The AFL legacy pack coincides with the NFL's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original AFL teams. These games include a new old-school presentation camera in exhibition and Madden moments, classic uniforms for the original teams, and classic field decorations. Sadly they don't include the goal posts at the front of the end zones.The original 8 teams of the AFL are:

Boston Patriots/New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills/Same
New York Titans/New York Jets
Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans
Dallas Texans/ Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders/Same
Los Angeles Chargers/San Diego Chargers
Denver Broncos/Same


Online Play:Yes
Online Trophies:1
Cheat Codes: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Time to complete DLC pack: 3-4 hours

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Blast From The Past
Win an AFL-themed Madden Moment with AFL presentation turned ON

The AFL pack includes five new Madden Moments quick-play games. They are put up on the top of the list and are in black and white so they are easy to find. For this trophy you simply have to successfully complete one of them. The easiest one in my opinion is The Never Ending Game. You take control of the Oilers, who are the Titans roster, and you have five minutes and one timeout to drive for a score to prevent another overtime. In this particular game you don't even need to score a touchdown; you simply need a Field Goal to win, since it is sudden death overtime. March your team down the field against a weak Chiefs defense to around the 30 yard line (40'ish if you are a veteran of the game and good at field goals) and put the ball through the uprights. This trophy will unlock after you win any of the AFL Madden moments.

Orange Sherbet Anyone?
Win an exhibition game with AFL presentation turned ON. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

For this trophy go to Play Now. Once you are there press to enable AFL presentation mode. You can then use an AFL team or another team as long as the AFL presentaton mode is turned on. Make sure your settings are set to All-Pro and 5 minute quarters. If you are using two controllers to get through this faster make sure both controllers are set to All-Pro. You will know the AFL presentation is turned on because the graphics will switch to an retro themed presentation that you have to play in. This trophy will unlock at the end of the game.

AFL Invades Franchise Mode
Win an offline franchise AFL Legacy game with AFL presentation turned ON

For this trophy you need to win an Offline franchise mode AFL legacy game. There are several of these games throughout the first season that coincide with the actual NFL schedule for the 2009 season. If you already have a season playing you can tell what games are AFL legacy games by going to your schedule and browsing through the games. The legacy games will have a small red 50th anniversary logo in between your team and the rival team. The easier way is to start a new franchise. There are two games on the first day of the schedule for the 2009 season that are legacy games - New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders. Pick any of these teams for your franchise and skip all the preseason events. When you start your game make sure jerseys are either the AFL home or away jerseys. You don't have to press anything extra to turn on the presentation, it will be on if you are wearing the uniforms.The franchise game will not have the retro style graphic presentation. You will know that it is turned by the uniforms, field markings, and team logos. This trophy will unlock at the end of the game once you win.

Update: for this trophy you don't need to set the settings to AllPro or 5 min quarters you can play the game on any level with 1 min quarters and still get the trophy! Thanks to Agent Zero for the tip

AFL Goes Online
Play online wearing AFL jerseys. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

This one is extremely is easy. For this one go to the online mode then find a session or create your own. Make sure the settings are All-Pro and five minute quarters. Then pick a team from above that is an AFL legacy team and use either the AFL home or away jerseys. You don't need your opponent to finish the game! If they leave early choose the option to finish the game against the computer. You don't even have to win, just finish the game. This trophy will unlock once you finish your online game.

The Ultimate Ten Point Swing
Return a missed field goal for a TD with AFL presentation turned ON. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

For this trophy I suggest using two controllers for the simple fact that the computer won't kick a FG that they can't make past the FG posts. Go to exhibition mode and press . Then pick an AFL legacy team. I suggest one with a good KR such as San Diego - they have Darren Sproles - and make sure both controllers are set to All-Pro. Make sure you are playing five minute quarters then start your game. Make sure player two gets the ball and have the Kick Returner go out of bounds on the 5 yard line or so. On defense make sure you pick FG block return or Punt block return so you have your best returner in the game. Then return the kick. This trophy will unlock as soon as you return the FG for a TD.

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