Collecting the tea cups aren’t important as they only speed you up. Also note when jumping over crates with 2 tickets together try and get them both not just one.

Event 2: Poster Race – You can choose either character, but I think Melman is seriously slow. Just follow along and post up the posters as fast as possible and definitely hit up the multiple posters in one spot compared to the one poster by itself.

Event 3: Supply Sprint – I suggest choosing Gloria over Alex because he has to do a lot more and with Gloria you can start off and get some time stops and enter the water after the courtyard and collect the stop clocks there along with the fireworks and circus tickets as they bump up your score quickly.

Event 4: Supply Sprint Round 2 – Here I suggest you choose Marty, from the beginning go to the crates and kick the first one where you can then jump on top collect the two balloons followed by jumping in the air for the fireworks. From here continue to the path on the left where you see the watch to stop time, collect everything over there and head towards the cannon with the gate being blocked off. Don’t go around the gate kick it down and enter the cannon with and fly over to the other area collecting as many balloons as possible since the time in the air gives you massive points.

Pisa City Superstar
Complete all Pisa City events with 5 Stars

You don't have to earn 5 stars in all the events during your gameplay as you can go back at anytime after you complete the city from the main menu tent. Go to the map which is for missions click on Pisa city and then select replay followed by which events you need to replay to earn 5 stars.

Event 1: Supply Sprint – Collect as many supplies as possible within the allotted time and look for stop clocks along the way. I suggest using Marty on this one as you can start out going left through the tunnel collecting stop clocks and climb onto the room where you can use the ramp to collect fireworks.

Event 2: Escape – Just like before escape from the animal patrol and collect as many points as you can along the way, however there are liquid spills along the way in this one so avoid those at all cost and continue to grab the items which give the most points such as circus tickets and fireworks.

Event 3: Poster Race – Simply race just like before just be sure to keep up and press only when you are directed to otherwise it will slow you down and do not choose Melman.

Event 4: Supply Sprint Round 2 – Definitely choose Melman for this one finally as his long neck helps reach items Gloria couldn’t. From the start climb up the crates onto to roof and follow it until you can’t any further and if you can jump down at the end if you have time proceed to earn more points.

Paris City Superstar
Complete all Paris City events with 5 Stars

Poster Race – Choose Gloria as Melman will miss a lot of the posters and skip over them leading you to post them up instead. Keep up with Julien and this will be an easy 5 star grade.

Supply Sprint – Choose Alex on this one and follow his path without venturing away from it but be sure you collect the supplies high up that you need to double jump for and shortly you’ll see Marty who passes by numerous supplies that you can continue to follow to rack up your own points.

Escape – Nothing difficult here just collect as many supplies as you can while avoiding being caught. Collect more fireworks and tickets as possible as opposed to the balloons.

Supply Sprint Round 2 – Choose Gloria as she can get a grade of 5 very easily. From the start go towards the left and over the bridge and turn right collecting the stop clock and going backwards into the area with the balloons following that until the circus ticket above the water. Once in the water continue the path to the right leading under the bridge with two circus passes leading up to the fireworks.

London City Superstar
Complete all London City events with 5 Stars

Event 1: Special Delivery – I suggest Marty on this, as it was easier to deliver the messages quicker. Follow Marty’s path and once you reach the end turn back and you’ll see the stop clock above a car pick that up and continue forward and deliver at those 2 last drop boxes in front of you without going across the bridge.

Event 2: Supply Sprint – Pick Gloria and go left with her at the beginning collecting all the supplies and the stop clock from there proceed into the water continue to gather but make sure you go under the water at the bridge to collect the popper worth 20 points.

Event 3: Escape – Doesn’t matter who you pick as long as you gather as many fireworks and popper supplies as possible as they rack up the most points. Watch out for the lasers and green liquid on the ground as they slow your pace down.

Event 4: Extra Special Delivery – Choose to be Gloria and go on the right side following the stop clocks where you will rack up the most doors.

Event 5: Supply Sprint Round 2 – Pick Alex and continue his path but when it breaks apart and opt to go left through the tunnel archway continuing that path onto the roof and down.

International Superstar
Get 5 Stars on All City Events

Please refer to Roman Circus Superstar , Pisa Circus Superstar , Paris Circus Superstar , London Circus Superstar , New York Circus Superstar! for more details on how to achieve this trophy.

Penguin Problem Solved!
Get all the Items Skipper Needs

This will be completed towards the end of London city after the second supply run is over with.

For King Julien
Complete All King Julien's Tasks

This will be earned towards the end of London after all the missions have been completed.

Arrivederci, Rome!
Finish Rome Circus

You will be awarded this trophy once you have completed all the circus acts in Rome. The acts include selling tickets, snack tossing, cannonball act, high wire walk, and trapeze.

You do not have to achieve a 5 star grade on all of these acts in order to progress in the story just as long as you completed them all.

Ciao, Pisa!
Finish Pisa Circus

Just finish the 6 circus acts of ticket sales, snack toss, cannonball, high wire walk, & trapeze. You do not need to earn a 5 star grade to earn this trophy just as long as you complete each event which is part of the campaign anyway. If at any time during any even you feel like you won’t earn 5 stars and want to stop you won’t have to replay it again press and select "restart" and it will start you over from the beginning.

Au Revoir, Paris!
Finish Paris Circus

Ticket Sales - Same buttons used for the last city of coconut, mango, and banana.

Snack Toss - Same buttons used for the last city of coconut, mango, and banana.

Cannon - The cannonball act did have some changes as some of the wooden hoops are not only half taken up but also spinning in this city.

Flaming Rings - Still suggesting you choose Vitaly and focus on jumping through hoops.

High Wire - This has more fruit throwing and trapeze bars going back n fourth along the rope.

Trapeze - Again has more circus balls and more trapeze bars just get to the top and jump down trying to accumulate and many points as possible.

Farewell, London!
Finish London Circus

Ticket Sale – London adds a fourth fruit to the mix with pineapple being the button.

Snack Toss – Instead of a pineapple being added they switched it out with hot fudge sundaes in the event so go patiently.

Cannon – Same as usual just with some added spinning wood hoops and the circus balls could be hidden behind one another so you cannot see them.

Flaming Rings – The rings have gotten smaller in London but still easily done with Vitaly if you take your time and don’t focus on Julien and his drums.

High Wire – Again harder than the previous cities but stay focused and don’t rush the act or it could knock you off the rope costing you that big time bonus.

Trapeze – Plenty of circus balls to retrieve if you time you jumps correctly. The trapeze bars are scattered around in this city so you cannot keep jumping straight up.

King of the Circus
Finish New York Circus

Ticket Sales – Nothing new added into the game just concentrate on your 4 buttons that you used previously.

Snack Toss – Nothing new added into the game just concentrate on your 4 buttons that you used previously.

Cannon – The hoops are now white and have more spinning hoops with the balls closer together making it harder to hit them all during flight.

Flaming Rings – This act didn’t change much, however what did change is the number of up and down hoops they had towards the end.

High Wire – The wire got longer in this event and more of Mort walking across the rope making it more difficult.

Trapeze – There are a lot of lower balls you can grab here but if you go above you will need to navigate the circus balls that could be troublesome.

Ticket to Adventure!
Get 5 Stars in any Ticket Sales

Doing this act in Rome is the easiest way a sure bet to earning the trophy.

Your first chance at earning this trophy will be after receiving Colossal! . A small text box will appear on the screen informing you of the directions for the ticket sale race. A certain button will match up with the fruit that is displayed on the box for example a banana is and mango = so when the corresponding fruit appears you press that button instead of the game displaying what button to press.

This is the easiest chance as you only have two fruits to choose from. Go as quickly as you can but if you mess up one fruit in the sale of four you will have to restart with those sales. Don’t get worried if you mess up because you can mess up several times and still achieve 5 stars.

There will be a break from ticket sales throughout the sales competition and you will have to rapidly press the button and if you fill up the meter before your opponent you will stop them from selling tickets for a few moments. On the other hand if you lose you will be prevented from selling tickets for a bit. At the end of the sales event you see that the you earned a 5 star grade you will be rewarded with the trophy.

See Boss of the Toss! next!

Boss of the Toss!
Get 5 Stars in any Snack Toss

Doing this act in Rome is the easiest way a sure bet to earning the trophy.

The first toss sale event takes places right after the ticket sale event with the bananas and mangos where you hopefully unlocked the Ticket to Adventure! . Try to earn this after the ticket sale event, as it is easiest with only having to press to buttons.

This will be similar to the sales event however this time you will be on the move. You will have to press the correct button that corresponds to the correct fruit the purchaser is asking for. There are three sections in which you need to sell fruit in so be aware of which section you are in and what you are throwing. You will know what the people are asking for as the fruit is displayed next to them as they stand up and if you or your opponent doesn’t get to them soon enough they will sit back down.

If you get a certain amount of orders correct you will send mangos on your opponents head disallowing them to continue for a few moments just like the sales ticket event. At the end if you see the 5 stars lit up you will know that you have unlocked this trophy.

See A Sure Hit! next!

A Sure Hit!
Get 5 Stars in any Cannonball Act

Doing this act in Rome is the easiest way a sure bet to earning the trophy.

After the fruit tossing sales event comes the cannonball act. In this act you will have to fly through hoops collecting circus balls along the way and attempt to hit the bulls eye on the trampolines once you get there for added points. You will bounce of a couple trampolines during this time so just worry about collecting as many balls as possible and you can do tricks by using the left analog () and button at the same time. If you see the 5 stars lit up above your character at the end you will know you unlocked this trophy.

Also if you feel you didn’t earn 5 stars you can press and select restart that way you can start over and try again.

See 3 Rings of Fun! next!

3 Rings of Fun!
Get 5 Stars in any Flaming Rings Act

Doing this act in Rome is the easiest way a sure bet to earning the trophy.

This stunt takes place after the cannonball act which if you scored a 5 star grade you would have achieved the A Sure Hit! . You will be given the option to choose between Julien and Vitaly where I suggest Vitaly as you have less to do making it easier.

Vitaly needs to hold down and wait until he can clear the hoops and once he can let go of making him jump to the other side. Do this until the stunt is over and don’t worry about matching your jumping with Julien. Be sure to jump through the middle of the hoop and take your time as this is not a timed act.

If you choose Julien you have to press repeatedly for Vitaly to jump and then press as he is jumping through the hoop making it more difficult. Unlike Vitaly, Julien is able to score some points even if Vitaly misses the hoops or hits them so it could benefit you to be Julien if you are having trouble but it could be complicated to some players.

If you see the 5 stars lit up above your character at the end you will know you unlocked this trophy.

Also if you feel you didn’t earn 5 stars you can press at anytime and select restart that way you can start over and try again.

See High Wire Highness! next!

High Wire Highness!
Get 5 Stars in any High Wire Act

Doing this act in Rome is the easiest way a sure bet to earning the trophy.

High Wire act consists of Gloria and Melman where they are prompted to get to the other side collecting as many points (circus balls) as possible
by jumping in the air with underneath them. :triangle: also allows you to duck under the fruit being thrown at you from falling off the wire. Be aware there are trapeze bars swinging during these events so be fast and jump over Mort as he runs along the tight rope as well. This is a timed event so don’t go so slow and try to stay ahead of your opponents points to know where you stand if you complete the wire before they do.

If you see the 5 stars lit up above your character at the end you will know you unlocked this trophy.

Also if you feel you didn’t earn 5 stars you can press and select restart that way you can start over and try again.

Please see A Proper Send-Off! next!

A Proper Send-Off!
Get 5 Stars in any Trapeze Act

Doing this act in Rome is the easiest way a sure bet to earning the trophy.

This for me was the most difficult although I still earned it on the first attempt. You do trapeze by pressing to grab onto the bars and letting go swings you into the air where you can press to perform flips to gather more balls. There is a high circus ball that will give you a lot of points if you can grab onto your opponent with and timing your jump right into the center where you can be the one to score those points. In order to get the 5 stars in this act collect as many balls as you can before your opponent to ensure you winning and earning the trophy.

If you see the 5 stars lit up above your character at the end you will know you unlocked this trophy.

Also if you feel you didn’t earn 5 stars you can press and select restart that way you can start over and try again.

Biggest Star Under the Big Top!
Get 5 Stars in each Circus Act

In order to earn this trophy you must receive a 5 star grade in each of the 6 circus acts consisting of Ticket Sales, Snack Toss, Cannon Ball, Flaming Rings, High Wire & Trapeze. You will know which ones you have or haven’t unlocked by looking at your trophy list as each act awards you a trophy for receiving a 5 star grade. This does not have to be done all in one city but through all the cities so if you don’t earn this in Rome don’t worry you will have more chances to come.

You can also see which acts you haven't completed from the circus board in the main menu tent.

Roman Circus Superstar
Get 5 Stars in all Rome Circus Acts

Just like the Biggest Star Under the Big Top! but slightly different. For this trophy you need to earn 5 stars on each of the circus acts performed in ROME. These are the easiest of all the circus acts so they should pose no problem. Just remember if you feel you will not be awarded the 5 stars you can press and select to restart from the beginning.

At the end of the circus event you will watch all the performers bow and then your total grade will be shown to you.

Pisa Circus Superstar
Get 5 Stars in all Pisa Circus Acts

Pisa is slightly harder than Rome in the fact that it adds a bit more difficulty to it.

The ticket sales and snack toss add in an extra button of for a coconut during this city to make you think more.

The cannon adds in some wooden planks to make you shift your character one way to avoid hitting the wood during flight.

Flaming Rings doesn't seem any different therefore should be quick to finish with a 5 star grade.

The high wire act included an extra running of Mort and fruit throwing towards the end.

The trapeze event added in a lot more balls and an extra trapeze bar directly above in the middle. Be aware that grabbing on to your opponent is easier in this city event compared to Rome.

Paris Circus Superstar
Get 5 Stars in all Paris Circus Acts

Tickets Sales – There are just three fruits again so this should come naturally easy and remember to tap as quickly as possible to not get held up by the mangos.

Snack Toss – Reach all the concession stands and toss out the snacks as quickly as possible before your opponent. Try not to mess up as it will bring a surprise to your opponent.

Cannon - You need to pretty much get all the circus balls in order to earn enough points to reach 5 star grade.

Flaming Rings - Still suggesting you choose Vitaly and focus on jumping through hoops when Julien’s power bar is maxed out.

High Wire – Don’t rush the walk across the rope as Mort will come rushing at you several times and your opponent may fall off a couple times. Do your best to avoid all the fruits being thrown at you and collect all the circus balls.

Trapeze – Reach the top of the trapeze bars and jump as high as you can collecting all the balls on the way down where you then shoot back up collecting even more balls.

London Circus Superstar
Get 5 Stars in all London Circus Acts

Ticket Sales – When the mini game of pressing appears you will want to rapidly press as your opponent is faster than the previous cities and could possibly beat you if you are not paying attention.

Snack Toss – Keep your eye on which bench wants what and deliver it quickly without messing up the order because if you get so many right in a row it sends mango crashing on your opponents head.

Cannon – Same as usual just with some added spinning wood hoops where the circus balls could be hidden behind one another so you cannot see them.

Flaming Rings – Use Vitaly as he scores points easily and only has one task to do.

High Wire – Take your time and look ahead to see what your obstacles are so you don’t fall off the wire.

Trapeze – Get to the top of the trapeze bars and collect as many balls as possible. Do this on both sides to gain enormous amount of points.

New York Circus Superstar!
Get 5 Stars in all New York Circus Acts

Ticket Sales – When the mini game pops up again your opponent is going to be very quick so continue to rapidly press at that time.

Snack Toss – Be quick and versatile getting to the people before your opponent.

Cannon – Avoid hitting the wooden hoops as much as possible and collect as many balls while hitting the bulls eyes to accumulate big points.

Flaming Rings – Still suggesting Vitaly and this time wait for Julien powerbar to be maxed out before jumping through the hoops.

High wire – Be careful and move slowly as you will have to jump and duck often during this event. You cannot move and jump at the same time so look ahead and plan accordingly.

Trapeze – In order to receive the 5 star grade on this event your going to reach the top of the trapeze bars and collect most of the balls near the top.

The Circus is Coming to Town
The Circus is Coming to Town

The last event for poster racing is in Paris where you will net yourself with this trophy during gameplay.

Scrapwood Surplus!
Find All the Scrap Wood Skipper Needs

This will unlock in London city if you were collecting them in all the previous cities. You find scrap wood by breaking crates and at times they are just laying around like the character collectibles. You only need to collect 15 in each city with multiple districts this is extremely easy. Also note that you do not need to keep collecting them once the objective has been met. You can see how many you have earned in the city by pressing and it will be in the top left of the screen along with how many collectibles are needed for each character.

The Ultimate Showman!
Find all 195 Stars for Alex

There are a total of 4 cities 13 unique districts throughout the 4 cities with 15 collectibles for each character in each district. Alex has to collect stars in each of the districts and only Alex can collect the stars. The characters move pretty slow already so always be moving your camera around with the right analog () and check the areas where his special ability might lead you to like high area since Alex can double jump, opening doors, and roar to scare the birds away.

Circus Beauty!
Find all 195 Flowers for Gloria

There are a total of 4 cities and 13 unique districts throughout the 4 cities with 15 collectibles for each character in each district. Gloria has to collect flowers in each of the districts and only Gloria can collect the flowers. The characters move pretty slow already so always be moving your camera around with the right analog () and check the areas where her special ability might lead you to like the Gloria special ability is destroying crates, opening doors, and swimming so check in the water is a protocol.

A Real Blast!
Find all 195 Cannonball Balloons for Marty

There are a total of 4 cities and13 unique districts throughout the 4 cities with 15 collectibles for each character in each district. Marty has to collect circus balls in each of the districts and only Marty can collect the circus balls. The characters move pretty slow already so always be moving your camera around with the right analog () and check the areas where his special ability might lead you like the ramps so he can jump across or cannons that shoot him across the environment.

A Rare Sight!
Find all 195 Thermometers For Melman

There are a total of 4 cities and 13 unique districts throughout the 4 cities with 15 collectibles for each character in each district. Melman has to collect thermometers in each of the districts and only Melman can collect the thermometers. The characters move pretty slow already so always be moving your camera around with the right analog () and check the areas where his special ability might lead you to like high area since his neck is long, walking tightropes, or stomping on wooding planks to unveil a hidden area.

Au Revoir, Dubois!
Defeat Chantal Dubois

Right after completing the first mission and earning the trophy Aye Aye, Skipper! you will choose your character and then a countdown will begin. Once the clocks hits 0 you begin strolling the streets running from Chantal Dubois by collecting fireworks, balloons, & circus tickets, but avoid the crates as they slow you down.

You do not need to beat the opposing player or computer A.I. just as long as you make it do the end without being caught.

Wild About the Circus!
Free All Captured Compadres

After you release your compadres for the second time from jail you will unlock this trophy. This takes place in the city of during one of the last events.

If you are having trouble remember to use your disguise by pressing and then when you use the action button to open the jail press to call for your partner. Also use the podiums where you can jump on top of them and press to do a pose that will get the patrol units to avoid you.

Lemur Located: Rome
Find Mort in Rome

You achieve this trophy after the mission where you defeat Chantel Dubois by running down the street collecting fireworks & balloons. During this mission you will come across a large pool that has a waypoint set to it. Proceed to the pool turn left into the open alleyway where you will visualize a wooden box you break up to find Mort. If you reached the doors that need to be open with both Gloria and Melman you have gone to far turn around and look to the right of the pool where the opening of the alley is.

You will know Mort is nearby as he appears on the bottom left of the screen while making a noise.

Lemur Located: Pisa
Find Mort in Pisa

Found in the first district in the city of Pisa after the circus act has ended in Rome. Alex and Gloria will start facing towards a water fountain, turn slightly left and you will see a tunnel way, take this to the end of the tunnel and turn right where you will then proceed to the next alley on the left where Mort will be hiding behind a box on the right side where there is also a tree in the center of the alley.

Lemur Located: Paris
Find Mort in Paris

From the beginning go to the building where the yellow waypoint is following the animal balloons above. You will take notice of a black car with a thermometer above it and to slightly to the right of it is a gateway to a plank, however skip that and continue along the roadway turn right as it is the only way to go and you will see an orange and purple car on the left side of the road. Go into the little area to the left of the two cars and you will see a big box and Mort is located behind it.

Lemur Located: London
Find Mort in London

In the 1st district of London you will be looking for an umbrella when you spawn in from there turn right and you will see the podium you can stand on top of and do a pose, continue forward that way. After you passed the building on the right with the lit up green tea cups in the window you will see 2 red chicken head lights lit up and slightly past that to the left is an alley way you will need to turn into where you will see a car and a pay phone. Next to the pay phone to the left is a cubby where Mort it hiding.

Mort is Everywhere!
Find Mort in all Cities

Once Mort has been collect in the 4 cities you will be awarded with this trophy. For more information please see trophies Lemur Located: London , Lemur Located: Paris, Lemur Located: Pisa, & Lemur Located: Rome

You Went Bananas!
Get 5 Stars in any Banana Race

To do a banana race you need to be in the tent (main menu) where you have the many options to choose what you would like to do. If you are in story mode you can press start and select quit and click yes when you after acknowledging any unsaved progress will be deleted. Once returning to the tent go to the gears above the mirrors on the right side of the tent where it says EXTRAS and click on promotions.

Enter the following promotion code for which banana race in which city you would like to do.

ROME ( Grape, Apple, Grape, Strawberry)
LONDON ( Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Grape)
Paris ( Pineapple, Grape, Pineapple, Banana)
Pisa ( Orange, Banana, Orange, Apple)

After you enter the code press to back out to where it displays “credits, promotions, trophies, and banana dash” there you will click on banana dash and it will show you which city race you have unlocked. Click on whichever city you would like to do and run around collecting as many bananas as possible as fast as possible since there is a time limit. Just don’t follow your opponent around and this should be an easy trophy to earn.


Thanks to ERICVOLTAGE for the grand guide banner!
Thanks to Pancake Model for all other banners used within the guide!

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