Players: 1-4
Online Play: 1-
Online Trophies: Yes, 3 Co-Op
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Time to Platinum/100%: 5-10 Hours with more than one controller, 5-30 with only one

[top]Tips and Strategies

1. MAKE SURE the settings are set to 5 MIN QTRS, and ALL-PRO difficulty and absolutely NO CO-OP excluding the 3 that say it's allowed

2. Almost all of these trophies depend on luck and little skill

3. A few of the player trophies will only unlock at the end of the game so don't fret

4. A 2nd Controller makes the trophies a lot easier to get

5. Although this isn't required; reducing the player's stats for each player trophy makes it a lot easier and putting the CPU's sliders to 0 on everything will also help. Also on some of the player trophies, you might want to turn Fatigue off so they'll be in the game at all times.



Madden NFL 10 Master
Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 10 trophy!

Sprint 2 Minute Drill
Win after being behind in the final 2 minutes of a game. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

Easier to do with 2 controllers but either way works just if you do play the computer don't get too ahead and just waste time to prevent them from scoring. I would suggest trying to get this at the same time you get Super Bowl MVP Like. Remember though, you have to be losing, can't be a tie. The first time I did this it didn't give it to me because I was in a tie at the time.

Fight for the Fumble
Win possession of the ball after a fumble pile-up 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

Very easy trophy. You don't even need to go out of your way to get this as fumbles happen in the game.

Just make sure when the fumble pile up comes up, you need a quick reaction time to be able to press the buttons rapidly. And if you can't do it against a CPU, you will get it anyway going for the one in the end-zone.

Frozen Tundra
Win at Lambeau Field in freezing weather, All Pro (no co-op)

When you're setting up the game, pick the Packers' stadium, and set the weather to Heavy Snow. Then it's just pretty much all you have to do is win. If you're not confident in your skills, then just use 2 controllers.

Note: You can play as any team besides the Packers so I would suggest saving some time and pick some teams that you need to get for the player trophies.

The Gang's All Here
Trigger a gang tackle with 7+ players. All Pro (no co-op)

In my opinion, this was the 2nd hardest trophy in the game if not the hardest. (And by hardest I mean the one that requires the most luck) This is another one that is based on luck but it can be done if you know how to set it up right. And if you can, USE 2 CONTROLLERS!!! So here's what you do:

Pick any 2 teams doesn't matter which but possibly getting a tougher RB couldn't hurt. Set the settings to what they're needed to be, and when the game starts, make sure the CPU's tackling is set to 0.

So assuming you have 2 controllers, you will want to pick the team with the tougher RB. Now for offense you will want to choose a goaline play where you run up the middle such as Iso. And for defense; Go to Quarter formation, and keep going through the plays until you see Prevent and pick that.

Now when the play is all set up and the ball is at the line, you will notice how everyone on defense not in the line will move way back. Now you need to make sure that you can get past the lineman to be able to even attempt this so if needed, use the 2nd controller to move one or 2 of them out of the way.

Now as you hike the ball and get past the lineup, once you get to the point where most of their team is charging you, immediately start hitting up on the hit stick () quickly and repeatedly. You should notice if done right that there will be a struggle where 3 or 4 guys will be trying to take you down. Only problem is you need 7 people in there total.

So keep trying and trying with the same play Prevent until at one point the trophy will pop up and you will not have to break your controller.
NOTE: Obviously this can be done a different way without 2 controllers and a different set of plays. I'm just showing you the way that is easiest for most people.

Safety Inspection Required
Create a team from Springfield

Very Simple. Go to Create a Team and go to team info. Where it says City Name just enter Springfield and hit okay and exit out of the team and you'll get it.

Mature Newbie
Create a player on Superstar at the oldest age possible

Just as Safety Inspection Required, go to Create a Player in Main Menu, then go to his age/birth year and just keep going down until he gets at the oldest age possible.

Well Played Really
Throw the ball away on 4th down. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

Easy. All you really have to do is kneel 3 times and then click (right analog) to throw it away. Doesn't matter if you get Intentional Grounding.

All Day No Way
Record 3 tackles for a loss on Adrian Peterson. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Vikings

Very easy trophy to get. But if you have trouble trying to get it against the CPU then just use 2 controllers and then when AD gets the ball, just run around behind the line of scrimmage until the other team tackles you.

NOTE: This is one of the trophies that you will get at the end of the game so don't worry about it

Intercept a pass intended for Randy Moss. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

See Mr. Not so Perfect below

Mr. Not-So-Perfect
Intercept a Tom Brady pass. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Patriots

I grouped these 2 together for the main reason that you can get both of these at the same time which I highly suggest to do so.

So first thing you want to do for this trophy is edit Brady's accuracy in his stats and lower it to the bottom. Then go to Moss' stats and lower his jumping and catching to the bottom.
NOTE: You really don't need 2 controllers for this if you lower their stats but you'll have a better chance to INT his passes if they're all to Moss.

So just pick any team to go up against the Patriots and hit play. Now when the Pats have the ball, pick one of the plays that has Moss doing a Curl so your defender will have a better chance to get in front of him to pick it off.

Now when you hike it, throw a lob pass to Moss (tapping the button is a lob). Then if you're CB doesn't look like he'll INT it by himself, switch to him and then run in front of Moss and get the user pick. You should then get both trophies afterward.

From Me To You
Complete a pass for a TD with your partner in an Online Co-op game. All Pro (no co-op)

If both you and your partner haven't gotten this, then you guys will have to switch off on who will host the game because whoever invites the other is the one who will be the QB.

What I would do for this is anytime you're in the redzone, pick any receiver that your friend will tell you to be and then just try and get open with him. Once you score the TD you will get it

Go Back To Basketball
Tackle Antonio Gates inside the 5 yard line. All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Chargers

Easiest done with 2 controllers. What I would do is when the Chargers are in the Red Zone, pass it to Gates every time and just dive inside the 5 yard line and let somebody touch you so it will become a tackle.

NOTE: If you do not know, the tackle has to be made in the OPPONENT'S 5 yard line, not YOUR OWN.

Go Bag Some Groceries
Force Kurt Warner to fumble on a sack. All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Cardinals

For some reason, this trophy gave me a bit of trouble for a little bit. Now first thing to remember on this is that he has to fumble on a sack so you can't scramble around and then do a hit stick on him. So, go to his stats and change his Carrying to 12 so you'll have a greater chance.
For 2 controllers:

Pick any passing play and then once you hike the ball just sit in the pocket and wait to get sacked. Right after the hike though you'll want to switch controllers and pick whichever defender is closest to hitting Warner. What you'll want to do is try to hit to try and strip the ball from Warner or use to hit him hard to see if he'll drop it.

There is no perfect way to do this but you'll get this as time goes on.

Have To Be This Tall To Ride
Stiff arm or juke Bob Sanders. All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Colts

Very simple. Just pick a RB that's Elusiveness is over 90 and juke Bob Sanders from the left or right.

If you're having trouble with this then just edit Bob's stats to where his tackling is at the bottom.

NOTE: For people who don't know football very well, Sanders is a SS and he's the guy at the top right on your screen on defense.

Hey Buddy!
Complete a lateral with your partner in an Online Co-Op game. All Pro (no co-op)

Easiest trophy to get in a co-op game. Just on a kickoff have one of you get to the side of the other and pitch it to him. ( is to pitch) It doesn't matter who pitches it or catches it as you'll both get the trophy in either situation.

Larry Stickyfingers
Get 10 user catches (no drops) with Larry Fitzgerald. All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Cardinals

This trophy seems to give people some trouble. Things that need to be remembered for getting this trophy though: ALL USER CATCHES AND NO DROPS. If you drop the ball or miss the ball, you're fucked and just restart the game. To do a User Catch just hit to switch to him and then hit to catch it with him.

Now I found a very easy way to do this with 2 controllers:

What you do is pick the defensive play Punt Block in Special Teams Formation and on offense just pick a play where Larry will do a Slant. This way you will have enough time to make a user catch and there will be no defenders to worry about whatsoever. Just make sure you lob the ball so you will have enough time to get there and you shouldn't drop it. Just repeat this maybe 13 times to make sure that you have at least 10 User Catches.

NOTE: Although this is in Punt Block, DO NOT try to throw it to Fitzgerald in the Red Zone as there is still a return man and you will have a greater chance of dropping it with him being that close.

Now if you don't have 2 controllers, then the play I would pick is any where he runs across the field within 10 yards of throwing space as usually he will be open and there isn't usually too many people to give him trouble.

NOTE: You won't get this trophy until the end of the game so don't keep throwing it to him after around 15 receptions as you don't want him to possibly drop it.

Laser Arm
Intercept Peyton Manning 3 times. All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Colts

This is easiest done with 2 controllers although it's still not that hard if you set all of Manning's accuracy stats to 12, then pick any team and start the game.

Now during the game when Manning has the ball, pick any passing play (I would recommend Curls as it's easier to get a INT on that play). Now once you hike it, lob a pass to any receiver and then quickly switch controllers to take control of the defender. As the defender try to get in front of the receiver and hit to attempt an INT. This is pretty much all I can say is just get Manning to keep throwing a pass and then keep trying to INT them. It isn't too hard to get 3 in a game if his accuracy is at 12.

NOTE: You won't get this trophy until the end of the game

Nothing Without the Dark Visor
Force a LaDanian Tomlinson fumble. All Pro (no co-op)

Team: Chargers

Very easy trophy. Set LT's Carrying to 12 and then pick any team to go up against the Chargers.

Now what I would do is just on any running play that LT has the ball, and then as the defender, keep hitting to try and strip the ball from him. Shouldn't take too long to get this if you try and strip it from him

Look What I Found!
Win a fumble pile-up in the end zone for a TD. All Pro (no co-op)

So remember when I said that The Gang's All Here was in top 2 for hardest trophy in the game. Well this is the other one. The reason I said this is because this is the one trophy out of all of them that you will need the most luck for. Hell you could get this the very first time you play this game but this is highly doubtful. So here's what you do: (granted you have 2 controllers)

Go to roster/team management in the main menu. Pick any team and go to the QB position. Pick their starting QB and go to edit stats. Now go to this stats and go down to Carrying and set it to the lowest number possible (12). This will increase the chances of him fumbling. Then go to the game and pick the team with the edited QB and any other.

Now in the game, you're going to want the team with the weak QB to have the ball. Now when that team gets the ball, scramble with the QB until you get inside your own 5 yard line.

Now what I did was I did a punt block on Kurt Warner (was going for that trophy at the time). I think when you have more people going at once you will have a better chance of getting a fumble pile up. This I would think is the easiest way although Goaline could be just as affective for blitzing.

NOTE: I would suggest making the QB to fumble Kurt Warner so you can save time and get that trophy also. And I really did get this trophy on accident. I was trying to make Kurt just fumble and it turned out to be in the end-zone. And don't worry about not getting it as I didn't get it until the 3rd Qtr. of my second game trying this.

Sack the QB before he can hand the ball off. All Pro (no co-op)

Very easy trophy. I got this in my first game when I played. This is just where you hit the QB right before he gives it to the RB.

An easy way to do it is with 2 controllers just pick a Play Action play and then on defense pick any play where your whole team pretty much blitzes. Now as long as you hit the QB where it looks like he's handing the ball off on the PA, you'll still get the trophy.

This trophy definitely doesn't require 2 controllers though as it's easy to get just as you play the game in Franchise mode itself so I wouldn't worry about this one too much as you're bound to get it.

Another easy way I found out on how to get this trophy is to pick the play Punt Block and on offense pick a toss play to your HB. Every time I ever did this they would hit my QB about half a second after the snap

Pocket Monster
Stay in the pocket for at least 10 seconds. All Pro (no co-op)

This trophy is harder as it seems because 10 seconds is pretty long too hold on to the ball.

Now the easiest way to do this is to pick a play such as Verticals or Hail Mary. (If you don't have either play or can't find them just pick any play and change the Hot Route for each receiver going deep.) But make sure you have as many WR's as possible on the field as you're going to want as few linemen as possible.

Now when you start the play you're going to have to remember to stay in the pocket as some people will probably forget this and scramble around. If you're not totally sure where the pocket is then when you hike the ball go only one step left or right and maybe 2 or 3 steps back and forward. All I can suggest to you now is try to move in the direction away from the DL when you feel that they might hit you. Just keep going until you get the trophy and you should be good.

Super Bowl MVP-Like
Catch a TD to take the lead with under 30 seconds left. All Pro (no co-op)

You should probably try to get this with Sprint 2 Minute Drill trophy to save time. I would say use 2 controllers although it really isn't that hard if you only have one.

All you have to do is waste enough time against the CPU to where it's a low scoring game and have the ball with under 2 minutes left. Of course using 2 controllers you can make it where you just keep kneeling the ball until it gets to 2 minutes left, have one team go kick a FG, and then the other team gets the TD with 30 seconds or less left.

NOTE: The trophy description says CATCH THE BALL. At first I thought this meant just to throw a passing TD but it didn't give it to me when I did that. That's when I realized that it has to be a USER TD CATCH.

Why Can't We Be Friends?
Complete an online Co-Op game. All Pro (no co-op)

Very easy trophy just find a friend and play a game with him since you don't need to win. I would suggest though knocking all 3 trophies out at once so try to get Hey Buddy! and From Me To You while going for this.

Wounded Duck
Complete a pass to an unintended receiver. All Pro (no co-op)

To throw to an unintended receiver, let's say that you're playing as the Cardinals and you throw it to Fitzgerald but Boldin catches it. That would get you the trophy right there. And again, 2 controllers help but aren't necessary.

But there are 2 different ways to do this that are easier than normal:
1. You pick a Hail Mary play and scramble around for around 10 seconds or so to let your WRs get far back enough. Then you chuck the ball at someone and most of the time if someone catches it, it will not be the intended receiver.

2. This is the way I got it. You set your QB's accuracy all the way down to 12. (This way he is so inaccurate that you could throw it to a guy and it will be nowhere near him.) I was going for the Laser Arm trophy and while Manning's stats were down, I meant to try and throw an INT while throwing it to Gonzalez but his accuracy was so bad it went low and to the left of him and my RB Addai caught it.

I tried doing the 1st method also but I found that you actually can have a better chance with the second if you pick the right play where 2 or 3 receivers are all on one side.

I would like to thank Johnny_Sparx on this guide for giving me tips on a few of the trophies to put in the guide so Thank You Johnny

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