Players: 1-6 players online and offline
Online Trophies: Yes, you need to be online for the MUT trophies
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 20 MUT games
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: Yes, see This One is Easy for details

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • I recommend playing the game on Pro difficulty, if you're new to the series. Vets should have no problems on All-Pro or All-Madden. The A.I. is a lot smarter than in previous versions. So be careful. You can get trophies by playing on Rookie difficulty, if you're having any problems getting trophies.
  • There's Madden Ultimate Team yet again this year. There's obviously going to be more focus on the mode, since trophies are involved with them this time. You need to play up to 20 games, as well as building the team to an 80 overall rating. If you have the Hall of Edition of Madden, you'll have some cards of some of the cover athletes and Hall of Famers. I was fortunate to get some cards like Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders. So that made my rating jump up quite a bit. You can also buy coins in the PS Store and build your team that way. Jump play enough games and you'll get those trophies in due time
  • You need to be versatile in your playcalling. The A.I. is much smarter than in previous version. You choose the same set of plays, you will get punished for it. I promise.
  • You can also apply the same strategies you did while playing Madden 11 to get other trophies as well. The trophies are pretty much the same, except for the MUT trophies and some of the requirements are less


  • I would recommend paying a few exhibition games at least. The are player specific trophies, such as getting three TDs with a TE in a game or rushing so many yards with Peyton Hillis. You can also get quite a few trophies at once. In one of my games, I got 10 trophies at once just by playing one game.
  • Do the trophies that are related to Superstar Mode. There are only two of them and they will probably take no more than 10 minutes to do
  • There are only two franchise related trophies. You can unlock other trophies when you play your franchise as well, but the ones specific this mode will only take a few minutes to do
  • This year's version is more focused on the MUT mode. There are five trophies related to the mode and these trophies will probably take you the longest to do
  • You should have the :plat: by now. If not, then just clean up until you do so

Play you exhibition game on default quarter length, which is six minutes. I was able to able to get some trophies, but not others like I should have.

One final note: Yes, I'm well aware you can do things such as adjust settings and/or have another controller. Most of you guys should know what trophies to use. If you seriously have any problems. I'm not going to annotate which trophies you can do them for on this guide.


Madden NFL 12 Master
Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 12 trophy!

Get all other trophies to get the platinum, like any other game.

Put Da Team on my Back
Catch a 99 yard TD pass with Greg Jennings (No OTP or co-op).

This trophy was actually one of the harder ones to get because you have to run the entire field basically on one single play. You're more than likely are going to need to purposely have your offense be on the one-yard line. I had to attempt this trophy a few times. You might want to adjust the difficulty to rookie also. Greg Jennings is one of the top 5 receivers in the game. His speed is also pretty good with a 94 rating. So I would recommend going against a bad defense, particularly with the DB positions. I did this trophy against the Vikings. You have a great QB in Aaron Rodgers already. So you don't need to trade Jennings or anything like that. Since you're going to be on the one yard line, the CPU is likely going to be playing press coverage. I had him run a post route to the middle of the field and I simply juked the safety trying to tackle me and I took it to the house. You can get the Mario Manningham as well when you get this trophy. This trophy and the Mario Manningham will unlock as soon as you do the requirements.

Leon Washington Award
Return 2+ kicks for touchdowns in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op).

The top five returners in the game are:

Percy Harvin (Overall: 99, Speed: 96, Agility: 99, Acceleration: 98)
Devin Hester (Overall: 99, Speed: 98, Agility: 97, Acceleration: 98)
Josh Cribbs (Overall: 99, Speed: 92, Agility: 98, Acceleration: 96)
DeSean Jackson (Overall: 99, Speed 99, Agility: 99, Acceleration: 98)
Patrick Peterson (Overall: 99, Speed: 97, Agility: 96, Acceleration: 93)

It's a little more difficulty to return kickoffs because of the new rule. Instead of the kicker kicking the ball off at the 30 yard line, he will now kick it off in the 35 yard line. That means folks are gonna be five yards closer and naturally the players will come after you much quicker. It may took a little getting used and you may wonder why the players seem faster. Well there's your reason.

I would recommend using the Bears to get this trophy. They have Devin Hester, but they also have another guy named Johnny Knox. He's not rated as high (only a 90 overall) but he has great speed and other requirements like Devin Hester. Arizona has 2 guys that are rated 99, but Johnny Knox had better speed than both of them. The trophy will unlock after you complete the game.

Reggie Wayne Award
Catch 14+ passes in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op).

The top 5 receivers in the game:

Andre Johnson (Overall: 97 Catching: 96 Route Running: 95 Catch in Traffic: 95)
Roddy White (Overall: 96 Catching: 95 Route Running: 94 Catch in Traffic: 97)
Larry Fitzgerald (Overall: 96 Catching: 98 Route Running: 98 Catch in Traffic: 95)
Reggie Wayne (Overall: 95 Catching: 98 Route Running: 99 Catch in Traffic: 95)
Greg Jennings (Overall: 93 Catching: 94 Route Running: 93 Catch in Traffic: 88)

Good RBs I'd use to go for this trophy:
Reggie Bush
Chris Johnson
LeSean McCoy
Jahvid Best

Now you can use pretty much any WR, TE, or RB to get this trophy.. In my opinion a receiver needs to have great catching ability (obviously), route running, and catch in traffic. A player like say Larry Fitzgerald will have a much better chance of catching the ball and maintaining the ball than say DeSean Jackson. The only reason why Fitzgerald and Wayne aren't better overall than White and Johnson is because of their speed. Otherwise, they would be overall 99 likely. There are plenty of good players in the game. Most teams have at least one go to receiver. You don't have to do user catches like you did in madden 10. Just make sure a person gets 14 reception. Your TE and RB can have 14 catches also. I was the Colts and I threw the ball to Wayne and I pretty much got the receptions by using curl and flat routes. I also got the Kenny Britt Award as well.

It may be easier for some to use a RB. These guys are dual threats, meaning they can run the ball as well as catch it. I would try to use Jahvid Best of the Lions, because there's a trophy in which you need to get at least 154 yards receiving with him. I would plays such as a HB screen or have him run an occasional flat or curl route. Mix it up a bit because the A.I. is smarter. You won't be able to pull off the same play each time because you'll pay for it, particularly on harder difficulties. If you set it up right, you can get the Reggie Wayne , Kenny Britt and Jahvid Best at the same time. The trophies will unlock after you complete the game. So have the Lions as your team and put Jahvid best to work.

Matt Schaub Award
Pass for 497+ yards in one game with one player (No OTP or co-op).

The top QBs to use when going for this trophy:

Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Peyton Manning
Philip Rivers
Drew Brees
Matt Schaub

You pretty have to do passing plays the entire game. These are the guys to do it because their offense is so potent and the group of receivers are great overall, particularly with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. You may want to go against a team with a bad defense, such as the Broncos. I seemed to torch them when I was going for this trophy. You may want to lower the difficulty because it's hard to throw for 300 yards in the game, let alone for nearly 500. I used Matt Schaub to get this trophy. He's not in the top 5 (10th highest rated QB), but he does have one of the best receivers to throw to in Andre Johnson and he also has a nice TE in Owen Daniel to use. Arian Foster isn't a bad HB to use either.

Oakland Raiders Award
Win by 45 points or more (No OTP or co-op).

This trophy is pretty much the exact same as the Did I Break It in Madden 11. If you followed the same methods as you did in Madden 11, then you will get this trophy with no problem. You're also gonna likely need to put the game on a lower difficulty. As I mentioned several times, the A.I. is smarter. So you need to change your plays more often. Your chances will obviously be better if you play as a high powered team, like the Chargers, and your opponent is the Carolina Panthers.

Arian Foster Award
Rush for 231+ yards in a game with one player (No OTP or co-op).

The top RBs:
Adrian Peterson
Chris Johnson
Jamaal Charles
Maurice Jones-Drew
Steven Jackson

I would recommend using the teams these RBs are on. I would follow the same methods as you did in Madden 11 because they're essentially the same trophy. Use Singleback formations, as you have more blockers, and mix up your plays a bit and you'll have the trophy in no time. If you're trying to get as many trophies in one go, I'd use Peyton Hillis because there's a trophy in which you have to rush at least 184 yards with him. So there's a chance you can get the Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Hillis and Darren McFadden all at the same time. You might want to lower your difficulty and play against a bad team as well. You'll have some problems, if you don't know what you're doing when you play with Browns.

Dan Carpenter Award
Kick a 60+ yard FG (No OTP or co-op).

The same exact trophy as in Madden 11. Only thing it's a this time. There are quite a few kickers you can use to get this trophy. However, most top kickers don't have the power to kick a long FG and most folks that have the power don't have the accuracy. There's one guy I'd recommend and that's Ron Bironas of the Titans. His power is a 96 and his accuracy is a 93. He's an overall of 95. Like in all other Maddens, make sure you're far enough and you lower your trajectory. There's a new camera in this year's version, which I don't particularly care for. So just press to have the classic camera. You want to be on the 43 yard line to kick the field goal. If you're in an outdoor stadium and there's some wind, just make sure the wind isn't against you. On your meter, make sure you press all the way on the red the first time for max power, then press again when the meter is right the white box in the bottom for your accuracy. It's harder to kick on harder levels as the meter goes faster and the white box is smaller, if your kicker sucks in accuracy. So use Ron Bironas.

DeAngelo Hall Award
Intercept 4+ passes in one game (No OTP or co-op).

Here we go with having x-amount of INTs in a game again. Folks seem to have problems with getting INTs, no matter what. I've personally never had many problems and I generally get at least three of them in a game. Most of my INTs are with my DBs (cornerbacks). If you can, try and practice doing user picks. No matter what version of Madden, the computer on your team almost ALWAYS seem to drop the ball. I hit on the DB I want to control with before the play starts and I like to bait the computer into thinking my man is open, but I anticipate the the throw and hit for a user pick and will even get a pick 6 occasionally. I seem to have the most INTs when I choose a zone play, particularly with the Cover 2 play. you may get lucky, if you do press coverage and a receiver can run a flat or curl route. If done right, you can bait the computer to throw in that direction and there's usually a cornerback there. That pick generally turns into a touchdown when that happens. It will definitely take some luck and patience, but this can definitely get done. If you're a veteran of the series, chances are you know what to do. The Eagles have the best cornerback tandem in the entire game hands down, including two of the top five highest rated ones, with Nnamdi Asomugha (98 overall) and Asante Samuel (94 overall). Philly also has a good 3rd CB in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. His speed is lethal. In fact, he's the fastest CB in the game. So you should use nickel packages more often, that way you can have all players in at the same time. The trophy pops up after the game is over.

Adrian Peterson Award
Score on an 80+ yd TD run (No OTP or co-op)

I already mentioned who the top RBs are in the game. Make sure you're on your own 20 yard line obviously. I seem to have the most success on a singleback formation with the HB counter. I seem to have the most big runs with some sort of counter play. You may want to try and lower your difficulty level and play against a team with poor rushing defense. I would do so against the Buffalo Bills. Their overall defense is atrocious and they were the worst rushing defense in the league last year and it showed. I personally got 80+ yards with Peyton Hillis, who's not exactly the fastest guy to use. Use a team with a good offensive line, like the Titans, choose a play in the singleback formation, since there will be bigger blockers and take it to the house. You'll get the trophy as soon as you get the TD

Kenny Britt Award
Gain 225+ yards receiving with one player (No OTP or co-op)

See the Reggie Wayne Award for details. If you get at least 14 catches, chances are you'll have well over 225 yards. The trophy will pop up after the game.

San Diego Chargers Award
Hold your opponent to under 67 yds of total offense (minimum 5 min. qtr., no OTP or co-op)

This trophy isn't as bad as it sounds, but you'll likely need to lower your difficulty for this to work. The computer still allows an occasional BS play and it'll be like an 80 yd TD. You need a great combination of blitzing schemes and great coverage players also. You want to have a great defense for this as well. I would use the Ravens for this trophy. They have great players in all main groups in the defense. At lineman, there's Haloti Ngata (97 overall), Ray Lewis (95 overall) and Terrell Suggs (94 overall) are your linebackers, and at DB you have Ed Reed (98 overall). So you have someone you can rely on. I would make opponent the Bills or any other horrible team. Whatever happens in special teams doesn't matter, just focus on running and passing offense. Another tip is to have accelerated clock on to 25 seconds, and RUN the football. Just doing running plays to keep that clock moving. This trophy is pretty easy to do.

Mario Manningham Award
Catch a 92+ yard TD pass (No OTP or co-op).

See Put Da Team on my Back for details....

Santonio Holmes Award
Catch a game winning TD pass in OT (No OTP or co-op)

You likely won't get this if you just play the game. Set your quarters to two minutes. Make sure accelerated clock is on at the max and run the football to burn clock. Be sure to not score at all and obviously don't let your opponent score. There's a new overtime rule this year, similar to NCAA. So if you win the coin toss, elect to kick the ball. Prevent your opponent to score a TD and try to cause a turnover, so you'll have more time. Just use your timeouts if you have no luck. Whenever you get the ball, just throw a TD pass and you'll get the trophy after the game is over.

Rob Gronkowski Award
Catch 3+ TD passes with a TE in a game (No OTP or co-op)

The top TEs in the game:
Antonio Gates (99 overall)
Dallas Clark (96 overall)
Jason Witten (96 overall)
Tony Gonzalez (92 overall)
Vernon Davis (91 overall)

I'd use Vernon Davis for this trophy. He's the fastest and strongest TE in the game. I got 3 TDs with when I was in the redzone. I would set up a play in which he would run a curl route or a slant to the middle and threw him the ball. He's faster than most lineman and linebackers. He'll even burn some DBs too. Vernon Davis is the guy I would definitely use.

New York Giants Award
Record 10+ sacks as a team in one game (No OTP or co-op).

This trophy is probably one of the hardest ones to do. You will obviously need a great defense to get after the QB. You're going to need players with the speed, agility for sure. There are plenty of great defenses on the game. I would use a defense that had a great front 7 (lineman and linebackers) though, particularly on the outside. There are a few teams with great outside rushers. The Colts have the best outside lineman tandem in the game and it's been that way for quite some time. Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney are beasts and they have unbelievable speed, particularly for a lineman. I personally got this trophy when I was the Ravens. I love their style of defense and they have some great linebackers in Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis who can mess up offense lineman from any angle and they also have one of the best lineman in the game in Ngata. I personally wouldn't use the Colts because all they have is Freeney and Mathis. Teams like the Steelers, Ravens and Packers have a great front 7 though. I think it's because of my style of play maybe....

Darren McFadden Award
Score 4+ rushing TDs in a single game (No OTP or co-op).

See the Arian Foster Award for details. You will likely get four rushing TDs while going for that award as well as a few other trophies.

Michael Vick Award
Rush for 130+ yards with your QB (No OTP or co-op).

I would recommend getting this trophy on rookie difficulty. Also I wouldn't decide to try to scramble from a passing play, the computer will set up QB spies and will get you, no matter what difficulty. I would change the offense playbook to the Broncos, as they have plays set up for Tim Tebow. There are plays such like the QB blast and other running plays specifically for the QB. Do this against a team like the Bills. Michael Vick is hands down the best QB to do this with. He's nearly the fastest QB and he also is the best overall rated QB that has speed. This trophy is actually easier than the Arian Foster You will likely get the Tim Tebow Award as well. Vick is so fast, he'll likely pass all defenders, leaving the safety by himself. You should be able to pass him without doing any juke moves or anything like that and you will have a TD well over 40 yards.

DeSean Jackson Award
Return a punt for a TD (No OTP or co-op).

The Punt TD is much easier to do than a kickoff return. Choose the punt middle formation. Make sure you have a great returner like Devin Hester. Your opponent likely won't kick the ball in the middle of the field. So you'll need some patience for the play to work. Say your opponent kicks the ball slightly left to the field, you should bait most of the defense to come to that side of the field and there's should be a hole more towards the middle of the field. Fly through the hole and the only person you should need to avoid is the kicker. You should be able to just run pass him and there's your TD. The trophy will pop up as soon as you get the TD.

Tim Tebow Award
Score a 40+ yard TD run with a QB (No OTP or co-op).

See the Michael Vick Award for some tips.

Bryan McCann Award
Return an interception 100+ yards (No OTP or co-op).

See the DeAngelo Hall Award for some tips. You may want to have your difficulty to at least Pro level. The computer will make better choices during offense and will have a better chance to be in the redzone. You'll to be in the endzone to go for this anyway. It's possible to have a 100+ yard return and not score a TD. Unlikely, but possible. You can do an INT when you're 5 yards deep in the end zone and you can get stopped just before a TD, like maybe the 3 yard line. So that's a 102 yard interception return. Now like I said, you'll likely get a TD. The trophy will pop up as soon as you hit a 100+ yard return, This trophy is probably one of the more annoying ones to do.

Happy 20th EA Sports!
Score 20 points in a game (No OTP or co-op).

See the Oakland Raiders Award . You'll score well over 20 points. The trophy will unlock in the end of the game.

Peyton Hillis Award
Rush for 184+ yards in one game with Peyton Hillis (No OTP or co-op).

See the Arian Foster Award for tips and you will have well over 184 with Peyton Hillis. The trophy will unlock after the end of the game.

David Bowens Award
Have 2 pick 6's in the same game (No OTP or co-op)

See the DeAngelo Hall Award for some tips. This trophy was the hardest one for me to do. It's pretty easy to get INTs, but running for TDs is a different story. Try to use some tip I mentioned. This trophy will take some practice and luck. The trophy will pop up after the game is over.

Tom Brady Award
Have a passer rating of 149+ in a game (No OTP or co-op).

A perfect QB rating is 158.3. You performance will determine what kind of rating your QB, ranging from how many TDs passed, completions, completion %. You also need to average a certain amount of yards per completion you've made. The easiest way to do this is to have your QB throw around a 15 yd TD on your first and only pass attempt and do running plays for the rest of your game. If you want to try this without being bored, you may want to lower your difficulty. I got this trophy in my franchise with Colt McCoy and my numbers were as follows: 20/23, 4TDs/0 Ints, 313 yards, QB rating: 158.3. Make sure you throw no interceptions and don't have too many incomplete passes. The trophy will pop up after the game. You can try and go for other trophies like the Matt Schaub Award also.

Jahvid Best Award
Gain 154+ yards receiving with Jahvid Best (No OTP or co-op).

See the Reggie Wayne Award for some tips.

New York Jets Award
Gain over 100+ yards rushing with 2 RBs in the same game (No OTP or co-op).

The best team to do this trophy with is the Jets. The team has two pretty good RBs Ladanian Tomlinson and Shawn Greene. Get 100 yards with player in each half. See the Arian Foster Award for some tips. The trophy will pop up after the game is over.

Hey Can I Talk to You?
User complete one season's final cut day in Franchise Mode.

You will need to cut your rosters to 53 men by the time the regular season starts. To get this quickly, simulate all of your preseason games, but don't go into the regular season just yet. Just go to your rosters and cut a few players. It will tell you how many guys you need to cut. Once you do that, the trophy will pop up afterwards.

Win a FA bidding in Franchise Mode.

You don't need to play a game in the season to do this. Just simulate your entire season. Then you'll be in your offseason. Simulate until you hit the free agent section. There will be a list of free agents. You can choose any free agent you want. Press on him until you have no competition from other teams as they'll be bidding as well. You probably only need to maybe 5 times or so and just wait until the timer runs out. The trophy will pop up after you won your bid.

The Next Big Thing
Create an NFL Superstar.

This is an easy one. Just go into Superstar mode and create a player. It should only take a few minutes or so.

We're Talking About Practice
Complete a practice in Superstar Mode.

Another easy trophy. On your calendar in superstar mode, there's a practice day before your scheduled game starts. Just complete the 20 reps in your practice and you'll get the trophy afterwards.

This One is Easy
Create a MUT team.

This trophy is easy. Go to Ultimate Team from the main menu. You can create any name you want, if it's not taken already.

**If you have created a MUT from the previous version of Madden, you won't be able to get this trophy unless you have the latest patch, which is 1.02.

This One is Hard
Build an 80 rated MUT team.

This trophy isn't this bad. If you already have a team that's an 80 from the previous version, this trophy will pop up. If you have the Hall of Fame Edition in this game you will have cards that will include legends like Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders. That will significantly boost your team rating, from a 60 or so rated to to near 80 just with those cards alone. You can also buy cards with coins you earn by playing online and/or MUT games. If you're in a rush, you can also buy a some coins in the PlayStation Store. You should be good by buying a few gold pack cards, costing 9K coins each. Once your team hits an 80, your trophy will pop up. Check out this thread by Johnny_Sparx on how to get a good rated team pretty quick. This was the same method I'd used as it's worked in other Maddens

Wheel and Deal
Make a MUT Trade.

To attempt a trade, you need to put one of your cards on the trading block. You can't put any of your cards you start out with on the trading block. So you would need to do so with one of the new cards you buy. You'll be notified when a person has offered you a trade in the MUT menu. Just go to your inbox and accept the trade and the trophy will be yours. If you're having problems, you can always do this with a friend on PSN. It's not difficult.

Ultimate Veteran
Complete 10 MUT Games.

See MUT Maniac

MUT maniac
Complete 20 MUT Games.

To get this trophy as quick as possible, set your quarters to one minute and the difficulty on rookie. The trophy will unlock after you have played 20 games. It'll take about three hours to play 20 games. However, if you do it this way, you'll be penalized for playing on rookie and short quarters. So if you're trying to build up your team without buying coins on the PS Store, then you need to be on at least five minute quarters with a difficulty of all-pro.

Verizon Scoreboard Overload
Score 50 points in one game (No OTP or co-op).

See the Oakland Raiders Award for details. You should easily score 50 points, since you'll beat your opponent by at least 45 points.

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