Jimmy's a hitman. He makes a living cleaning up after other people. Until his former clients put him in jail to cover them. Now Jimmy is out of jail. And he's out for revenge.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Use Cover- Cover can save your life. While in cover, you regain health, are sheilded from almost all fire, and you can peak and lean to fire when you need to.

Watch The Clock- All missions are timed. This is a downside, and it does'nt make much sence because there were hardly any timers in the main story. Never the less, pay attention to the clock. Unlike Joe's Adventures, this DLC allows you to earn points outside of missions, which is good.

Watch Your Ammo- There are about a dozen guns in Jimmy's Vendetta, and they all use different ammo. So remember to switch weapons frequently when ammo is low. This is also a good way to get Armament King.

Drive Fast- The speed limit for most roads in the game is 40 MPH. Forget that! If you're a good driver, hover around the 80 mark. Plus, 75 MPH is the beginning of the velocity run mark.

Use The Map- Cops apear on the radar as small blue rectangles. They could not be easier to spot! Just look at the map from time to time so you can avoid them.

NOTE- While playing Jimmy's Vendetta, you will only receive trophies that involve Jimmy's Vendetta. You can not earn a main story trophy.


  1. Complete the game on any difficulty, netting as many trophies as you can. You should be able to get First Step, Car Napper, Revenged, Faster Than Light, Armament King, Sharpshooter, and Firebug on this run.

  2. Now for the longer trophies. You need to earn Explorer, Millionaire, and Massacre. This could take awhile. All of these are difficult trophies and they take a lot of time to achieve. Hopefully you have made some progress on these trophies in Step 1. Also, finish up all the trophies you missed in Step 1. You may need to complete the story twice for these trophies.


First Step
Complete your first mission in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

This is a pretty standard "gimme" trophy. Your first mission will start in the jail, called "Too Good To Be True". Simply beat up the guards and follow the selected path, the mission takes about 2 minutes. Just enter the sewer and Voila! you have earned the only easy trophy in the game.

Faster Than Light
Achieve a 10x point multiplier in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

I did this in the mission "Lost In Transit.". It was really easy. All you need are 2 grenades and your favorite gun. As you approach the first two cars, eliminate the enemy mobster, then roll a grenade under one of the cars to set off a chain reaction. Quickly run to the final two cars and roll a grenade under one of them as well. When more enemies show up, take cover and eliminate them (there are 7 of them) in rapid succession, and you should have a 10x multiplier.

Drive a total of 1,000 miles in vehicles in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

You should definitely save this for last. Chances are that by then you'll have made a huge dent in the miles you need. Now what I found was a good plan was to drive up and down the Hunter's Point-Uptown bridge. Every time you complete one lap around the bridge, it is about 2 miles of travel. That's 500 laps. Well, if you saved this for last, that number is probably a lot smaller. The best plan I can think of is to turn on some music, grab a 2-Liter, and grind it out.

Armament King
Kill your enemies in "Jimmy's Vendetta" with every weapon available in the game.

There are 15 weapons that you need to use to kill your enemies for this. I have these broken into a few categories below.

One-Handed Weapons

Smith and Weston Model 12 (.38 snub)
Where to Find: Sold at Gun Stores, dropped by enemies.

Smith and Weston Model 19 (Magnum)
Where to Find: Sold at Gun Stores, dropped by enemies.

Colt M1911A1 (Iconic pistol)
Where to Find: Sold at Gun Stores and usually dropped by cops.

Colt M1911 Special
Where to Find: Sold at Giuseppe's.

Mauser C96 (German Pistol)
Where to Find: Sold at Harry's.

Two-Handed Weapons

Beretta Model 38A
Where to Find: Sold at Harry's.

Thompson 1928
Where to Find: Sold at Harry's, dropped by enemies.

Thompson M1A1
Where to Find: Dropped by Cops.

Where to Find: Sold at Harry's.

M3 Grease Gun
Where to Find: Sold at Harry's, dropped by Greasers.

Remington 870 Field Gun
Where to Find: Sold at Gun Stores, dropped by enemies.

M1 Garand
Where to find: Sold at Harry's, dropped by enemies.

Where to Find: Sold at Harry's.

Thrown Weapons

MKII Fragmentation Grenade
Where to Find: Sold at Harry's.

Molotov Cocktail
Where to Find: Sold at Giuseppe's.

Now, you only have to kill one enemy with each of these, but remember that ammo for all of these are expensive. Once you get these guns, you can simply just start a shootout with the cops. If you have good aim, just buy one clip for each gun and 3 of each thrown weapon.

Destroy 100 vehicles in "Jimmy’s Vendetta."

Pretty straightforward, right? Well this isn't too awful, but it will take some money, some time, and some incendiaries. There are many missions where you have to destroy cars, in fact, one of the first missions requires you to destroy 4 sports cars. Here is my method for this trophy-

1- Take a large car or tractor trailer, and park it in the middle of an intersection. This should block the road, now wait for cars to pile up around it.

2- Once a lot of cars have gotten around your car, roll a grenade under one of the cars and it should set off a chain of explosions. Continue until all cars are destroyed.

3- Rinse and repeat. This could take about 30 minutes- 1 hour to complete.

Kill 100 enemies by headshots in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

This is straightforward. If you're a veteran Mafia II player, then you're probably already aiming for the head. The best weapon to do this with is the M1 Garand or the K98. Both of these are very powerful, accurate, semi-automatics. You can find them at Harry's store.

Also, you could try for a headshot with all the weapons in the game to earn Armament King at the same time as this.

Finish all Car Dealer missions in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

Car Dealer missions don't grant a lot of points, but they do pay well. The timers are very short though. I have a full walkthrough for all the missions below-

Shubert Pickup Theft
Easy enough. Just smash in the window and drive it to the garage.

Smith Coupe Theft
This car is actually being driven and the owner is armed. You can shoot him if there are no cops around, but it's just as easy to block his route and carjack him.

Hank Fuel Truck Theft
This is easy, the truck is un-guarded, But it handles like a wet noodle and it's slow.

Shubert Beverly Theft
Remember to drive a bad car to this one because you will lose it upon completion. The car is wanted but only with 2 stars, so the cops won't shoot you. You will have to drive it back to Oyster Bay to keep it.

Shubert Hearse Theft
The hearse isn't fast, but it handles very well. The garage location is different on this, but it isn't a big problem.

Military Truck Theft
This is the real difficult one. The truck is guarded by 3 soldiers. Don't go in gung-ho! Move in from behind the gas station and quickly shoot the first soldier in the head and then switch to your fist. If done right, the others won't know it's you. Then quickly stealth kill the others. Then steal the truck and deliver it to the garage.

Berkly Kingfisher Theft
You keep this car too. Nothing too special about this mission, but, it is a long trip home. The Kingfisher is fully tuned, so it makes up for the extra distance.

Jefferson Provincial Theft
This is the first (and only) time we can hit up the car dealership. There are 2 security guards on scene. Ignore them. Smash in the window and drive to the garage.

Potomac Indian Theft
A complete fetch mission. Just hop in the car and run it back to the garage. Note: Pontiac is still in business. The car dealer lied.

Walker Rocket Theft
The garage is a long way away on this, but the Walker is the fastest car in the game. So floor it across the bridge (don't hit the rails at the end) and run it into the garage.

Police Bus Theft
Robbing a bus from the cops? How awesome! Unfortunately, this is a complete boner kill. The bus is unguarded. It steers like a rusty shopping cart and really sucks in general. Just run it back to the garage and get payed $5,000.

Ascot Bailey Theft
Ah, the final mission! There is nothing special about this, just have some fun with the car and get your Car Napper trophy.

Finish "Jimmy's Vendetta" on any difficulty level.

There are a few different tiers of missions for this, so I'll list all the missions below-

Italian Missions-

Lost in Transit
Trash Trailer
The Good Word
Tanker Trouble
I Got The Stones
In Defense Of The Prosecution
The Lobotomy
Capo Capping
Account Closed
killing Sally Gravino

Now, you will finish the Italian Tier when you complete "Killing Sally Gravino"

Irish Missions

Calling Card
Taking The Mick
Paddy Wagon
Sound And Furry
Pass The Potchen
The Red Hand Gang
Cut The Blarney
To Trap A Trapper
Tam In A Jam

Now, you will have finished the Irish Tier after completing "Tam In A Jam".

But we aren't done yet! After both tiers have been finished, you need to begin the final mission. (It has an Irish icon on it). Make sure have stocked up on all your guns, especially the automatics and grenades. Here is my short walkthrough for "The Big Boss" -
  • Drive to the judges estate from the backroad and clear out the roadblock with a grenade or two. The first associate is near there, so get rid of him.
  • Now, move maticulously through the yard and the hedge maze, and eliminate as many enemies as possible. Only move up when it is totally safe. When you reach the center of the maze, kill the second associate.
  • Move into the house through the rear entrance. Check your corners and kill as many enemies as you can (lot of points). Remember that more enemies will spawn outside. Head downstairs to eliminate the final associate.
  • Now, very quickly, fins your best automatic that still has ammo(M1A1, Thompson 1928) and move to the judge. He is in a room with the two guards. Just mow them down upon entrance. Once he is dead, the final cutscene begins.

Earn 1,000,000 points in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

This is the hardest trophy in the DLC pack. You need to obtain a ridiculous amount of points for this. I finished the story with about 300,000 points, but I didn't really go "Try Hard" on my first playthrough. Some missions, particularly "Revolution", "Sound and Furry", "Paddy Wagon", "Capo Capping", and "I Got The Stones" grant a lot of points. When I tried my best on Paddy Wagon, I got 30,000 points. Repeat that a few times, and you can easily rack up that additional 700,000 points you need. However, this can get boring, and it's a long mission. So if that isn't your thing, complete "Revolution". This is easy because you have to kill all enemies to advance. I got 21 kills on this mission. If you want a real challenge, play "Capo Capping". I counted 2 dozen enemies on this mission. Be careful, because this is very difficult.

Kill 1,000 enemies in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

This trophy should come naturally. You'll have to kill a metric ton of enemies to complete the game anyway! However, cops are not enemies, they do not count. Well, if you really need to earn this trophy fast, here is a method to get it quickly-
  • Begin the mission "Revolution"
  • Take cover near the shopkeeper and kill off enemies with an automatic weapon.
  • Fight off police reinforcement.
  • Finish the mission

Repeat this until you get the trophy. You should get 20+ kills in just this mission.

[top]External Links

Need some more help in Mafia II? Look no further!

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