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Players: 2-6 offline | 2-6 online
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30 hours ( depending on skill )
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 MUT season, Several seasons with a created Player,Coach,or Owner, 1 Play Now game, 1 Online Head to Head game, Skills Trainer Drills
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: None


1. Skills Trainer - Start off by getting the Skills Trainer trophies out of the way. This will shake any rust you have off and you may even learn a thing or two.

2. Online
- Now that your Madden skills are back up to par you can move onto the online play. Play a few Head to Head games and get 34+ cumulative points.

3. Ultimate Team - Time to move onto the MUT trophies. This Madden has a huge emphasis on MUT trophies, this is where the bulk of your time will be spent.

4. Connected Careers
- Now that the MUT trophies are out of the way it's time to move onto Connect Careers. Choose what you want to be, a coach, owner, or players and surpass 15,450 legacy points.

5. Madden Share/Play Now/Clean up - Now it is time for the Madden Share trophies, a few game play trophies that can be earned in Play Now and clean up any other trophies you have not gotten yet. After this you will earn your new Congratulations


Madden NFL 25 Master
Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 25 trophy!

Earn every other trophy and enjoy your new Madden NFL 25 platinum trophy.

Going for Gold
Earn gold from a drill inside the Skills Trainer.

Skills Trainer teaches new players the controls and concepts of the game. It also contains brand new things new to the Madden franchise. You can find this game mode under the Play category on the main menu.

There are four skill training lessons altogether. They are running,passing,defense and pre-play. Each lesson contains several skills and all skills include an video, skills tutorial, skills drill. You can skip the video and tutorial but its suggested you don’t since it goes over what the drill is going to be about. Once you complete the skill drill and earn the gold medal you will receive a MUT card. ( useful for the MUT trophies)

You earn a gold medal based on your performance in the skill drill not tutorial. Bronze and silver medals can also be earned, but gold is the only one that matters. You must have little to no mistakes during the drill to earn gold. Usually you are only allowed one failure or two failures at most. To achieve 100% completion in a Training Lesson you just have to get all the gold medals.

Just earn one gold medal from a drill for this trophy. You will achieve this trophy while going for the other Skills Trainer trophies.

Note: Remember to choose appropriate teams for each skill training lesson and if you like set the skill difficulty to rookie to make things easier.

QB Camp
100% completion of all passing drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals).

You are going to want to use a good QB. Use Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady for this challenge. Also choose a bad defense (Jaguars, Bills, or Browns all have bad defenses)..Set the difficulty to rookie to make it easier. You can always edit the player ratings as well, if needed. But they should not be too hard.

When doing the drills be patient and wait for the receiver to get open. Also make sure you know where the receiver with the red route is, you will want to pass to him. Be sure to read the dialog boxes before starting the drill, they will give you instructions on what to do before each play.

There are three passing skills to master.
Pass Trajectories - 9/10 for Gold
Total Control Passing - 10/10 for Gold
User Catching - 8/10 for Gold

Stick Skills
100% completion of all rushing drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals).

To complete the rushing drills use Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings since he is the best RB in the game. Also play against a bad defense. The Jaguars, Bills, and Browns all have bad defenses. ( Other good RBs are Marshawn Lynch, Ray Rice and Chris Johnson). As always, you can edit the ratings of the defensive players to 0 and put your RB to 99 if necessary.

Some of these drills may take a couple tries. Be sure to read the instructions before you start each drill.

There are 5 rushing skills to master for this trophy.

Acceleration Burst - Goal 9/10 for Gold
Precision Modifier - 11/12 for Gold
The Option - 9/10 for Gold
The Triple Option - 9/10 for Gold
Oklahoma Offense - 9/10 for Gold

Note: You do not need to watch the three videos, the trophy will pop up at 62% completion.

Defense Wins Championships
100% completion of all defensive drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals)

Probably the easiest drills, these ones will be no problem at all. Only 2 drills to pass. It really shouldn’t matter what team you are or which one you are facing.

Ball Hawk Drill 8/10 for Gold
Oklahoma Defense Drill 9/10 for Gold

Knowledge is Power
100% completion of all pre-play drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals).

If you have some background knowledge on the pre-play controls from previous Maddens these drills shouldn’t be too hard. Once you are familiar with the pre-play controls and hot routes you will be set.

There are four skills to master.

Offensive Hot Routes Drill 13/15 for Gold
Defensive Adjustments Drill 9/10 for Gold
Offensive Audibles Drill 8/8 for Gold
Defensive Audibles 8/8 for Gold

Happy 25th Madden
Score 25+ points in one game and celebrate 25 years of Madden Football (no SuperSim, OTP, or Co-Op).

See Verizon MVP

Verizon MVP
Combine for 75 points total, with your opponent (no SuperSim, OTP, or Co-Op).

You should get this and Happy 25th Madden in one play now game. You need to score a combined total of 75 points. The best way to tackle this trophy is to use two controllers and control both teams so you can easily score with both teams. If you do not have two controllers you could let the CPU in the endzone since it is combined points and set the difficulty to rookie to make scoring easier.

Note: Happy 25th Madden and Verizon MVP will pop after the game is finished.

The New Breed
Score a rushing and passing TD with a QB in a single game (no SuperSim, OTP, or Co-Op).

You can use any quarterback you like, but to make things easier I would use either RG3 (Redskins) Michael Vick (Eagles) or Cam Newton (Panthers). Just score a TD both rushing and passing.

College Influence
Score a TD on an option play (no SuperSim, OTP, Skill Trainer, Practice, or Co-Op).

Once you are within 5 or so yards of the goal line you should use an option play to score a TD. Either keep the ball with the QB or hand off to the running back by pressing Keep trying until you get into the endzone. The option plays are in the special section of the play selection. ( By Playtype>Special>Option )

Truck a defender during a run (no SuperSim, OTP, Skill Trainer, Practice, or Co-Op).

Use the right stick and thrust it upwards when a defender is about to tackle you to truck them. If the defender falls back you will have successfully “trucked” them and the trophy is yours. Using a RB makes this easier but can be done with WRs and returners too.

Arm's Length Away
Stiff arm a defender during a single run (no SuperSim, OTP, Skill Trainer, Practice, or Co-Op).

When a defender is close enough to tackle you press The stiff arm has to be successful for the trophy to pop. Be sure to use a running back while attempting this trophy to make it easier.

Post a piece of content to Madden Share.

In order to post a piece of content in Madden Share you have to create one first. The most simple thing to create is a roster. Go under customize, select manage rosters, save the roster and then under the Share tab go to Share My Files, Choose the roster, post it and the trophy is yours.

Download a piece of content from Madden Share.

See Quality Gift

Quality Gift
Download 3 pieces of content from Madden Share.

Under the share tab go to Download Community Files and download three different files. It doesn't matter what files you choose as long as they are different. Once they are all downloaded the trophy will pop.

Rate a piece of content you've downloaded from Madden Share.

Once you have a downloaded something from Madden Share go to My downloads in the share tab and click on anyone that you have downloaded to rate it. It does not matter if you like or dislike the content.

Get Your Feet Wet
Complete an online ranked head to head game.

Simply complete an online ranked head to head game, it does not matter if you win or lose. Just make sure to complete it.

Only Seventeen
Score 17+ total points in online ranked head to head games.

See Nice Round Number

Nice Round Number
Score 34+ total points in online ranked head to head games.

To get this trophy you need to score 34 cumulative points in ranked head to head games. This can be done in a few games otherwise you can use a boosting partner to do it in one. You can find a boosting partner in the boosting thread.

Madden NFL 25 Boosting Thread

Beginning the Journey
Win a MUT Seasons game.

See Complete the Journey

Make the playoffs in Ultimate Team Seasons.

See Complete the Journey

Well Rested
Earn a first round bye in Ultimate Team Seasons.

See Complete the Journey

Complete the Journey
Win a MUT Seasons Super Bowl.

MUT Seasons is a new addition to the MUT portion of the game in Madden 25. MUT Seasons is Head-to-Head and consists of a 10 game regular season and a 4 game playoffs. The last round in the playoffs is the MUT Seasons Super Bowl.

This trophy can be extremely frustrating and possibly time consuming.

To enter the playoffs you must win at least 5/10 games, in order to get a first round bye you have to win 8/10 games. If you have the bye you will need to string together 3 wins in a row to win the Super Bowl. Before attempting this trophy it is best to have a pretty good MUT team since you will be competing against other players. If you get the first round bye and win the Super Bowl you will get all the MUT Seasons trophies.

This trophy can be boosted, however it is a very unconventional way to boost.

To boost you will and your partner will need to search at the same time. Then quickly go to the XMB and check out players met, the name of your opponent will be there. If it is not your boosting partner quit the game and try again until you have got each other. Using alternate accounts is a good option, so you do not have all those losses and contracts running out on your cards.

Thanks to jman for the tips on boosting.

Check the boosting thread out for partners.

Madden NFL 25 Boosting Thread

Mr. Suitcase
Complete a MUT collection.

There are a ton of MUT collections, you just need to complete one for the trophy.To look at which ones you might be close to getting go to the Team tab in Ultimate team and click collections, If you have a only a few cards left or want to complete a small collection just buy the cards off the auction block or you can trade with a friend and borrow their cards for the trophy.

To place cards in a collection they first have to be part of your Current Roster, then press on the card you want to place in a collection and click Send to Pending Collection. Then you can place the card in a collection.

You Know the Business
Build a MUT team with a team chemistry of 30.

See Completely Gelled

Really Clicking
Build a MUT team with a team chemistry of 70.

See Completely Gelled

Completely Gelled
Build a MUT team with two team chemistry ratings at 60.

In MUT Team Chemistry boosts certain skills of all the players on your team. The higher the chemistry the better the boost. You start off with one chemistry and once you have an 85 or better overall team you will have two team chemistries.

Below is a list of Chemistries and what they boost

Short Pass – Pass Blocking and Catch in Traffic
Long Pass – Pass Blocking and Route Running
Ground and Pound – Run Blocking and Trucking
Speed Run – Run Blocking and Elusiveness
Zone Defense –Play Recognition and Zone Coverage
Man Defense – Play Recognition and Man Coverage
Pass Rush – Block Shedding and Pursuit
Run Stuff – Block Shedding and Tackling

To raise your chemistries you just have to collect cards with same chemistry you want to raise and put them in your roster. You will have to get two chemistries to at least 60. Then raise one of them to 70 get the Really Clicking trophy.

Note: It is best to start with your Team Captain's chemistry since it starts out at 10 right away.

The Mogul
Win a MUT auction.

To win a MUT auction you can do two things, buyout the auction so you do not have to wait until time expires or try your luck at being the highest bidder. It is suggested just to buyout a cheap card so you don’t have to wait for the timer to expire. Search for a player card with 0-69 rating, their buyout values should be quite low. I found several with only a 100-300 coin buyout price.

Flying Solo
Win a MUT Solo Challenge.

Once you create a MUT team and choose a team captain the game will invite you to try a solo challenge, accept it and get it over with right away. Once you defeat the challenge you will be rewarded with coins and the trophy.

Otherwise you can go back to it by clicking solo challenge on the MUT home screen.

This One is Hard 3.0
Build an 85 rated MUT team.

To build an 85 rated MUT team you will need to buy cards using coins. Either from buying packs or cards off the auction block. You can earn coins by playing games with your Ultimate team or doing solo challenges Alternatively you could buy coins using real life cash or trade cards with friends to get this trophy. Check the boosting thread out to find people to trade with.

Madden NFL 25 Boosting Thread

It's Still Easy
Create a MUT team.

On main play tab go to Ultimate team to create a MUT team, it doesn’t matter if this is your first time creating a MUT team or you are a returning MUT player. Once you go there it will ask you to choose a team captain. After you have done that the trophy is yours.

Note: Who you choose as your captain will affect your team’s chemistry

Blaine Gabbert Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 2.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

Ron Rivera Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 575.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

James Laurinaitis Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 565.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

Cortland Finnegan Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 2200.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

Jermichael Finley Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 750.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

Matt Forte Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 500.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

Marvin Lewis Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 1250.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

Drew Brees Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 9000.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

John Elway Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 13,950.

See Walter Payton Legacy Award

Walter Payton Legacy Award
Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 15,450.

For this trophy you have to create a player, coach or owner and surpass 15,450 legacy points which seems like a lot, but this trophy is not bad at all since you can sim through entire seasons to get the trophy or play legitimately if you chose.

The fastest way to get this trophy would be to sim through seasons as either a coach or owner They are both fast and you would not have to play any games at all if you chose to either. It will take at least 3 seasons to surpass 15,450 legacy score.

As a coach choose a team you would like to be and edit their roster so all their players are 99 rated (or download a roster with one team with all 99 ratings since editing takes a while), after that create your coach and import your roster you just created/downloaded. Choose a motivation focused head coach and make sure BOTH salary cap is off and you are on All Madden difficulty. After simming through a few seasons (at least 3) you surpass 15,450 legacy score and net all the Legacy Award trophies.

As an owner choose to be the San Francisco 49ers. The reason you choose them is because Colin Kaepernick is young and will become a 99 overall rated QB and the 49ers will have a new stadium in 2014 so you will not have to upgrade the stadium at all. Sim through as many seasons as need to get 15,450 legacy score and keep your best players by offering them contract extensions.

Being a player will take the longest since you will have to play quite a few games, Just make sure you are winning all of the end of the year awards (MVP, Offensive/defensive player of the year etc) and you win the Super Bowl every year. This can be difficult since you will want to play on All-Madden to increase your legacy score as much as possible. Be sure to pad your stats when you are playing a game.

Note: Always make sure the difficulty is on All-Madden. You do not receive as many legacy points if it isn’t on All Madden .


Thanks jman for the information on how to boost MUT trophies
Thanks ERICVOLTAGE for his amazing banner

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